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 Pli selon pli - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Pli selon pli (Fold by fold) is a piece of classical music by the French composer Pierre Boulez.
The musical language of Pli selon pli is atonal, and there are usually just a few instruments playing at once with little doubling of parts (different instruments playing the same notes).
It has been pointed out that the fact that the piece moves from an early text to a late one means the work constitutes a sort of biography of Mallarmé, something emphasised by the fact that the last word of the piece (and the only clearly intelligible word of the last movement) is "mort" (death).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Pli_selon_pli   (567 words)

 Programming Languages Directory PL/I Programming Language
Until the time this new language was developed, all previous languages had focused on one particluar area of application, such as science, artificial intelligence, or business.
PL/I supports arrays, structures, unions, arrays of structures or unions, structures or unions of arrays, and combinations thereof.
PL/I is a block-oriented language, consisting of packages, begin blocks, and statements.
www.computerowl.com /pli.php   (325 words)

 Verification Ave Issue 2 - Questions & Answers
PLI access rights for each such pli function written by the user determine whether signals can be set to certain values or whether these pli calls can read signals from the specific parts of the design.
Also, user defined PLI’s could effect the performance if the pli access right rw:* (which means enabling read/write access on the entire design) is used even in one of the pli calls.
A: "PLI" (Programming Language Interface) is most often used to access specific signals in the design to set or read values.
www.synopsys.com /news/pubs/veritb/q301/veritb_sec4.html   (613 words)

 Verilog PLI Tutorial Part-I
Verilog PLI(Programming Language Interface) is a mechanism to invoke C or C++ functions from Verilog code.
PLI allows the user to create custom system calls, Something that Verilog syntax does not allow us to do.
This is small and crystal clear PLI routines and thus the new version PLI 2.0.
www.asic-world.com /verilog/pli1.html   (427 words)

Pli selon pli is ultimately ambiguous in its very shape and size, an extraordinarily ambitious attempt to bring into focus the spirit and substance of very diverse impulses and entities—the "cloud" and the "lava" of Mallarme's poetry.
In these days of austerity, a new recording of Pli selon pli, rather than a reissue of its predecessor (CBS 72770, 1/70—nla), is a special, surprising luxury, which was probably only possible because of a project linking it to public performances in London and Paris in the autumn of 1981.
This new recording is still not a last word: but it is a superb technical achievement, and a fascinating document of how, in the early 1980s, Boulez sees his major project of the early 1960s.
home.wanadoo.nl /jdpt/reviews/B/Boul-pli-blz.htm   (327 words)

 classical music - andante - boulez: pli selon pli
An ears-only comparison (scores of Pli selon pli are not widely available) of one such passage, the closing minutes of the first movement, between the new recording and Boulez's version from the early 1980s reveals that the instrumental commentary in the new Pli is more spare and distilled.
There is far less sense in the older performance of Pli selon pli as a unified musicial organism; the music is a series of violent outbursts, and even quieter passages have a tension that suggests ever-present danger and claustrophobia.
The kernel of Pli selon pli is the poetry of Stéphane Mallarmé, whose Surrealist approach is more aptly mirrored by Boulez's post-serialist musical language than by Ravel's post-Impressionist manner in his Poèmes de Stéphane Mallarmé.
www.andante.com /article/article.cfm?id=17729&highlight=1&highlightterms=&lstKeywords=   (1002 words)

 Reliable Software Forums -> The D programming language
As D still is a young language, and since the spec is not set in stone, many people have their own ideas for where it should go, including Walter.
Now granted, as the language is not finalized yet, and as there are still parts of the spec which are a bit shady, I would not call it "ready to go gold" yet.
The language it's self is great, but the lack of decent debugging tools and IDE make it a pain to use.
www.relisoft.com /forums/index.php?showtopic=219   (3046 words)

 Cover Pages: PLAN-X Workshop on Programming Language Technologies for XML.
PLI 2002 [Principles, Logics, and Implementations of High-Level Programming Languages] will host workshops on: Haskell, Programming Technologies for XML, Scheme, Rule Based Programming, Symbolic Computation and Programming Languages, Verification and Computational Logic, Algorithmic Aspects of Advanced Programming Languages, Erlang, Functional and Declarative Programming in Education.
It is co-located with PLI 2002 (Principles, Logics, and Implementations of High-Level Programming Languages.
The use of XML as a common format for representation, interchange, and transformation of data poses new challenges to programming languages, applications, and database systems.
xml.coverpages.org /ni2002-04-02-b.html   (462 words)

 The PL/I Language
Newer PL/I's have introduced the concept of the "package" which is an additional level of structuring which allows a number of External Procedures to share common data while hiding it from outside.
PL/I has "keywords" which are recognized only in context, and may otherwise be used freely by the programmer.
PL/I is a third-generation procedural language suitable for a wide range of applications including system software, graphics, simulation, text-processing, web, and business applications.
home.nycap.rr.com /pflass/pli.htm   (778 words)

