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In the News (Wed 17 Jul 19)

  Ian Paisley - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Ian Paisley was born in what was then the town of Armagh, Northern Ireland, and brought up in the town of Ballymena, where his father was an independent Baptist pastor, and his mother was a Scot.
Paisley opposed the 1972 suspension by the British government of Edward Heath of the Northern Ireland parliament and government (known collectively by the term Stormont due to the location of Parliament Buildings on the Stormont estate).
Ian Paisley and his wife Eileen have five children, three of whom have followed their father into politics or religion; Kyle, into the church, their son Ian (a DUP assemblyman) and daughter Rhonda (a graduate of Bob Jones University), who served as a member of Belfast City Council but has long since left politics.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Ian_Paisley   (3482 words)

 Shawls of Paisley Design
Paisley's output of shawls was the most prolific, and continued for the longest period, so the name 'Paisley' has become a generic term.
Paisley introduced an attachment to the handloom, in 1812, which enabled five different colours of yarn to be used, thus better imitating the Kashmir shawls.
By 1865 a reversible shawl was invented at Paisley which was of double thickness with all the loose unclipped threads sandwiched between the two layers, resulting in a heavy and unpopular shawl.
www.victoriana.com /library/paisley/shawl.html   (2218 words)

 IAN PAISLEY - Professional Bigot
Paisley, have always been prominent in the electoral politics of the North, "a Protestant State for a Protestant People." Ian Paisley is the head of the Democratic Unionist Party.
Paisley was later ordered in court never to go near the girl or her family again.
Paisley berated the European Economic Community as part of a "papal plot" and the "bride of the anti-Christ." He sought the seat to the European parliament because God told him to "sit amongst the frog eaters [French] and the snail mongers [Belgians]."
www.geocities.com /Athens/Atrium/1678/ian.html   (1242 words)

 Liverpoolfc.tv: Past Manager Profile
Paisley, born the son of a miner in the County Durham village of Hetton-le-Hole on January 23, 1919, had signed the transfer forms in the Sunderland board room after helping Bishop Auckland beat Willington 3-0 to lift the FA Amateur Cup.
Paisley's genius for team building had already been evident in his capture of Phil Neal, Terry McDermott, Joey Jones and David Johnson, his switch of Ray Kennedy from a powerful striker to a left midfielder who terrorised Europe and his use of David Fairclough as football's prototype "super sub".
Paisley's teams annexed a total of six championships, the most remarkable being in 1978-79 when they emerged with a record 68 points under the old two-points-for-a-win system, conceded a record low 16 goals in their 42 games, scored 85 and lost only four times.
www.liverpoolfc.tv /team/past_players/managers/paisley   (1441 words)

 Biography: John Paisley
In 1953 Paisley went to Washington where he was given the job of monitoring the development of electronics in the Soviet Union.
Paisley, who was later appointed as deputy director of the Office of Strategic Research, retired from the CIA in 1974.
Paisley wrote to Stansfield Turner, in which she mentioned that she had worked for Kathrine Hart [the wife of John L. Hart] when she was in the CIA.
www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk /JFKpaisley.htm   (1456 words)

 NHRA Summit Import News: Craig Paisley - Modified champion
Paisley lost control of his Supra in his first-round race at the NHRA event in Gainesville and nearly totaled his Toyota in a wreck that broke four ribs.
Paisley beat Jerry Rodriquez's Mazda in round one, then turned his attention to a long-awaited second-round date with arch-rival Ten and his Supra, which had sped to a strong 8.34 in round one, but Ten's Supra reported in broken, a disappointment and a relief to Paisley.
Paisley, sitting two pairs back, already was due to receive the bye run for the seven-car field, and knew that merely by staging his car he would win the championship.
www.nhrasportcompact.com /2001/news/102601.html   (3071 words)

Paisley print is something you see on ties, shirts, blouses, dresses, curtains, rugs, furniture, etc. If you wear it, you may be carrying around some demons, which could be the cause of some of your "problems".
PAISLEY, large burgh, industrial centre, and county town (seat) of Renfrew, Scotland, situated on the River Whate Cart, a tributary of the Clyde.
PAISLEY, textile pattern owing its name to the manufacture at the town of PAISLEY, Renfrewshire, of PAISLEY shawls.
www.demonbuster.com /paisley.html   (675 words)

