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Topic: Paisley (design)

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  Kashmir and Shawls of Paisley Design
Paisley produced shawls the most economically and for the longest period, the name becoming synonymous with the place of manufacture.
Paisley introduced an attachment to the handloom in 1812, which enabled five different colours of yarn to be used, instead of just two colours, indigo and madder, thus better imitating the Kashmir shawls.
By 1865 a reversible shawl was invented at Paisley which was of double thickness with all the loose unclipped threads sandwiched between the two layers, resulting in a heavy and unpopular shawl.
www.victoriana.com /library/paisley/shawl.html   (2434 words)

 Paisley Wedding Bands - Wedding-Band-Ring.Com
Paisley Wedding Band Ring - 14K Two-Tone Gold
Hand Carved Paisley Diamond Wedding Band, 14K White Gold
Wedding-Band-Ring.Com a diverse collection of wedding rings and wedding bands, including White Gold Wedding Bands, Two-Tone Wedding Bands, Platinum Wedding Bands, Celtic Wedding Bands, Titanium Wedding Bands, Diamond Wedding Bands, and Diamond Engagement Rings.
wedding-band-ring.com /Paisley-Wedding-Bands-PSLY.html   (76 words)

 Shawls of Kashmir & Paisley Design - Article by Meg Andrews
Paisley produced shawls the most economically and for the longest period, the name becoming synonymous with the place of manufacture.
The earliest design on Kashmir seventeenth and eighteenth century shawls was a single flowering plant complete with roots, inspired by English herbals (books with plant illustrations) which reached the Mughal court during the seventeenth century (4).
Paisley introduced an attachment to the handloom in 1812, which enabled five different colours of yarn to be used, instead of just two colours, indigo and madder, thus better imitating the Kashmir shawls.
www.meg-andrews.com /articles/shawls-paisley-design.php   (2503 words)

 Paisley Design Wedding Band, 14K White Gold
Beautifully designed, hand carved paisley wedding band ring in 14k white gold.
We guarantee our Paisley Design Wedding Band, 14K White Gold to be authentic jewelry, as described above.
Paisley Design Wedding Band, 14K White Gold is
www.wedding-band-ring.com /UDB-3W.html   (83 words)

 Paisley - Search Results - MSN Encarta
Paisley, burgh, administrative center of Renfrewshire unitary authority, central Scotland, on the White Cart Water, near Glasgow.
Paisley, Ian, born in 1926, politician and Protestant cleric in Northern Ireland, leader of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP).
- garment with paisley design: a fabric with a paisley design, especially a type of woolen shawl popular in the 19th century
encarta.msn.com /Paisley.html   (100 words)

 shawls, unique handmade gift for her at ShalinCraft
Paisley design is a special floral pattern, which resembles the mango fruit.
The task of creating a paisley shawl is complicated as the designs on these shawls are realized not by embroidery but by the simultaneous weaving with wool shuttles of different colors.
One of the towns where the shawls were produced was Paisley, near Glasgow, whose name became synonymous with both the shawls and the teardrop or pinecone motif, which decorated them.
www.shalincraft-india.com /shawl/paisley/paisley19.html   (460 words)

 University of Paisley :: News: Degrees Designed for Success at University of Paisley   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The University of Paisley is offering three courses this September that will meet the demand for skilled employees in the engineering and design sectors.
The Design course with options in product development and manufacturing systems has been developed in response to growing recognition, within industry and professional bodies, of the lack of highly skilled engineering-orientated designers.
Jim Younger of the University of Paisley’s School of Engineering and Science said: “The University is leading the field in the provision of sector relevant degree options and the facilities within the Centre will make an important contribution to course advances and student development.
www.paisley.ac.uk /news/response-news.asp?id=467   (685 words)

 HSC Online
In the Design area of study you will investigate the influence of culture on contemporary design and analyse the influence of historical, cultural and contemporary developments related to a culture.
The design found its way to England in the 1760s where copies of the original Kashmiri shawls were made in the Scottish weaving centre of Paisley.
The use of the paisley motif in furnishings is attributed to Napoleon's wife Josephine who had gowns, bedcovers and cushions made from the shawls.
hsc.csu.edu.au /textiles_design/design/1_1_5/indian.htm   (952 words)

 Paisley - Copper/Green   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Screenprinted on olive green paper is a copper paisley design
Paisley - Gold/Blue -- Screenprinted on blue paper is a gold paisley design
Paisley - Silver/ Burgundy -- Screenprinted on burgundy paper is a silver paisley design
www.paper.com /catalog/Catalog19200/paisley---coppergreen.htm   (257 words)

 Sheila Fleet Paisley Collection
The Paisley design originated from motifs representing the plant form of the date palm in Babylon over 2,000 years ago.
From the late 1700s, shawls with this design were made in Paisley, Scotland.
As a result of their enormous success, the design became known as the Paisley Pattern.
www.lindaclifford.com /SFPaisley.html   (121 words)

