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Topic: Oxygen Catastrophe

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In the News (Tue 23 Apr 19)

 Reality Macedonia : Ecological Catastrophe In Prilep Area
Due to the low water flow and the extremely low temperatures this winter, a shortage of oxygen occurred in the fish - pond, which led to the suffocating of the entire fish: 12 tons of carp, amour and two tons of spawn fish.
The damage from this catastrophe is estimated at around 2 million denars.
Prilep, 28 February (MIA) - The low water flow since April 2001 and the freezing of the fish - pond in the village of Saramdinovo - Prilep, has resulted in an ecological catastrophe of 14 tons of dead fish.
www.realitymacedonia.org.mk /web/news_page.asp?nid=1535   (983 words)

 Catastrophe! and the Genesis Flood Questions-and-Answers (Chinese simplified) - Creation SuperLibrary
If mountain climbers need oxygen tanks to climb Mount Everest, how were Noah, his family, and the animals able to breathe on the Ark when they were above the mountains?
Genesis and ancient Near Eastern stories of Creation and the Flood: an introduction.
Gopher wood is only mentioned once in the Bible in connection with the construction of the Ark (Genesis 6:14).
www.christiananswers.net /chinese/creation/menu-catastrophe-c.html   (983 words)

 A Hebrew Cosmogony
According to this cosmogony and natural history, the hunger for flesh and the thirst for blood was an obvious result of the catastrophe.
Like the former catastrophe of the fall of man, this catastrophe of the deluge, according to the Hebrew cosmogony, changed the nature of herb, animal, and man. The prosperity of the time before the great flood was gone without return; the world lay in ruins.
Was it a sudden anemia, due to changes in the atmosphere, the oxygen of which, with the exogenous hydrogen became the water of the flood?
www.varchive.org /ce/hebcos.htm   (7659 words)

 The Oil We Eat (Harpers.org)
Those who model our planet as an organism do so on the basis that the earth appears to breathe—it thrives by converting a short list of basic elements from one compound into the next, just as our own bodies cycle oxygen into carbon dioxide and plants cycle carbon dioxide into oxygen.
This explains why the Mississippi River, which drains the nation’s Corn Belt, is an environmental catastrophe.
Iowa’s fields require the energy of 4,000 Nagasaki bombs every year.
www.harpers.org /TheOilWeEat.html   (7659 words)

 How Will The World End?
The whole world consumes about 600,000,000 tons of coal a year, and to this must be added the consumption of oxygen by wood and other vegetable substances which raises the equivalent coal consumption of the world to not less than 1,000,000,000 tons a year.
The "End of the World" may be taken in two different senses, as meaning either the annihilation of our planet by sudden catastrophe, or by gradual decay, or else the disappearance of human life from the face of the globe, owing to some state of circumstances, possible, at any rate, if not probable.
Some put their faith in a celestial catastrophe so terrible as literally to wipe our earth out of existence, while others prefer to believe that though man may no longer be able to exist, the world will still continue its appointed motions.
www.forgottenfutures.com /library/wend/wend.htm   (7659 words)

 Test Puts Hybrid Rockets Back On The Table
A hybrid rocket could provide the necessary propulsion to separate a crew capsule or the whole vehicle from the launcher in a catastrophe, particularly if liquid oxygen already carried on board for other purposes were used as the oxidizer.
The rocket case around the fuel was insulated on the inside to protect it from burnthrough, and coated on the outside around the liquid oxygen and helium tanks above the motor with the same foam Lockheed Martin uses to insulate the space shuttle external tanks it builds at Michoud.
Hybrid rockets that burn inert, non-toxic fuel with a liquid oxidizer may find new applications in the years ahead, following a hybrid sounding rocket experiment late last year that moved the technology beyond the realm of hobbyists and failed commercial ventures.
www.aviationnow.com /avnow/news/channel_awst_story.jsp?id=news/02033top.xml   (1950 words)

 Momotora - Planetes
One of the most gripping moments in the series for me was the end of episode 24, when Tanabe finally calls into question her theory of "love conquers all" and, amidst oxygen deprivation, begins to go crazy and considers killing Claire to get her oxygen.
Giving us a character who is intimately connected to the Alnair spacecraft incident really personalizes that catastrophe and makes the mission of collecting garbage in space more personal and less bureaucratic.
And there are many other changes one can note in Yuri due to the Alnair incident.
web.ics.purdue.edu /~rnasseri/planetes/thoughts.html   (1950 words)

