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 Packet switching - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Packet switching is also called connectionless networking, because it is the opposite of circuit switched or connection-oriented networking, although technologies such as MPLS are beginning to blur the boundaries between the two.
Packet switching is used to optimize the use of the bandwidth available in a network, to minimize the transmission latency (i.e.
Packet switching influenced the development of the Actor model of concurrent computation in which messages sent to the same address may be delivered in an order different from the order in which they were sent. /wiki/Packet_switching   (1465 words)

A speech codec is dynamically-selected as a function of the QoS transmission characteristic of the packet- switched network.
Wireless telecommunications networks are an adjunct to the PSTN, and depend upon the circuit- switched network of the PSTN for communications with conventional wired telephony devices as well as with mobile devices.
For example, if a recent measure of packet delay is within a given range of an average packet delay statistic, the network is likely in a stable quiescent state and it is typically unnecessary to frequently determine the optimal codec. /cgi-pct/guest/getbykey5?KEY=01/89163.011122&ELEMENT_SET=DECL   (3145 words)

 Packets and Packet-Switching Networks (Linktionary term)
A packet is a unit of data that is transmitted across a packet-switched network.
A packet-switched network is an interconnected set of networks that are joined by routers or switching routers.
Packets are broken up into frames for delivery across a network; but, when the frames reach the next router, the packet information is examined by the router and a decision is made about how to forward the packet across the next link. /p/packet-switching.html   (1522 words)

 X.25 and X.121 address, packet switched network, Link Access Protocol Balanced
X.25 is used in a Packet Switched Network and in 1964 was designed by Paul Baran of the RAND Corporation for use with the Public Data Network (PDN) and unreliable analog telephone services.
During data transfer, the receiving device (which is the local switch) acknowledges the packet, not the ultimate destination, so that the sending device does not have to wait for the packet to travel the whole network before sending the next one.
Remote switching is where incoming calls are sent to other switches via tunnelling through TCP and the remote switch routes the call on to the destination. /x25.htm   (1212 words)

 Network Core
Packet loss is analogous to being told by the waiter that you must leave the premises because there are already too many other people waiting at the bar for a table.
When a packet arrives at a packet switch in the network, the packet switch examines a portion of the packet's destination address and forwards the packet to an adjacent switch.
Proponents of packet switching also enjoy pointing out that establishing end-to-end circuits and reserving end-to-end bandwidth is complicated and requires complex signaling software to coordinate the operation of the switches along the end-to-end path. /network_core.htm   (5015 words)

 Communication processor for a packet-switched network - Patent 4979100
In packet-switched networks, packets in the form of blocks of data are transmitted from a source--such as a user terminal, computer, application program within a computer, or other data handling or data communication device--to a destination, which may be simply another data handling or data communication device of the same character.
The switches used in the Telenet public network and various of its private networks are members of the multiprocessor TP4000 (sometimes referred to in abbreviated fashion as TP4) packet switch family.
Packet switching arose, in part, to fulfill the need for low cost data communications in networks developed to allow access to host computers. /4979100.html   (14824 words) Packet and circuit switching
Packet Video is promising video clips at 60Kbs over conventional circuit switched cellular radio channels, indeed, they say they are platform independent, that is, their technology will work over whatever radio technology a carrier is using.
Replacing circuit switched switches with packet switches accross the country would be a monumental task, requiring billions of dollars over years and years.
Packet switching dominates data networks like the internet. /Switching/packet.html   (2416 words)

His concept of a packet switching network was radically different from military data networking of the time which usually involved teletype machines used on a private telephone switched network not unlike the telephone company.
This new idea of a packet switched network would be highly decentralized and would continue to function even when one or several "nodes" were suddenly rendered inoperable.
1962:Paul Baran of the RAND Corporation conceived and proposed a packet switched computer network. /~hceng028/English/Fa97/sullivan1a.html   (1366 words)

 Packet-Switched Networks
Instead of using a dedicated, direct connection between the source and the destination to move information, like a telephone call uses, a packet switched network moves chunks of information (packets) from one point in the network to another, allowing the communications channel to be shared among a number of users.
The Internet has popularized the idea of the packet switched network.
Packets average 500 bytes in size, and are transmitted to and from one watt transceivers mounted on nearby lightpoles. /mt/97aug   (1567 words)

 Energy Citations Database (ECD) - Energy and Energy-Related Bibliographic Citations
The Lambda network is a single stage, packet-switched interprocessor communication network for a distributed memory, parallel processor computer.
Packet-switched intercommunication network for distributed memory, parallel processor computers
The network is based on fixed degree nodes and has O(log{sub 2n}) mean and maximum packet transfer distances where n is the number of processors. /energycitations/product.biblio.jsp?osti_id=10187400   (169 words)

