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In the News (Wed 17 Apr 19)

  Pow Wow
Pow Wow elders have been told by their grandfathers and grandmothers that the men did most of the dancing, only in recent decades have the women been accepted to dance among the men in the sacred circle.
Pow Wow celebrations are an invaluable experience which will enable all participants to better understand the important part traditions play, and how these traditions define indigenous culture.
Pow Wow participants and spectators must abstain from drugs and alcohol and demonstrate sincere respect for older and younger generations.
www.crystalinks.com /powwow.html   (2708 words)

 Prisoner of war - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A prisoner of war (POW, PoW, or PW) is a soldier, sailor, airman, or marine who is imprisoned by an enemy power during or immediately after an armed conflict.
The status of POW does not include unarmed non-combatants who are captured in time of war; they are protected by the Fourth Geneva Convention rather than the Third Geneva Convention.
Whereas Allied POWs had a death rate of about 2% to 4% in German POW camps, the death rate in Japanese camps was generally in the range of 20% to 35%.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/POW   (1005 words)

 Pow Laboratories Inc.
Pow Laboratories Inc. is a full service dental laboratory established in 1930 by Erle J Pow.
Today Pow continues to be a leading provider of quality dental prosthetics and has a team consisting of over sixty people.
Pow Laboratories is proud of its ability to provide consistently high quality products at a reasonable price and to have them delivered to the dentist on time.
www.powlab.com   (146 words)

 Permit Pow, Stann Creek, Placencia, Belize - So! You want to permit fish.
Fly fishing or just fishing with the owner, "Pow" Cabral, an inter-nationally known and licensed fly fishing guide, in salt or fresh water from Placencia, is the Fisherman to use.
Pow's specialty is Fly-fishing for the allusive Permit, Bonefish and spectacular 75-100 pound Tarpon.
Pow fishes the lagoon, flats, reef, blue water and those holes nobody else knows about.
www.permitangling.com   (662 words)

 The Pow Wow Trail by Julia White
Pow Wows are very expensive to put on since the grounds are usually rented, insurance is a must, and the Pow Wow officials, head dancers and host drums must be paid.
Pow Wows are held inside in parts of the country where weather is tricky.
Pow Wow participants live in the tipis during the gathering and they are, in fact, their homes for the duration.
www.meyna.com /powwow.html   (3485 words)

 American Ex-Prisoners of War Organization
The organization of former POW's (military and civilian), their spouses, families and civilian internees has helped those affected by their capture deal with the trauma through friendship of those who shared a common experience.
POW Medal - page provides a photo and description of the Prisoner of War Medal.
Membership is open to all former prisoners of war from any theater in any war, all former civilian internees and to the families of such persons.
www.axpow.org   (1300 words)

 Books by David Carter, POW camps Prisoners of war in Canada
'POW - Behind Canadian Barbed Wire' tells the stories of the camps of both wars together with the escape attempts, murders, trials and executions.
In addition, coverage is given the POW camps in Britain and the USA together with the murders and executions which took place in those countries.
Prairie Wings gives the historical background leading to the formation of RAF bases in Canada and uses the "secret" diary of the Medicine Hat station forms the basis for the book with over 80 photo's, most previously unpublished.
www2.memlane.com /djcarter   (411 words)

 DeAnza College - 25th Annual - Silver Anniversary - American Indian Arts Market & Powwow!
We hope that everyone has a safe and fun experience at this years Pow Wow and that all journeys home are swift and end in safe arrivals.
The Pow Wow begins with an invocation to bless and to give thanks to the dancers, drummers and singers, and to pray for everyone's safety and health.
Pow Wows are celebrations, social gatherings and friendly dance competitions, but there are sacred traditions which are part of this coming together.
www.deanzapowwow.org   (590 words)

 World War II - Japan's Prisoner of War (POW) Camps   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
All U.S. and Allied POW were subjected to slave labor, cruel and unusual punishments and medical experiments [ see Unit 731 ].
In 1997, former POW and civilian internees continued seeking redress from Japan for the war crimes.
Belly of the Beast: A POW's Inspiring True Story of Faith, Courage, and Survival Aboard the Infamous WWII Japanese Hellship, the Oryoku Maru by Judith Pearson, story of U.S. Navy medical corpsman, Estel Myers.
www.vikingphoenix.com /public/rongstad/military/pow/pwcmps-2.htm   (764 words)

 Pow Wow Rom: Resources for Cub Scout Leaders, Boy Scout and youth leaders, and families all on CD-ROM. Games, skits, ...
Pow Wow Rom: Resources for Cub Scout Leaders, Boy Scout and youth leaders, and families all on CD-ROM.
A Pow Wow book is a collection of ideas, activites, songs, crafts, and more that relate to the themes of the coming year.
The Pow Wow Rom Version 2.0 is organized by "General Themes" [Click here for an example].
www.misite.com /pwr   (504 words)

