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 Palestinian National Covenant - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Palestinian National Covenant or Palestinian National Charter (Arabic: al-Mithaq al-Watani al-Filastini) is the charter or constitution of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO).
Many Israelis feel that although the PNC met in Gaza on 24 April 1996, it did not revoke or change the covenant, but only issued a statement saying that it had become aged, and that an undefined part of it would be rewritten at an undetermined date in the future.
Changing the Palestine National Charter by canceling the articles that are contrary to the letters exchanged between the PLO and the Government of Israel, on 9 September and 10, 1993. /wiki/Palestinian_National_Charter   (1859 words)

 Palestinian National Council - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
As of 2003, the PNC is chaired by Salim Zanoun and has 669 members; 88 are from the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC), 98 represent the Palestinian population living in the occupied territories, and 483 represent the Palestinian diaspora.
After the signing of the Oslo Accords, the PNC met in Gaza in April 1996 and voted 504 to 54 to void parts of the Palestinian National Covenant that denied Israel's right to exist.
In the presence of the US President Clinton, it reaffirmed again the annulling of the parts of the Covenant which denied Israel's right to exist. /wiki/Palestinian_National_Council   (379 words)

 The Palestinian Charter
It was mentioned in the draft summary that the Palestinian National Council decided to amend the Palestinian charter and to cancel all articles that contradict, with the letters exchanged between the PLO and the government of Israel.
Consensus was reached for holding the 2lst session of the Palestinian National Council, the second to be held on the Palestinian soil after the first was held under the chairmanship of Ahmad Shoqaire in 1966.
The PNC has approved with an overwhelming majority the amendment of sub- paragraphs in the Palestinian National charter which are inconsistent with the DOP and the letters exchanged between the government of Israel and the PLO. /the_palestinian_charter.htm   (5217 words)

 Declaration by the Palestinian National Council in Cairo
The Council has resolved to continue the struggle for restoration of the national rights of the Palestinian nation, and foremost among them its right to return, to self-determination and to the establishment of its national independent State on its independent soil.
The Council emphasizes its insistence on the right of the Palestinian revolution to exist on the soil of sister Lebanon, within the terms of the Cairo Agreement and its appendices, as ratified by the PLO and the Lebanese authorities.
The Council therefore emphasizes its opposition to this Resolution and its refusal to negotiate on the basis of it in the Arab and the international arena. /jsource/Peace/pncdeclare.html   (968 words)

 Palestinian National Council Declaration of Independence (November 14, 1988)
The Council notes with considerable concern the growth of the Israeli forces of fascism and extremism and the escalation of their open calls for the implementation of the policy of annihilation and individual and collective expulsion of our people from their homeland, and calls for intensified efforts in all arenas to confront this fascist peril.
The National Council expresses deep pain at the continued detention of hundreds of combatants from among our people in a number of Arab countries, strongly condemns their continued detention, and calls upon those countries to put an end to the these abnormal conditions and release those fighters to play their role in the struggle.
It was in Palestine, cradle of humanity's three monotheistic faiths, that the Palestinian Arab people was born, and it was there that it grew and developed, its unbroken, uninterrupted organic relationship with its land and its history molding its human and national being. /documents/PalestinianNationalCouncilDeclarationOfIndependence.html   (2828 words)

 Palestinian National Authority
The Palestinian Elections Law states that the Legislative Council is integrated in the already existing Palestinian National Council (CNP).
The Council has, however, no powers whatsoever in the areas of international relations or defense policies.
A Palestinian Constitution Committee was endorsed with the task of drafting a text in November 1999 and Nabeel Shaath was appointed its Chairman. /Government/gov/palestinian_legislative_council.asp   (741 words)

 Public Opinion
Approximately 91 percent of Palestinian respondents consider participation in the January elections for a Palestinian National Council a national duty, 81 percent intend to register for the elections, and 68 percent intend to participate even if the opposition calls for a boycott.
Palestinian National Authority President Yasser Arafat has promised to call for amending the charter after January elections add some new members to the Palestinian National Council who presumably will follow his recommendation.
The mid-October poll also showed that some 46 percent of Palestinians believe the Oslo II agreement will lead to the establishment of an independent Palestinian state; 24 percent believe it will lead to limited autonomy; 19 percent believe it will lead to an entity that is less than a state; and 10 percent don't know. /backissues/0196/9601041.html   (642 words)

