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In the News (Sun 16 Jun 19)

 Counter - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A Johnson counter is a special case of shift register, where the output from the last stage is inverted and fed back as input to the first stage.
Two counters can simulate this stack, in which one of the counters holds a number whose binary representation represents the bits on the stack, and the other counter is used as a scratchpad.
The simplest counter circuit is a single D-type flip flop, with its D (data) input fed from its own inverted output.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Counter   (1196 words)

 Geiger counter - Hutchinson encyclopedia article about Geiger counter
The Geiger–Müller, Geiger–Klemperer, and Rutherford–Geiger counters are all devices often referred to loosely as Geiger counters.
Any incoming radiation creates ions (charged particles) within the counter, which are attracted to the anode and cathode to create a measurable electric current.
A Geiger–Müller counter detects and measures ionizing radiation (alpha particles, beta particles, and gamma rays) emitted by radioactive materials.
encyclopedia.farlex.com /Geiger+counter   (247 words)

 BoingDragon's Lair Counters
Some of the old counters will no longer be available in their current form, as I'm switching most of the 'overlay' ones (fairy, unicorn, etc) back to optimized inline images.
I still have to convert over the other counters and set up a management system for them, but so far so good.
The main problem with the counter logging right now is that it isn't resolving IP addresses, which kills the 'top 20 visitor domains' part of the reporting (the older counters had this, and I'm trying to maintain all of the same reporting features).
www.boingdragon.com /counters.html   (5065 words)

 Generated content, automatic numbering, and lists
Counters are "self-nesting", in the sense that re-using a counter in a child element automatically creates a new instance of the counter.
The counters defined by these properties are used with the counter() and counters() functions of the the 'content' property.
If 'counter-increment' refers to a counter that is not in the scope (see below) of any 'counter-reset', the counter is assumed to have been reset to 0 by the root element.
www.w3.org /TR/REC-CSS2/generate.html   (4575 words)

 WWW Homepage Access Counter and Clock
The parameter offset is used with parameter align to specify the offset of the counter image in pixels from the edge of the base image while compositing the counter/clock image with an base image.
The implication is, if the counter is the first thing in a large table, the browser will not have to wait to calculate the width and height of the counter image before loading the rest.
You can position the counter image anywhere on the base image using the parameter xy or you can use align to align at top, middle and bottom of the base image.
www.muquit.com /muquit/software/Count/Count.html   (9342 words)

 How to use the SIPB Counters
The perday counter keeps track of when it was first used, and the total number of hits it has received.
If you try your counter for the first time and see a number greater than you expect (say, more than 1), someone else may be using this identifier.
The SIPB counter is a script that can report how many requests (some people call them hits) have been made to a particular home page.
stuff.mit.edu /doc/counter-howto.html   (607 words)

 Cheating In Counter-Strike Encyclopedia Article @ HotAndCold.com
This has also led to a remaking of the game on Valve's new Source engine which was developed for Half-Life 2, known as incarnation of the game, Counter Strike: Source.
myg0t – A large organization (not a clan: they are not involved in competitions and lans) devoted to ruining Counter Strike and other online games for other people.
The game was originally available as a free download but due to its success the game was bought by Valve who released it as a retail product and continued the development of the title.
www.hotandcold.com /encyclopedia/Cheating_in_Counter-Strike   (10073 words)

 LiveCounter Classic : web page access counter, live Java display, CGI backup counter
LiveCounter Classic counter and log processor installation plus the log analyzer ($55.00) : This includes the counter and the basic log processor installation, plus a single-user license to the Log Analyzer for generating easy to read and comprehensive graphical reports.
It was also the first Java enabled counter to have a CGI backup counter, making it possible to count visitors using non-Java enabled browsers as well.
LiveCounter Classic counter and log processor installation ($30.00) : This is for installing the counter and the basic text-only log processor.
www.chami.com /counter/classic   (1199 words)