 Dedicated to POW Charles Ervin Shelton, USAF
Scenarios for this rescue-return say the POWs were either returned to gather more intelligence information about the communist Pathet Lao headquarters where they were being held, returned to protect the cover of the rescuers, or that the party had been attacked and the two Americans were recaptured.
Supposedly, the NVA commander reminded them of the policy to turn American POWs over to them and the rescue team, not wanting to blow their cover, relinquished "custody" of the Americans.
Authorities said his official status as America's only remaining POW in Vietnam was symbolic of U.S. determination to make sure every MIA in Southeast Asia was accounted for.
www.customcpu.com /ait/ksouther/powpage/pow.htm   (3498 words)

 Fukuoka POW Camp #1 - Forward & Updates
I hope that I can in some small way contribute to a better understanding of what went on at a Japanese prisoner of war camp, namely Fukuoka POW Camp #1, and help others find out what happened to their husbands, their fathers, grandfathers, and great-grandfathers who were at one time interned here.
POW Research Network Japan -- Excellent research group in Japan working on compiling complete rosters of all POW deaths in Japan.
POW Supply Missions to Japan -- 20th Air Force report on relief supply missions to POW camps at the end of WWII.
home.comcast.net /~winjerd/POWCamp1.htm   (4630 words)

 Handbook of Texas Online: GERMAN PRISONERS OF WAR
From 1943, when the POWs arrived in large numbers, until the end of the war in 1945, the POWs in Texas picked peaches and citrus fruits, harvested rice, cut wood, baled hay, threshed grain, gathered pecans, and chopped records amounts of cotton.
Many Texas farmers recalled their POW laborers with admiration and even affection; indeed, many farmers maintained warm friendships with them, and periodic reunions often saw entire communities turn out to renew those memories.
Beginning in November 1945 the former POWs were returned to Europe at the rate of 50,000 a month, though most were used to help rebuild war-damaged France and Britain before their ultimate return to Germany.
www.tsha.utexas.edu /handbook/online/articles/view/GG/qug1.html   (1230 words)

 Three's In - Vietnam POW Home Page
Any person of good moral character who was a POW in Southeast Asia during the period 1961-1973 is eligible for membership.
The seal of the 4th Allied POW Wing, created by the Air Force Office of Heraldry in 1973, depicts the colors of the United States and the Republic of Vietnam as well as the chained eagle, emblematic of the fighting men who were captured.
The number "4th" was chosen by Wing Commander (and senior POW held in North Vietnam) Lieutenant General John Peter Flynn, USAF.
www.nampows.org   (590 words)

 AII POW-MIA - Histories - POW MIA Bracelet
On a local level a handful of POW MIA bracelets were worn, all of them simple metal bands with a hand drilled name across the front.
In Los Angeles, VIVA organizers met with returning veteran, Bob Dornan, a close friend of POW David Hrdlicka (Laos) and yet to be Congressman, and worked on the idea of a public awareness campaign based on the bracelets.
Thousands of requests a day filtered in and along with it the small donation of anywhere from a 'buck for luck' to the requested bracelet price of $2.50 which permitted the public awareness program to author and print brochures, stickers for cars, buttons, pins and info sheets.
www.aiipowmia.com /histories/histbracelet.html   (812 words)

 Never Forgotten - The Story of the Taiwan POW's   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The Taiwan POW Camps Memorial Society is committed to finding the locations of the former prisoner of war camps and documenting their history.
The Taiwan POW Camps Memorial Society supports the Hellships Memorial project and is actively involved with the organizers to help bring this dream to completion.
We are happy for material on the Taiwan POW Camps Memorial Society site to be used for schools or research purposes, provided reference is made to its source and/or the owner.
www.powtaiwan.org   (990 words)

POW's training floor, once a rugged loading dock with exposed brick, high celings and steel doors is now a center for anyone with an interest in extreme training, martial arts, self-dfense.
Each student is given personalized attention and put on a fitness program, providing them with a structured program that offers many goals which improve their cardiovascular health, strengthen their bodies, slim and trim their physiques and increase their flexibility.
In addition, POW!'s program teaches all its students the fundamentals of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, which prepares them for situations that go to the ground.
www.powkickboxing.com   (814 words)

 POW Guestbook Archives 2002   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
At least one Italian POW disappeared and was not found until the early 1950s living hundreds of miles from the camp he escaped from.
I also have POW rosters from most of these camps, and a complete chronological listing of all POW camps that were in Japan.
Angelo Rogcio was interned as a POW at Camp Atterbury Indiana.
www.vikingphoenix.com /guestbook/powgbarchives3.html   (16505 words)

 Jailbreak::Prisoners of War
Since the release of JB PoW we have been working on some updates which we hope to release soon.
We also have a few new ladders for JB PoW as well, so get your clans together and sign up at Global Gaming League or at T4rd League.
Of course the JB PoW files will be needed to view this.
www.planetquake.com /bkp/jbpow   (1203 words)

 PoW Corpus Manual
A reformated PoW corpus manual will be available from http://www.hit.uib.no/icame/cd/pow.html.
The POW corpus is distributed from two places: The Oxford Text Archive (http://ota.ahds.ac.uk) orgainsed by Lou Burnard.
Compiled by: Dr. Robin P. Fawcett and Dr. Michael R. Perkins Type of Data: Spoken corpus, recordings transcribed using conventions from SMEU at UCL, and those of a similar project at Bristol, with pitch movements marked by trained phonetician.
khnt.hit.uib.no /icame/manuals/pow.htm   (2283 words)