 Antique Textiles, Kashmir Shawl, Paisley Shawl, Needlepoint Pillow, Embroidery, Ethnographic Textiles
Although the overall design is basically symmetrical, the mirrored elements have slight variations in shape and placement, giving it a playfully dynamic and spontaneous character, something not found in textiles designed strictly by the grid.
The mirrored designs on the other end of the scarf are very intricate, and the color palette consiste of 6 colors on a red ground.
The design is also reminiscent of the earlier 16th Century Mughal or Moghul sashes that were worn by princes and were a symbol of status and wealth.
www.goldenthread.com /text01.htm   (1835 words)

 Duralee_The Paisley Print Collection
The new Paisley Print Collection consists of five intricately designed patterns that are elegant, dramatic and richly colored in traditional royal paisley colors.
Shown (right to left) is Avenel Toss, a small "tossed" paisley design that was created to work throughout the collection; Avenel Allover, a true paisley design, dramatic in style and easily "cuttable" for furniture; and Avenel Vine, a Jacobean floral made up of paisleys and paisley-like elements.
This design group will enhance any environment with the warmth of a wood paneled den where one can relax and enjoy the moment.
www.duralee.com /press/98/122298.htm   (163 words)

 Paisley Fabric - Paisley - Paisley Pattern - Paisley Design
The Classic Paisley Collection includes fabrics in a classic paisley motif.
The Whimsical Paisley Collection includes fabrics with whimsical and fun paisley motifs.
Paisley Fabric - Paisley featuring paisley pattern,paisley design all available at your online Paisley Fabric store, combined with convenience, excellent pricing and unsurpassed customer service.
www.interiormall.com /cat/ncollections.asp?c1=Fabric&c2=Paisley   (85 words)

 fashion clothes, handmane apparel for her
The wool being delicate, it is essential to use hands instead of machine and that requires enormous patience of the weavers among all the other qualities.
Due to the enormous effort put in weaving and the amount of time it requires to be completed, the prices of the real paisley shawls are very high in the market since the old times.
Paisley pattern is a droplet shaped vegetable motif, also called buta, similar to half of the Yin yang symbol, the Indian bodhi tree leaf, or the mango tree.
www.shalincraft-india.com /shawl/paisley/paisley7.html   (447 words)

 Chao Pelo On-Line Store
Fabric is a retro paisley design in shades of dark pink and cornflower blue accented with khaki and fl.
Fabric is deep red with a paisley bandana design with traditional fl and white outlines.
Over-sided paisley shapes in ultra-bright turquoise, green, yellow and pink on a bright white background.
ssl-global.com /ecommerce/Chaopelo/index.html?category_pkey=66&afl=   (778 words)

 About Design | Pink Paisley, Conflict Of Interest, And Time   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The third situation is where you are developing some ideas for your own project and you are approached by a client to do some work for them in the very same area.
To be honest most of the time when we get asked that question it is from potential clients wanting to see previous design of yours in the specific area the client is in.
About Design is produced by R.BIRD, a New York identity and design consulting firm with more than 20 years of experience creating brand identity, packaging, corporate identity, and more...
www.rbird.com /aboutdesign/archives/000273.php   (669 words)

 Wilsonart Laminate - The Statement: Paisley
The paisley, a design icon that we have come to think of as synonymous with Indian design is not originally from India at all.
The design evolved just like the game of telephone, where information is passed from one to another, changing ever so slightly each time so that over a period of time the original has changed into something else entirely.
In a time when all things Indian are trendy, the paisley is a salute to hip, hot India.
www.wilsonart.com /design/statement/viewarticle.asp?articleid=87   (231 words)

 The Straight Dope: What's the origin of the paisley design?   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Paisley is actually an ornate pattern that was commonly used for 19th-century shawls manufactured in the town of Paisley, a textile center in Scotland.
The traditional explanation for the commalike paisley motif is that it's a pine cone, but if so it's the damnedest pine cone I ever saw.
Textile historian Martin Hardingham has a better idea; he says it's "more directly identifiable with the cashew fruit and seed pod which has been a symbol of fertility for thousands of years." Ergo, sex is at the bottom of it.
www.straightdope.com /classics/a3_021a.html   (238 words)

 University of Paisley :: News: Paisley’s £100,000 Product Design Centre Opens   (Site not responding. Last check: )
At the core of the Product Design Centre is a £35,000 rapid prototyping machine, which has two main areas of application — prototype manufacture and tooling development.
Jim Younger of the University of Paisley’s School of Engineering and Science said: “We are delighted that Dr Peter Hughes officially opened the Centre, which emphasised its importance to the Engineering community in Scotland.
Paisley’s Product Design Centre will help designers create, analyse and gain fast feedback on conceptual ideas, greatly benefiting and speeding-up the product development process.
www.paisley.ac.uk /News/response-news.asp?id=298   (390 words)

