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Topic: Ouray, Colorado

  Ouray Colorado :: Jeeping
Jeep roads, rated from easy to difficult, traverse a variety of terrain from extreme high mountain passes and rugged winding roads to areas of spectacular wildflowers that blanket the ground throughout the spring and summer.
A Jeeping Guide to jeeping in the mountains around Ouray is available for download or you can pick up a copy at the Ouray Visitor Center.
This road was originally an early supply route from Ouray to Telluride.
www.ouraycolorado.com /Jeeping   (597 words)

  Ouray, Colorado - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Ouray is located in the San Juan Mountains of southwestern Colorado.
By 1877 Ouray had grown to over 1,000 in population and was named county seat of the newly formed Ouray County on 8 March 1877.
Ouray bills itself as the "Switzerland of America" because of its setting at the narrow head of a valley, enclosed on two sides by steep mountains.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Ouray,_Colorado   (1160 words)

 Ouray - Colorado Ghost Town
Ouray is one of those mining towns of long ago that refused to become a ghost town.
As was true with other mining towns in the area, it owed its existence to Utes Indian chief Ouray who stood between the whites and the Ute warriors.
For over 100 years, Ouray has been known as the "Switzerland of America." Founded in 1876, the town enjoyed a building boom in the 1880s and '90s and most of the buildings are still standing.
www.ghosttowns.com /states/co/ouray.html   (138 words)

 Ouray, Colorado - A Short History   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Ouray is set in one of the most magnificent locations in Colorado.
In January 1877, Ouray County was formed from the northern end of San Juan County and Ouray was made the county seat.
The population of Ouray was not dominated by rough and tough unmarried miners.
www.narrowgauge.org /ncmap/excursion7_ouray_history.html   (1800 words)

 Ouray Ice Park History Ouray Colorado
Ice climbing enthusiasts have been coming to Ouray, Colorado since the seventies to ply their craft on a few of the steep classics that formed on the sheer walls of the Uncompahgre Gorge.
Under a unique land-use arrangement, the County of Ouray insured Eric and Ouray Hydroelectric under its insurance umbrella and Eric in turn leased to the county the use of the land for recreational purposes for $1.00 a year until 2008.
The Ouray Ice Park is entering its eighth season of operation and this year will mark the greatest expansion and capital improvement project that the OIPI board has embarked upon thus far.
www.ourayclimbing.com /IceParkHistory.shtml   (748 words)

 Ouray, Ouray County, Colorado   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Ouray is blessed with many good hot springs bubbling to the surface in town.
Ouray has gotten a lot busier in the winter lately with the January Ice Festival bringing in climbers to America's first ice park.
Ouray also has a wealth of fine shops and galleries displaying the works of many of the local artists.
sangres.com /places/westslope/ouray.htm   (358 words)

 Bed and Breakfasts of Ouray, Colorado
Located in southwestern Colorado, Ouray was incorporated in 1876 with much of its history wrapped in mining.
Ouray is also known as the "Jeep Capital of the World" with 500 miles of 4-wheel trails in the high mountains.
On your next visit to historic Ouray, why not include an overnight experience at one of our charming bed and breakfasts where you'll be met with gracious hospitality and comfortable quality lodging.
www.colorado-bnb.com /ouray   (695 words)

 Ouray Colorado
Ouray Colorado is a great little known town in the San Juan mountain's of western Colorado.
Ouray was incorporated in 1876 and many of its buildings were built between 1880 and 1900.
Most of Ouray's more permanent buildings were built between 1880 and 1900, and virtually all of them are still standing.
mountainlifestyles.tripod.com /ouray.html   (214 words)

 Ouray, Colorado-Cabins, Lodging, Camping
OURAY is a quiet little community wedged tightly into a portion of the Uncompahgre River Valley.
Named for a Ute chief, Chief Ouray was responsible for keeping peace between the Europeans and Native Americans in the southwest region of Colorado.
A newspaper once published "Ouray is to jeepers what Oahu is to surfers." The four wheeling roads often follow sheer drops and cut into cliffs, and the scenery is some of the best.
www.coloradodirectory.com /ouray   (861 words)

 Colorado.com | Ouray Colorado Travel and Visitor Information   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Some call the tiny mountain town of Ouray the Switzerland of America, as it’s situated in a river valley at nearly 8,000 feet, surrounded by the snow-capped San Juan Mountains.
Established in the late 1870s during gold and silver strikes, Ouray survived those boom-and-bust days because it's such a wonderful place to relax.
It's said that Chief Ouray, the Ute Indian after whom the town is named, visited the pool often.
colorado.com /city233   (257 words)

