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Topic: Our Lady of Vladimir

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In the News (Thu 25 Apr 19)

Our Lady of Calevourt ----- 20 [Brussels, Belgium]
Our Lady of the Slain ----- 31 [Lorban, Portugal]
Our Lady of the Grotto----- 14 [Lamego, Portugal]
www.catholictradition.org /Mary/marys-book18.htm   (1686 words)

 [No title]
Lady and queen of the angels and saints, of patriarchs and prophets, of apostles and martyrs, of confessors and virgins.
Our lady of prompt succor for the deliverance of the souls in purgatory.
Our lady of prompt succor of laborers in the Lord's vineyard.
www.holysouls.com /titlesofourlady.htm   (789 words)

 Theotokos of Vladimir - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
When the horses that transported the icon stopped near Vladimir and refused to go further, this was interpreted as a sign that the Theotokos wanted her icon to stay in Vladimir.
In 1395, during Tamerlane's invasion, the image was taken from Vladimir to the new capital, Moscow.
Our Lady of Vladimir Church – a church in St. Petersburg painted in gold and fl, the colours of the Theotokos of Vladimir
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Theotokos_of_Vladimir   (521 words)

 MaryLinks Calendar   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Our Lady of the Underground (Notre-Dame de Sous Terre; Our Lady of the Crypt).
Feast of the Brown Scapular a/k/a The Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.
Our Lady of the Assumption (a/k/a Vergine Assunta).
www.marylinks.org /Mary-Calendar.htm   (4541 words)

 Catholic Culture : Document Library : Our Lady of Vladimir
The Vladimir icon was brought to Russia from Constantinople in the twelfth century.
On the spot where the population of Moscow met the holy image, a monastery was erected and August 26, the date of the meeting, was set as a date for eternal commemoration of the salvation of Moscow.
The image of Our Lady of Vladimir played an important part in the life of the Church of Russia and in its resistance against arbitrary actions of the Tsars.
www.catholicculture.org /docs/doc_view.cfm?recnum=3199   (446 words)

 Orthodox World
The original icon is known from the chronicles to be destroyed in the conflagration of 1482: «The icon of Hodegitria burnt in Moscow in the stone Church of the Ascension of Our Lord, a miracle-working image of Our Lady of Greek painting.
This mid-18th century copy repeated the waist-length Our Lady of Tolga, traditionally known as revealed at the confluence of the Tolga and the Volga near Yaroslavl in 1314.
The icon is a copy of the miracle-working image of Our Lady the Joy of All Afflicted of the Transfiguration Church at Ordynka, Moscow.
www.orthodoxworld.ru /english/miracleicon   (1025 words)

 Miraculous Image of Our Lady of Vladimir
Due to the honor and reverence of the people, who attributed gracious assistance to Our Lady's help throughout the Ukrain, a large cathedral was built for her in Vladimir.
The intimate relationship of Our Lady of Tenderness with her divine son, Jesus Christ, is presented as an ideal indication of the Christian's relationship to Christ.
In 1995, on the 600th anniversary of the transference of the icon from Vladimir to Moscow, an academic conference was held in the Tretjakow Fine Arts Gallery.
campus.udayton.edu /mary/meditations/vladimir.html   (981 words)

 Our Lady of Vladimir
The icon of Our Lady of Vladimir is considered to be an 11th century Byzantine work and was brought to Russia in the 12th century, a present from the Patriarch of Constantinople.
Because Kiev was exposed to nomadic attacks in the 12th century, the capital was moved to Vladimir and the icon was placed in the Assumption Cathedral there.
When praying to Our Lady of Vladimir, we are reminded we are praying in common with millions of fellow Christians throughout the world, including millions of Russians.
www.homebusinesslink.com /BVM6.html   (349 words)

A beautiful lady appeared to a shepherd boy and asked for some milk for the child in her arms.
The boy suddenly saw a lady carrying a child in her arm in the midst of bright light.
A beautiful statue similar to her apparition was placed in the Church and devotees from all over the country belonging to various religions, castes and communities began to gather there to praise the Mother and to beg for favors.
www.nilacharal.com /news/religion/mary.html   (962 words)

 Mary’s Titles - Our Lady of Fatima - by Rosalie Kehrig, and Steven and Mary Kroening - March/April 2001 - Catholic ...
Our Lady answered, “I want you to come here on the 13th day of the next month and to pray the Rosary every day in honor of Our Lady of the Rosary in order to obtain peace for the world and an end to the war; for she alone can help it.
Our Lady wants me to go to two hospitals but it is not to cure me. It is to suffer more for the love of God, the conversion of sinners and in reparation for the offenses committed against the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
Our Lady now desired the fulfillment of her request from July, 1917, which was the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
www.catholic.net /RCC/Periodicals/Faith/2001-04/kehrig.html   (8048 words)

