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Topic: Panchangam

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  Vedic Calendar: Kadavul Hindu Panchangam
Panchanga, a Sanskrit word, means "five limbs," which refers to the fact that every panchangam includes the five basic elements of tithi (lunar day), nakshatra (the constellation the moon is aligned with), karana (half-day), yoga (a particular angle of the sun and moon) and vara or vasara (solar weekday).
Panchangams furnish other astronomical information which is extensively used by astrologers, as well as the times of all forthcoming religious events.
Of course, inner truths are not confined to rishis of the past, and several aspects of this panchangam were unfolded in recent times by Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami to assist humanity in the technological age.
www.himalayanacademy.com /resources/panchangam   (1316 words)

  Panchangam - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Panchangam is the official astrological calendar of practicing Hindus.
The study of Panchangam involves understanding Rasi phala, the impact of the signs of the zodiac on the individual.
Astrologers consult the Panchangam to set dates for weddings, corporate mergers, and other worldly activities.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Panchangam   (114 words)

 P A N C H A N G A M
In Hindu Society, all important functions or rituals will be conducted only after choosing a proper time for them This is done with the help of Almanac or Panchanga(m), an important booklet possessed by every house-hold in Hindu families throughout the world.
Thus, apart from individual’s activities, dates for the festivals, sowing of plants and other agricultural activities and common religious functions are also chosen or determined on the basis of auspicious time indicated in the Panchanga.
Panchangam or Almanac will furnish the user with the details like duration of Thidhis, Nakshatras (stars), moments of Grahas, auspicious occasions, Muhurats, Festivals, Subh and Asubh, Sunrise, Sunset, Varjyam (dur-Muhurat), etc. for all the days.
www.mypurohith.com /Panchangam_Page.asp   (375 words)

 Language in India
Panchangam is a handy book that helps observant Hindus to determine the most auspicious times for their rituals, festivals, celebrations, and pursuits of various sorts including marriage, undertaking travels, etc. Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, and Jains also use Panchangams or contents of Panchangams, to a certain extent.
Thus, even though Panchangams are intended for family use, a correct understanding and interpretation of most of the contents require some help from others acquainted with astrological terms.
But the importance of Panchangam still continues mainly because while technology may locate the ground water, the observant Hindus’ desire to find the most auspicious time to dig the ground is still fulfilled by Panchangams.
www.languageinindia.com /dec2003/panchangam.html   (2494 words)

 Explocity.com. Bangalore. Astrology. Panchangam. Daily Almanac.
The Indian almanac known as the Panchangam, means 'having five limbs.' gives information regarding the basic divisions of time as regards a single day.
These are the Thithi (phase of the moon), Vara (day of the week), Nakshatra (star or constellation through which the moon is transiting), Yoga (a sensitive point in the zodiac derived by adding the longitudes of the Moon, the Sun and a constant which is 93° 20') and Karana (half a Thithi).
In addition, the panchangam also gives information about time of sunrise and sunset for various longitudes, festivals as well as special occasions and the auspicious time during the day.
www.explocity.com /Channels/Astrology/Panchangam.asp   (113 words)

 MyPanchang.com :: Panchangam, Panchang, Panchangamu, Panchang, Panchangmu, Punjika, Jantri and calendars for all world ...
As per American / World panchangam on 7-07-2007 in all places in the USA / Canada there is Asthami tithi, Atiganda Yoga and juputer retrogration making it inauspicious, additionaly there is a dhata yoga on 7-07-2007.
That's why always use www.mypanchang.com to find panchangam of the city you are interested in.
In order to prove they are not wrong they silently copy the eclipse timings from drik panchangam, otherwise eclipse their calculation will be off by several hours, and you will not be able to observe eclipse using their timings, but you can observe eclipse correctly with the times specified in drik panchang.
www.mypanchang.com   (3046 words)