 The Oil We Eat (Harpers.org)
The nitrogen fertilizes artificially large blooms of algae that in growing suck all the oxygen from the water, a condition biologists call anoxia, which means “oxygen-depleted.” Here there’s no need to calculate long-term effects, because life in such places has no long term: everything dies immediately.
This explains why the Mississippi River, which drains the nation’s Corn Belt, is an environmental catastrophe.
There is a very narrow group of annuals, however, that grow in patches of a single species and store almost all of their income as seed, a tight bundle of carbohydrates easily exploited by seed eaters such as ourselves.
www.harpers.org /TheOilWeEat.html   (1950 words)

 Fishing in the North Atlantic: What's Left?
The lowered oxygen level in the ocean resulted from stimulated algae may be enough to effect the growth of young fishes in the region where UV radiation was increased.
Diffusion is the only way oxygen can get into the blood.
This downward spiral was even acknowledged by the United Nation as a cause for severe economic and environmental catastrophe (Safina, 1995).
darwin.bio.uci.edu /%7Esustain/global/sensem/S98/Tao/bio191cw.html   (1950 words)

 The Genesis Flood
- Catastrophism is the theory that a significant portion of the geologic structure of the earth was formed in a global catastrophe of short duration, years rather than millions of years.
There are also compounds and elements that readily vaporize, including chemically inert noble gases, such as argon, krypton, and xenon, and the elements nitrogen, oxygen, and hydrogen.” (16)
The theory of uniformitarianism was advanced by James Hutton (1726-1797) in his publication, Theory of the Earth.
www.truthnet.org /creation/genesisflood   (1950 words)

 List Of Space Disasters
On October 24, 1960 a rocket exploded on a Soviet launchpad killing 126 people in what is known in the West as the Nedelin catastrophe.
On March 19, 1981 during preparations for STS-1, at the end of the 33 hour long Shuttle Dry Countdown Demonstration Test, Columbia's aft engine compartment was under a nitrogen purge to prevent the buildup of oxygen and hydrogen gases from the propulsion system.
Another Soyuz crew was saved by their escape system on 26 September 1983, when the rocket that was to carry their Soyuz TM-10 mission into space caught fire on the launch pad.
www.wikiverse.org /list-of-space-disasters   (1950 words)

The "error catastrophe" theory of aging proposed that accumulating damage to synthesized proteins resulted in damage to the machinery of synthesis itself, leading to an escalating viscious circle of malfunctioning cellular components.
For biological systems, oxygen free radicals are the most important, in particular superoxide (
Free radicals are highly reactive molecules or atoms that have an unpaired electron in an outer orbital that is not contributing to molecular bonding ("free").
www.benbest.com /lifeext/aging.html   (17188 words)

 Interview with William Irwin Thompson
The myth of St Michael the archangel, forcing the demons down into the underworld, is a description of the anaerobic catastrophe, where the new cyanobacteria who were breathing oxygen and creating the new atmosphere, forced the anaerobic bacteria down into the slime at the bottom of lakes.
Plato discusses this in the myth of Er at the end of the Republic which is one of the first descriptions of the death experience.
So, it seems that when we look at the myths of hominization and the emergence of humanity, there are some biological lessons about what happens when a species enters a new ecological niche like when our ancestors went from forests to savannah.
www.levity.com /mavericks/thomson.htm   (11453 words)

 Catastrophe! and the Genesis Flood Questions-and-Answers - Creation SuperLibrary
It contrasts the common Flood Model with the Creation/Curse/Catastrophe model advanced in this article which acknowledges the reality of the order of the stratigraphic column.
If mountain climbers need oxygen tanks to climb Mount Everest, how were Noah, his family, and the animals able to breathe on the Ark when they were above the mountains?
See a summary of the Biblical Flood as described in the Bible.
www.christiananswers.net /creation/menu-catastrophe.html   (594 words)

 Memorable Quotes from Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (1991)
The moon's decimation means a deadly pollution of their ozone: They will have depleted their supply of oxygen in 50 Earth years.
Due to the enormous size of their military budget the Klingons do not have the means to deal with this catastrophe.
Captain Spock: Two months ago, a Federation starship monitored an explosion on the Klingon moon, Praxis.
comments.imdb.com /title/tt0102975/quotes   (1742 words)

 Star Trek 6
They will have depleted their supply of 23 Continued oxygen in less than half a century.
Due to their enormous military budget, the Klingon economy does not have the resources with which to combat this catastrophe.
Excelsior has been knocked about and everyone on the bridge is holding on or sliding around.
www.godamongdirectors.com /scripts/trek6.shtml   (10700 words)