 Our Lady of Vladimir   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Our Lady of Vladimir Our Lady of Vladimir (Russian: &1042;&1083;&1072;&1076;&1080;&1084;&1080;&1088;&1089;&1082;&1072;&1103; &1041;&1086;&1075;&1086;&1084;&1072;&1090;&1077;&1088;&1100;) is one of the most venerated Orthodox icons.
When the horses that transported the icon stopped near Vladimir and refused to go further, this was interpreted as a sign that the Blessed Virgin wanted to stay in Vladimir.
One of the most exquisite icons ever painted, Our Lady of Vladimir is imbued with universal feelings of motherly love and anxiety for her child.
our-lady-of-vladimir.iqnaut.net   (366 words)

 All-Moscow.ru: Site view
The famous Byzantine icon of the XIIth century, "Our Lady of Vladimir", was painted by St. Lukas, as it was mentioned in the ancient chronicles.
Later, in a period of the Tartar horde raids, new town Moscow was the center of a struggle against the Tartar Golden Horde.
The icon "Our Lady of Vladimir" became considered as a keeper of the Moscow State.
all-moscow.ru /ikona/bogmatr.en.html   (127 words)

 Face of Russia: Timeline   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
This beautiful icon, Our Lady of Vladimir, or Lady of Tenderness as the Russians call her, is in many ways a national icon of Russia and its story is that of Russia herself.
It was first brought from Constantinople to Kiev, as an indication that the protection that Our Lady had given to Constantinople was now transferred to the new Slavic converts.
Our Lady is reaching down, tenderly to the baby Jesus who is shown to be already mature and wise, even as a child.
www.pbs.org /weta/faceofrussia/timeline/1100/12c.html   (140 words)

 Our Lady of Czestochowa - Stained-Glass Windows
In the background is part of the Father Piotr Skarga courtyard at Wilno University and the painting of Our Lady of Ostrabrama.
This event in our history is commemorated by the face of Romuald Traugutt, the heroic commander of the Uprising, two insurgent banners, and the "confederate" cap commemorate.
Contemporary architecture is depicted with Le Corbusier Church in the bottom portion of window 31; the Shrine of Our Lady of Czestochowa in Doylestown in the upper portion of window 32; and a fragment of Brasilia as an example of modern city planning in the upper part of window 33.
www.czestochowa.us /stained_glass_us.php   (10303 words)

 Our Lady of Pompeii
Fortunately a Dominican sister supplied him with a painting of Our Lady of the Rosary, and after restoration this painting was exposed for public veneration.
The Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Rosary
The Shrine of Our Lady of the Rosary of Pompeii
www.homebusinesslink.com /BVM7.html   (329 words)

 Letting Nuns Be Is A Just Solution
But nimble is exactly what the nuns of the "Our Lady of Vladimir" convent have had to be to survive numerous threats and challenges through the past 80 years.
This week the nuns reached an out-of-court settlement with their former church, which was seeking to take control of the Vladimir convent property in Moss Beach.
We are pleased to see that all parties found enough compassion to back away from litigation and reach an amicable agreement that permits the nuns to stay on their land for seven more years.
www.ropers.com /article.asp?ArticleID=114   (359 words)

 The Icon That Chooses Where to Be - Pravda.Ru   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Established six centuries ago, it marks the arrival of the miracle-working icon of Our Lady of Vladimir in Moscow.
Our country's history might be even more gory than it is without the advent of the miraculous image.
Our Lady of Vladimir, ideal epitome of Eastern Christian worship, is a whispered prayer in line and colour.
english.pravda.ru /main/18/90/364/10853_icon.html   (1762 words)

 Orthodox World
Before his cruel death, the prince prayed before his cell-icon which later came to be known as Our Lady of Igor and earned the reputation of miracle-working.
reduced shoulder-length variant of the renowned Our Lady of Vladimir, most of its copies repeat the small size of the protograph, intended for a monastic cell, and closely follow the iconography of Our Lady of Vladimir.
This, perhaps, was how the iconography of Our Lady of Igor emerged as a miniature copy of the Constantinopolitan image before it was taken from Kiev by Prince Andrei Bogolubsky eventually to become known as Our Lady of Vladimir.
www.orthodoxworld.ru /english/miracleicon/8/index.htm   (293 words)

 Apparition Resources & More - www.pray-with-the-heart.org
Our Lady of the Pillar, Saragossa, Spain(40 A.D.)
Our Lady of the Rosary of San Nicolas(1983)
Apparitions of Our Lady at Marpingen in Germany(1999)
apparitions.pray-with-the-heart.org   (215 words)

