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Topic: PH meter

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  SCIMEDIA: pH Meter
The pH meter measures the pH of a solution using an ion-selective electrode (ISE) that responds to the H
The pH electrode produces a voltage that is proportional to the concentration of the H
The pH electrode is attached to control electronics which convert the voltage to a pH reading and displays it on a meter.
elchem.kaist.ac.kr /vt/chem-ed/echem/phmeter.htm   (125 words)

 Model 3305 pH meter
The Model 3305 pH Meter offers a staightforward and traditional approach to pH measurement whilst utilising modern technology to enhance accuracy and reliability.
Mode selection and adjustment is by front panel rotary controls which, together with a large 25mm liquid crystal display, provides a clear indication of instrument status.
Model 3305 pH meter with plorter bodied electrode, swing arm electrode holder, ATC probe, instruction manual 4 and 7 pH buffer capsules and battery
www.jsits.com /geneq/en/3305ph.htm   (170 words)

  Ph Meter Manufacturers
3 in 1 with Hydrometer, Photomet and PH meter
Pocket-sized PH Meter Model NO.:KL-009(I), KL-009(I)A, KL-009(I) 20 Matching Results from Shandong Seamount Trade Co., Ltd.
The soil pH meter is the preferred method for determination of so
www.alibaba.com /showroom/Ph_Meter.html   (648 words)

  Operation of pH Meter
This knob is on the lower left face of the pH meter.
If the pH meter is to be standardized with only a single standard solution, then only the Cal 1 knob is used; and the Cal 2 knob is set to 100%.
In the Two Point Method, the meter is standardized using two solutions of different pH which span the pH range to be measured; and both the Cal 1 and Cal 2 knobs are used to adjust the pH values.
www.umd.umich.edu /casl/natsci/slc/slconline/PHM/operate.html   (714 words)

  pH-Meter   (Site not responding. Last check: )
A pH meter is a specific type of voltmeter with a very high impedance of the input channels.
The high impedance is a necessary part of the equipment because of high resistance of the pH glass electrode typically used with pH meters (usually between 50 and 500 MOhm).
The common pH meter has several inputs: for indicator (ion-sensitive or redox) and reference electrodes and temperature sensors such as thermoresistors or thermocouples.
ph-meter.search-online.us   (97 words)

  ChemLab - Instruments - Digital pH Meter
A Digital pH meter uses an electrode to measure the pH of a solution.
Emerse the electrode in pH 4 buffer, which is pink.
Emerse the electrode in the pH 10 buffer and swirl.
www.dartmouth.edu /~chemlab/techniques/phD.html   (152 words)

 pH, pH measurement and pH measuring instruments
Thus, pH, may be defined as negative logarithmic to base 10 of the reciprocal of the hydrogen ion concentration.
Therefore, pH scale can range from 0 to 14 in which the pH value lies between 0 to 7 for acidic solutions and between 7 to 14 for alkaline solutions.
One of the electrodes in pH cell is called reference electrode and is kept at constant potential regardless of the pH value of the solution under test.
ph-scale.info /pH.htm   (385 words)

 ChemLab - Instruments - pH Meter
A pH meter uses an electrode to measure the pH of a solution.
Measure pH of 4 buffer, which is pink.
Measure pH of 10 buffer, which is blue.
www.dartmouth.edu /~chemlab/techniques/ph.html   (115 words)

 LCR Meter, ESR Meter, Capacitance Meter, Volt Meter, PH Meter, Humidity Meter, Current Clamp Meters
The LCR meter is designed to measure the parameters of an impedance element with high accuracy and speed.
Also, the PH meter has the ability to accurately measure pH (0 to 14 pH) mV (-1999mV to 1999mV) and Temperature compensation for pH measurement (0 to 100°C).
PH meter Model 760 is an ideal tool for measuring the quality and characteristics of liquid.
www.bkprecision.com /meter_meters_volt_current_humidity_ph.htm   (545 words)

 Chemistry and the Aquarium
Even natural seawater (pH = 8.0 to 8.3) isn't going to be optimal for every creature living in it, but it was recognized more than eighty years ago that moving away from the pH of natural seawater (down to 7.3, for example) is stressful to fish.
If you are going to push the pH to 8.4 or higher (as often happens in an aquarium using limewater), make sure that both the calcium and alkalinity levels are suitably maintained (that is, neither too low, inhibiting biological calcification, nor too high, causing excessive abiotic precipitation on equipment).
Using a properly calibrated pH meter is one of the easiest ways to accomplish this goal.
www.advancedaquarist.com /issues/feb2004/chem.htm   (4408 words)