 Palestinian National Authority
The Palestinian National Council (PNC), Parliament in exile of the Palestinian people, is the most important institution of the Palestinian Liberation Organisation (PLO).
The members of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) (88, directly elected in January 1996) are automatically members of the PNC, and together with 98 other members from inside the Palestinian territories represent the Palestinian population living in the Palestinian territories occupied in 1967 while the other 483 members of the PNC represent the Palestinian diaspora.
After the signing of the Oslo agreements, the PNC conveyed in Gaza in April 1996 to void parts of the Palestinian National Convenant that denied Israel's right to exist. /Government/gov/palestinian_national_council.asp   (358 words)

 Draft Basic Law
Accordingly, the Legal Committee of the Palestinian National Council held a meeting in Amman on 10 December 1993 to examine the proposal.
The meeting was attended by the acting president of the National Council, the Secretary of the Executive Committee, and by a number of legal experts residing in Amman.
Sovereignty over the national resources in Palestine is vested in the Palestinian people, and shall be exploited and disposed of in the interests of the Palestinian people according to law. /research/series/basic2.htm   (5334 words)

 The Peace Encyclopedia: The Phased Plan, Piece by Piece, The Piece Process
Arafat: Since the decision of the Palestinian National Council at its 12th meeting in 1974 [known as the Phased Plan for Israel's destruction], the PLO has adopted the political solution of establishing a National Authority over any territory from which the occupation withdraws.
Chairman Arafat habitually invokes the June 8, 1974 resolution of the Palestinian National Council [PNC], known as the "Phased Plan" for Israel's destruction.
Arafat: No. In 1974, at the Palestinian National Council meeting in Cairo, we passed the decision to establish national Palestinian rule over any part of the land of Palestine which is liberated." /peace/phased.html   (1264 words) - Gaza state of emergency imposed - Jul 17, 2004
Earlier, a group that briefly held four French nationals hostage Friday said the act was meant to draw European attention to the Palestinian situation.
Haroun said the abduction of the French nationals was also in protest of the speech delivered Tuesday by U.N. Mideast special representative Terje Roed-Larsen which was highly critical of the Palestinian leadership.
After the hostages were let go, a Palestinian security source said, the kidnappers were not arrested, and were promised that they could list their demands in a phone call to Palestinian Authority President Yasser Arafat. /2004/WORLD/meast/07/17/gaza.kidnapping   (750 words)

 Shikaki: No Political Will for Palestinian National Elections - Council on Foreign Relations
The Palestinian political system has a constitution, a basic law, and the basic law has been implemented only recently—about two years ago—but it has been in place for almost seven years.
Palestinians will have to agree to a cease-fire—and I think this is possible—and the Israelis would have to stop entering into Palestinian cities.
In general, the notion of regime change that the Bush administration has espoused with regard to the Palestinians, in the June 2002 speech, is a policy that has been very counterproductive. /publication.html?id=7243   (2601 words)

 Towards a Solid National Unity
Thus, the Palestinian National Council was not actually able to fill the legal vacuum left by the expiration of the interim agreement on May 4.
The National Unity Committee was one of several committees created by the Palestinian National Council in its session last April and charged with making preparations for statehood.
The national unity session which was held in Ramallah on August 31 was an extension of other sessions which were held before the National Council was convened and which have continued during the past four months twice weekly. /e_editor/99/310899.htm   (1002 words)