 Hindu Panchangam for September 25, 2007
Panchangam, a Sanskrit word representing the five attributes - yoga, karana, guna, tidhi and, naksatra, is the official astrological calendar of practicing Hindus.
The study of Panchangam involves understanding Rasi phala, the impact of the signs of the zodiac on the individual.
Astrologers consult the Panchangam to set dates for weddings, corporate mergers, and other worldly activities.
www.astrologyforu.com /panchangam/index.php   (109 words)

 Amazon.com: Panchangam: Books   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
The panchangam for the New Year was read out by our Sastriar...
For instance, the Hindu astrological almanac (panchangam) was one of the early documents with a wide circulation...
or faculty of contemplation, Ahamkara or Ego * Panchendriyams * Panchangams 136...
www.amazon.com /s?ie=UTF8&keywords=Panchangam&tag=httpexplaguid-20&index=books&link_code=qs&page=1   (812 words)

 Buy Panchangam from the year 1958 to 2003 from mall.coimbatore.com
Panchangam is the Indian Calendar, which has been in use for centuries.
This calendar covers everything from the phases of the Moon, the positions of stars and planets, and identifies auspicious times and days for various activities.
According to the Panchangam - Hindu Vedic Calendar, there are 60 years, each having a name for itself.
mall.coimbatore.com /panchangam   (116 words)

 Question about Indian Panchangam in Northern America
Dear Members of the Bhakthi group : I have a question about the correctness of our Panchangam or almanac.
My understanding is that the Panchangams (Vakya Panchangam, Kumbakonam-Madadathu panchangam, Arcot Panchangam, Ananda Pothini or Srirangam Koil Panchangam) published in Tamil Naduare based on sunrise in Tanjore, Tamil Nadu.
To follow them in Northern America I usually recalculate time for thithi, masa sankramanam based on local sunrise.
www.ramanuja.org /sv/bhakti/archives/nov97/0040.html   (178 words)

This Panchangam is prepared especially for use in North America.
These calculations are geographic based and users need to ascertain the moments of sunrise and/or sunset at their respective places in order to make proper adjustments, which are detailed elsewhere in this panchangam.
So it is clear that in the panchang (or in Astrology) Nakshatra (or star) is only one of the 27 segments of the Zodiacal Belt whereas in astronomy stars are heavenly bodies twinkling in the sky.
www.councilofhindutemples.org /Panchagam.htm   (2652 words)

 NRIPulse.com^^^Home Of The Indian American Family
BY RAVI R. Releasing of Sarvajitnama samvatsara Panchangam at Hindu temple of Atlanta.
After abhishekam and archana to Lord Balaji and Siva at the Hindu temple, Panchanga sravanam, rendering of religious almanac of the coming year was held in Telugu and English.
A new panchangam based on Atlanta timings was released at the temple on the occasion.
www.nripulse.com /CityNews_Ugadi07.html   (392 words)

 Andhra Talk: Should 'Ugadhi Panchanga Sravanam' Be Banned?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
On the other hand scholars like Madugula Naga Phani Sharma read panchangam in their respective styles on Television Channels.
But Jana Vignana Vedika (JVV) condemned the practice of reciting panchangam and said that it should be kicked away from people.
In other words, JVV says that panchangam recitation should be banned.
www.greatandhra.com /andhratalk/2006/panchangam_ugadi.php   (330 words)

 Alumni Magazine 2000 - Exceptional Scholars   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Before leaving India for the United States in 1998, Panchangam earned a bachelor's degree with a triple major in mathematics, physics, and chemistry, ranking first among 2,000 students.
"I only care that my work be useful." Panchangam developed an image processing technique that will enable radiologists and cytotechnologists to quickly, easily, and confidently detect cancerous cells in medical images such as mammograms and pap smears.
His set-up enhances the contrast of these images and filters out the presence of tissue, veins, stray light, and film defects like scratches and dust, thus isolating cancerous cells on a monitor.
www.umb.edu /alumni/magazine/2000/commencement2000/graduates.html   (1952 words)