 Satisfying High Quality Requirements of Videoconferencing on a Packet-Switched Network
The modeled switching devices support a subset of the functionalities described by the IEEE 802.1D standard [11]: the MAC frame filtering and forwarding, and the MAC frame discarding, by which it is possible to certify the switch delay.
Since devices and network access delays depend in a non-linear manner on their utilization level, in order to fairly distribute loss and delays among devices and protocol entities, it is mandatory to maintain each device utilization level under its critical threshold.
We will refer to a network topology in which a set of Ethernet technology-based LANs is interconnected by a DQDB backbone, trying to exploit the bandwidth saving introduced by the use of best efforts techniques and to maintain the investment of a large community of users. /inet97/proceedings/F3/F3_2.HTM   (5132 words)

 packet-switched network
A packet-switched network may also be called connectionless because it contains many different possible connections and routes that a packet might take to reach its destination.
A network that consists of a series of interconnected circuits that route individual packets of data over one of several routes, offering flexibility and high reliability.
The term often refers to networks using the international standard X.25. /Terms/2461HTML-2157.html   (63 words)

In this context, this core network architecture has come to be known as “All-IP” core network because the data as well as voice services will be provided over a packet switched core network using the IP protocol.
Network: The Network class implements the abstraction of Proxy CSCF and the Serving CSCF.
Network Architecture The network architecture can be divided in two parts to better understand the call flow: Call Origination Call Termination Call Origination: The user (mobile station) that initiates a call is on the call origination part. /~skayath/mainreport15.doc   (8160 words)

 Method and system of providing multi-user access to a packet switched network - US Patent 6891825
For example, communication interface 519 may be a network interface card to attach to any packet switched local area network (LAN).
A computer-readable medium carrying one or more sequences of one or more instructions for providing multi-user access to a packet switched network, the one or more sequences of one or more instructions including instructions which, when executed by one or more processors, cause the one or more processors to perform the steps of:
Thereafter, the backbone router forwards the packets to the packet switched network. /patents/6891825.html   (6259 words)

 What is packet switching? - A Word Definition From the Webopedia Computer Dictionary
Packet switching is more efficient and robust for data that can withstand some delays in transmission, such as e-mail messages and Web pages.
Each packet is then transmitted individually and can even follow different routes to its destination.
Most modern Wide Area Network (WAN) protocols, including TCP/IP, X.25, and Frame Relay, are based on packet-switching technologies. /TERM/p/packet_switching.html   (391 words)

 What is PSDN? - A Word Definition From the Webopedia Computer Dictionary
Short for packet-switched data network, a data communications network that is based on the principles of packet switching, as opposed to circuit switching that is used in public telephone networks.
Packet-switched networks do not establish physical communication channels between communicating devices like circuit-switched networks do.
The packets then rely on network routers to read the address data and route the packets through the network to their destinations. /TERM/P/PSDN.html   (151 words)

 Business Wire: $55 Million Growth Investment Launches Packet-s... @ HighBeam Research
Raviant Networks, a premier architect of packet-switched, carrier-grade network solutions, today launches a new corporate identity and announces it has attracted $55 million in growth capital.
Raviant Networks builds packet-switched, carrier-grade network solutions for telecommunications carriers, network element providers, and Fortune 500 companies seeking to increase revenues and market value in the new economy.
Industry experts consider Raviant an important player in the growing fields of packet-switched networks and Internet infrastructure development. /library/doc0.asp?docid=1G1:64774001&...   (683 words)

 NC Exchange - Articles X.25 Packet Switching Network
X.25 was developed in the ITU Study Group VII based upon a number of emerging data network projects, such as the research project at the UK's National Physical Laboratory under the direction of Donald Davies who developed the concepts of packet switched networks.
The general concept of X.25 was to create a universal and global packet-switched network on what was then the bit-error prone analog phone system.
The packet switching network was the common name given to the international collection of X.25 providers, typically the various national telephone companies. /88__X25_Packet_Switching_Network.html   (814 words)

 Internet and Related - Open Site
Historically, internets began with Paul Baran's study, which proposed the idea of a packet switched network.
These networks evolved and expanded from United States to throughout the world, and these inter-connected networks all using the same TCP/IP protocol are considered to be what the Internet is.
Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn have been credited in their paper on Transmission Control Protocol in 1974 for the first use of the word 'internet'. /index.php/Computers/Internet   (439 words)

