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 PH indicator - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
pH indicators are frequently employed in titrations in analytic chemistry and biology experiments to determine the extent of a chemical reaction.
A pH indicator is a chemical compound that is added in small amounts to a solution so that the pH (acidity or alkalinity) of the solution can be determined easily.
Hence a pH indicator is a chemical detector for protons (H /wiki/PH_indicator   (300 words)

 acid-base indicators
It may be possible to find an indicator which starts to change or finishes changing at the equivalence point, but because the pH of the equivalence point will be different from case to case, you can't generalise.
It couldn't distinguish between a weak acid with a pH of 5 or a strong alkali with a pH of 14.
Methyl orange is one of the indicators commonly used in titrations. /physical/acidbaseeqia/indicators.html   (1443 words)

The pH of distilled water is 7, this is neutral.
The pH scale was invented a long time ago and sometime it seems a little silly that the more acid it is the lower the pH is. Really it is quite easy.
So to recap if the pH is low, it means that there is a high concentration of Hydrogen ions and if the pH is high it means that there is very low concentration of Hydrogen ions or none at all. /chemistry/ph.htm   (648 words)

 Experment 3
This treatment assures that the pH indicator does not change color until essentially all of the unknown compound has been neutralized by the acid or base that is being added.
By dissolving indicator in buffers of various pH's and measuring the absorbance at one of the absorbance maxima, the pK
Indicate the pK for the second proton of phosphate on both of the plots. /bioc433/experiment3.htm   (1793 words)

 Investigation into the Use of pH Indicators on Paper
As a result of this incomplete investigation, we conclude that pH indicators are beneficial in determining the acidity-alkalinity measure of fresh papers.
Three observers watched during the drying of the strokes of the indicator on one after another of the papers and made individual estimates of the acidity or alkalinity indicated by the color changes.
If it turns greyish brown, a nondescript color, the pH is 5.8 or better, indicating an acidity which may have to be acceptable from a practical point of view, especially for materials not in direct contact with valuable papers. /byorg/abbey/ap/ap03/ap03-3/ap03-314.html   (1162 words)

 color change pH acid base and metal ion indicators
These types of indicators consist of either a mixture of two indicators or a mixture of an indicator and an inert dye.
The indicator is stable for at least 12 months when stored in a polythene bottle and in the dark.
It changes colour at pH 3.8 -- 4.1 from violet to green. /custom.html   (2487 words)

 pH Indicators
pH indicators are weak acids or bases whose conjugate species are a different color
Indicator: a substance that changes color at the endpoint of a titration /goode/c112web/Ch16nf/sld030.htm   (26 words)

To test the students' new indicators, you could use unknowns of pH 3, 5, 7 and 9 (only 5 and 7 will be in their range) or you could devise your own testing method.
Indicators show a color change over a specific part of this zero to fourteen range and, when used in combination, can narrow the determination of pH to a whole number in this range.
The pH of a solution is a measure of its acidity or basicity with a range from zero (most acidic) to 14 (most basic). /~amckenna/WEBPAGE/documents/indicators.html   (660 words)

Indicators are very special chemicals; they will change colour if you change the pH (by adding acid or alkali).
This is because there is a pigment (coloured chemical) in the red cabbage which acts as a pH indicator.
Perhaps we should call them pH indicators because there are other kinds of indicators. /indicators.html   (377 words)

A Universal Indicator is a mixture of indicators which give a gradual change in colour over a wide pH range - the pH of a solution can be approximately identified when a few drops of universal indicator are mixed with the solution.
At a low pH, a weak acid indicator is almost entirely in the HIn form, the colour of which predominates.
and is the pH at which half of the indicator is in its acid form and the other half in the form of its conjugate base. /vchemlib/course/indi/indicator.html   (437 words)

 Quia - Acid/Bases And PH Indicators
A PH of less than 7 indicates the solution is a/an _______.
A PH greater than 7 would indicate the solution was a/an______.
Beet juice indicator solution will be red in a/an_______. /jg/347025list.html   (176 words)

Once the pH ranges of the indicators have been determined, they can be used in acid-base titrations or to test the pH of household chemicals.
This experiment explores the extraction of natural indicators from common flowers, fruits, and vegetables and the pH at which these natural indicators change color.
The pH's at which the indicators change color will be investigated. /teachers/chemistry/institutes/1986/exp23.html   (913 words)

 pH Indicators
Write a summary of your observations from this lab which includes the colors of the various indicators tested and the pH at which those colors were observed.
Many indicator compounds are found as pigments in the flowers or fruits of plants.
A different indicator is then added to each row and the resulting color changes are recorded. /Chemistry/MicroScale/MScale17.html   (743 words)

 pH pens and chlorophenol red
Chlorophenol red is a pH indicator, a kind of chemical that changes color when the pH (acidity or alkalinity of the solution it is in) goes up or down.
All of the supply sources and most of the literature assume that pH indicators are used to test the pH of solutions, rather than of dry materials like paper.
Unlike some pH indicators, chlorophenol red reliably changes color at the same pH, regardless of the concentration of the solution. /byorg/abbey/phpens.html   (816 words)

The different indicators are used to distinguish between the different levels on the pH scale.
We can use these indicators when the pH of a substance is unknown and we wish to determine its acidity.
There are various indicators which will give a variety of results depending on the substance that is being tested. /users/mflht/nasa/allaman.htm   (461 words)