 Alishia's Stencils - Paisley Mural
The matching border stencil design, MD 106 Paisley Border is included in this package.
Design different wall murals using either or both of these stencils.
Here is the MD 106 Paisley Border wall stencil connected to MD 202 Paisley stencil design to make a border.
www.alishias-stencils.com /PaisleyWallMural.html   (124 words)

 City of Paisley Airport   (Site not responding. Last check: )
A Fly-In is scheduled for July 28, 29 and 30, 2006 during the Paisley Annual Festival.
City of Paisley Airport is owned and operated by Lake County.
July 28, 2001, The Paisley First Annual Fly-In was held in conjunction with the City Of Paisleys 18th annual Festival.
paisley.presys.com /Airport.htm   (207 words)

 Paisley Daze Design Pack
This design may not be distributed electronically in any format or by any method, either altered or unaltered, without the express written permission of Anita Goodesign Incorporated.
By purchasing this design, you acknowledge that you agree to the License Terms.
These designs are for home use, gift usage and limited commercial use.
www.embroidery.com /product.asp?sid=&ProductSetID=79411&shopstop=1   (152 words)

 Marcus Brothers | Make it with Marcus - Frugal Yankee Stew
Sue Pickering's original design, "Frugal Yankee Stew" is an easy beginner quilt design is made using the beautiful wide paisley stripe as the focus of this quick quilt.
From the wide paisley stripe cut four sections of the serpentine design and five sections of the paisley design.
Sew them on and do the same process with the paisley medallion printed strips for your outside borders.
www.marcusbrothers.com /makeit/projects/frugal_yankee_stew/index.html   (332 words)

 Paisley Design Giftwrap Paper
Perennially popular design motif in rich, luxurious colors makes beautiful all-occasion giftwrap; also perfect for art and craft projects.
Two full-color 18" x 24" sheets of the same design come with 3 matching gift cards.
Shrink-wrapped in a sturdy 9 1/4" x 12 1/4" folder (with no staples to mar the wrap), the sheets remain fresh and wrinkle-free till ready for use.
store.doverpublications.com /0486408388.html   (167 words)

 KEM Cards (Paisley Design Set)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Arguably the most well known of KEM’s card designs, The Arrow Back has become the icon for poker card known world round.
This design was seen in the movie “Rounders” as Matt Damon battled John Malkovich in an underground cardroom in NYC.
Finally, after almost a year of silence, the presses have started churning, and the US Playing Card Company has begun re-releasing KEM’s vintage Arrow and Paisley designs (available here).
www.flamingfrogpoker.com /pd_kem_plastic_playing_cards_paisley.cfm   (786 words)

 JoannDesigns.com. imagine. click. create.
These designs will look great sewn on shams, towels, napkins, curtains and apparel or anywhere else your imagination can think of.
This design is for your use only and may not be distributed except through this Web page or from Starbird Inc. directly.
The design files may not be distributed or given to anyone without the permission of Starbird Inc. Starbird Inc. will not be held liable for monetary losses resulting from the use of this design.
www.joanndesigns.com /product_info.php?products_id=30177   (149 words)

 Threadless T-Shirts - paisley
I'd like see more paisleys added to fade into the body of the shirt and to see more of the nice design.
The paisley design I made is a complete one that could continue onto the back.
But I read something in the threadless rules about the design not being allowed to go over the seams of the shirt and took that to mean that it couldn't go around.
www.threadless.com /submission/53531/paisley   (652 words)

 Kashmir Design Paisley Shawl~ Burgundy, Light Red, Gray, Taupe, Chocolate   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Richly hued, thoroughly romantic Paisley Shawl featuring softly floating medallions of colour elegantly embellished with scrolling floral, paisley, and crest jewel motifs.
Luxurious shades of Burgundy, Light Red, Gray, and Taupe with accents of Chocolate Brown are interwoven throughout the field of this artful wool Jamawar shawl with origins in the timeless beauty of Kashmiri design.
Poetry in motion, this is a wonderfully versatile Paisley Shawl for all seasons.
www.hamsashawls.com /kadepashbuli.html   (205 words)

 Paisley Design Tissue Paper
Paisley Design Tissue Paper available in White/Black, White/Aqua and White/Red
Also available in Black Paisley and Aqua Paisley.
Also available in Red Paisley and Aqua Paisley.
retailshoppingbags.com /padetipa.html   (256 words)

 Summer splash paisley quilt from Textile Creations @ www.textilecreations.com
Draw two paisley motifs on the right side of twenty 8-1/2” squares.
Layer two squares on top of each other right side up and baste around the paisley.
Cut out the TOP layer ONLY inside the stitching to reveal the bottom color and paisley design.
www.sewing.org /enthusiast/html/e_summer_splash_paisley_quilt.html   (240 words)

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