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Topic: Palakkad

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  Palakkad India -palakkad.net
Palakkad is a land of palm trees and paddy fields.
Palakkad lies at the foot of the gigantic Western ghats on the border of Kerala.
Palakkad is known for its historical background and the remnants of Tippu Sulthan’s Fort.
palakkad.net   (178 words)

 : Palakkad District ...
Palakkad is bordered on the northwest by the Malappuram District and on the southwest by the Thrissur District.
Palakkad is the gateway to Kerala due to the presence of Palakkad Gap, in the Western Ghats.
The district is nicknamed as the granary of Kerala.
www.kerala.com /wiki-Palakkad_district   (3692 words)

 Real Palakkad/index
It is situated in the 32Km gap of Western Ghats, on the border of Kerala and Tamilnadu.
PALAKKAD District lies between north latitude 10-degree 46'and 10-degree 59' and east longitude 76-degree 28' and 76-degree 39'.
Palakkad is well known for having maintained it's customs and traditions to an incredible degree of perfection.
www.realpalakkad.com   (180 words)

 Palakkad, Information about Palakkad, Palakkad in Kerala
The district of Palakkad is known as the granary of Kerala.
Palakkad is situated in the foot of the Western Ghats, and the gateway to Kerala from north.
The main tourist attractions in Palakkad are Palakkad Fort, Malampuzha, Kollengode, Lakkidi, Jain Temple of Jainimedu, Thrithala, Chittur Gurumadam and Attappady.
www.indovacations.net /english/Palakkad_about.htm   (536 words)

 Tourist Guide of Palakkad district of Kerala,District Profiles,Boundaries,History,Climate,Taluks in ...
Palakkad district is situated in the South West Coast of India, bounded on the North by Malappuram in the East by Coimbatore of Tamilnadu, in the South by Thrissur and in the West by Thrissur and Malappuram districts.
Palakkad is one of the fourteen revenue districts of Kerala.
Palakkad has a long history dating back to the paleolithic period which was substantiated by a number of megalithic relics discovered from this region.
kerala.bizhat.com /palakkad.html   (1054 words)

 Palakkad travel guide - Wikitravel
Palakkad [1] is one of the northern districts of Kerala, The Palakkad town is of size 4,480 Square Kilometres and population 2,617,072 according to Census 2001.
Palakkad is the land of Palmyras and Paddy fields.
Palakkad is known for its historical background and the remnants of Tippu Sulthan’s Fort are still maintained.
wikitravel.org /en/Palakkad   (721 words)

 Palakkad Fort Kerala,Palakkad Fort in Kerala Travel,Palakkad Fort Tourism,Palakkad Fort Vacations in Kerala India
Palakkad is bounded by Malappuram in the north west, Thrissur in the south west and Tamil Nadu in the east.
Palakkad Fort was built by Hyder Ali, the mighty ruler of Mysore, in the year 1766 A.D. The fort was primarily built to speed up the communication between Coimbatore and the West Coast.
Palakkad Fort is a witness to some bloody fights between the local kings and the British Empire, during the last decades of eighteenth century A.D. This very fact attributes a great historical significance to the fort.
www.vacationsindia.com /kerala/palakkad-fort.html   (972 words)

 Palakkad Kerala
Palakkad (Palghat) is known as the granary of Kerala.
The district of Palakkad known as the granary of Kerala, is a land of valley, hillockos, rivers, forests, mountain streams, dams and irrigation projects.
Palakkad is connected by an excellent network of roads to all the major cities in India.
www.listkerala.com /palakkad.htm   (922 words)