 [No title]
The Hindu festivals are generally based on a certain Thithi (roughly translated as the lunar phase) or the Nakshatra (Position of Asterisms with respect to the moon and the earth) in a given month or the transition of other heavenly bodies.
The Panchangam (Religious Almanac) gives the occurrence of these festivals based on the Thithi, Nakshatra etc on a given day at a given time and for a given place.
In the Panchangam, there are roughly two types of computations: One set of computations is based on the time of sunrise, sunset etc in the place where the Almanac is cast.
www.ssvt.org /events/ThiThiNakshatra.doc   (983 words)

 :: ANGRAU :: Academics ::   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Vyavasaya Panchangam - a farmers almanac is prepared and published by Acharya N.G. Ranga Agricultural University in Telugu and is released every year by the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh on the eve of Ugadi Telugu new year’s day celebrations at Ravindra Bharathi for the benefit of the farming community.
The Panchangam is revised every year in tune with the latest developments in Agriculture and allied aspects.
The main focus of the Vyavasaya Panchangam is to give holistic scientific knowledge on farming and other allied technologies.
www.angrau.net /vpan2005.htm   (172 words)

 Astrology - Deccan Chronicle Ask Agent™ : Ask questions, Seek advice, Ask an expert
But in general most of the panchangam users are adhering to the 'thirukkanith' panchangam only.
Vakkiya panchangam is adopted by some persons to celebrate the movements of imporant planets such as Guru peyarchi and Sani peyarchi etc. Thererfore it si not doubt that 'thirukkanith is the best method to adopt.
Even in the olden days when people used vaakya panchangams extensively, astrologers knew what corrections to be applied to the vakya values so that the graha sphutam (the accurate degree of planet) is obtained.
www.ammas.com /ar/home.cfm?r=va&qid=123331&topicid=23&bid=5463   (958 words)

 SriRangaSri List Archive Sep 2006
This is a better source than scientific calculations as the rihis of yore obviously used traditional calculations to record the divine events.
Based on the Pambu panchangam data given above, that day for Vyaya Varusham (2006) is indeed September 14th, Thursday in India.
In such a case the rule is to observe Sri Jayanthi on the day with Rohini (without Krithigai at sunrise) and Navami or, the day with Mrugasheersham and Navami.
www.ibiblio.org /sripedia/srirangasri/archives/sep06/msg00059.html   (749 words)

 The Hindu : Tamil Nadu News : There is a time to do everything
The most important event of Tamil New Year's Day is the reading of `Panchangam.' Vedic pandits and temple priests read out the panchangam early in the morning, preferably in front of the sanctum sanctorum.
There are different `Panchangams' — Srirangam Panchangam; Suddha Tirukanitha Panchangam; Arcot Sri Seetharamaiyar Sarva Muhurtha Panchangam; 28th Number Panchangam; Pambu Panchangam; Sri Kanchi Sri Acharyar Madathu Panchangam; Tirunelveli Vakya Panchangam; Tirukoil Anushtana Vakya Panchangam so on and so forth.
"Among them, the `Pambu Panchangam' is the much sought-after, while other categories cater to the needs of particular section of people or pujaris," say M. Mohan and R.V. Hariharan, stationery dealers in Tiruchi.
www.hindu.com /2007/04/14/stories/2007041402300200.htm   (432 words)

 welcome to Tamil astrology, Telugu, Hindi   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
In fact 108 Archagargal changattu panchangam calculations are given by us.
We also have a software to give output according to Drik ganitha (specifically Vasan Panchangam).
Also if you want to know any particular detail you may please contact us.
www.stardotstar.cc /Tindex.htm   (349 words)

 Essence of Srivaishnavam Practices   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
There is not much difference to the type and style of reading panchang among Sri Vaishnavas excepting some slight difference in festival dates observation.
However, The Srivaishnava Sampradaya Panchangam list of festivals (in English) is given in another page in this site; that might slightly vary from the Madhva or Shaivite sampradayam; the vital Srivaishnava Festival listing (In Tamil) is given according to the followers of Sri Ramanuja.
This essay explains how the Vedic lunar calendar works and why for the days of ekadasi separate calculations have to be made for all different time-zones.
www.trsiyengar.com /id69.shtml   (2632 words)