 WebCounter Usage Page
To install a counter into your page you first must create a counter with the form on the creation page.
NOTE: If you wish your counter to be a different size, you can certainly tune the HEIGHT and WIDTH of the IMG and the browsers should scale the image appropriately.
There are many other options which control the look of the resulting counter number.
www.digits.com /web_counter/usage.html   (898 words)

 WebCounter Free Counter Creation Page
Make sure you note the exact counter that was created as well as the HTML code that was returned after successful creation of your counter.
The Web-Counter identifies which counter is being requested by using a special string which it calls the Counter Name.
In addition, understand that the case (whether upper or lower) of the characters in the counter name is significant.
www.digits.com /create.html   (1050 words)

 ZCounter :: Home
Counter, however, might occasionally send you email related to network changes or new features added to the
Counter is fully dedicated to reliablity, we provide no responsibility of service.
Counter provides free counters, in exchange for your return link(as provided).
www.zcounter.com   (145 words)

 Free Hit Counters Online
Free hit counters can be used on any type of site except our list of restricted sites such as adult sites, password-protected sites and sites that promote violence/hate or other questionable content.
Utilize this free web counter service to collect, or distribute advertise or promote, e-mail address lists for the purpose of encouraging or facilitating unsolicited commercial e-mail or spam.
This free web counter service can be denied to any site that is deemed "questionable".
www.fhcotn.com   (314 words)

 Hit Counter - Free Counter By Bpath
With our free counter you can track the number of people who visit your site each day.
By using several hit counters, you can monitor the number of visitors to any of your web site pages, providing you vital information on how to manage your site more effectively
With each visitor's entry to your web site, the counter will be automatically incremented..
www.bpath.com /counter   (120 words)

 Matt's Script Archive: Counter
The Counter program at MSA requires a C program called fly, which is located at: http://martin.gleeson.com/fly/ in order to put multiple gif images together into one on the fly.
Counter allows you to represent the number of visitors to your page (or more accurately, the number of people to load the counter image) through a graphical depiction.
If you have Server Side Includes and would rather have a more accurate and txt-based counter, check out TextCounter.
www.scriptarchive.com /counter.html   (415 words)

A Disk drive crash had to be repaired by migrating the counters on the fly to a new volume.
Q 16 The counter used to work, but now all I see is a broken icon (or a static number)
There are several other good counters available on the internet that you can install on your server.
www.ualberta.ca /GEO/Counter.html   (1475 words)

 digits.com Web-Counter - The easiest free page counter service on the Internet.
This may affect the continued functionality of your counter.
Follow the instructions on the Forgotten Password Page for Free or Commercial counters.
Free counter users, please see our news page for information about your counter.
www.digits.com   (130 words)

 Free Counter Free Web Tracker, Hit Counter and Web Stats. Try Free Counter today!
Free Counter is incredibly proud of the configurability we offer and we are sure you will be too with your very own free hit counter!
If you choose to alter your counter at any time- then that's exactly what will be displayed.
There are various different digit graphics to choose from, and you can instruct how many digits long you want your hit counter to be!
www.free-counter.com   (358 words)

 Technorati Tag: counter
PXI and PCI Time Interval Counters The GTX22xx and GC22xx are the only Universal Time Interval Counters for PXI and PCI with built-in measurement functions and models with bandwidth from 225MHz to 2GHz.
Free Hit Counter - over 150 Styles Sign-up today for our free web hit counter service featuring over 150 styles.
Counters at Alzatex Alzatex industrial production counters and timers display 2 to 16 characters from 0.6" to 18" tall for your count, efficiency, goal, rate, totalizer, event, and downtime applications.
www.technorati.com /tag/counter   (428 words)

 Over 150 hit counter styles to choose from!
With the Free Stats Counter all you have to do is pick your counter, paste the code on your site and you're ready to start counting your visitors.
No need to keep the free traffic counter a secret- tell all your friends how they can keep an eye on their visitors with our free hit counter.
With over 160 counters to choose from, we've got something for everyone.
www.freestatscounter.com   (256 words)