The input impedance of the meter must be very high because of the high resistance—approximately 20 to 1000 MO—of the glass electrode probes typically used with pH meters.
At neutral pH (pH 7) the voltage at the probe's output is 0 volts.
One of the buffers has a pH of 7.00 (neutral pH) and the second buffer solution is selected to match the pH range in which the measurements are to be taken: usually pH 10.00 for basic solutions and pH 4.01 for acidic solutions.
blog.myspace.com /index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendID=310773&blogID=193959635   (788 words)

 pH Meter Calibration
The glass pH sensing or measuring electrode responds in a linear fashion to the hydrogen ion activity according to the Nernst equation as a very close approximation.
When using standard pH buffers to calibrate your pH meter, the true pH of the buffer is temperature dependant and needs to be read of a chart or graph for that particular buffer's temperature.
If the pH meter has recently had a 3, or 2 point calibration all that may be required is a one point calibration using a pH buffer close to the expected value of your sample solution to adjust the slope.
www.monashscientific.com.au /pHCalibration.htm   (704 words)

 pH Meter
The use of a pH meter is demonstrated.
Calibration of a pH meter with pH = 7.00 buffer is demonstrated.
A pH meter is calibrated at pH = 4.00 and pH= 7.00.
jchemed.chem.wisc.edu /JCESoft/CCA/CCA6/MAIN/1ChemLabMenu/Measuring/pH/pH_menu/MENU.HTM   (82 words)

 Water proof pH Meter
These user-friendly handheld water proof pH meters are optimized for use on-site and in the field, but are accurate enough for the lab.
Among the water proof pH meter's great features are: simultaneous display of pH or mV with temperature, choice of automatic or manual temperature compensation, and up to 3 point calibration with automatic buffer recognition at eight buffer values.
The pH 3150i water proof pH meter is a great value for a robust and waterproof battery-operated pH/mV meter.
www.globalw.com /products/ph315.html   (360 words)

 pH meter principles
A pH meter measures essentially the electro-chemical potential between a known liquid inside the glass electrode (membrane) and an unknown liquid outside.
A pH meter must thus not be used in moving liquids of low conductivity (thus measuring inside small containers is preferable).
The pH meter measures the electrical potential (follow the drawing clock-wise from the meter) between the mercuric chloride of the reference electrode and its potassium chloride liquid, the unknown liquid, the solution inside the glass electrode, and the potential between that solution and the silver electrode.
www.seafriends.org.nz /dda/ph.htm   (1604 words)

 Water pictures: pH meter
To use this pH meter, the water sample is placed in the cup and the glass probe at the end of the retractable arm is placed in the water.
Before taking a pH measurement, the meter must be "calibrated." The probe is immersed in a solution that has a known pH, such as pure water with a neutral pH of 7.0.
The knobs on the box are used to adjust the displayed pH value to the known pH of the solution, thus calibrating the meter.
ga.water.usgs.gov /edu/phmeter.html   (377 words)

 pH Meter Calibration   (Site not responding. Last check: )
After receiving a new pH meter, soak it for one day in pH 7 calibration solution in order to hydrate the bulb.
Rinse the meter with distilled water or tap water and gently blot the end dry with a paper towel.
Submerge the meter up to the cap line in the 7.0 calibration solution and adjust the screw labeled pH 7 on the back of the meter with a screwdriver until the meter reads 7.0.
www.mostreamteam.org /pH.asp   (348 words)

 pH Meters from Spectrum Technologies, Inc.
pH is a measurement of the degree of acidity or alkalinity of a solution as determined by the concentration of hydrogen ions.
Monitoring pH levels is important because mineral elements key to a plant's growth become chemically bound in higher pH envirnoments.
The pH of water may have an effect on the treatment of water and also should be considered if the water is used for field application of pesticides.
www.specmeters.com /pH_Meters   (302 words)

 Kamco: pH meter
The pH meter should be conditioned before first use.
Use a buffer solution (test solution) with pH 7 for general testing, or a buffer solution with pH 4 or 10 if you are measuring acidic or alkaline solution samples.
Turn the pH meter on by depressing the ‘ON/OFF’ button located on the side of the meter.
www.kamco.co.uk /pHmeter.htm   (410 words)

 Using the pH Meter
This meter is used to measure the acidity of the water by comparing readings from a reference electrode and a sample electrode.
To determine pH the output of these electrodes must be temperature-compensated, so most pH meters also measure temperature.
pH meters generally require frequent calibration in the field, and calibration is part of this lab.
www.utdallas.edu /~brikowi/Teaching/Field_Methods/Using_pH_Meter.html   (388 words)

