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Topic: Pantheon

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In the News (Sun 16 Jun 19)

  Pantheon, Rome - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Although the identity of the Pantheon's primary architect remains uncertain, it is largely assigned to Apollodorus of Damascus.
The original Pantheon was built in 27 BC-25 BC under the Roman Empire, during the third consulship of Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa, and his name is inscribed on the portico of the building.
He seems to have intended the Pantheon, a temple to all the gods, to be a kind of ecumenical or syncretist gesture to the subjects of the Roman Empire who did not worship the old gods of Rome, or who (as was increasingly the case) worshipped them under other names.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Pantheon,_Rome   (1612 words)

 Rodolpho Lanciani: The Pantheon   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Pantheon, must be considered simply as homage paid to his memory by some one who did the work over a century and a half later.
-The Bronze Trusses of the Pronaos of the Pantheon, from a Sketch by Dosio-
It seems that the waters of the Tiber, by which the Pantheon is periodically inundated, had filtered into the tomb, in spite of its being surrounded by a wall two feet thick, and had caused the wooden coffin to decay, and the bones to be covered by a layer of mud.
gnv.fdt.net /~aabbeama/Christmas/Pantheon.html   (4598 words)

 MSN Encarta - Pantheon
The Pantheon of Rome is the best-preserved major edifice of ancient Rome and one of the most significant buildings in architectural history.
The Pantheon was erected by the Roman emperor Hadrian between ad 118 and 128, replacing a smaller temple built by the statesman Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa in 27 bc.
It was later secularized, renamed the Pantheon, and used as a temple to honor the great of France.
encarta.msn.com /encnet/refpages/RefArticle.aspx?refid=761571826   (259 words)

A pantheon is a set of gods from a common religion or mythology.
A pantheon generally consists of all gods present in the given religion, although some pantheons mingle in unexpected ways, such as the Roman and Greek.
The Renaissance painter Raphael and several of the kings of united Italy are buried in the Pantheon.
www.findword.org /pa/pantheon.html   (507 words)

 Ancient Rome - Pantheon   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The Pantheon is a building in Rome that was begun in 27 BC by the statesman Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa, probably as a building of the ordinary classical temple type--rectangular with a gabled roof supported by a colonnade on all sides.
The Pantheon was dedicated in AD 609 as the Church of the Santa Maria Rotonda, or ad Martyres, which it remains today.
The bronze rosettes and moldings of the ceiling and other bronze embellishments have disappeared over time, and a frieze of stucco decoration was applied to the interior directly beneath the dome in the late Renaissance.
www.crystalinks.com /romepantheon.html   (383 words)

The Pantheon™ is the only product that attaches to any single-line landline telephone and, in addition to placing and receiving landline telephone calls, uses Bluetooth® connectivity to route outgoing and incoming voice calls and data from users' mobile phones to traditional landline phones.
Unlike "call forwarding" and "cradle-based" technologies that are currently trying to solve the mobile to landline disconnect, Pantheon™ uses Bluetooth® connectivity to route outgoing and incoming calls and data from a user's mobile phone to their landline handset.
Pantheon™’s appeal is universal - from home-based workers to off-site sales execs to Generation Y professionals, and everyone in between.
www.xcelis.com /pantheon.htm   (376 words)

Due to all this mystery, the Pantheon is often refered to as the Sphi nx of Rome.
The Pantheon was built to emphasise the inside of the dome and not the outside, although the once bronze guilded roof tiles of the dome might have stood out a little.
The Pantheon was to be 43 metres in diameter!
www.angelfire.com /ego/pantheon   (751 words)

 Hadrian   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Hadrian reconstructed the original inscription of Agrippa's first temple on the portico of his Pantheon, a building the design of which he may have been personal involved.
The inscription reads: M. The Pantheon is the first temple to combine concrete construction--a technique in which the Romans were especially innovative--with the more conservative if decorative use of Greek classical orders.
Unlike the aforementioned, the Pantheon was a completely free-standing building, and the first hemispherically domed structure.
harpy.uccs.edu /roman/html/hadrian2.html   (610 words)

 The Pantheon-- Rome 126 AD
But when Michelangelo first saw the Pantheon in the early 1500s, he proclaimed it of "angelic and not human design." Surprisingly, at that point, this classic Roman temple, converted into a Christian church, was already more than 1350 years old.
Whatever the reasons, the Pantheon is the only structure of its age, size and span that has successfully survived the scourge of time and gravity and has come down to us, intact, and in all its splendor and beauty.
Concrete - The Pantheon's concrete was a mixture of pozzolan, lime and a small amount of water.
www.monolithic.com /thedome/pantheon   (1545 words)

