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Topic: Panthera leo

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  Lion - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Panthera leo melanochaita - Cape lion; extinct in 1860.
Panthera leo sinhaleyus - Sri Lanka lion or Ceylon lion.
Molecular phylogeny of the extinct cave lion Panthera leo spelaea.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Lion   (3830 words)

 Digimorph - Panthera leo (lion) - adult
Panthera leo, the lion, is widely distributed in the open woodlands, grasslands, and scrub of Africa, and a single population (P.
Panthera leo is a member of the pantherine lineage, which also includes P.
Panthera leo relies heavily on its massive canines and incisors when feeding on muscle and connective tissue, and the skin of the prey is removed from the carcass with short pulls using these anterior teeth.
digimorph.org /specimens/Panthera_leo/adult   (760 words)

 The Asiatic or Persian Lion (Panthera leo persica) in Palestine
The Asiatic or Persian Lion (Panthera leo persica) in Palestine.
The Asiatic or Persian Lion (Panthera leo persica, Meyer 1826) in Palestine and the Arabian and Islamic Region.
Ecology of the Asiatic lion (Panthera leo persica).
www.geocities.com /jaffacity/Lion_Palestine.html   (1977 words)

 Tigerhomes - ASIATIC LIONS - Panthera leo persica - subspecies of lion
Tigerhomes - ASIATIC LIONS - Panthera leo persica - subspecies of lion
The Asiatic lion (Panthera leo persica) is a genetically distinct subspecies of lion.
It is estimated that the Asiatic lion only recently (100,000 years ago) separated from the African population of Panthera leo.
www.tigerhomes.org /animal/asiatic_info.cfm   (494 words)

 ADW: Panthera leo: Information
African lions (Panthera leo) live in most of sub-Saharan Africa except in desert and rainforest habitats.
Panthera leo senegalensis (west African or Senegalese lions), P.
Panthera leo krugeri includes Kalahari lions (sometimes denoted as P.
animaldiversity.ummz.umich.edu /site/accounts/information/Panthera_leo.html   (3354 words)

 Barbary Lion
One hundred and fifty years ago, there lived a subspecies of lion, Panthera leo persica, which was found from India to the Middle East.
Sub-species: Of the known sub-species of lion there seems to be an agreement on 2 as far as genetics go - Pantherinae Panthera leo leo - the African lion, and Pantherinae Panthera leo persica - the Asian lion.
Regardless of the area of Africa a lion is found in today, their DNA analysis has shown them to be the same, whereas there is a difference between African and Asian.
www.bigcatrescue.org /lion.htm   (1973 words)

 Canine Distemper Virus in the Serengeti Lion ( Panthera leo )
This paper is basically a collection of abstracts and references about the disease in the lion (Panthera leo), accompanied by background knowledge, and a video showing the spectacular epileptiform fits suffered by this particular lion.
Canine Distemper Virus (CDV) infection occurred in captive leopards (Panthera pardus), tigers (Panthera tigris), lions(Panthera leo), and a jaguar (Panthera onca).
A lion lentivirus (FIV-Ple) was isolated by infection of lion lymphocytes in vitro.
www.vet.gla.ac.uk /vetscape/vet-x/lions   (2292 words)

 IUCN Red List of Threatened Species: Panthera leo
This population of the Asiatic lion, Panthera leo persica, is classified as Critically Endangered (CR C2a(ii)).
leo persica subspecies in the Gir Forest, India, is 327 (The Asiatic lion news page).
leo persica is included in CITES Appendix I. There is a significant level of trophy hunting of lions in Africa.
www.redlist.org /search/details.php?species=15951   (3014 words)

 American lion, Panthera leo atrox, Pleistocene epoch
AMERICAN LION (panthera leo atrox) This extinct lion was found in throughout North America as well as northern South America.
The most well-preserved fossils were found out of the Rancho La Brea tar pits (over 80 individuals) in Los Angeles and in Alaska, Yukon.
Other subspecies of the American leo can be found today in parts of Africa and in western India.
store.prehistoricdinosaurs.com /lion.html   (327 words)