 "The Writers Retreat in Ouray, Colorado"
The facility is located in Ouray which is in Southwestern Colorado on US Highway 550, approximately 72 miles north of Durango and 35 miles south of Montrose.
The portion of Highway 550 between Ouray and Silverton, 24 miles to the south, has been named The Million Dollar Highway and is part of the San Juan Skyway, one of the most scenic and spectacular mountain drives in North America.
To guarantee your Colorado reservation, you will be confirmed upon receipt of 50% deposit to be received within 7 days of reserving.
www.writersretreat.com /colorado.htm   (822 words)

 Ouray News
Mexican consulate weighs in on new Colorado immigration...
Staff Report An Ouray woman was killed Thursday evening after her vehicle went off the road and into the river.
At 2.3 percent, Ouray County has the lowest unemployment rate in the state, according to a report that will be released Friday by the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment.
www.topix.net /city/ouray-co   (618 words)

 Ice Climbing - Ouray Colorado
Ouray is a small town located in south western Colorado, near the airport of Montrose (3 whole gates) and the ski resort of Telluride (don't forget to bring your Visa card).
Ouray is an old mining town that hosts hot springs, innumerable old mines and jeep trails, and the Uncompahgre River Gorge, home of one of the only ice climbing parks in the world.
Mitch had attended the 2000 Ouray Ice Festival, but this was the first time ice climbing for Dave and myself, so we decided to take a beginning ice craft class from Andy Petefish of Tower Guides.
www.the-welters.com /climbing/ouray   (644 words)

 Ouray Ice Park :: Ice Climbing in Ouray Colorado
Crampons and a helmet are required for all persons while climbing or in the bottom of the gorge.
All persons under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult in the Ouray Ice Park.
Dogs must be leashed while in the Ouray Ice Park and no dogs will be allowed in the bottom of the gorge.
www.ourayicepark.com /rules.php   (314 words)

 Ouray Colorado Lodging: Ouray River Park Townhomes - sites to see
The scenery and sites of Ouray and the San Juan Mountains are at your back door when you stay at the Ouray River Park Townhomes.
Around the middle to end of April, the hills turn a light shade of green as the aspen and oak produce their new leaves.
The San Juans, that surround Ouray, are spectacular with gold and orange groves of aspen among the spruce trees, burnt orange scrub oak, and other deciduous trees.
www.ouraytownhomes.com /sights.html   (390 words)

 Ouray bed and breakfast & inns. Find the perfect Ouray B&B lodging on BedandBreakfast.com.
China Clipper Inn - Ouray, CO Known for hospitality, comfort and elegance, the China Clipper is a custom designed inn featuring...
Spangler House B&B - Ouray, CO Mountain hospitality in the heart of Ouray.
St Elmo Hotel - Ouray, CO The St. Elmo Hotel was built in 1898 as a miner's hotel during the booming gold and silver mining...
www.bedandbreakfast.com /ouray-colorado.html   (138 words)

 Silverton Magazine 2006 - Ouray, Colorado
Ouray, Colorado, the “gem of the Rockies,” is your answer.
In winter, Ouray offers ice skating, ice climbing and for the children, sledding on Vinegar Hill and skiing at the south town hill with a mini-rope tow.
In 1887, Ouray was a bustling mining town.
www.silvertonmagazine.com /ouray.htm   (237 words)

 OURAY LOVERS - Web Site For Ouray, Colorado (Photos, Discussion Forum and Information)
It was Savanna's 10th birthday and her wish was to spend time at the hot springs in Ouray.
The very scenic drive from Ouray to the Red Mountain Pass is frequently termed the "Million Dollar Highway" because of its stunning views of the San Juan Mountains and historic mining past.
During my first visit to Ouray in March 2002, I was quite impressed with the well-maintained historic Victorian buildings in downtown Ouray.
www.ouraylovers.com   (614 words)

 Ouray, Colorado - San Juan Mountain Guides Ouray's Local Experts in rock and ice Climbing and Skiing
Ouray is nestled high in the San Juan Mountains of Southwestern Colorado where the country's finest and most accessible terrain for ice climbing and the alpine ascents are plentiful.
Rock climbing instruction is available right here in Ouray as well as in the nearby high desert locations and climbing in the astounding Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park.
Ouray Ice Climbing on the weather channel weeknights @ 7 and 11pm ET.
www.ourayclimbing.com   (291 words)

Ouray is located in southwestern Colorado, surrounded by the San Juan Mountains.
Ouray offers a variety of fun and exciting summer activities such as jeeping, hiking, horseback riding and fishing.
Ouray is also the home of our famous natural hot springs and our ice climbing park.
www.ouraychaletinn.com /html/home.html   (167 words)

 Ouray Mountain Rescue Home
Here in Ouray, Colorado, the outdoor life has no limits.
In 1974, Ouray Mountain Rescue Team was incorporated to serve the technical rescue and emergency medical service needs of Ouray County and the surrounding mountain communities of southwestern Colorado.
Ouray County located in the rugged San Juan Mountains is an extremely vertical world with many potential hazards which may endanger locals, tourists, recreationalists and the general public who travel the Million Dollar Highway (US 550).
ouraymountainrescue.com /Home.htm   (209 words)

