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Topic: Ovoviviparous

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Ovoviviparous animals develop within eggs that remain within the mother's body up until they hatch or are about to hatch.
Ovoviviparous is the term used for reptiles that seem to give live birth.
Most sharks are ovoviviparous, hatching the eggs within the female and bearing live young.
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Ovoviviparous reproduction: After fertilization the eggs are not surrounded by a shell but instead immediately develop further into naupliae in the broodpouch of the female.
In one batch of eggs produced in a female all eggs are either cysts or ovoviviparous eggs.
Per batch or reproductive cycle 50–200 cysts or naupliae are produced but in oviparous reproduction the number of offspring is generally lower than in ovoviviparous reproduction.
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Ovoviviparous without a yolk-sac placenta but with uterine cannibalism.
Ovoviviparous livebearers which produce 19-59 eggs and about 5 young.
internal bearers - have internal fertilization; ovoviviparous or viviparous
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 Mabuya sp.
Gut load insects before feeding out with nutritious food and vitamin and calcium supplements.
Some populations may reproduce both by oviparity and ovoviviparity.
Males of some species may aggressively court the females.
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ti/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[oh-voh-vahy-vuh-par-i-tee] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation, o·vo·vi·vip·a·rous·ness, noun
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