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The Ostrogoths became a powerful group within the Hunnic kingdom, with Gothic forming a lingua franca among the Huns' various subject peoples and there was a degree of intermarriage between noble Ostrogothic and Hunnic clans.
The "Gothic Wars" that followed were long and destructive, raging back and forth during the reigns of successive Ostrogothic warrior kings until the Roman general Narses inflicted the final defeat at Mons Lactarius in 553 AD, where Teja, the last king of the Ostrogoths, died in the fighting.
The Ostrogoths: From the Hunnic Domination to the Fall of Ostrogothic Italy
www.ancientworlds.net /aw/Families/Family/45285   (690 words)

  Famous Men of the Middle Ages - Theodoric the Ostrogoth (by John H. Haaren (John Henry))
King from 475-526 A.D. The Ostrogoths, or East Goths, who had settled in Southern Russia, at length pushed southward and westward to the mouth of the Danube.
She was in his camp, and at one time she saw a number of the Ostrogoths running away from that part of the battle-field where her son was fighting, thus leaving him without support.
Theodoric followed with his Ostrogoths and tried to take the city, but there was a very strong wall around it, and the Ostrogoths could not capture it.
www.authorama.com /famous-men-of-the-middle-ages-7.html   (1264 words)

  Ostrogoth - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Ostrogoths there established a vast and powerful kingdom during the 3rd and 4th centuries, between the Danube and the Dniepr, in what is now Romania, Moldavia and the western Ukraine (see Chernyakhov culture; Gothic runic inscriptions).
Allied with the former vassal and rival, the Gepids and the Ostrogoths led by Theodemir broke the Hunnic power of Attila's sons in the Battle of Nedao in 454.
Ostrogothic power was fully established over Italy, Sicily, Dalmatia and the lands to the north of Italy.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Ostrogoth   (2259 words)

 Battle of Mons Lactarius - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
After the Battle of Taginae, in which the Ostrogoth king Totila was killed, the Byzantine general Narses captured Rome and besieged Cumae.
Teia, the new Ostrogoth king, gathered the remnants of the Ostrogoth army and marched to relieve the siege, but in October of 553 Narses ambushed him at Mons Lactarius (modern Monte Lattaro) in Campania, near Mt.
The Ostrogoth power in Italy was eliminated, but Narses allowed the few survivors to return to their homes as subjects of the empire.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Battle_of_Mons_Lactarius   (258 words)

 The world's top ostrogoth websites   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Ostrogoths (often problematically denoted "Eastern Goths", as opposed to "West Goths", Visigoths) were a Germanic tribe that influenced the political events of the late Roman Empire.
The rise of the Huns around 370 brought the Ostrogoth under their supremacy, possibly prompting the Visigothic leader Fritigern to request resettlement across the Danube, and perhaps the Ostrogothic ruler Ermanaric's suicide in 378 reported by Ammianus.
Allied with the former vassal and rival, the Gepids and the Ostrogoths led by Theodimir broke the Hunnic power of Attila's sons in the Battle of Nedao in 454.
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 Kingdoms of the Barbarians - The Ostrogoths
The invading Huns subjugate the barbarian Kingdom of the Ostrogoths.
Theodoric led the Ostrogothic invasion of Italy, which swept away Odoacer's Post-Imperial Romano-Gothic kingdom, and created an Ostrogothic one which held much of Italy until Byzantium began a re-conquest of the Western Empire in Southern Italy.
Despite the fact that the invasion had been devised by Emperor Zeno, the Ostrogoths ruled independently, although overtures to Byzantium were made by some Ostrogoth leaders after his death.
www.kessler-web.co.uk /History/KingListsEurope/BarbarianOstrogoths.htm   (304 words)

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