 Widely Used Packet Switched Data Network Protocols
The most widely used network access protocol which has been defined to interface a DTE to a packet switched data network is X.25 (however X.25 can be used on private networks as well, it isn't limited to PDNs).
The link layer has no knowledge of the logical channel to which a packet may belong.
The network layer is concerned with the reliable transfer of the transport layer messages and with the multiplexing of one or more virtual circuits to a single physical link. /networks/1994/packet/packet02.html   (199 words)

 PSDN - Packet-Switched Data Network
Network Security - Access Code For Tuesday, November 15, 2005 is rnbwmdrBkk.
Definitions have been compiled from popular search engines and multiple results provided for your review. /acronym/PSDN.asp   (98 words)

Information representing the location of the mobile terminal in the packet-switched network is provided to the circuit switched network.
Location-based services are also provided by the circuit-switched network with access to such mobile terminal location information.
A call setup with the mobile terminal is initiated with reference to the previously received location information, frequently more expeditiously and using less resources. /cgi-pct/guest/getbykey5?KEY=00/05907.000203&ELEMENT_SET=DECL   (148 words)

 End-to-End Scheduling in Real-Time Packet-Switched Networks
This paper presents the budgeted-weighted-round-robin (BWRR) algorithm for scheduling the transmission of hard-real-time messages in a packet-switched network.
The per switch delay and required buffer space provided by the BWRR algorithm are significantly less than those provided by previous methods.
In addition, with the BWRR algorithm, the necessary buffer space at each switch is predictable and can be fixed at system configuration time. /persagen/DLAbsToc.jsp?resourcePath=/dl/proceedings/&toc=comp/proceedings/icnp/1996/7453/00/7453toc.xml&DOI=10.1109/ICNP.1996.564891   (224 words)

 Method and apparatus for linking SNA terminals to an SNA host over a packet switched communications network (EP0330835B1)
The invention disclosed herein provides the basic operation capabilities of SNA data communications for host-to-remote terminal sessions across a packet switched network such as the Defense Data Network (DDN).
said packet switched network is the Defense Data Network (DDN),
A data communications system for establishing a communications path from a System Network Architecture (SNA) host computer over a packet switched network to a System Network Architecture (SNA) terminal, comprising: /details?pn=EP00330835B1   (435 words)

 Techdirt:Sprint Starts Conversion To Packet-Switched Network
Sprint today became the first of the big-name US carriers to begin converting their circuit-switched networks to packet-switched networks.
Of course, this is going to take some time - and they don't expect to complete the conversion for another 12 to 15 years.
The question that remains to be seen, though, is how much control they're going to look to exert over the system - and how much they'll allow other people to hook into their network. /articles/20030527/106247_F.shtml   (163 words)

 Charging for Packet-Switched Network Communication
network bandwidth is a scarce resource, thus according to economic principles a smarter way has to be thought of to allocate this resource to potential users
Running experiments and simulations with this architecture is expected to generate a general understanding of requirements on future network technology.
Since the Internet was never intended to be a commercial network, it lacks mechanisms to reasonably charge users for communication services. /projects/charging.html   (680 words)

 Sprint Migrating to Packet-Switched Network
In November of 2001, for example, Sprint signed a $1.1 billion deal with Nortel Networks (Quote, Chart) for its switching equipment and installation services for the first phase of Sprint's packet-switched migration project.
According to technology experts, packet-switched networks do not establish physical communication channels between communicating devices like circuit-switched networks do.
The entire conversion of the network to packet-based technology could take more than twelve years. /wireless/article.php/2212321   (930 words)

 Computers: Internet: History - Open Site
Rand Paul Baran, of the RAND Corporation proposes the concept of a packet switched network.
This system allowed packets to be directed to a domain name, which would be translated by the server database into the corresponding IP number.
USENET (the decentralized news group network) was created by Steve Bellovin, a graduate student at University of North Carolina, and programmers Tom Truscott and Jim Ellis. /Computers/Internet/History   (804 words)

 Voice over packet, ip phones - Voice over Packet Sound Samples
Voice over Packet (VoP) is the general name for the technology used to transmit voice conversations over a data network.
Voice over Packet networks are subject to several types of delay: processing delay, Octasic’s Advanced Echo Processor in Voice over Packet Networks
Voice Over Packet - A Design Perspective To transmit voice over any network, in particular IP network, one has to have an idea of what exactly are the /q/ip-phones-voice-over-packet.htm   (623 words)

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