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 Par value - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Par value has several meanings depending on the context, whether used in the equities market, or in the bond markets, and partially also dependent on where in the world the par value term is used.
A par value of 100.00 for a note or bond means only that the note or bond is selling for the face value paid upon maturity of the note or bond.
In the UK bond markets, par value is when the price per 100 Pounds Sterling note or bond is equal to the face value. /wiki/Par_value

 Par meter - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A peak-to-average ratio meter (Par meter) is a device used to measure the ratio of the peak power level to the time-averaged power level in a circuit.
Par meters are very sensitive to envelope delay distortion.
Such meters are used as a quick means to identify degraded telephone channels. /wiki/Par_meter   (117 words)

 Par file - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
PAR files are sometimes spotted in binary-oriented Usenet newsgroups, where their reconstructability helps compensate for the unreliablity of Usenet news propegation.
The.PAR file is the one you open in the PAR program, although if it is missing also, it is not critical and the reconstruction will still work by opening any of the actual PAR files.
Par and Par2 files are used to repair damaged files based on their binary pattern. /wiki/Par_file   (117 words)

 Pär Lagerkvist (1891-1974)
A collection of nineteen stories by Lagerkvist, ranging from the single paragraph of "Love and Death" to the novella-length "The Masquerade of Souls."
The son of a railroad signalman, Pär Fabian Lagerkvist was born in 1891 in the southern Swedish province of Småland, the youngest of seven children.
In 1940, Pär Lagerkvist was elected to the Swedish Academy. /wpwinter/nordland/lagerkvist.htm   (1101 words)

 "Allies" - projet de l'Agence d'information internationale RIA Novosti
Par exemple, en 1984, alors que se déroulaient les cérémonies du 40e anniversaire de l’opération de Normandie, la revue américaine Time écrivait que les troupes américaines avaient été envoyées en Europe accomplir une “mission digne des chevaliers : sauver tout un continent en détresse”.
Par contre, les larges masses populaires de la Grande-Bretagne et des Etats-Unis se prononçaient avec force en faveur d’un soutien à l’Union soviétique.
Mais la 1ère armée française sous le commandement de De Lattre de Tassigny s’empara de Stuttgart avant les Américains. /fr/792/news263745.html   (1101 words)

 Par, Cornwall - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Par station is the destination of many specially organised charter trains for visitors to the Eden Project, which is located nearby.
Par is a village in Cornwall, located several miles north of St Austell.
The village has a railway station on the Cornish Main Line from Plymouth to Penzance. /wiki/Par,_Cornwall   (1101 words)

 * Par value - (Business): Definition
PAR VALUE For investment bonds, the par value of face amount is the amount due at maturity and is the amount on which interest is calculated...
Par value, an accounting term which is rapidly being discarded, is the face value assigned to shares of stock.
Par value The central value of a pegged exchange rate, around which the actual rate is permitted to fluctuate within set bounds... /business/par_value.html   (1101 words)

 Re: PAR light meter
One meter was secured horizontally on a tripod in full sun to measure the reference input PAR value while the second meter was hand-held and taken through a pre-determined transect within the tree canopy to spatially average out the light intensity level.
The meter comprises a single cosine corrected photodiode sensor that responds to the PAR component (400 - 700 nm waveband) of the incoming solar radiation.
I have used the Decagon "wand" PAR meter in northwestern /archive/forest/1998/06/msg00080.html   (470 words)

 Definition: par meter
The par meter may also be used for idle channel noise, nonlinear distortion, and amplitude-distortion measurements.
Note 2: A par meter is very sensitive to envelope delay distortion.
Note 3: The peak-to-average ratio can be determined for many signal parameters, such as voltage, current, power, frequency, and phase. /fs-1037/dir-026/_3837.htm   (104 words)