 Pantheon   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
He is a member of the International Investment Committee, a director of Pantheon International Participations PLC and a director of a number of other specialist private equity investment funds managed by Pantheon.
Prior to joining Pantheon, she was a principal at Capital Z Partners, where she was responsible for executing investments in private equity funds and in fund management companies.
Jay joined Pantheon in 1987 and was a member of the buy-out team that purchased the business from GT Management in 1988; previously he was a commercial banker at the Northern Trust Company in Chicago.
www.pantheonventures.com /p.asp?part=3§ion=ap   (1733 words)

 Strategy Gaming Online - Previews: Pantheon
That doesn't trouble Frog City, since they are convinced that Pantheon - their latest foray into the gaming marketplace - will be the one that stands head and shoulders above the rest.
It's not a bad choice - Xena's still got a cachet with the mass-media crowd, and while there are indeed a few other games either out or coming out soon that superficially compete in the same niche, Frog City feels their particular mix of strategy, role playing, and adventure is just right.
Pantheon will be a worthy addition to their already-impressive list of accomplishments.
www.strategy-gaming.com /previews/pantheon   (923 words)

 Pantheon   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The Pantheon, one of the most impressive buildings in Rome, was rebuilt in A.D. 117-125 by Emperor Hadrian to replace an earlier temple designed by Agrippa in 27 B.C. The original rectangular temple, consisting of sixteen single granite columns, became the porch for the newly devised dome structure.
Once the Romans learned to use concrete, they were able to mold on the ground their rounded tops for their buildings and hoist them into place on top of a rotunda.
The Pantheon was originally dedicated as a temple to all gods, hence the name.
www.kent.k12.wa.us /staff/DarleneBishop/rome/Pantheon.html   (135 words)

 No. 1345: The Pantheon
It was under Hadrian, and with his involvement as an architect, that a new Pantheon was erected in AD 126.
The Pantheon is a large pillbox of a building with a square classical front on one side.
So the Pantheon sits on a foundation ring 15 feet deep and 24 feet wide and is buttressed by concentric outer support rings.
www.uh.edu /engines/epi1345.htm   (619 words)

 Roma: the Pantheon   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Archaeologists working on the foundations of the building have shown that the temple originally faced south and so the pillared porch facing north that now graces the front of the Pantheon was a later addition probably by Hadrian.
When Rome fell, the Pantheon was saved by the Byzantine Emperor Phocas donating the building to Pope Boniface IV who converted the temple into a church, Saint Mary and the Martyrs.
The piazza del Pantheon today is a lively place with a beautiful fountain and numerous open air bars where the tourist can rest and appreciate the atmosphere of the piazza with old buildings on three sides and the Pantheon on the fourth.
www.romainteractive.com /pantheon.htm   (399 words)

 BUILDING BIG: Databank: Pantheon
Hadrian constructed a building out of bricks and concrete with a dome that was bigger and more extraordinary than anything anyone had ever seen before.
The enormous building, called the Pantheon, was built as a temple to all the Roman gods almost 2,000 years ago.
They also carved an opening, called an oculus, at the top of the dome, which reduced some mass and created a daily light show for which the Pantheon is famous.
www.pbs.org /wgbh/buildingbig/wonder/structure/pantheon.html   (278 words)

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Simply put, to place both cellular and landline calls, that system requires that one part of your telephone line be connected to the phone company (which is used to place landline calls), and the other part MUST be disconnected from the telephone company in order to place wireless calls.
A: Yes, Pantheon™ is the only product of its kind that works in 76 countries that have a landline telephone system.
www.xcelis.com /faq.htm   (1504 words)

 Pantheon Guitars, Inc. builds fine acoustic guitars by Dana Bourgeois.
Pantheon Guitars was formed in October, 2000 to promote and support the guitar makers trade.
With the support of Pantheon, Dana Bourgeois and six fellow craftsmen are working together doing what they do best - creating, designing and advancing the dynamics of fine acoustic guitars.
All guitars bearing the Pantheon Guitars label are handcrafted in their entirety, one at a time, in their shop in Lewiston, Maine.
www.pantheonguitars.com   (871 words)

 History of Roman Architecture : Pantheon No.1   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
: Pantheon, Italy, Rome; 118-35 A.D. The interior is a perfect circle which diameter and height are exactly same, 43m.
The wall is 6.05m thick and on the lower level are seven niches with a pair of Corinthian columns.
This kind of design technique, the repeat and the superimpose are frequently used in high Renaissance, Mannerism, Baroque and of course in modern age.
web.kyoto-inet.or.jp /org/orion/eng/hst/roma/pantheon.html   (225 words)

 Pantheon - Rome, Italy - Great Buildings Online
The Pantheon is one of the great spiritual buildings of the world.
It was built as a Roman temple and later consecrated as a Catholic Church.
photo of the prostyle octstyle portico of the Pantheon, f2.55, p46.
www.greatbuildings.com /buildings/Pantheon.html   (551 words)