 Al-Ahram Weekly Arafat's ladder
In 1985, the Palestinian National Council (PNC) endorsed the idea of a confederation between Jordan and any future Palestinian state.
Speaking at a Fatah rally in Hebron on 12 February, Palestinian President Yasser Arafat revived the debate over the form of the political association between Jordan and any future Palestinian entity.
The unspoken assumption behind this chorus of restraint is that any attempt by Arafat to go it alone would almost certainly help Binyamin Netanyahu's election prospects rather than those of Ehud Barak, especially if the Israeli leader, in retaliation, carries out his threat to annex those parts of the Occupied Territories under Israel's control. /1999/417/re2.htm   (733 words) - PFLP military wing outlawed - October 22, 2001
"The Palestinian National Security Council, a body which encompasses all the top Palestinian security commanders, outlawed the military wing of the PFLP, known as the Abu Ali Mustafa brigade," the spokesman said.
The Palestinian Authority came under intense international pressure to take action against the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine after the militant group admitted killing the Israeli Tourism Minister Rechavam Zeevi last week.
The move by Arafat and the Palestinian Authority is considered striking because -- while the two have been at odds over the years -- the PFLP has been a member of Arafat's Palestinian Liberation Organization since the late 1960s. /2001/WORLD/meast/10/22/mideast.pflp   (616 words)

 Commentary on Claimed Change to Palestinian Charter
A week later, on May 5, 1996, Gaza attorney Faisal Hamdi Husseini, the head of the Palestine National Council (PNC) Judicial Committee announced that he would submit a new Palestinian Covenant in three months in which 21 articles will be changed or canceled.
The Clinton Administration's satisfaction with Arafat's handling of the Palestinian Covenant is a real puzzle: Back on September 9, 1993, Arafat promised in a letter to Yitzhak Rabin that "the provisions of the Covenant which are inconsistent with the commitments of this letter are now inoperative and no longer valid.
The Washington visits clearly illustrates just what kind of "tough decisions" Clinton's team had in mind for Arafat: the decision to hand over yet another letter about the Palestinian Covenant and an agreement to a photo opportunity at Washington's Holocaust Museum. /english/article/1998/jan/ler13.htm   (699 words)

 Clinton addresses Palestinian National Council as charter is amended
The Palestinian National Council today reaffirmed the cancellation of articles in the Palestinian National Charter that refer to the destruction of Israel by a show of hands that took place in Gaza in the presence of Palestinian President Yasser Arafat and US President Bill Clinton.
Clinton in his speech before the Palestinian National Council described this day as "historic" and thanked the Palestinians for their decision to annul the charter provisions.
The issue of the Charter was one of the sticking points in the implementation of peace agreements, as Israel had not been satisfied by earlier Palestinian statements that the charter items in question had been made null and void in 1996. /ansub/Daily/Day/981214/1998121460.html   (460 words)

New York, NY, April 24, 1996...The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today welcomed the vote by the Palestine National Council (PNC) to revoke the clauses in the Palestinian National Charter which call for Israel's destruction.
We are pleased that Chairman Yasir Arafat has fulfilled the promise he made to the late Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin in September 1993 to revoke the anti-Israel clauses in the Palestinian National Charter.
As we join today to celebrate forty-eight years of Israeli independence, we reaffirm Israel's right to live in peace and security. /PresRele/IslME_62/2721_62.asp   (222 words)

 The Palestinian National Council declared a de-facto Palestinian state
The Palestinian National Council declared Judea, Samaria and Gaza a de-facto Palestinian state and Jerusalem, Israel’s capital, the capital thereof.
And our independent Palestinian state and its capital Jerusalem are only a stone’s throw away,” were PLO chief Yasser Arafat’s words on January 19, 1989 in an address to The Unified National Command of the Uprising.
Fourty member states granted the PLO the right to speak directly to the UN Security Council as Palestine, just as any other member nation, despite the fact that it was a known terrorist organization perpetrating countless atrocities in order to inspire fear and therewith turn the world against Israel. /archnws07_1.html   (989 words)

 Wye and the Palestinian Covenant
Netanyahu is back to insisting that the full Palestinian National Council must muster a majority — two-thirds majority vote to revoke clauses in the Palestinian Charter which the Israelis consider hostile to them.
Media reports on implementation of the Wye River Memorandum have incorrectly characterized as a "new demand" Israel's position that the Palestinian Covenant must be revised by a full meeting of the Palestinian National Council.
The cabinet also demanded a "properly conducted vote" by the 700-member Palestinian National Council to annul portions of its charter that call for Israel's destruction. /~camera/docs/backg/wye.html   (672 words)

