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Topic: Pacific Mountain System

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In the News (Mon 21 May 18)

  Pacific Mountain System
The generally rugged, mountainous landscape of this province provides evidence of ongoing mountain-building.
The Pacific Mountain System straddles the boundaries between several of Earth's moving plates—the source of the monumental forces required to build the sweeping arc of mountains that extends from Alaska to the southern reaches of South America.
This province is subdivided into several subprovinces, including the active and sometimes deadly volcanoes of the Cascade Range and the young, steep mountains of the Pacific Border and the Sierra Nevada.
www2.nature.nps.gov /geology/USGSNPS/province/pacifmt.html   (584 words)

 CVO Website - Pacific Mountain System   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
The Pacific Mountain System straddles the boundaries between several of Earth's moving plates -- the source of the monumental forces required to build the sweeping arc of mountains that extends from Alaska to the southern reaches of South America.
The crust broke into a series of north-south-trending valleys and mountain ranges -- the beginning of the Basin and Range province.
The Cascades volcanoes define the Pacific Northwest section of the "Ring of Fire", a fiery array of volcanoes that rim the Pacific Ocean.
vulcan.wr.usgs.gov /LivingWith/VolcanicPast/Notes/pacific_mountain_system.html   (749 words)

 Pacific Mountain System - Cascades volcanoes   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Beneath the Cascades, a dense oceanic plate plunges beneath the North American Plate; a process known as subduction.
Not far off the coast of the North Pacific lies a spreading ridge; a divergent plate boundary made up of a series of breaks in the oceanic crust where new ocean crust is created.
On one side of the spreading ridge new Pacific Plate crust is made, then moves away from the ridge.
www2.nature.nps.gov /geology/usgsnps/province/cascade2.html   (547 words)

 Jurassic Encyclopedia Article @ ArtOfTexas.com (Art of Texas)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
The start of the period is marked by the major Triassic-Jurassic extinction event.
The Jurassic was named by Alexandre Brogniart for the extensive marine limestone exposures of the Jura Mountains, in the region where Germany, France and Switzerland meet.
The Jurassic period of time is usually broken into Early, Middle, and Late subdivisions, also known as Lias, Dogger and Malm.
www.artoftexas.com /encyclopedia/Jurassic   (818 words)

 United States: Physical Geography   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Alaska may be divided into four physiographic regions; they are, from north to south, the Arctic Lowlands, the coastal plain of the Arctic Ocean; the Rocky Mountain System, of which the
River basin; and the Pacific Mountain System, which parallels Alaska's southern coast and which rises to Mt.
chain are partially submerged portions of the Pacific Mountain System and are frequently subjected to volcanic activity and earthquakes.
www.infoplease.com /ce6/us/A0861706.html   (1397 words)

PacifiCorp has more than 10,400 megawatts of generation capacity from coal, hydro, renewable wind power, gas-fired combustion turbines, solar and geothermal.
PacifiCorp operates as Pacific Power in Oregon, Washington and California; and as Rocky Mountain Power in Utah, Wyoming and Idaho.
The company was acquired by MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company in 2006.
www.pacificorp.com   (74 words)

From north to south, the four main natural regions of Alaska are the Arctic Slope; the Rocky Mountain System; the Interior Plateau, basin of the great Yukon River; and the Pacific Mountain System.
The state's chief tourist attractions are its natural scenic beauty and its clean air, well-stocked streams and lakes, rivers, and mountains.
American Civil War battlefields are preserved at Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park, near Marietta, and at Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park, in northwestern Georgia and southern Tennessee.
www.resort-guide.com /travelguide.html   (1296 words)

 LCC Geology WEB LINKS Page 04/01/05   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Earthquake and Tsunami Hazards in the Pacific Northwest
Pacific Northwest Seismograph Network - Recent Event Catalog
Earthquake hazards in the Pacific Northwest - DOGAMI
www.lcc.ctc.edu /departments/natural_sciences/links/linksGEOL.xtm   (748 words)

 NationMaster - American Geography statistics   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
mostly temperate, but tropical in Hawaii and Florida, arctic in Alaska, semiarid in the great plains west of the Mississippi River, and arid in the Great Basin of the southwest; low winter temperatures in the northwest are ameliorated occasionally in January and February by warm chinook winds from the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains
North America, bordering both the North Atlantic Ocean and the North Pacific Ocean, between Canada and Mexico
vast central plain, mountains in west, hills and low mountains in east; rugged mountains and broad river valleys in Alaska; rugged, volcanic topography in Hawaii
www.nationmaster.com /country/us/geo   (171 words)

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