 FIDM - Article: Paisley Passion   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
A census taken in the Scottish town of Paisley around 1695 gave evidence to this fact by showing that the largest group of tradesmen were the weavers.
Garments manufactured in Paisley carried the recognizable tear drop design - usually at the tips and ends of the garment.
Paisley's most famous product was a shawl bearing the teardrop design.
www.fidm.com /Common/articles/passion.html   (266 words)

 SDNHM Paisley S. Cato
Paisley is also directly responsible for the two collections that do not have permanent research staff: marine invertebrates and mineralogy.
Previously Paisley managed the mammal and frozen tissue collections at Texas A&M University (Wildlife & Fisheries Sciences Dept.), served as a Trustee for the Brazos Valley Museum (Bryan, Texas) and as Curator of Zoology at the Denver Museum of Natural History.
Paisley obtained a B.A. in Zoology from Smith College (Mass.), an M.A. in Museum Science from Texas Tech University, and a Ph.D. from Texas A&M University, specializing in Museum Studies.
www.sdnhm.org /research/collections/cato.html   (562 words)

 Paisley North   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
The new Paisley North seat consisted of 62 % from Paisley, 32 from Renfrewshire West and 6% from Renfrewshire East.
The North seat was more closely identified with the old Paisley seat as it contained the town centre, to which was added the town of Renfrew on the Clyde.
Paisley was once Liberal territory and the 1920 by-election was won by former Liberal Prime Minister Herbert Asquith.
www.alba.org.uk /scot99constit/w06.html   (923 words)

 Paisley, Ian on Encyclopedia.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
A leading protagonist of militant Protestantism against Roman Catholicism in Northern Ireland, Paisley was ordained in the Presbyterian Church in 1946.
Paisley was elected to the Northern Irish assembly in 1999, and his party won a plurality of seats in that body in 2003.
Composition du Parlement irlandais Le DUP de l'extrémiste Ian Paisley ont fait campagne sur le refus du partage du pouvoir.
www.encyclopedia.com /html/P/PaisleyI1.asp   (767 words)

 Ian Paisley Jr   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
According to reports, Ian Paisley Jr, son of the DUP leader, has said without such proof there was no confidence among Unionists in the IRA's move.
Ian Paisley, Jr is a member of the Northern Ireland Assembly for the Democratic Unionist Party.
He is the son of the party leader, the Rev. Ian Paisley, and is expected to contest the party leadership when his father vacates the leadership.
www.wikiverse.org /ian-paisley-jr   (201 words)

 Country Standard Time:Brad Paisley in concert
Paisley obviously loves to play his electric guitar and showed off his fleet fingers many times this night.
Paisley is also a funny guy, as the constant ribbing of his height-challenged fiddler demonstrated.
The stage is no catwalk for this singer/songwriter, because in concert, Paisley draped himself in sharply played music and left the fancy pants in his closet at home.
www.countrystandardtime.com /bradpaisleyCONCERT.html   (436 words)

 Paisley University Library Publications: The Paisley Poets
Paisley poet and journalist William Motherwell once described Paisley as "a nest of singing birds", and it is often recounted that, at a public dinner attended by a hundred gentlemen in the town, the toast "Poets of Paisley" was proposed and ninety-nine stood up in response.
Robert Brown's two-volume anthology The Paisley Poets (1890), contained the work of 238 poets with Paisley connection and confirmed for Victorian readers the opinion that "Paisley" and "poetry" were virtually synonymous.
These papers, collected in the present volume, along with a note on sources for the poets and a summary of the discussion which followed the presentations, reveal a fresh, imaginative and well-informed understanding of the Paisley Poets and a long overdue reappraisal of their work and reputation.
library.paisley.ac.uk /exhibitions/poets.htm   (176 words)

