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Topic: Palace economy

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In the News (Wed 19 Jun 19)

  Planned economy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Centrally-planned economies, such as the economy of the former Soviet Union, are alternately called command economies, because what will be produced and in what quantities is "commanded" by the government; businesses themselves are not free to make their own production decisions.
Pre-modern economies (those existing before the industrial revolution) are more difficult to analyze by today's standards, but a number of them, particularly those of hydraulic empires, may be seen as having been centrally planned as well.
There is a Trotskyist theory of the permanent arms economy, put forward by Michael Kidron, which leads on from the contention that war and accompanying industrialisation is a continuing feature of capitalist states and that central planning and other features of the war economy are ever present.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Planned_economy   (1461 words)

 Gift economy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A gift economy is an economic system in which the prevalent mode of exchange is for goods and services to be given without explicit agreement upon a quid pro quo, or the concept of "a favor for a favor" in the Latin language.
A gift economy is sometimes referred to as a "sharing economy," although many economists reserve the term "sharing" for the use of a single resource by more than one consumer, such as a commons, a public library, or a shared car.
But the gift economy can also take hideous turns, as when a gift is given mainly to create an obligation, a matter often treated in myths of the hazards of accepting a gift in hell or from the fairies.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Gift_economy   (3664 words)

 Planned economy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Although most economies today are market economies or mixed economies, planned economies exist in some countries such as Cuba and North Korea.
The term usually refers to centrally-planned economies but may also be used to refer to decentralized systems of planning such as participatory economics.
A palace economy may be considered as a subsistence economy augmented with elements of command economy.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Command_economy   (1461 words)

 Palace economy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A palace economy is a system of economic organisation in which wealth flows out from a central source (the 'palace'), eventually reaching the common people, who have no other source of income.
The division of labour in such an economy leads to a leisured elite, a class of bureaucrats, and a class of subsistence farmers.
Recorded examples of palace economies include the Mycenaean and Minoan societies in ancient Greece, but many other pre-industrial civilizations also used this economic model.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Palace_economy   (169 words)

 Detail Page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Palaces of this period are known at Knossos, Mallia, Phaistos and Chania, all built around a central courtyard.
Palaces of this period continued on Crete, and are also found on mainland Greece at such places as Mycenae, Tiryns and Pylos.
Much smaller than the palaces on Crete, Tiryns is 76.5 by 65.6 yds (70 by 60 m), and Pylos is only 59 by 32.8 yds (54 by 30 m), which is about the same size as the central courtyard at Knossos.
www.fofweb.com /Onfiles/Ancient/AncientDetail.asp?iPin=HLAG0517   (941 words)

 The Definitive Guide to Mixed economy XXXX   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
The term mixed economy was coined to identify economic systems which stray from the ideals of either the free market, or various planned economies and "mix" with elements of each other.
As it is unlikely that an economy will contain a perfectly even mix, mixed economies are usually noted as being skewed either towards either private ownership or public ownership in varying degrees.
Social market economy is the economic policy of modern Germany that steers a middle path between socialism and liberalism and aims at maintaining a balance between a high rate of economic growth, low inflation, low levels of unemployment, good working conditions, public welfare and public services by using state intervention.
www.xxxx.com /s/Mixed_economy   (1047 words)

 What light do Linear B texts shed on the production and consumption of craft goods in Mycenaean Greece   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Palaces were also directly involved in the consumption functioning as redistributive centres as the central palaces and temples in the ancient Near East.
This is another example of the special economy seen through the tablets: not the everyday economy of common people, nor, at least directly, foreign trade, but the internal economy of the palace and possibly the economy of exchange among palaces.
Of course palaces, for similarities with those in Near East and for both archaeological and Linear B tablets evidence, appear to be the most probable central authority involved in exchanges, probably gift-exchanges.
lettere.unive.it /materiale_didattico/archeologia_egea/8.htm   (3353 words)

 Lords   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Palace: Your palace also affects your score, the bigger your palace is, the bigger your score is. Also the greater your palace size is, the more efficient the tax collection is (+2 for each palace size), and also for each 2 palace sizes you will receive 1 more merchant.
Three important sections of your kingdom will be showed here: The palace size and how to build a better palace, the military buildings such as battering rams, walls and barracks, how many you possess and how to build more, and the civilian buildings.
The palace is very important on the game, it grants you a 20% leadership bonus, if your palace size is greater than your enemy’s palace at battle, it also influences in your score, in your tax collection, and, each two palace sizes, you will be granted with one extra merchant.
lords.gamessite.net /manual.php?action=manual&...   (4527 words)

 PicturePack from www.HistoryPictures.com
These settlements were loosely linked by a network of roads, showing the importance of trade in their economy.
An ancient city on the island of Crete, Knossos was the economic and political center of the Minoan civilization during the Bronze Age, ca.
Palaces such as this one were the center of an urban civilization based on maritime trade and manufacturing, and were not merely the residences of powerful kings.
www.historypictures.com /ppksampler/search.html   (877 words)