 Snake and Ladder
We mean the annual sale of 'Asal 28 No. Easwara suddha vakya panchangam, which is fondly referred to as the 'snake almanac.'
The picture of a five-hooded snake on its cover explains why it is called 'pambu panchangam'.
The almanac is based on the 'vakya karna' and hence called 'suddha vakya panchangam'.
www.chennaionline.com /columns/variety/variety8.asp   (423 words)

 Jupiter transit according to Thirukanida panchangam
Jupiter moved to Vrichaga rasi from Tula rasi on Friday, October 20, 2006 (based on Vaakya panchang).
Based on Thirukanida panchangam, the transit took place on October 27, 2006.
Jupiter, known as the 'Lord of Fortune' is a subh planet.
chennaionline.com /astro/articles/2006/11article29.asp   (841 words)

 Jupiter transit according to Thirukanida panchangam
Jupiter moved to Vrichaga rasi from Tula rasi on Friday, October 20, 2006 (based on Vaakya panchang).
Based on Thirukanida panchangam, the transit took place on October 27, 2006.
Jupiter, known as the 'Lord of Fortune' is a subh planet.
www.chennaionline.com /astro/articles/2006/11article29.asp   (849 words)

 Annoyances.org - re: Possible solution for ''Stop Code 0x00000071 SESSION5_INITIALIZATION_FAILED'' (Windows 2000 ...
I encounter the exact issue on my Fujitsu Laptop also in Windows XP Home Edition, Is this solution applicable for me too???
On Thursday, August 12, 2004 at 9:47 pm, Sameer Panchangam wrote:
(Sameer Panchangam: Thu, Aug 12, 2004, 9:47 pm)
www.annoyances.org /exec/forum/win2000/1096875784   (288 words)

 Hindu Temple of Florida, Tampa
These Panchangam's were downloaded from Himalayan Academy Publications at
April 2005 - Apr 2006 Tampa Bay area Panchangam
April 2006 - Apr 2007 Tampa Bay area Panchangam
www.hindutempleofflorida.org /panchangam.php   (56 words)

 Miscellany » Coffeehouse » coffeeHouse » Panchangam in the US on Sulekha Groups
When you want to find out the Panchangam details about any specific point in time in the US, can you simply infer the correponding time in India, and use an Indian Panchangam that has been prepared for India?
Paging Panchangam users and experts, for use of Panchangam in the US.
Re: Panchangam in the US  by  obseccy  08/14/06 12:48 PM Re: Panchangam in the US  by  vandiyathevan  08/14/06 01:02 PM Re: Panchangam in the US  by  obseccy  08/14/06 01:12 PM Post your Response
www.sulekha.com /groups/postdisplay.aspx?cid=696457&forumid=756919   (173 words)

 Panchang or Panchangam online
This a new and unique Vedic astrology tool specially developed by www.scientificastrology.com for Vedic astrologers, astrology students and and for the general public.
The Panchangam is a book which usually deals with astrologically important events of a person’s life.
It is not based on any particular place, instead is calculated based on longitude and latitude co-ordinates of entry of any place in the world (traditional printed Panchangams are often based on the particular co-ordinates of the publisher’s establishment) This difference can be significant in erroneously shifting the parameters of a Panchang
www.scientificastrology.com /panchang.htm   (231 words)

 Navadwip Panjika Intro'
However, in our Panjikas and Panchangams there are different set of rules, that while accepting the scientific facts that are observed, apply Vaishnava viddhi to times when to apply events to.
In his final note he makes the point, that we don't have to try to analaize everything to pieces, but rather just follow the panchanga accoring to the teachings of the parampara acharyas.
For all their equipment, and all their money first and foremost we accept the Vaishnava conclusion above that of the scientists.
www.salagram.net /jtcd-almanac-page.htm   (2101 words)

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