 Chemistry 101: pH Meters
A pH meter is a boxy-looking instrument attached to a glass or plastic tube called a probe.
Handheld pH meters have a probe directly attached to the instrument body.) The probe has a glass bulb on one end and an electrical wire on the other.
Ion probes and pH meters are examples of how chemists study what things are made of by looking at how they conduct electricity.
www.chemistry.org /portal/a/c/s/1/feature_tea.html?id=c373e9fdc6c660108f6a4fd8fe800100   (626 words)

 Turf-Tec International Soil pH Meter.
The pH meter is a great instrument as it is a quick way to get pH readings in the soil at the 1", 2", 3" and 4" depth to see the variation of the soil layers.
That means that pH can be checked in the thatch layer, in the root zone and directly below the root zone for a complete pH reading of the entire root zone profile.
If noticeable changes in pH readings occur from one test location to another test location in soil pH, then samples from those suspect areas can be taken and analyzed further though mixing a slurry or taking the samples to an accredited laboratory for analysis.
www.turf-tec.com /PHlit.html   (338 words)

 pH -an index of Hydrogen's chemical activity in a solution -The degree of Acidity of a Substance
pH is a Log Scale Unit of Measure, and is used to express the degree of acidity of a substance.
Accordingly, pH meter and electrode systems have been developed which respond in a precise manner to the pH of a solution.
The meter should be standardized in a solution of known plon of the ion of interest, just as in the pH standardization.
www.luminet.net /~wenonah/hydro/ph.htm   (3089 words)

 Waterproof pH Meter
The highly accurate pH and temperature measurements can be read from the waterproof pH meter’s large display and can also be temporarily locked on the screen or stored to memory.
When not in use as a waterproof pH meter the VARIO doubles as a laboratory clock or timer.
VARIO waterproof pH meters come standard with an intelligent glass electrode that is protected by a plastic casing.
www.globalw.com /products/vario.html   (378 words)

 Aquarium ph meters | Digital ph meters| Fishkeepers test euipment - MiniLab pH Meter
The MiniLab model 120 pH meter is a digital non glass pH meter which reads the pH of your tank or pond within seconds.
Calibration is performed at the push of a button using the pH 7 buffer provided.
Spare bottles are available (see BU700).This meter is extremely robust and long lasting and is certain to inprove your measurement accuracy and save time.
www.fishlab.co.uk /index.php?act=viewProd&productId=3   (113 words)

 ph meter offers from China ph meter wholesale,ph meter manufacturers,ph meter distributors
Below is the comprehensive selling offers of China reliable ph meter wholesale, manufacturers, distributors, factories.
Connecting China ph meter exporters with global ph meter importers, ECVV trends to be your best business choice in the ph meter industry.
Characteristic: To measure potential pH and temperature value; Novel touching LCD screen; To select one or more PH buffer solutions to calibrate th...
www.ecvv.com /tradeleads/P1T0V1IY0CZ0K/Ph-Meter.html   (288 words)

 Meters for pH, Ion, Conductivity by Metrohm AG
Meters for pH, Ion, Conductivity by Metrohm AG Home
The Metrohm meters for pH, ion concentrations and conductivity meet all the requirements of modern field and laboratory measurements
– reliable conductivity meter: measuring range of 0.001 mikrosiemens/cm to 20 siemens/cm
www.metrohm.com /products/meters.html   (78 words)

 Digital Ph Meter: Digital Ph Meter, Miliwaukee Digital Soil Ph Meter
You only need to look through list of different Digital Ph Meter and decide to make a choice
How to order Digital Ph Meter, how to find out more about, latest material and all about prices
The only way of fast and useful search is just here at this website
geo.ya.com /freeintpfi/index-digital-ph-meter.html   (119 words)

 Power Measurement. Pneumatic Calibrator. Pressure Standard. Calibrator. Pump. pH meter. Phonometer. Power Amplifiers. ...
Combined instrument for measuring pH, mV and °C. pH Meter Thermometer.
pH, mV, redox and temperature benchtop meter datalogger.
pH transmitters convert the output of a pH electrode or mV.
www.hotektech.com /newproductsp.htm   (2643 words)

 Waterproof pH 300 Meter from Oakton Instruments
Push-button pH calibration at up to five points
The microprocessor-based OAKTON waterproof pH 300 meter meets IP67 ratings for dustproof and waterproof ingress protection.
It’s perfect for conditions that ruin ordinary meters.
www.instrumentation-controls.com /Oakton/ph_portable/ph_300.htm   (121 words)

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