 The Definitive Guide to Planned economy XXXX   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
A planned economy most often refers to an economic system that is under comprehensive control and regulation by a government in accordance with a plan of economic development
as opposed to a market economy, where production, distribution, and pricing are left to be resolved by market forces.
Economies planned by a government, such as the former economy of the Soviet Union, are alternately called command economies.
www.xxxx.com /s/Planned_economy   (1344 words)

 Capitalism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In the period between the late 15th century and the late 18th century, much of Europe underwent a thoroughgoing economic transformation associated with the rise of capitalism and the shift from the town or the village to the modern state as the center of the economy.
However, in more undeveloped economies, such as Prussia and Russia, with their much younger manufacturing bases, mercantilism continued to find favor after other states had turned to newer doctrines.
During the postwar boom, a broad array of new analytical tools in the social sciences were developed to explain the social and economic trends of the period, including the concepts of post-industrial society and welfare statism.
www.higiena-system.com /wiki/link-Capitalism   (4268 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
The values of classical political economy are strongly associated with the classical liberal doctrine of minimal government intervention in the economy.
During the postwar boom, a broad array of new analytical tools in the social sciences were developed to explain the social and economic trends of the period, including the concepts of post-industrial society and welfare statism (Burnham).
However, in all existing modern economies, the state conducts some degree of centralized economic planning (using such tools as allowing the country's central bank to set base interest rates), ostensibly as an attempt to improve efficiency, attenuate cyclical volatility, and further particular social goals.
www.gamecheatz.net /games.php?title=Capitalism   (5892 words)

 Perfect Palace - Forbes.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
A true Belle Époque palace, it was conceived as a luxury hotel for European visitors; the businessman/socialite who opened it in 1932 brought the original blueprints from Paris.
It was an unusual investment to make at the time, since most other hotels in the area have had to lower their rates in recent years.
In early 2002, the country's economy collapsed when Argentina ceased pegging its currency to the dollar—the result of the government's inability to meet massive public debt payments, which dampened foreign investment, caused bank accounts to be frozen, and led to riots.
www.forbes.com /lifestyle/2006/04/06/argentina-palace-hotel_cz_vg_0407dow.html   (861 words)

 Ganges tours, golden triangle tours, golden triangle india, travel agents, tour operator, holiday packages, hotel ...
CITY PALACE - A delightful blend of Mughal and traditional Rajasthani architecture, the City Palace sprawls over one-seventh of the area in the walled city.
HAWA MAHAL - The ornamental facade of this "Palace of Winds" is a prominent landmark in Jaipur.
Built in 1799 by Pratap Singh, the Mahal was a royal grandstand for the palace women.
www.indiapackages.com /goldentriangle_ganges.htm   (840 words)

 Martin MLA 2005
The People's Palace, opened in the heart of London's East End in 1887, was an institution that was informed—as this description from its first Handbook amply demonstrates—by a faith in culture as an instrument of social cohesion and reconciliation.
Imagined by its middle class adherents as a cultural solution to the geo-political gulf between rich and poor London, the Palace promised a new approach to social dislocation, whereby the urban entertainments and the sociability of the fashionable West was to be imported into the “joyless city” in the East.
Essentially, the People's Palace was conceived as playing a far wider role for the benefit of the whole of its surrounding community, in contrast to, on the one hand, the dour Polytechnic model, and on the other, the more superficial pleasures of the Crystal Palace.
www.cwru.edu /affil/sce/Texts_2005/Martin.htm   (6688 words)

 Planned economy - Article from FactBug.org - the fast Wikipedia mirror site
A planned economy is an economic system in which economic decisions are made by centralized planners who determine what sorts of goods and services to produce and how they are to be priced and allocated, and may include state ownership of the means of production.
To stress the centralized character of planned economies and to contrast the term with decentralized planning in a market economy, a more specific term, centrally planned economy, is also used.
Nevertheless, a planned economy should not be seen as a necessary element of socialism.
www.factbug.org /cgi-bin/a.cgi?a=7843   (1072 words)

 [No title]
Palaces were unfortified, and surrounded by numerous storage areas.
Palace hierarchy (kings) clearly controlled trade surpluses of wine and oil, shipping them throughout the Aegean.
Simply an impossible feat for a subsistence economy, proof that Eastern Mediterranean urban populations had became economically interdependent.
web.ics.purdue.edu /~rauhn/H102_7.doc   (1045 words)

Despite high standards of literacy, modernization and expansion of the fishing industry, and development of an oil industry (especially along the coast of Venezuela near Lake Maracaibo), most Caribbean nations remain overly reliant on tourism and a few exports (such as bauxite, sugar, and bananas) and depend heavily on imported food and fuel.
Recent efforts to improve and diversify the fragile economy of the region include the founding of the Organization Of Eastern Caribbean States in 1981 and the launching of the Caribbean Basin Initative in 1983.
For a time in the mid-1980s, reduced world demand for bauxite hurt Jamaica; political unrest and a 1988 hurricane also hurt the economy.
www.riubambu.com /RIU_WEB_PAGES/MENU/JAMAICA/JAMAICIAN_ECONOMY/economy.htm   (237 words)

 deseretnews.com | Will expansion of Salt Palace fuel economy?
The expansion of the Salt Palace convention center is certain to bring more dollars to Utah, convention officials say.
Construction is under way on an underground Salt Palace parking facility that will add 400 stalls — accessible by 300 West — to the existing 600 stalls off 200 South.
The Salt Palace expansion comes at a time when the overall convention marketplace is declining, according to a report issued this month by the Brookings Institution.
deseretnews.com /dn/view/0,1249,600105684,00.html   (722 words)