\par \par The use, and limitations, of PLC as a local area network, (particularly with respect to the communication of data beyond the confines of a building) are discussed in the next section.
\par \par If the power distribution network is limited to the superimposition of very low frequency carriers and data rates, PLC has already been shown to be a viable communication medium from the utility to the meter.
\par \par \par }{\b\fs24 Conclusion \par }\pard \s15\widctlpar\adjustright { \par }\pard \s15\widctlpar\adjustright {The purpose of this paper has been to indicate that, although PLC may appear to be a convenient means of data communication, the limitations of the medium present serious practical difficulties. /70844043-4841-4810-B621-9D9DFF984F46?frames=no&   (3663 words)

 The Kathmandu Post
Par value is the notional face value of the shares which a company issues to investors.
Par value of stock does not reflect the worth of investment made by the shareholders in the company.
The par value and book value of the shares would also be some of the factors taken into account by the market in arriving at the price. /archive/kpost/2003-5-7/kp_editorial.htm   (3663 words)

 MSN Encarta - Search Results - par value
The term par refers to the number of properly played strokes an expert golfer would be expected to use in completing a particular hole without...
Value (economics), in economics, the worth of a commodity or service measured against other commodities or services.
In the decimal number system, the value of a digit depends on its place, or position, in the number. /par+value.html   (3663 words)

\par \par ADCP Absolute Backscatter Calibration: \par \par A test to calibrate the absolute backscatter strength and to determine the background noise level of the ship-ADCP system may be performed once per cruise at the discretion of the Chief Scientist.
\par \par Real-time data will also be logged to QIC tapes to provide additional data security in the event of disk failure; these tapes will be archived by the ship until project data tapes have been received and verified by the laboratories.
Hazardous Materials \par \par The Chief Scientist shall be responsible for complying with NC Instruction 6280A, Hazardous Waste; policy, guidance, and training, dated February 4, 1991, paragraph 7.g and paragraph 9. /foci/operations/instructions/1996/MF9613.rtf   (5426 words)

F or example, an error of 1 meter is not much when we are measuring the distance from the earth to the moon but it is a large error when measuring the length of a table which is two meters long.\par }\pard \li432 {\f3 Two equivalent methods are used to calculate the amount of error.
\par }\pard \li432 {\f3 (1) When an accepted or standard value of the physical quantity is known, the percent error is calculated (in a comparison of the experimental measurement with a standard).
\par }\pard \li432 {\f3 The least count of an instrument is the size of the smallest scale division on the instrument. /distance/sci122/SciLab/L5/Measurement.rtf   (2364 words)

\par }\pard\plain \li720\nowidctlpar\tx0\tx720\tx1440\tx2160\tx2880\tx3600\tx4320\tx5040\tx5760\tx6480\tx7200\tx7920\tx8640\adjustright \fs20 {\b\f1\fs24 \ldblquote Metering Protocol\rdblquote }{\f1\fs24 means the Metering Protocol of the ISO Tariff on the subject of revenue quality metering which sets forth the requirements and procedures that SCs, amongst others, shall meet and follow in orde r to comply with their obligations under Section 10 of the ISO Tariff.
\par }\pard \nowidctlpar\tx0\tx720\tx1440\tx2160\tx2880\tx3600\tx4320\tx5040\tx5760\tx6480\tx7200\tx7920\tx8640\tx9360\adjustright {\f1\fs24 \par }\pard \fi-720\li720\nowidctlpar\tx0\tx720\tx1440\tx2160\tx2880\tx3600\tx4320\tx5040\tx5760\tx6480\tx7200\tx7920\tx8640\adjustright {\b\f1\fs24 C.}{\f1\fs24 \tab The Parties are entering into this Agreement in order to establish the terms and conditions upon which the ISO and the SC shall discharge their respective duties and responsibilities pursuant to this Agreement and the ISO Tariff.
Meter Data submitted by an SC for SC Metered Entities shall conform to these standards unless the ISO has, at its discretion, exempted the SC from these standards.}{\b\f1\fs24 \par \par }\pard \fi-720\li720\keep\keepn\nowidctlpar\tx0\tx720\tx1440\tx2160\tx2880\tx3600\tx4320\tx5040\tx5760\tx6480\tx7200\tx7920\tx8640\adjustright {\b\f1\fs24 3.4\tab Obligations and Rights of the ISO. /docs/1999/09/14/1999091412101227451.rtf   (2745 words)