 IEEE 1076.1: PLI
The charter of the subcommittee is to develop extensions to the VHDL 1076 PLI (an information model of the language with its programming language interface to access compiled design units and simulation mechanisms) to support the analog and mixed-signal extensions as defined in the IEEE Std.
The VHDL 1076 PLI is currently under development in the VHDL PLI Task Force (http://www.eda.org/vhdlpli/) chaired by Francoise Martinolle (fm@cadence.com).
www.eda.org /vhdl-ams/wwwpages/amspli.htm   (66 words)

 Amazon.com: Boulez: Pli selon Pli: Music
Pli Selon Pli is oe of the composer's most attractive works and a great place for anyone with adventurous ears to start learning about this seminal figure in 20th century music.
Pli Selon Pli (Fold by Fold) is a portrait of Mallarmé, whose poems are set in fragmented fashion throughout the work's five movements, which Boulez rewrote and added to until they assumed final form in 1989.
Pli Selon Pli is a work for large forces, though these are used sparingly and in a chamber music fashion.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B0000630Q9?v=glance   (2425 words)

 2021 - Boulez conducts Boulez: Pli selon Pli insights
WF: The title Pli selon Pli is a reference to Mallarmé, yet it doesn't occur in the poems you selected.
You've reworked all five parts of Pli selon Pli a number of times and then withdrawn the original versions or intermediate stages, insofar as they were published at all.
If you look at the original versions of the five movements of Pli selon Pli, you'll observe a "crescendo" in the scoring from Don (at that stage for piano alone and voice), by way of ImprovisationI(for several instruments and voice), to Improvisation III and Tombeau (very large forces).
www.deutschegrammophon.com /special/insighttext.htms?ID=boulez-pliselonpli&DETAIL=2   (1309 words)

 Boulez: Pli selon pli
In this 1989 revision to Pli selon pli, Boulez has eliminated the former stochastic component, and set certain sequences, rather than let the musicians choose.
This change of conception is accompanied by other minor changes of form.
www.medieval.org /music/modern/cds/dgg71344.html   (83 words)

 French Culture Music Contest: Boulez: Pli selon pli DG 471 344-2
Now with five movements, Pli selon pli was heard for the first time in 1960, and it was linear, too, in its gradual accumulation: Don was a piano piece with soprano (not only singing the incipit but presaging the three Improvisations), followed by progressive enlargement.
Pli selon Pli, originally written over the late '50s/early '60s, is an hommage to French poet Stéphane Mallarmé.
This composition for soprano and large orchestra is structured over five different and tense movements that demonstrate Boulez's new freedom and simplicity of style, alternating a frequently ornate vocal line with dense instrumental textures.
www.frenchculture.org /music/events/02boulezplicontest.html   (1438 words)

 Swans Commentary: PLI SELON PLI: A Modern Masterpiece, by Gregory Elich - elich008
Pli Selon Pli marked a turning point in the composer's musical development and contributed to the growing recognition that Boulez was perhaps the most important composer of his time.
Pli Selon Pli, subtitled "a portrait of Mallarmé," is intended as an homage to the allusive and at times enigmatic poetry of 19th-century French Symbolist Stéphane Mallarmé.
Pli Selon Pli is one of the major achievements in contemporary classical music.
www.swans.com /library/art9/elich008.html   (1056 words)

The PLI should support a mechanism to save and restore PLI application state; after a restore operation, the VHDL compliant tool should be able to continue.
For simulation tools, the PLI should provide a mechanism to reset to time 0 which is the time just after simulation initialization.
The mechanism that the PLI interface provides for integrating PLI applications or models should be easily portable to major platforms, i.e.
www.eda.org /vhdlpli   (1051 words)

 La Brita Esperantisto: 949, julio-aŭgusto 1999
Neniam okazis malakordo pli mallerta inter stilo kaj enhavo.
Technologically, he foresees a wave of linguistic 'convergence' and 'localisation', as the national languages of all the industralised and industrialising countries are adapted to the demands of telecommunications and global economics with 'language engineering' tools becoming ever more effective and widely used.
Communication problems, languages, communities, ethnicity and power relations are all complex, dynamic and enduring social phenomena; they respond to change, including linguistic change, in interrelated and partly unpredictable ways.
lbe.esperanto-gb.org /arkivo/949/index.html   (7143 words)

PCYACC is a complete language development environment for the C and C++ programmer.
INTOPOST - An infix to postfix translator, this program is the basis of all machine code generation.
C++ to C- This example translates C++ source code to C, and is based on the original Stroustrup definition of C++.
www.abxsoft.com /pcy_env.htm   (464 words)

 FAQ for comp.lang.functional
Mercury is a logic/functional programming language, which combines the clarity and expressiveness of declarative programming with advanced static analysis and error detection facilities.
Comp.lang.functional is an unmoderated usenet newsgroup for the discussion of all aspects of functional programming languages, including their design, application, theoretical foundation, and implementation.
Sisal (Streams and Iteration in a Single Assignment Language) is a functional language designed with several goals in mind: to support clear, efficient expression of scientific programs; to free application programmers from details irrelevant to their endeavors; and, to allow automatic detection and exploitation of the parallelism expressed in source programs.
www.cs.nott.ac.uk /~gmh/faq.html   (5780 words)

