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In the News (Thu 25 Apr 19)

  Oxford University Press: About Us
Oxford University Press had its origins in the information technology revolution of the late fifteenth century, which began with the invention of printing from movable type.
As a department of the University, and one of its major assets, the Press has an obligation beyond its scholarly and educational mission to provide the rest of the University with a financial return.
It is all applied in the pursuit of the educational and scholarly objectives of the University and its Press, either through reinvesting in publishing or transferring funds to the rest of the University.
www.oup.com /about   (1006 words)

 Homepage - University of Oxford
Oxford is home to the second largest library in the UK, the first museum ever opened to the public and the oldest botanical garden in Britain.
Oxford is one of Europe's most innovative and entrepreneurial universities drawing on an 800-year tradition of discovery and invention.
Oxford University has a world-class reputation for academic excellence and the MBA is ranked among the top global MBA programmes.
www.ox.ac.uk   (1297 words)

  CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: University of Oxford
Taken as a whole, the university consists of about 14,500 members, graduate and undergraduate, having their names on the registers of the university as well as of the twenty-six separate societies (colleges, halls, public and private, and the non-collegiate body) which together
About 4800 members of the university are thus actually living in Oxford, the remainder being those who, while keeping their names "on the books", reside in other parts of the kingdom.
Cambridge), when compared with that of every other university in the world, is that the authority of the vice-chancellor and proctors, that is of the central university body, while nominally extending to every resident member of the university, is not as a matter of fact exercised within the
www.newadvent.org /cathen/11365c.htm   (4118 words)

  University of Oxford - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Oxford is a member of the Russell Group of research-led British universities, the Coimbra Group (a network of leading European universities), the LERU (League of European Research Universities), and is also a core member of the Europaeum.
On June 20, 1214, a charter of liberties was granted to the University by Nicholas de Romanis, the papal legate, which authorised the appointment of a chancellor of the University.
Oxford is a collegiate university, consisting of the University's central facilities, such as departments and faculties, libraries and science facilities, and 39 colleges and 7 Permanent Private Halls (PPHs).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/University_of_Oxford   (2920 words)

 University College, Oxford - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
University College (in full, the College of the Great Hall of the University, commonly known as University College in the University of Oxford, usually known by its abbreviation, Univ.
), is a contender for the claim to be the oldest of the constituent colleges of the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom, and is amongst the largest in population terms.
University College Record, the official annual magazine of University College, Oxford.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/University_College,_Oxford   (574 words)

 QS Top Universities: University of Oxford
Oxford is the oldest university in the English-speaking world and lays claim to nine centuries of continuous existence.
Oxford is a collegiate university, with 39 self-governing colleges related to the University in a type of federal system.
Oxford meets the needs of students, teachers and the international research community with an extremely rich and diverse range of library resources provided by over 100 separate libraries.
www.topuniversities.com /scorecard/modules/school_search/search_school_details.php?voidsess&sch_id=873   (335 words)

 GPP - Biomedical Sciences - University of Oxford (England)
The National Institutes of Health-University of Oxford Scholars in Biomedical Sciences interdisciplinary program is specially devoted to the training of outstanding students in various areas of biomedical research leading to a Doctor of Philosophy degree awarded by the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom.
The University of Oxford is one of the world's most prestigious universities and the training institution of Rhodes Scholars.
While at the University of Oxford students will stay in one of the Oxford Colleges and be immersed in Oxford student community life.
gpp.nih.gov /Applicants/ProspectiveStudents/Oxford   (427 words)

 Oxford University Press: OUP.COM Home Page
Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford.
It furthers the University's objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide.
Countries with OUP publishing offices are listed before the full alphabetical list.
www.oup.com   (46 words)

 Oxford Information - The Scholar's Guide to Oxford, UK. Tourist information for visitors to the University city of ...
Oxford University is the oldest English speaking university in the world and is able to trace its origins back over at least nine centuries.
Oxford became an established seat of learning as early as the 11th century, but the University as we know is today did not start to take shape until the 12th century.
In 1167, due to a dispute with France, Henry II banned all English scholars from attending the University of Paris.
www.oxford-info.com /University.htm   (321 words)

 About Oxford University : University of Oxford
Oxford is the oldest university in the English-speaking world and lays claim to nine centuries of continuous existence.
Oxford is a collegiate university, with 39 self-governing colleges related to the University in a type of federal system.
Oxford University is a member of the Russell Group of 20 research-intensive universities.
www.ox.ac.uk /aboutoxford   (264 words)

 Oxford Honors Studies Program
The Boston University program at Oxford is closely affiliated with St. Anne’s College, one of the newer and larger of the Oxford colleges.
The college was founded in 1879 as the Society of Oxford Home Students, one of the first organizations for women attending the University of Oxford.
Students are also considered guests of the University of Oxford and have access to certain university facilities.
www.bu.edu /abroad/programs/england/oxford/oxford_hsp/index.html   (360 words)

 Research : information
Oxford was the coordinating node for CMBNET, a European network for collaborative research into the cosmic microwave background, and for the Early Universe European network for particle cosmology.
Oxford astrophysicists are very successful in gaining observing time on observing facilities, including 8m class telescopes (Gemini, Subaru, and VLT) and the Hubble Space Telescope for optical and infrared observations, as well as facilities spanning the electromagnetic spectrum from X-ray (XMM-Newton), far-infrared (Spitzer), sub-millimetre (JCMT) through to radio (VLA) wavelengths.
Researchers in Oxford are working in collaboration with colleagues around the world on major surveys, in particular the Supernova Legacy Survey to find and study distant supernovae, using the world's leading observational facilities.
www-astro.physics.ox.ac.uk /research   (6379 words)