 Ouray Colorado :: Home
Ouray has been a special destination of world travelers for more than 100 years.
Remarkably, two-thirds of Ouray's original Victorian structures, both private and commercial, are still occupied, and have been lovingly restored in order to preserve their turn-of-the-century charm.
Relax in therapeutic mineral Hot Springs Pool and see the awe-inspiring Box Cañon Falls, clear mountain streams and alpine wildflowers.
www.ouraycolorado.com   (148 words)

 AMAZING COLORADO - Colorado Pictures, Rocky Mountain Photos, Trip Reports & Forum
For those looking to hike three Colorado 14ers in one day, the Mt. Democrat, Mt. Lincoln and Mt. Bross is a loop is an exciting and very doable hike...
Boulder Falls is a scenic Colorado waterfall that is within a short drive west of Boulder.
The latest photo is a shot of downtown Ouray on a cool and crisp late October afternoon.
www.amazingcolorado.com   (1165 words)

 Atlas Shrugged Celebration Day in Ouray, Colorado
The primary purpose of this web site is to organize and promote the annual gathering of interested Objectivists in Ouray, Colorado* on September 2nd**.
*Ouray is the town Ayn Rand used as a model for Galt's Gulch.
Then, when I went to Colorado for research purposes and discovered Ouray, I fell in love with it.
groups.msn.com /AtlasShruggedCelebrationDayinOurayColorado/...   (540 words)

 Ouray Ice Climbing
The Ouray Ice Park is world famous for man-made ice and the annual Ice Festival held every January.
Ouray is a small mountain town in Southwest Colorado.
There are now ten different climbing areas roughly split by a 2 lane bridge crossing the river.
www.alanarnette.com /alan/ouray.htm   (354 words)

 Colorado HomeFinder | Sell Your Ouray Colorado Home
When you're ready, we'll connect you with the Ouray Colorado HomeFinder REALTOR who is an expert in the neighborhood where you live.
Colorado HomeFinder's Plan of Action ensures that your Ouray property is seen by the maximum number of buyers -- in the MLS and on www.cohomefinder.com, the state's most popular website!
A Colorado HomeFinder REALTOR who is an expert in your Ouray neighborhood can prepare a detailed market analysis to give you a good idea of what your home might sell for in today's market.
www.cohomefinder.com /sell-a-Ouray-home.htm   (478 words)

 Ouray Colorado Spa, Hot Springs Lodging, Wiesbaden Hotsprings Hotel, Colorado bed and breakfast, Lodging, CO
Ouray Colorado Spa, Hot Springs Lodging, Wiesbaden Hotsprings Hotel, Colorado bed and breakfast, Lodging, CO Ouray Colorado Spa
The Wiesbaden is a small intimate natural hot springs spa and lodge, known for its peaceful atmosphere, "casual elegance" and European flair.
It is located in the small mountain town of Ouray, Colorado and is surrounded by the majestic San Juan Mountains.
www.wiesbadenhotsprings.com   (282 words)

 Comfort Inn in Ouray, Colorado
The Ouray Comfort Inn is ideally located in the heart of the national historic district of the "Little Switzerland of America." Area attractions include the Ouray Ice Park, the Box Canyon, Ridgway State Park, the San Juan Skyway, Ouray Hot Springs Park and the Ouray Historical Museum.
Soak in the Ouray Hot Springs Pool, first used by the Native Americans, and then sit on the deck and watch the sun set on the mountains.
Winter brings ice climbers and spectators to the world-famous Ouray Ice Park.
www.ouraycomfortinn.com   (228 words)

 Ouray CO Hotel, Ouray Colorado Lodging, Colorado Bed and Breakfast
Step back in time and relive the glory days of Colorado's colorful past at the St. Elmo, an Ouray CO hotel.
Once bustling with gold and silver seekers, Ouray today is a picturesque hamlet, surrounded by 14,000 foot peaks in the majestic San Juan Mountains of southwest Colorado.
Decorated with Victorian flair and full of period antiques, this 9-room Colorado bed and breakfast inn delights guests with a wine & cheese social hour every afternoon in the cozy parlor and a full buffet breakfast every morning served in the sunny breakfast room.
www.stelmohotel.com   (170 words)

 Ouray Lodging: Box Canyon Lodge and Hot Springs, Ouray Colorado
Ouray Lodging: Box Canyon Lodge and Hot Springs, Ouray Colorado
Ouray Colorado > Vacation Lodging Hotel Rooms > Box Canyon Lodge and Hot Springs
In addition to being a AAA three-diamond property, the Box Canyon Lodge and Hot Springs has been recognized by a variety of publications, receiving the “Award of Excellence” by the Colorado Connoisseur and Travel Holiday Magazine and was recognized in Sunset Magazine’s “Best of the West”.
www.boxcanyonouray.com   (113 words)

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