 Asiatour.com / central Thailand / Kanchanaburi / JEATH war museum
The museum on the bank of the Mae Klong River inside Wat Chai Chumphon is a reconstructed prisoners of war camp and has a long thatched detention hut with living quarters inside made of raised bamboo bunks running the length of the hut.
One can see how each POW was allotted a scanty living space on the bunks.
On the walls of the huts are posted actual, enlarged photos and illustrations of the atrocities against the prisoners and the severe living conditions of the POW's.
www.asiatour.com /thailand/e-04cent/et-ce185.htm   (539 words)

 American Merchant Marine Prisoners of War during World War II
He is certain that if the Japanese had found it, they would have killed him on the spot.
George Duffy was aboard the SS American Leader in September 1942 when she was sunk by the German cruiser Michel 850 miles west of Capetown, South Africa.
Duffy was one of 12 Americans working alongside other POW's, mostly British and Dutch building a railroad on Sumatra in August 1945.
www.usmm.org /pow.html   (2152 words)

 Bataan Death March POW in Japan   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
There, he was slave labor as a POW in a coal mine.
I would hope that in spite of the court's decision, Japan will want to solve the problem of responsibility, which will then restore its noble place among nations and show the world that honor and responsibility are the ingredients necessary to entitle it to a seat on the U.N. Security Council.
Les Tenney reports that there should be some coverage of this POW issue here in the U.S. this coming (2001) memorial day weekend.
www.think.org /pow   (1429 words)

 Pow: - Encyclopedia.WorldSearch   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Devil at My Heels: A Heroic Olympian's Astonishing Story of Survival As a Japanese Pow in World War II
This is an extraordinary true-life POW story, told by a Japanese soldier captured by American forces during World War II.
Ooka's concern with his imprisonment was not fear of brutality, but with how capture would look back home in Japan.
encyclopedia.worldsearch.com /pow:.htm   (157 words)

 George Lesko - Former POW and WWII veteran
All interested parties are invited to contribute in any way that they feel would be of benefit to the viewers.
Mary Smith enjoys being a catalyst for people connecting over the Internet and would like a list of your Barracks room mates and any copies of any POW WOW and any stories about Luft 1 and your experiences in the camp to publish on her web site www.merkki.com
Your welcome contributions should be emailed to George Lesko and may include: news articles, letters, poems, photographs and comments that deal with George's family, friends, crew members, or anything related to the WW2 POW experience.
www.georgelesko.com   (211 words)

 POW Network Biographies
Includes those declared Prisoner of War (POW), declared Missing In Action (MIA), Presumed Dead (PFOD), Killed in Action/Body Not Recovered (KIA/BNR), Died In Captivity (DIC), escapees, and returnees - includes civilians and foreign nationals.
If a name does not appear on the PMSEA or in the index of names -- the "P.O.W." may be a wannabe or PHONY.
P.O.W. The Prisoners of War who came home.
www.pownetwork.org /bios.htm   (530 words)

 DENNIS HAMMOND, U.S.M.C., POW/KIA/MIA, CASE NO. 1042   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The team interviewed thirteen witnesses who knew about either the American Marine associated with this case, the POW camp system in which he was held and died, or Vietnamese unilateral efforts after the war to recover the remains of Americans who died while held in the MR5 POW camp.
Their captors moved the two Americans to the MR5 POW camp for American POW's, located in Western Quang Ngai Province, near the border with Quang Nam-Da Nang Province.
American survivors of the MR5 POW camp reported that the Marine captured with Corporal Hammond died on 24 Dec. '68 and that Corporal Hammond died from dysentery on 8 Mar '70.
grunt.space.swri.edu /crdennis.htm   (1486 words)

 Stolen Honor: Documentary: Additional Interviews
Below are additional interviews with the POWs interviewed for the program.
POW time: 5 yrs, 7 mos, 13 days
POW time: 5 yrs, 8 mos, 4 days
www.stolenhonor.com /documentary/samples.asp   (194 words)

It was the biggest escape attempt made by German P.O.W.s in Great Britain during the Second World War.
This web site is dedicated to the history and research of the Island Farm POW camp and the German POWs interned during the years 1944 -1948.
Although, the web site profiles many POWs both during WWI and WWII, this web site is not about the politics of Nazism.
www.islandfarm.fsnet.co.uk   (683 words)

 "Lest We Forget" by Fred Seiker - Paintings and Stories of the POW building of the Thai-Burma Railroad of Death ...
This slim book of 40 pages depicts 22 pages of graphic accounts with descriptive text as well as photographs and a moving story about a single day in the life of a Japanese P.O.W. on the infamous "Railroad of Death" from 1942 to 1945.
It shows with stark clarity the atrocities P.O.W.'s had to endure on a daily basis.
It will also alert the younger generation to what happened and so to be vigilant in preserving a democratic and just way of life.
www.beverevivis.com /books/lestweforget   (489 words)

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