However, \par certain segments of the shortwave bands are referred to in terms of \par "meter bands" as a convenient form of shorthand.
This is important because the length or height \par of various types of antennas must often be a fraction (usually \par one-quarter or one-half) of the wavelength of the signal to be \par transmitted or received.
Back \par then, frequencies were measured in terms of the distance between the \par peaks of two consecutive cycles of a radio wave instead of the number of \par cycles per second. /w1nra/wavelength.rtf   (622 words)

 Léonard de Vinci, le noodigme manqué.
En même temps la recherche de l'enveloppe atmosphérique, commandée par le voile bleuté de l'univers sublunaire et lointain, amène à réduire progressivement l'intensité de la couleur, etc..., etc...
Par le dessin, l'artiste découvre des formes, et par le dessin, il les engrange dans sa mémoire.
par un Charlot anglais, puis plagié par Frédéric le Prussien, et la Catherine (prussienne également). /fVinci.htm   (622 words)

 Glossary: Par Value of a Stock
Common stock par value is fairly meaningless except when bought directly from the corporation.
Then, from a bookkeeping point of view, the stock purchase price amount that exceeds the stock's par value is called "paid in capital in excess of par value" and it might be used by a state for tax purposes.
- Par Value is the nominal dollar amount that a corporation assigns as the stated value or face value of its stock. /glossary/parvaluestock.shtml   (622 words)

 Par - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"Par", a classification measure of each hole on a golf course that reflects the distance between the tee and green.
Par value, financial term for the value of a security
Par (command) (short for "paragraph"), the UNIX filtering command /wiki/PAR   (622 words)

 Why would a stock have no par value?
In general, par value (also known as par, nominal, or face value) refers to the amount at which a security is issued or can be redeemed.
It used to be that the par value of common stock was equal to the amount invested (as with fixed income securities).
Par value has no relation to the market value of a stock. /ask/answers/106.asp   (622 words)

The face value of a bond (typically $1,000) before fluctuations in the market cause it to be sold for more or less than its par value. /glossary/notemplates/content/?parvalue   (622 words)

 par value
Par value has no relation to the market value of a share, but is an accounting value determined by dividing the total stated capital stock by the number of authorized shares.
Dividends on preferred stock may be a percentage of the preferred stock's par value.
Likewise, interest payable to bondholders is a percentage of the bond's par value. /Rupps/par-value.htm   (622 words)

 par value Definition
For a debt security, par value is the amount repaid to the investor when the bond matures (usually, corporate bonds have a par value of $1000, municipal bonds $5000, and federal bonds $10,000).
For an equity security, par value is usually a very small amount that bears no relationship to its market price, except for preferred stock, in which case par value is used to calculate dividend payments.
If interest rates are higher than the coupon rate on a bond, the bond will be sold below par value (at a "discount"). /3611/par_value.html   (622 words)

 2.3.1.e: Note on Par Value - Encyclopedia - Library - VC Experts
This is because no par value stock can increase the corporation's initial incorporation fees and annual franchise tax in Delaware, can result in increased fees when qualifying to do business in other states, and can limit the amounts available for dividends.
In the case of no par value stock, the initial Directors' resolutions (and any subsequent resolutions issuing no par value stock) should allocate a portion of the consideration received to paid in capital and a portion to capital surplus.
No par value stock should not be used except in very unusual circumstances. /vce/library/encyclopedia/documents_view.asp?document_id=221   (622 words)

 Shares of stock FAQ
The par value is usually a figure that is set depending on the state and can be used by a state to set the renewal fees or the state taxes.
Since par value more or less means the price to be paid for the shares when purchased from the corporation, no par value stock is stock for which no fixed price is set.
"Par value" is a dollar value assigned to shares of stock which is the minimum amount for which each share may be sold. /en/information/faq_shares.htm   (622 words)