 Lion - Panthera Leo
Encouraging wildlife managers in the African lion’s range states to monitor lion populations in the coming years, developing in the process adapted methodologies of sampling and estimating numbers in representative lion population, as well as getting a better understanding of their population dynamics under various regional conditions in order to ensure their sustainable utilisation.
Informed that Kenya is proposing to the forthcoming CITES COP 12 that the African Lion (Panthera leo) be listed in Appendix I of the Convention.
Considering that the entire international trade of African lions is already fully controlled, as its monitoring in Appendix II of CITES over the last 25 years has amply demonstrated, its inclusion in Appendix I of the treaty cannot be justified.
www.wild-about-you.com /GameLion.htm   (3938 words)

 Lioncrusher's Domain -- Lion (Panthera leo) facts and pictures
There are two separate subspecies of lions: the African and Asian lion.
Now, they live in the savannas and forests south of the Sahara desert.
The Asian lion (Panthera leo persica) lives in the Gir Forest of India.
www.lioncrusher.com /animal.asp?animal=59&page=2   (3543 words)

 Panthera leo - Wikimedia Commons
Panthera leo senegalensis, from Het Leven der Dieren Zoogdieren
Panthera leo melanochaita, from Het Leven der Dieren Zoogdieren
This page was last modified 17:36, 22 December 2006.
commons.wikimedia.org /wiki/Panthera_leo   (70 words)

 Return to the Ice Age - The La Brea Exploration Guide
Some paleontologists see the American lion so closely related to the African lion that they have placed the two animals in the same species.
American lion (Panthera atrox) -----> Panthera leo atrox
African lion (Panthera leo) -----------> Panthera leo leo
www.tarpits.org /education/guide/flora/lion.html   (144 words)

The lion prides at MalaMala have experienced some traumatic turmoil in the recent past.
Many of the lionesses will now be pregnant and after a short gestation period -- 110 days -- we will all be experiencing the tiny pitter-patter of lion paws again on MalaMala.
www.africantravel.com /rattray/news/mmn9502.html   (1048 words)

 Comparative Mammalian Brain Collections: African lion (Panthera leo)
Comparative Mammalian Brain Collections: African lion (Panthera leo)
The Lion (Panthera leo) is a mammal of the family Felidae.
Our specimen of the Lion (Panthera Leo) was an adult male.
brainmuseum.org /Specimens/carnivora/lion   (633 words)

 Pathogenesis of Two Strains of Lion (Panthera leo) Morbillivirus in Ferrets (Mustela putorius furo) -- Evermann et al. ...
Pathogenesis of Two Strains of Lion (Panthera leo) Morbillivirus in Ferrets (Mustela putorius furo) -- Evermann et al.
Pathogenesis of Two Strains of Lion (Panthera leo) Morbillivirus in Ferrets (Mustela putorius furo)
Key words: Canine distemper virus; ferrets; lions; morbillivirus; Mustela putorius furo; Panthera leo; pathogenesis; vaccination; virus biotype.
www.vetpathology.org /cgi/content/full/38/3/311   (3067 words)

 San Diego Zoo's Animal Bytes: Lion
African Lions— Scientists know more about African lions Panthera leo than any other cat.
It is estimated that there are between 6,000 and 10,000 lions in Africa.
Asian Lions— Asian lions Panthera leo persica used to be found from the Middle East across to India.
www.sandiegozoo.org /animalbytes/t-lion.html   (1146 words)

 Lion Links: African Lions - Panthera Leo, Lion Websites and Links
Linda Tucker's White Lion website, the ultimate objective of which is "to establish the White Lion as a global treasure, of inestimable value both for environment and culture." Linda Tucker is author of the book, "Children of the Sungod: Journey with the White Lions into the Heart of Human Evolution."
This is the official site for the KNP, which features a 'point and click' virtual safari, a 'sightings of the week' section and other information related to South Africa's largest National Park.
This extensive site has several pages dedicated to Panthera leo (African lion.) It has some of the best photographs of lions we've seen on the internet.
www.corelight.org /lions/lionlinks.html   (612 words)

 Lion {Panthera Leo}
The Lion {Panthera Leo} - Lions are the second largest members of the feline family and are 'social' cats...
South Africa Accommodation and Travel Network of Web Sites brought to you by and © SA-Venues.com and Suedafrika-Reise.net
South Africa Wildlife - The Lion {Panthera Leo} - Lions are the second largest members of the feline family and are 'social' cats...
www.sa-venues.com /wildlife/wildlife_lion.htm   (517 words)

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