 ROCIE News - Unofficial Church News Source for the Russian Orthodox Church in Exile   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
In May 2003, I was blessed with the opportunity to visit the Convent of Our Lady of Vladimir, in California, for a few weeks, and to participate in the life of the sisters.
On April 20, 2002, legal action was taken by the Lavrite Synod against the Russian Convent of Our Lady of Vladimir in the persons of Mother Abbess Eugenia, Mother Ambrosia, and Mother Isihia.
Currently, Mother Abbess Eugenia, Mother Superior of the Russian Convent of Our Lady of Vladimir, is being deposed by the plaintiff lawyers.
www.rocie.org /articles/93/1.html   (1062 words)

 WorldNetDaily: Nuns face new form of repression
SAN FRANCISCO -- For the young Sister Ariadna, the monastery of Our Lady of Vladimir in Russia's Ural Mountains was her chosen home.
Here she had come in 1917, just out of high school, as a novitiate (a beginner), to live the contemplative, yet rigorous life of a Russian Orthodox nun.
But like the other nuns of Our Lady of Vladimir, Sister Ariadna knew she had been called to it by God.
www.worldnetdaily.com /news/printer-friendly.asp?ARTICLE_ID=16584   (1770 words)

 Holy Trinity Catholic Parish Community
Our church is a special place to all who come to worship here.
Here are some photos that show our place of worship and our two Icons.
Our Lady of Vladimir was our4 parish's first Icon.
www.h-t.org /Pictures.htm   (137 words)

 Our Lady of Czestochowa   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
The devotion to Our Lady of Czestochowa centers on the icon of our Blessed Mother.
On August 26, 1982, the feast of Our Lady of Czestochowa, Pope John Paul II celebrated the 600th anniversary of the arrival and veneration of the icon of Our Lady of Czestochowa in Poland.
Saunders is pastor of Our Lady of Hope Parish in Potomac Falls and a professor of catechetics and theology at Notre Dame Graduate School in Alexandria.
www.catholicexchange.com /vm/index.asp?art_id=28670   (1143 words)

 Our Lady of Vladimir   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
On Monday, the Russian Orthodox Church marks a holiday devoted to the Icon of Our Lady of Vladimir.
The icon has been known as the Icon of Our Lady of Vladimir since it was brought to the city of Vladimir in 1160.
In 1395, the icon was brought back to Moscow from Vladimir to defend the city from Tamerlane's nomadic hordes.
www.mirabilis.ca /archives/001101.html   (163 words)

 Vladimir Tatlin (1885 - 1953) Artwork Images, Exhibitions, Reviews
Our Lady of Vladimir, icon Russian Painter, of uncertain dateTempera on wood; 8 5/8 x
The Peddler, 1880 Vladimir Igorovich Makovsky (Russian, 1848-1920)Oil on wood; 10 x 5 3/4 in.
Vladimir Egorovic Makovskij - Study of the Head of an Old Man 1883 oil on fabric Cleveland Museum of Art Russian
wwar.com /masters/t/tatlin-vladimir.html   (575 words)

 Icons   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Our Lady of Passion Icon Plaque 10"-27" - 18111
Our Lady of Perpetual Help Icon - 63
Our Lady of the Rosary Icon - 43
www.standrewschurchsupply.com /ReligiousGiftItems/Icons.htm   (86 words)

 Mother and Child
Probably the best known of the Virgin Hodigitria are Our Lady of Smolensk, Our Lady of Tikhvin, and Our Lady of Iveron.
Our Lady of Vladimir is probably the most widely known of the Virgin Eleousa; it is seen in the second thumbnail.
This icon’s presence in the apse of the church serves to remind worshippers that the purpose of our life is to allow Christ
www.msu.edu /~rabbatjo/motherofgod.htm   (972 words)

 Icons, Windows into Heaven - Early Russian Icons   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
It was called "Our Lady of Tsarskoe Selo" and other copies where placed in most of the private rooms of the Tsar's palace.
The painting of the face is quite remarkable, showing the smooth graduations of fused color which were typical of Comnenian art in Constantinople during the 12th century.
The last icon is the famous Virgin of Vladimir, which came to Russia from Constantinople in 1131.
www.pallasweb.com /ikons/3russia.html   (1206 words)

 Catholic Community Forum Discussion Groups - View Single Post - Our Lady of Vladimir
I was drawn to this particular icon may years ago by the closeness of the Infant and His Mother, the way His tiny hand was about her neck and His cheek pressed so close to hers.
Another quote which was not speaking of the icon by name but only about Our Lady, seemed to match my own thoughts.
Once we have been re-created in mercy after having been created by necessity we become free and are able to love; we become free, not in order to suffer more but in order that all suffering may be opened up like an unsealed spring.
www.catholic-forum.com /forums/showpost.php?p=30871&postcount=2   (323 words)

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