 IMRA - Thursday, January 29, 1998 Israel: Arafat's Letters to Clinton and Blair Fail to Amend the PLO Covenant
On April 24, 1996, the Palestinian National Council (PNC) convened
Fact: The Palestinian National Covenant is the founding charter of
Council (PNC) and that such changes must be approved by a /story.php3?id=1120   (1349 words)

Salim Al-Za’anun, Chairman of the Palestinian National Council (PNC) has threatened to contest Israel’s UN membership.
“...he added: ‘[Israel’s Parliament] the Knesset stands on Palestinian land, it must be removed so that the permanent seat of the [Palestinian] National Council my be erected there.
He said that there would be a return to square one of the dispute and to [UN 1947 Partition] Decision 181, which endows to the Palestinian people some 45% of historic Palestine. /234.htm   (254 words)

 The Palestinian National Covenant and Christian Passivity
The Palestinian Arab people affirms its absolute resolution and abiding determination to pursue the armed struggle and to march forward toward the armed popular revolution, to liberate its homeland and return to it...
Article 7) 0utlines the upbringing of Palestinians in an Arab and Revolutionary Fashion, preparing the child for the conflict and “armed struggle” against Israel, forging Palestinian Consciousness “by all means,”...which expresses itself in inconceivable outbursts of hatred as presently witnessed but not reported by the media.
Article 15) The liberation of Palestine, from an Arab viewpoint, is a national duty to repulse the Zionist, Imperialist Invasion from the Great Arab Homeland, and to PURGE the ZIONIST PRESENCE from Palestine. /Amalek_12.html   (1058 words)

 israelinsider: diplomacy: PLO threatens Israel's UN membership
Salim Al-Za'anun, Chairman of the Palestinian National Council has threatened to contest Israel's membership in the United Nations.
In the article Za'anun added that "the Knesset stands on Palestinian land; it must be removed so that the permanent seat of the [Palestinian] National Council may be erected there."
In an additional development, the Palestinian Authority has renewed a diplomatic campaign to pressure the United Nations Security Council to send observers to the Palestinian areas. /Articles/Diplomacy/857.htm   (465 words)

 Governments on the WWW: Palestine
Palestinian National Commission for Education, Culture and Science
Permanent Observer Mission of Palestine to the United Nations in New York
Political Resources on the Net (by Roberto Cicciomessere) /govt/en/pal.html   (88 words)

 JMCC / Politics in Palestine / old and new cabinet / Government
A long-time Palestinian activist, Dr. Abu Hommos joined the Fateh party at the age of 14, and later became a member of the Palestinian National Council.
Balawi served as the Commissioner-General of the National Security Agencies and Secretary of National Security Council.
He is the President of the Palestinian Council of Foreign Relations; a member of the Higher Education Council; Deputy Secretary-General of MIFTAH, a Palestinian civil rights organization, and was a member of the Executive Committee of the Arab Political Science Organization. /politics/pna/newpagov03.htm   (4303 words)

 IMRA - Sunday, December 26, 2004 "Palestinian Peace Coalition" What We Want From The Elected President
Palestinian National, Council, the Palestinian Central Council and the
Authority and the Legislative Council, the Palestinian political regime
Among the signatories are incumbent and former ministers in the Palestinian /story.php3?id=23388   (1777 words)

 CNN - Palestine debates whether to amend charter - Feb. 13, 1996
For Arafat to succeed, he needs a two-thirds majority vote from the Palestinian National Council.
Nabil Shaath, a Palestinian council member, said the council will do its "best" to pass the amendment.
Palestinians are divided as to whether the language should be repealed from the charter, which calls for the destruction of Israel. /WORLD/9602/palestinian_charter   (392 words)

 Palestinian National Authority - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Elections for a new Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) were scheduled for July 2005 by Acting Palestinian Authority President Rawhi Fattuh in January 2005.
Following Arafat's death on November 11, 2004, Rawhi Fattuh, leader of the Palestinian Legislative Council became Acting President of the Palestinian Authority as provided for in Article 119 of Constitution of the State of Palestine.
The Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) is an elected body of 88 representatives and acts as a parliament. /wiki/Palestinian_Authority   (4511 words)

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