 The State News - www.statenews.com
McPherson's goal is to restore the economy of a country that still lacks even the most-basic services: In early June, electricity in the capital city was on only half the day in most neighborhoods.
Even before the U.S. began bombing on March 20, Iraq's $59-billion economy was in shambles, shrunk by a third after a decade of United Nations sanctions and weighed down by as much as $130 billion of debt.
After 12 days, McPherson moved into one of the air- conditioned trailers that the U.S. installed between the main palace building and the river, which are called "the villas" by jealous staff members and military personnel, most of whom still sweat through nights in the palace under mosquito netting.
www.statenews.com /article.phtml?pk=18073   (2876 words)

Agriculture and the mining industry are dominant factors in Jamaica's economy today.
Sugar, tropical fruits, coffee, cacao, and spices are grown in quantity for export through the ports of Kingston and Montego Bay.
In 1990, Jamaica also struggled under a foreign debt of about $4 billion, one of the largest in the world in proportion to population.
riubambu.com /RIU_WEB_PAGES/MENU/JAMAICA/JAMAICIAN_ECONOMY/economy.htm   (237 words)

 Economy and Writing
Subordinate to the elite were the mass of the commoners who owned garden plots but otherwise were dependent on the state for their welfare in return for their labor.
The emergence of the “Temple Economy” in the Uruk Period represented an institution that was the principal manager of the expanding economic intensification noted above.
The temple economy was above all distributive in form with rulers managing all production, storage, movement of valued subsistence commodities and items of elite rank.
www.unm.edu /~gbawden/328-econ/328-econ.htm   (1540 words)

 Udaipur Hotels, Udaipur Heritage Hotels, Udaipur Budget Hotels, UdaipurHotels   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
A vision in white drenched in romance and beauty, Udaipur is a fascinating blend of sights, sound and experiences and inspiration for the imagination of poets, painters and writers.
Its kaleidoscope of fairy-tale palaces, lakes, temples, gardens and narrow lanes strewn with stalls, carry the flavor of a heroic past, epitomizing valour and chivalry.
The hermit blessed the Maharana and advised him to build a palace at this favorable located spot with a fertile valley watered by the stream, a lake, an agreeable altitude and an amphitheatre of low mountains.
www.hotelsudaipur.net   (314 words)

 Royal train for hire in palace economy drive
OFFICIALS seeking new economies in the Royal Family's budget have decided to hire out one of the monarchy's most exclusive perks.
It is believed that Buckingham Palace is keen to trim the cost of running the train, which Sir Michael Peat, Keeper of the Privy Purse, admitted last week was "very expensive".
A Palace spokesman said: "Part of having control of our own budget means we have control to explore options.
telegraph.co.uk /htmlContent.jhtml?html=/archive/1998/07/06/nroy06.html   (449 words)

 PIA News Releases
Palace on RP economy: More good things yet to come
Palace prepares for state of economic takeoff not military takeover - Bunye
Palace maintains consultations to determine optimum relief for workers
www.pia.gov.ph /regnews.asp?r=NCR&y=05&m=11   (401 words)

 The thirsty moviegoer fuels the movie business. By Edward Jay Epstein - Slate Magazine
Or, rather than using a separate projectionist for each film, multiplexes use one projectionist to service up to eight movies, an economy of scale that saves seven salaries.
While these projectionists are able to change reels for one film while other movies go unattended, this practice runs the risk that the other films might momentarily snag in the projector and get burnt by the lamp.
Indeed, the ultimate test for the popcorn economy is: Will a movie attract enough consumers of buckets of popcorn and soda to justify turning over multiple screens to it?
www.slate.com /id/2133612   (1230 words)

 Planned economy - Definition from Investor Dictionary - Define meaning of the word Planned economy
In a planned economy economic decisions are made on behalf of the public by planners who determine what sorts of goods and services to produce and how they are to be allocated.
Since most known planned economies rely on plans implemented by the way of command, they have become widely known as command economies.
To stress the centralized character of planned economies and to contrast the term with the economic planning required in any rational economy, a more specific term, centrally planned economy, is also used.
www.investordictionary.com /definition/planned+economy.aspx   (259 words)

 Cinema Treasures | Palace Theater
The Palace Theater in South Norwalk, Connecticut was built by Samuel Roodner.
I used to dance at the palace from early 70's as a small child to 1982 when my family moved to PA. I have great memories of this theater, complete with holding up our feet during practices be cause we were afraid of rats, to the magical transformation opening night!
The remuddling of the Palace to make it a broadcast grade video production facility and studio will preclude it from ever also being the theatre it once was...
cinematreasures.org /theater/1796   (761 words)

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