 Whatman - Leadership in separations technology for the life sciences
The convenience of using indicator papers for the rapid determination of pH values has led to many applications in laboratories and industry.
The pH test value can be read off by direct comparison of the test strip colour and the colour bars.
Universal indicator papers have been impregnated with a mixture of several indicators. /products?pageID=7.29.24   (596 words)

 Wall Mount Indicators
The following section contains indicators to monitor pH, ORP, TDS, Conductivity and Temperature.
Hanna's wall-mounted indicators are an ideal economical solution in applications where constant monitoring of a stationary sample is required.
This versatile range of indicators allows the user to choose the probe that best fits their application. /products/prodline/wallmount.cfm   (191 words)

Indicates pH when attached to a pH electrode.
Indicates the value of Oxidation-Reduction Potential (REDOX) when attached to an ORP electrode.
Model 100 pH Controller is panel mounted DIN size instrument with 3½ Digit LCD. /biz/countronics/phorp.html   (573 words)

 pH Indicators Chart
pH Indicators are chemicals which change colour at different pH level i.e.
CHEMIX pH indicators chart includes chemicals as: Alizarin, Lacmoid, Ethyl Orange, Phenolphtalein, Bromothymol, Methyl Red and Methyl Orange.
pH Indicators Chart - Measuring acidity and alkalinity /astandne/help_htm/english/ph_chart.htm   (72 words)

 pH Sticks, pH Indicator Sticks, pH Indicators, Laboratory pH Sticks
As such, full warranties on our pH Indicator Sticks and all of these other laboratory items listed on this website provide you with complete protection.
pH Sticks, pH Indicator Sticks, pH Indicators, Laboratory pH Sticks
Additionally, they aid in monitoring the pH of a sample during analysis to avoid errors due to strong buffering of the solution. /category_details~id~44.aspx   (175 words)

 Estimating the pH of a Solution
In this experiment you will estimate the pH of a solution using pH indicators and pH paper.
In the first portion of the experiment, you will determine the color change ranges of a number of acid-base indicators and then use this information to estimate the pH of some unknown solutions.
In the second portion of the experiment you will check these estimations using pH paper. /tm-ps/chm/100/dgodambe/thedisk/ph/ph.htm   (86 words)

 Ph Indicators Supplier's Directory from MacRAE'S BLUE BOOK
A broad range of INDICATORS: PH manufacturers has been complied in this industrial directory designed to provide information on leading, quality oriented manufacturers.
Products: Indicators: ph; meters: ph; ph meters; probes;..
Top quality INDICATORS: PH manufacturers have been highlighted in this comprehensive source of industrial information. /search/product_company_list.cfm?Prod_Code=3961050   (123 words)

 Invitrogen - Molecular Probes - Chapter 20 - pH Indicators
Table 20.1 — Molecular Probes' pH indicator families, in order of decreasing pK{a}
Invitrogen - Molecular Probes - Chapter 20 - pH Indicators
Table 20.3 — Molecular Probes' pH indicator dextrans, in order of decreasing pK{a} /handbook/sections/2000.html   (297 words)

 Invitrogen - Molecular Probes - Chapter 21 - Indicators for Na{+}, K{+}, Cl{-} and Miscellaneous Ions
Figure 21.9 — Emission spectral response of the Sodium Green indicator to Na{+}
Chapter 21 — Indicators for Na{+}, K{+}, Cl{-} and Miscellaneous Ions
Figure 21.10 — Fluorescence emission spectra of the CoroNa Green indicator /handbook/sections/2100.html   (217 words)

 pH Indicators - Eduseek
Subjects > Science > Science - 12 to 14 > Materials and their Properties > Acids and Bases > pH Indicators
Indicators - What indicators are and how to make your own litmus paper
Indicators - A look at litmus and universal indicator /navigate.php?ID=7247   (76 words)

 Delloyd's lab resources and analytical reagents
The preparation of pH, adsorption, redox, and EDTA indicators used in titrimetry and complexometric titrations.
A comparative look at pH and ISE analysis, ISE filling solutions, buffers, ppm conversions to molarity, and the operation, care and maintainance of pH combination electrodes.
How to make up reagents and solutions for organic qualitative analysis: reagents specific to class reactions and functional groups.   (373 words) Litmus Article
Litmus is absorbed on to filter paper to make litmus papers; this is one of the oldest pH indicators.
It turns red under acidic conditions and blue under alkaline conditions, the colour change occurring over the pH range 4.5-8.3 (at 25°C).
Litmus is a water-soluble dye extracted from certain lichens. /litmus.html   (116 words)

 pH Indicators
Home :: Resources :: General Information :: pH Indicators
pH values are approximate values and have been rounded off to the nearest tenth.
If you have any questions, please call us at 1.843.225.2500 /resources_details_1285ph_indicators.html   (43 words)

 pH Indicators - India (IN)
NILE CHEMICALS, manufacturers, exporters, stains, ph indicators, chemicals, drugs, aluminium chloride, aluminum chloride, dyes, basic dyes, metal salts, Phase Tyransfer Catalyst, Cesium Salts, Microscopic Stains, Indicators, Exporters of
Broad selection of pH Strips 0 - 14 and narrow range strips /in-product-66821.html   (101 words)

 Hardy Diagnostics: HUGO; an encyclopedia for microbiologists on CD
Information on stains, dyes, and pH indicators used in microbiology. /03encyc.html   (955 words)

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