 University of Oxford CPD Centre, Electronics & Telecoms Programmme. Short courses in Signal Integrity, EMC, PCB Design, ...
Oxford University offers one of the finest programmes of short courses for professionals in the global electronics and telecoms industries.
The University of Oxford Technical Newsletter is published 6 times each year and contains many tips and ideas on design and troubleshooting for electronics engineers.
Oxford University's Next Generation Mobile Applications Panel is a joint Oxford University initiative between industry and the Department of Continuing Education.
www.conted.ox.ac.uk /cpd/electronics   (396 words)

 University of Oxford - Search Results - MSN Encarta
University of Oxford - Search Results - MSN Encarta
Oxford, University of, oldest institution of higher learning in the English-speaking world.
Search for books about your topic, "University of Oxford"
encarta.msn.com /University_of_Oxford.html   (95 words)

 Oxford Brookes University
It became Oxford Polytechnic in 1970 and amalgamated the Lady Spencer-Churchill College of Education in 1976.
John Henry Brookes, after whom Oxford Brookes University is named, was Principal between 1934 and 1956, laid the foundations for the modern university, and secured the Headington site in 1949.
Oxford Polytechnic was given degree-awarding powers in 1991 and became a university the following year.
www.hero.ac.uk /uk/universities___colleges/south_east/oxford_brookes_university.cfm   (125 words)

 HDR - Training - Oxford Course - Oxford University - 2006
Oxford University has been an internationally renowned centre for teaching and research and it continues to attract students and scholars from across the globe.
The University of Oxford has been associated with the Human Development Report from its inception in 1990 and it has contributed greatly to conduct high level research which advances understanding of the complex economic, social and political processes of change in countries in the poorer parts of the world.
Apart from offering a unique intellectual atmosphere and the technical and accommodation demands that the course requires - it recently added a fine new Auditorium, and a small art gallery -- Magdalen College is one of the most beautiful buildings in Oxford, and sits amid a hundred acres of woodlands, riverside walks, and lawns.
hdr.undp.org /training/oxford/university.cfm   (191 words)

 Individual libraries   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Oxford University has a rich and diverse library sector comprising over one hundred individual libraries.
There are major research libraries, libraries attached to the faculties, departments and other institutions of the University, and college libraries.
The map of libraries is available in several formats and shows the city centre of Oxford clearly marking the location of the libraries associated with the university.
www.lib.ox.ac.uk /libraries   (179 words)

 University College, Oxford
University College, colloquially known as "Univ", is (arguably!) the oldest college at Oxford University, founded in 1249.
University College entry in the University of Oxford Undergraduate Prospectus.
This information is brought to you by Jonathan Bowen as part of the Oxford information archive.
archive.museophile.sbu.ac.uk /ox/univ-col   (324 words)

 Oxford University Research Staff Society : welcome
The Oxford University Research Staff Society (OURSS) is a society section affilated to the Oxford University Club which caters to the needs of research staff (postdocs).
As well as running social events one of our important roles is to act as a support group to contractual research staff employed by the University of Oxford and to raise awareness of general issues concerning contract research staff.
The Oxford Postdoc Network (OPN) is an initiative from the Research Staff Society (RSS) to raise the profile of postdoctoral researchers by providing a platform for discussion and enhancing communications between postdocs and other parts of the University and external organizations.
users.ox.ac.uk /~rss   (470 words)

 Oxford University Press: Privacy & Security
Oxford University Press USA will not share email addresses with anyone outside Oxford University Press USA nor disclose user information to any third party, except as described below.
Oxford University Press' goal is to protect online customer information in the same manner that we protect our customer information collected through telephone, mail or fax sales.
Oxford University Press may use the personal data you provide online to send you information about offers that we feel may be of interest to you.
www.us.oup.com /us/corporate/privacy/?view=usa   (325 words)

 OxfordMaterials | FIM | Overview
Over its 30 year history, the Oxford Atom Probe Group has been one of the world leaders in the development of the atom probe technique and its application to Materials Science problems, specially in the area of physical metallurgy.
In 2002 Kindbrisk was renamed Oxford Nanoscience Limited and in 2002 the company became part of the Polaron Group.
The flotation of Poloron plc on the Alternative Investment Market of the London Stock Exchange was announced in March 2004.
www.materials.ox.ac.uk /fim   (216 words)

 University Florist
University Florist has been proudly serving Oxford since 1979.
We are family owned and operated with two locations serving the Oxford and Bates area.
Let University Florist be your first choice for flowers.
www.euniversityflorist.com /AboutUs.asp   (348 words)

 English Language and Literature : 2007/8 Oxford University Undergraduate Admissions
Studying literature at Oxford involves the development both of sophisticated reading skills and of an ability to place literary texts in their wider intellectual and historical contexts.
Most Oxford colleges have at least two Fellows in English, who are responsible for tutorial teaching in their own college but also give lectures to all students in the English Faculty.
I applied to Oxford as I thought the English course was the most exciting I had seen.
www.admissions.ox.ac.uk /courses/engl.shtml   (1331 words)

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