 EETimes.com - Rosetta language bows for system-on-chip designs
These could be existing system-level languages, such as SDL or Esterel; a programming language such as Java; or a new language or class library from a startup.
Rosetta claims to be the only language that describes declarative design constraints at the system level, and to thus be non-competitive with any existing functional language.
Phase one of the SLDL effort is the Rosetta constraint language and the actual constraints to be defined by the DCDL group.
www.eetimes.com /story/design/OEG19990621S0016   (1771 words)

 Datatek Language Conversion Services
Today businesses struggle with the problem of how to maintain the investment made in their software applications that were developed using "legacy" programming languages.
Datatek supports the conversion of a number of programming languages and continues to add support for additional languages, based on customer demand.
Newer programming languages can offer businesses access to new technologies, growing developer populations, and lower maintenance/development costs.
www.datatek-net.com /dtk_conversion.htm   (133 words)

 Async2003: CAD Tutorials
CHP language constructs are modeled in Verilog HDL using PLI (Programming Language Interface) routines and macros.
At the highest level, the behavior of the circuit is described in CHP language.
The range of supported language constructs in the input HDL specification is provided by the Synopsis Design Compiler.
www.sunlabs.com /async2003/CADTalks.htm   (751 words)

 Comp.lang.verilog FAQ
The PLI consists of an interface mechanism, a set of routines to interact with the simulation environment, and a set of routines to access the Verilog internal data structures.
Programming language style debugger: GDB syntax modified for instance trees in addition to statement debugger.
Cadence Design Systems decided to open the language to the public in 1990, and thus OVI was born.
www.mv.net /ipusers/cdwalker/verilog-faq.html   (7068 words)

 BSP Course Description PL05 - Programming in PLI - Introduction and Workshop
Although developed in the early 60ies, PLI is still the most powerful and versatile high level programming language.
At completion of the course the participants will know the the PLI statements that are needed in application development and will know how to use them in business application programming.
was developed to provide the basic understanding of the language and to enable the participants to create application programs in a PLI environment.
www.bsp-gmbh.com /english/pl05.html   (133 words)

 Notes: Pli selon pli (portrait de Mallarme): No. 1, Don, pour soprano et orchestre. (book reviews)@ HighBeam Research
Don, the first of five movements comprising Pli selon pli, was premiered in 1962 and first published in 1967.
Pierre Boulez has won his reputation as one of the finest and most challenging post-World War II composers in the Western musical tradition on the basis of compositions such as Pli selon pli and cummings ist der Dichter.
Pli selon pli (portrait de Mallarme): No. 1, Don, pour soprano et orchestre.
highbeam.com /library/doc0.asp?docid=1G1:19699182&...   (205 words)

 [2NH] Pli Selon Pli
The 2 movements of "Pli Selon Pli" were especially beautiful.
For the first time, I understood the connection with Ravel that some people have written about.
interact.cbc.ca /pipermail/twonewhours/2002-November/009060.html   (154 words)

With the composition of Pli selon pli (1957-62), Boulez's work seems to reach the summit of his previous achievements.
Pli is an hypnotically intense work, that at moments reaches stasis.
It is an exotically scored work, mixing the sound worlds of a soprano, xylophone, percussion, alto-flute and guitar, and as such has an almost pan-global feel to it, with African and European textures pre-eminent.
inkpot.com /classical/boulez.html   (1483 words)

 Pierre Boulez - Works For Voice And Orchestra - CompositionToday.com
The three central movements comprise a set of “improvisations” in which Mallarmé’s recondite poems are gradually dismantled into their constituent images, and are flanked by two outer movements for much larger ensemble in which the voice is only fleetingly present.
Boulez’s most ambitious vocal work, Pli selon pli (“Fold by Fold”), setting poems by Mallarmé, was written in 1957—62, with the inevitable later revisions.
Pli Selon Pli; Le Visage Nuptial; Le Soleil des Eaux; Figures, Doubles, Prismes; BBC Symphony Orchestra; Ensemble Intercontemporain; Boulez; Bryn-Julson; Laurence (Erato 2CDs).
www.compositiontoday.com /articles/boulez_voice.asp   (279 words)

 BOULEZ Pli selon pli [PQ]: Classical CD Reviews- Oct 2002 MusicWeb(UK)
Paradoxically, the two previous recordings of Pli selon pli, using smaller forces, were made with the BBC Symphony Orchestra; this one is played by the Ensemble Intercontemporain, ‘his ideal interpreters’, DG trumpets, who when I saw them perform the work at the Royal Festival Hall a couple of years ago, filled the stage.
The ensemble certainly displays greater familiarity with the music and more security with its extreme rhythmic virtuosity but even the relatively minor increase in the density of texture makes what is already formidably complex music more bewildering to listen to.
Paul Griffiths promises us in his sleeve notes to this, Boulez’s third recording of Pli selon pli, that the disc contains ‘The ultimate realization [sic]’, the ‘definitive shape’ of his portrait of Stephane Mallarmé.
www.musicweb-international.com /classrev/2002/Oct02/Boulex_pli.htm   (645 words)

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