 Country Standard Time: CD Review Brad Paisley
But underneath that, Paisley seems to be taking dead aim at the rich and famous who think of themselves as being oh so important.
Paisley has been a torchbearer of the traditional sound from the get go and has not changed his stance.
Paisley continues to show growth and depth of commitment to country.
www.countrystandardtime.com /CDbradpaisley.html   (537 words)

 University of Paisley Semester-Year Exchange   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
The University of Paisley started in 1897 as a vocational school and increased steadily in size and scope until it gained University status in 1992.
The University of Paisley consists of three campuses: the main campus in the town of Paisley, near Glasgow; Dumfries, a more rural campus serving students in the Southwest of Scotland; and Ayr, located in a seaside resort town.
The town of Paisley, with a population of around 79,000, is a blend of old and new.
www.emich.edu /abroad/paisley/what.html   (496 words)

 BBC NEWS | Northern Ireland | Profile: Ian Paisley
Mr Paisley may know that the deal will eventually be done and prefer to do it himself rather than leave it to his lieutenants, Peter Robinson and Nigel Dodds.
But Mr Paisley will have some gains to show for the move: the IRA transformed into an "old boys' association", and he First Minister at Stormont, lauded as a statesman.
Yet Paisley boldly and unblushing went to Leinster House to meet the Irish Prime Minister, Bertie Ahern, for the first time in the autumn of 2004 and talks of friendly relations.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/northern_ireland/3109773.stm   (968 words)

 Paisley   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Historically, Paisley has monastic origins, due to a site near a waterfall, where it is said a chapel was established by the Irish monk, Saint Mirin.
Paisley is still very well-known for the Paisley Shawl and its distinctive pattern, which originated around this time.
Mainly on account of the weaving fraternity, Paisley gained notoriety as being a literate and somewhat radical town, although it could be argued in a fiercely positive direction, by this time there was a real mixture of religious opinions and healthy drink-fuelled debate raged at night amongst the weavers, poets, merchants, masons and others.
www.lovemytown.co.uk /CityProfiles/Paisley.htm   (250 words)

Philip Tartaglia of the clergy of the archdiocese of Glasgow, Scotland, rector of the Pontifical Scots College in Rome, as bishop of Paisley (area 580, population 342,000, Catholics 79,400, priests 74, religious 49), Scotland.
The bishop- elect was born in Glasgow in 1951 and ordained a priest in 1975.
In fact, ever since I became Bishop of Paisley in 1988, the fl fire-proof case in which I carry my robes and crozier, was a gift from Philip when I left the “Support Group” to come here.
www.paisleydiocese.org.uk   (598 words)

 Welcome to the official Paisley Abbey Website
In Paisley Abbey worship has been offered to God and hospitality extended to pilgrims and visitors from its foundation in 1163 to the present day.
Paisley Abbey is a parish church of the Church of Scotland and the 'mother church' of Paisley.
Click here to find out how to get to Paisley Abbey, and our opening times, and a list of contacts is here.
www.paisleyabbey.org.uk   (99 words)

Membership of the club has remained fairly constant at around 70 members and although it is one of the larger clubs in the district visitor can be assured of a warm welcome and we look forward welcoming visitors from home and abroad.
PAISLEY is Scotland's largest town, with approximately 100,000 inhabitants, and one of its most historic.
The Reverend John Witherspoon who became principal of Princeton University and was one of the signatories of the American Declaration of Independence.
www.paisley-rotary.org.uk   (199 words)

 Pointer Rescue -- "Paisley," Liver/Wh male, 1- y.o., CA   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Paisley is a liver and white male, approximately 1-year-old.
Paisley's history is unknown, but he has been doing very well in foster care.
Paisley has not been formerly housebroken, but has never had an accident in the house and does not seem inclined to lift his leg and mark anything inside the house.
www.pointerrescue.org /dogs/01091-P-D-CA.htm   (186 words)