Shall we use our oxygen masks, too?" Captain Takahama: "Yes, that's better" Tokyo control: "You are now 72 miles from Nagoya; can you land at Nagoya?" Captain Takahama: "Request return to Haneda" 18.33 At this stage the engines were still operational, however all flying controls and hydraulic systems were inoperative.
It was some 12 hours after the worst catastrophe involving a single airplane, that rescuers reached survivors of the horrific crash 70 miles north-west of Tokyo.
On the 13th August 1995, debris from the stricken airliner were found in Sagami Bay including parts of the tail fin, lower rudder, panelling from the rear fuselage and ducting from the auxiliary power unit.
dnausers.d-n-a.net /dnetGOjg/120885.htm   (823 words)

 The Scotsman - S2 Weekend - Summit meeting
After the K2 catastrophe, Diemberger suggested that nothing could never be the same again, but such episodes haven’t deterred him from mountaineering.
Back in 1957, he was with his friend, the great Hermann Buhl, on Chogolisa just a few days after they had conquered the 8,000m Broad Peak without oxygen, when suddenly Buhl vanished through a cornice and fell to his death.
Kurt Diemberger will be at the Bonar Hall, Dundee on Sunday (01382 344175), Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, Monday (0141-353 8000) and Glenmore Lodge, Aviemore, on Tuesday (tickets at door).
thescotsman.scotsman.com /s2.cfm?id=1302522002   (815 words)

 AIAA - Aerospace America Online - THE VIEW FROM HERE - Bumpy ride back to space.
As flight engineer of the Mir 22 crew in 1996-1997, Kaleri helped fight the oxygen generator fire that nearly led to catastrophe aboard that long-serving station.
This is the fourth long-duration flight for Kaleri and the second for Foale.
Now Foale and Kaleri are well into a six-month stay on the ISS, and once again the two find themselves aboard a space station troubled both technically and programmatically.
www.aiaa.org /aerospace/Article.cfm?issuetocid=440   (2447 words)

 RedNova News - Space - Top Ten for Chandra's Fourth Anniversary
Finally, Chandra's image of Tycho's supernova remnant reveals in elaborate detail the turbulent debris created by the stellar catastrophe that was observed by the Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe in the year 1572.
X-rays produced by fluorescent radiation from oxygen atoms gave astronomers a unique look at the sparse upper atmosphere of Mars, about 45 kilometers (45 miles) above its surface, and provided evidence for a faint halo of X-rays that extends out to 7,000 kilometers above the surface.
Chandra was able to show that the X-rays were coming from the two nuclei, and determine their X-ray spectra.
www.rednova.com /news/stories/1/2003/08/29/story001.html   (2447 words)

 Apollo 13 - Emergency in Space
By a matchless display of tenacity, resourcefulness, ingenuity and courage, a determined body of men at Mission Control working in close coordination with a coolly expert crew had averted catastrophe and brought the astronauts through a brush with death.
A liquid oxygen vent refused to close on the first command and had to be recycled several time before it would shut.
A member of the prime Thomas K Mattingly had been exposed to German measles and medical tests revealed that he lacked the anti-bodies that would make him immune.
home.flash.net /~imagine5/apollo/A13JPG/A13Mission.html   (2545 words)

 The Andromeda Breakthrough: English Language Editions by Fred Hoyle and John Elliot
Ignorance and insane avarice result in terrifying storms, epidemics, death from lack of oxygen, and it is left to a small group of frantic scientists to avert the catastrophe of the Andromeda Breakthrough.
All of \'The Andromeda Breakthrough\' is held by the BBC.
The Andromeda Breakthrough was a sequel to the 1961 BBC series A for Andromeda which was also written by Fred Hoyle and John Elliot.
homepage.ntlworld.com /john.seymour1/ukbookguide/Series/AForAndromeda/Breakthrough-English.html   (2545 words)

 BiffosBooks Sci-Fi/Fantasy SF1110
Ignorance and insane avarice result in terrifying storms, epidemics, death from lack of oxygen, and it is left to a small group of frantic scientists to avert the catastrophe of the Andromeda Breakthrough....
This paperback is Fred Hoyle and John Elliot's novel 'Andromeda Breakthrough' published by Corgi Books in the UK in 1966.
Andromeda Breakthrough by Fred Hoyle and John Elliot
www.biffosbooks.ic24.net /books/sci-fi/sf1110.htm   (2545 words)

 Amazon.com: Books: Clade
Clade will take its place in the canon not so much alongside cyberpunk novels in the mold of Gibson, Stephenson, and Dick but rather with the countless offerings warning of looming catastrophe from climate change and genetic engineering.
Genetically engineered plants and trees pump badly needed oxygen in the air and people like Rigo is a sytech working for Neogenetic's and does his best to work within the system, until he understands that through bioengineering and the use of pherions, the powers that be control what one thinks and feels.
CLADE is set 50 years after a catastrophic ecological collapse, the 'ecocaust', a human-caused mass-extinction right up there with the five worst in Earth's history.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0553586580?v=glance   (2545 words)

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