 Tourist Attractions in Palakkad Kerala
According to one of the legends, the word Palakkad is derived from two words “Pala” which means “barren land” and “Kadu” which means “Jungle”, hence the combined meaning of the word Palakkad is “the forests of Pala trees”.
Palakkad is situated on the prime location of south west coast of India from where the biggest mountain pass of 30-40 Kms runs by that bifurcates the two folds of the Western Ghat on the border of Kerala with its neighboring state of Tamil Nadu.
Palakkad is historically known for its vivid cultural traditions which are reflected in the form of fairs and festivals.
www.cultureholidays.com /kerala/districts/kerala-palakkad.htm   (1739 words)

 officialwebsite of kerala.gov.in
Palakkad or Palghat is the land of Palmyrahs and Paddy fields.
Palakkad district is called the “Granary of Kerala”; The net cultivated area of the district is 218000 hectares i.e.
for the irrigation of Pollachi Taluk of Tamilnadu and Chittur Taluk of Palakkad District.
www.kerala.gov.in /statistical/panchayat_statistics2001/plkd_shis.htm   (3730 words)

 Palakkad - Visit Palakkad in Kerala
This is the landmark of Palakkad, the rice bowl of Kerala.
Palakkad also has many places that are of interest to those with an inclination towards literature and its history.
Palakkad Junction Railway Station is a major railhead of the Southern Railways.
www.cocohol.com /kerala_tourism/palakkad-tourism.php   (1208 words)

 Palakkad hotels,resorts and homestays.Details of Palakkad Tourism
Palakkad, also known as Palghat (anglicized), is a town and a municipality in the state of Kerala in southern India.
Palakkad lies near the Palghat Gap, a pass or natural depression through the Western Ghats ranges that run parallel to the west coast of India, and connects Kerala to the plains of the state of Tamil Nadu to the east.
The nearest airport is at Coimbatore, 52 km from Palakkad.
hotelskerala.com /palakkad.htm   (131 words)

 PALAKKAD MUNNOT: We serve for the development of Palakkad
It was the occasion of the first meeting of Palakkad Municipal Council after the elections to civic bodies in September 2000.
To settle scores with the dissident of the BJP party both the official and dissident members of that party staged an open fight in the council hall.
The present President of Palakkad Munnot Dr.M.N.ANUVARUDHEEN considered it an insult to the voters of Palakkad, and he immediately formed an organization PALAKKAD MUNNOT, though the Patron Prof.
www.palakkadmunnot.org   (125 words)

 Palakkad City Guide
Palakkad district opens the State to the rest of the country through a wide gap.
It is the fort which is situated in the middle of Palakkad town that first welcomes the tourists to this place.
Palakkad was only a taluk of old Malabar district of Madras presidency till the linguistic reorganization of the States in 1956.
www.indnav.com /servlet/Browse?mt=goToName&name=Palakkad   (1466 words)

 Palakkad,Palakkad Travel Tours,Palakkad Tourism
Palakkad district provides the inlet for the rest of India to the State through a 32 to 40 mt wide natural gap.
The present Palakkad district as an administrative unit was formed on the first of January 1957.
Accessing Nelliyampathy from Palakkad is hair-raising in itself with over a dozen hairpin curves on the ghat road passing through the fascinating jungles of the Sahya Ranges.
www.kerala-ayurveda-backwater-beach-tours.com /cities-kerala/palakkad-travel.html   (910 words)

 Palakkad District Information - Kerala Info @ New Kerala .Com
Palakkad is also referred as a land of palm trees and paddy fields.
Palakkad district shares borders with Malappuram district in the North and Northwest, Trichur in the South and Coimbatore district of Tamil Nadu in the East.
Palakkad division is divided into the Mannarkkad East Range, the Mannarkkad West Range, the Olavakkode Range and the Palakkad Range.
kerala-info.newkerala.com /Kerala/Palakkad-District-Information.html   (575 words)

 Administration- Palakkad.Tk:: Palghat Kerala India
The present Palakkad district, as an administrative unit, was formed on the first of January 1957, comprising of Palakkad, Perinthalmanna, Ponnani, Ottappalam, Alathur and Chittur.
Palakkad, Alathur and Chittur taluks form the Palakkad revenue division and Ottappalam and Mannarghat taluks form the Ottappalam revenue division.
The headquarters of District Panchayat is at Palakkad Municipal town.
www.keralaclick.com /palakkad/adm.html   (993 words)

 officialwebsite of kerala.gov.in
Palghat or 'Palakkad' is the land of palmyras and paddy fields.
Palakkad Fort, situated in the very heart of the town, is the most beautiful and the best preserved fort of Kerala.
Situated on the western border of Palakkad town and not far from the Railway station, is a historic Jain Temple.
www.kerala.gov.in /disttourism/pgt.htm   (1140 words)