 Free Hit Counter For Website
Our website counters and statistics counters are provided free of charge, we donot require your email or any personal information and you can signup with our services in less then a minute.
Your counter code will be generated upon clicking the submit button.
Just choose the counter style, provide us the start count and thats it.
www.hit-counts.com   (79 words)

 So, You Want Your Own Counter CGI, Huh?
If someone is nice enough to ask to use the counter CGI, it's up to you to let him or her or not.
I love the look of a counter proclaiming to all that my page is cool enough for a couple hundred thousand to roll through.
The problem is that counters are not all that easy to come by if you don't own the CGI.
www.htmlgoodies.com /beyond/cgi/article.php/3470131   (2129 words)

 Use Web Page Hits Counter to Track Unique Visitors
Counter is a reliable and customizable web page hit counter that tracks web page traffic to your web site -- but without annoying banner advertising or pop-ups common among other web counters.
Counter stores up to two months of data, allowing you to track your web sites performance over time.
With Counter, there's no software to install or maintain.
counter.mycomputer.com   (129 words)

 Free Hit Counter - Invisible Web Counter - Free Website Hit Tracker And Stat Counter
Simply sign up for our free web counter services and within minutes you'll have a feature-rich invisible stat tracker on your website, telling you how many people are hitting your site, where they're from, when your site is most popular, and a whole lot more besides.
There are many hit counter services out there that promise you the world - for a fee.
At RiteCounter, we decided it was time someone took all the best features from the existing hit counters out there, added a few more on top, and offered the entire package to people as a free service.
www.ritecounter.com   (552 words)

 The Counter
If you really have a smart idea for a new counter and you cannot find it in the Counter Gallery (almost impossible, but..), let me know.
Once upon a time I made counters on order; alas, those happy times are over.
All you have to do is to put on your page a Fake Counter®© with an enormous number of hits, then you phone the boss of your favorite multinational and you tell him: "Hi, Uncle Scrooge, would you like to log in my homepage?
www.geocities.com /SiliconValley/Heights/5910/counter.html   (528 words)

 Jellycounter.com - Free hit counter service
This service is no monster that cannot change, so please let me know what you want your counter to be able to do, and expect new functions all the time!
Jellycounter counters have an extremely customizable appearance, but still have advanced statistics, as you can see below.
The basic service is free, and stays this way by the aid of premium service and donating users.
www.jellycounter.com   (162 words)

 HTML Hit Counter Code Download
Our hit counters are easy and quick to install, but best of all they are very reliable.
Once you've selected the hit counter you like we'll supply you with the html code for that counters.
This website is designed to provide you the html code to download in order to create an attractive and reliable hit counter for your website.
www.hit-counter-download.com   (98 words)

 Free for Christian webmasters - Hit Counter on ChristiansUnite.com
The hit count displayed on your Christian Counter can represent your total site hits, a group of pages, or individual pages - it's your choice.
You can put the counter on as many pages as you like, and The
In less than five minutes you could have a hit counter on your web site, tracking your hits.
www.christiansunite.com /hit   (282 words)

 The Ultimate Counter - Free statistics for your web page!
Our inspiration stemmed from the problem that these counters were difficult to install and use - you had to get the artwork, find a counter program that is compatible with your web server, install and compile the software, and go through a complex configuration routine.
Installing a cool counter or clock is now as simple as placing any other type of image on your home page.
The Ultimate Counter is a service provided to the Web community free of charge.
www.ultimatecounter.com   (297 words)

 NextGenStats - free counters and stats
Whether you're looking for a simple graphical or text-based counter, or a full-featured multi-page statistics system, NGS is the way to go.
Invisible counters are completely invisible, and not an icon like other "invisible" counters.
Text-based counters are inserted via JavaScript and can be formatted like any other text.
www.nextgenstats.com   (377 words)

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