 Piazza della Rotonda, The Pantheon Rome Italy
The Pantheon today is the sanctuary of the kings of Italy: in fact it holds the tombs of Victor Emmanuel II, Humbert I and Margherita di Savoia.
The Pantheon is the building of ancient Rome which has been preserved best down to the present day, and is a true masterpiece of architecture.
The present-day Pantheon, however, completely different from the original, is the work of the Emperor Hadrian, who rebuilt the monument in the early 2nd century, keeping only the ancient inscription out of modesty.
www.romaclick.com /Pages/Rome/Tosee/Rome-guide-pantheon.htm   (431 words)

 The Pantheon Racing Team
Pantheon runners Mike, Kyle, Brant, and Scott were members of the "Rabid Dog" 5th place team at this year's 196 mile Hood to Coast Relay in Portland, Oregon!
A new member can only be inducted into the Pantheon upon the voluntary retirement of a current member, death of a current member, or dismissal of a current member.
Six Pantheon singlets and shorts originally sprang up from the depths of Inside-Out Sports and the six members were chosen by the running Gods to carry forth the Pantheon torch.
www.thepantheon.org   (975 words)

 Panthéon, Paris - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
It was originally built as a church dedicated to St. Genevieve, but after many vicissitudes now combines liturgical functions with its role as a famous burial place.
It is an early example of Neoclassicism, with a façade modelled on the Pantheon in Rome, surmounted by a small dome that owes some of its character to Bramante's "Tempietto".
Entered the Pantheon on the centenary of his birth
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Panth%C3%A9on,_Paris   (699 words)

 The Pantheon, Paris (Getty Museum)
A group of visitors is frozen in time at the steps of the Pantheon, a famous Neoclassical building in Paris.
Louis-Alphonse Poitevin observed the enormous edifice—72 feet high and 276 feet wide—from the roof of one of the buildings that faced it.
Begun in 1757 as the Church of Sainte-Geneviève, the Pantheon is now a civic building housing the remains of some of France's most famous citizens.
www.getty.edu /art/gettyguide/artObjectDetails?artobj=62810   (98 words)

 Hotel Pantheon (Panthéon) - Paris - Ile de France - France.com
From your room at the hotel, you have a clear and airy view of the Pantheon.
The area around the Pantheon is not too busy, and fairly quiet at night.
Last time we had a room at the end of the hallway and facing towards the inner court, while this time it was close to the elevator and facing the Pantheon itself; in both occasions the rooms were very quiet and with no disturbance whatsoever.
www.france.com /hotels/hotel.cfm?hotel_id=467   (465 words)

 PANTHEON   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Amongst the Pantheon there were many divinities who fell into more than one of these categories.
The ruling gods of the Greek Pantheon were the twelve Olympians - Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Demeter, Athene, Hephaistos, Ares, Aphrodite, Apollon, Artemis, Hermes, Dionysos.
The numerous other Gods and Daimones of the pantheon fell within the spheres of one or more of the twelve Olympians.
www.theoi.com /Pantheon.htm   (280 words)

 eTrav Pathways - Pantheon   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Perhaps to appease the gods, M. Vispanius Agrippa, an advisor to Emperor Augustus, constructed the Pantheon, a temple for all the gods, in 27 BC.
Through storms and seasons, year after year after centuries, the Pantheon has witnessed the growth of Rome, and the progress of humankind.
Explore the Pantheon and discover the perfection of the circle, as the circle is the basis of the Pantheon's design.
www.etrav.com /pathways/html/pantheon.asp   (286 words)

 Panthéon, Paris, France
Even if the pantheon is impressive alone, do not forget to go underneath to visit where are buried some of the most important people of France as Voltaire, Rousseau, Mirabeau, Marat, Victor Hugo, Emile Zola, and Soufflot its architect.
The idea for the Pantheon was hatched by Louis XV while he was gravely ill who vowed if he recovered that he'd build a new basilica to replace the abbey of St Genevieve.
The Pantheon was completed in 1790, 26 years after the first stone was laid.
www.virtualtourist.com /travel/Europe/France/Ile_de_France/Paris-99080/Things_To_Do-Paris-Pantheon-BR-1.html   (1332 words)

 Welcome to Pantheon - Home of the Gods   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Dedicated to honour, justice and freedom for all the people of Rubi-Ka, Pantheon is made up of a range of players, from the new and unseasoned to the old veterans, on the Atlantean server.
To be a member of Pantheon is to be part of a friendly and helpful society.
We will endeavour to help all of our members to achieve their goals - equipping them with the knowledge and information for them to become self sufficient and to feel that they have achieved their targets themselves.
www.pantheonorg.com   (195 words)

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