 PALAKKAD : kerala tourism tour package hotels houseboats honeymoon
(50km from Palakkad): Killikkurissimangalam at :Akkidi is the birthplace of Kunchan Nambiar, the 18th centry satirist and exponent of the Tbullal.
Garden (10 km from Palakkad): This famous picnic spot which comprises a dam and beautifully landscaped gardens, is situated on the lower hills of the Western Ghats.
45 km from Palakkad): The Pothundy Reservoir Compl
www.incrediblekerala.org /palakkad.htm   (1216 words)

 Travelmasti - Kerala. Palakkad
The Siva Temple and the ruins of a mud fort near Thrithala on the Chalissery road are notable cultural monuments.
Situated on the western suburbs of Palakkad town, not far from the railway station, this historic 32 feet long, 20 feet wide granite temple displays images of the Jain Thirthankaras and Yakshinis.
Thiruvegappura Sankaranarayana Temple: This temple in Palakkad district dates back to the 14th century while its koothambalam (temple theatre) was probably added in the 15th or 16th century.
www.travelmasti.com /domestic/Kerala/palakkad.htm   (1283 words)

 Palakkad, Travel Palakkad, Hotels in Palakkad,Tourism in Palakkad, Palakkad Travel Tours, Palakkad in Kerala India
Palakkad lies at the foot of gigantic Western ghats, on the border of Kerala and Tamil Nadu.
Palakkad has a long history dating back to Paleololithic period.
Palakkad Fort, situated in the town, is the most beautiful and best preserved fort of Kerala.
kerala-cities.kerala-tourism.org /palakkad-travel-tourism.html   (932 words)

 Palakkad,Palakkad Travel Palakkad Tours of Palakkad Tourism in Palakkad Kerala
Palakkad, the land, which is one of the most fertile and thickly forested districts of Kerala is supposed to have derived its name from the 'Pala' tree and 'Kadu' meaning forest.
Dhoni: (15 km from Palakkad) it is a 3 hour trek from the base of the Dhoni Hills to this reserve forest area with its small, beautiful waterfall.
Mangalam Dam: The Mangalam Dam is constructed on the river Cherukunnapuzha, a tributary of the river Mangalam.
kerala.indiantravelportal.com /palakkad   (783 words)

 Travel to Kerala - Palakkad, Palakkad in Kerala, Kerala Destinations, Kerala Travel, Kerala Tourism, Kerala India Travel
Palakkad is a land of valleys, hillocks, rivers, forests, mountain streams, dams and irrigation projects.
Palakkad derives its name from the Malayalam words Pala (a tree Alsteria scholaris) and Kadu (forest), which goes to prove that this place was once a beautiful stretch of forests covered with the sweet-scented flowers of the Pala tree.
Palakkad (the other name Palghat is a contribution of the British Raj) is prime among Kerala's most picturesque districts, thanks to its distinctive palmyra trees and extensive green paddy fields.
www.travelindianet.com /kerala-palakkad.html   (309 words)

 P A L A K K A D
Palakkad, the Gateway of Kerala, is the land of palmyras and paddy fields.
Palakkad lies at the foot of gigantic Western ghats, on the border of Kerala and Tamil Nadu.
Palakkad Fort, situated in the town, is the most beautiful and best preserved fort of Kerala.
members.tripod.com /~Padikkal_R_Suchi/pala.html   (1055 words)

 Palakkad City Map,Cochin Alleppey Waterways, Fort KochiMap
Palakkad city is the headquarters of the Palakkad district of Kerala.
Palakkad town lies very close to the neighboring state of Tamil Nadu, and hence is very influenced by it.
The Palakkad Ponnani connects NH 47 and NH 17 and is an important Road in the city.
www.mapsofindia.com /maps/kerala/palakkad-map.html   (804 words)

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