 Brad Paisley's Homegrown Talent (washingtonpost.com)
Paisley started playing guitar at age 8 after watching his father, a night-shift railroad worker, pick away on his days at home.
Among Paisley's fellow students were Frank Rogers (now his producer), Kelley Lovelace (a frequent songwriting partner, including on his first No. 1, "He Didn't Have to Be") and several of the musicians in his band.
However, Paisley does find time to appear twice a month at the Grand Ole Opry, which he joined in 2001 (at 32, he is the youngest current member).
www.washingtonpost.com /wp-dyn/articles/A32485-2005Feb17.html   (1853 words)

 City of Paisley Airport   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Paisley Airport is an excellent location for pilots that want to get into the "Outback" of Oregon and witness first-hand the beauty of this area.
It is like roughing it smoothly, with a paved strip and the facilities of a small town only one mile away.
Fly from Paisley up the Chewaucan River into the Fremont and discover Coffee Pot Flats and several beautiful valleys.
www.paisley.presys.com /Airport3.html   (228 words)

Today, the University of Paisley has an enviable reputation for innovation and excellence, and is widening the provision of higher education in the west and south-west of Scotland with its additional campuses in Ayr and Dumfries.
Paisley campus occupies over 20 acres in the heart of town, with teaching, lecture, workshop and laboratory accommodation plus specialist units and shops.
An extensive range of full-time and part-time courses is offered at the Paisley Campus to meet the needs of a diverse group of students.
www.paisley.org.uk /education/university.php   (232 words)

 Southern Accents: Crazy for Paisley
The introduction of paisley to the Western World accompanied the Persian Wars, associating paisley with the exotic flair of the East.
By adjusting the color, scale, and texture of the fabric in reference to a room's characteristics, a little paisley lends a nice accent and a lot of paisley adds Eastern influence.
Paisley can serve as the backbone of interior spaces that are trying to convey an Eastern feeling, or a sparing use of paisley can add fun to a very formal interior."-- Mitch Brown, William R. Eubanks Interior Design, Inc., Memphis.
www.southernaccents.com /accents/homes/decorating/article/0,14743,339169,00.html   (381 words)

 HCGL Manuscripts: GLMS-6, J. A. Paisley/Morrow Steamship Company
Records from the J. Paisley Steamship Company and the Morrow Steamship Company were acquired by Bowling Green State University on July 9, 1973 and transferred to the Historical Collections of the Great Lakes in 1976.
The Paisley organization, named for James A. Paisley, was founded in 1915 as a subsidiary of the Cleveland Cliffs Iron Company of Cleveland, Ohio.
The Paisley name became directly involved in managing both the Paisley and Morrow fleets when Robert J. Paisley, son of James A. Paisley, became president of both lines after the 1935 merger.
www.bgsu.edu /colleges/library/hcgl/glms0006.html   (675 words)

 Our Lil Town Of Paisley
Paisley is a small town in Lake County, Florida.
Paisley is one of those places where you feel at home even on your first visit.
Paisley Discount Beverage/gas station for your discount beverage needs, this is the store.
www.angelfire.com /fl3/theloft/paisley.html   (362 words)

 Paisley   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
The 19 year old was referred to the RCA Trust in Paisley, but later quit his job rather than risk a disciplinary stain on his work record.
Ian Paisley's DUP is about to get its first life peers in the House of Lords, the BBC has learned.
A HANDSHAKE from Ian Paisley could be the next milestone towards peace in the North after yesterday's Downing Street summit.
www.wikiverse.org /paisley   (165 words)

 About Paisley Fairtrade Partnership
Paisley Fairtrade Partnership is a partnership formed between different sectors of the community of Paisley, with the purpose of promoting and monitoring fairtrade in Paisley and surrounding area.
The sectors of the community represented in Paisley Fairtrade Partnership are: Renfrewshire Council www.renfrewshire.gov.uk, the Business Sector, Trade Unions, Paisley Churches, Schools, Colleges and Paisley University, Health Care, Social Care, Rainbow Turtle (just trading), www.rainbowturtle.org.uk, and other local community groups.
August 2003, Paisley was officially awarded Fairtrade Town Status when the Certificate from the Fairtrade Foundation was presented to the Provost of Renfrewshire Council.
basic1.easily.co.uk /033015/042013/aboutus_page.htm   (479 words)

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