 Par Value
However, it is important in the case of preferred stocks and bonds, since the preferred dividend and interest are often based on the par value assigned to each issue.
Par value has little or no impact on the actual market value of a security.
For example, an 8% bond is a promise to pay that percentage of the bond's par (100% of face value) value annually. /US/glossary/trading/par_value.htm   (622 words)

\par \par To receive credit for metered tapes that are spoiled or unused, follow the procedure in section 51.04c, paragraph 5.
\par \par The Postal Service compiles and provides the Washington Office, Director of Fiscal and Public Safety, with a printout indicating the amount of postage charged to units with a computer tape consisting of an itemized listing of postage set on each meter.
\par \par {\ul 51.3} - {\ul Cost Code Number}. /im/directives/fsh/6409.12/6209.14,50.rtf   (1372 words)

 Dana Riddle and Andy Amussen - "Coral Pigments", 04/26/98 -
Yes, some corals have died with higher PAR values - the trick is to generate colors and keep the power bill under control DR Q: On pg 100 of "The Captive Reef" there is a P.A.R. chart comparing Fluorescent and MH lights in a 70g tank.
As a reference point, the sun at noon in a cloudless sky generally has a PAR value of 2,000 µE. We found some pigments to be promoted at relatively low PAR values (reds at 200 µE) while others required much more intensity (mauve at 500-600 µE).
PAR counts the numbers of photons in the visible light spectrum (400 - 700 nm). /library/talklog/d_riddle_042698.html   (2465 words)

\par }\pard\plain \s2\qj \fi-720\li1080\ri0\sb120\keepn\widctlpar\tx1440\faauto\outlinelevel1\adjustright\rin0\lin1080\itap0 \fs24\lang1033\langfe1033\cgrid\langnp1033\langfenp1033 {\fs20 14.7\tab Clock \par }\pard\plain \s3\qj \fi-907\li1987\ri0\sb120\keep\widctlpar\tx2160\faauto\outlinelevel2\adjustright\rin0\lin1987\itap0 \fs24\lang1033\langfe1033\cgrid\langnp1033\langfenp1033 {\fs20 14.7.1.\tab T he clock internal to the Meter shall be accurate within 2 minutes per week (0.02%) when not synchronized to the line frequency and shall be resettable through the ISO communications interface.
\par }\pard\plain \s2\qj \fi-720\li1080\ri0\sb120\keepn\widctlpar\tx1440\faauto\outlinelevel1\adjustright\rin0\lin1080\itap0 \fs24\lang1033\langfe1033\cgrid\langnp1033\langfenp1033 {\fs20 12.3\tab Current Loop \par }\pard\plain \s18\qj \li1080\ri0\sb120\keep\widctlpar\faauto\adjustright\rin0\lin1080\itap0 \fs24\lang1033\langfe1033\cgrid\langnp1033\langfenp1033 {\fs20 ISO may specify an additional serial communication port consisting of a 2-wire, 20 milliamp current loop that is optically isolated from the rest of the Meter.
\par }\pard\plain \s2\qj \fi-720\li1080\ri0\sb120\keepn\widctlpar\tx1440\faauto\outlinelevel1\adjustright\rin0\lin1080\itap0 \fs24\lang1033\langfe1033\cgrid\langnp1033\langfenp1033 {\fs20 12.5.\tab Demand Threshold Alarm \par }\pard\plain \s18\qj \li1080\ri0\sb120\keep\widctlpar\faauto\adjustright\rin0\lin1080\itap0 \fs24\lang1033\langfe1033\cgrid\langnp1033\langfenp1033 {\fs20 ISO may specify a kilowatt threshold relay that closes at a programmable demand value and stays closed for the remainder of the interval and until at least one complete interval does not exceed the threshold value. /docs/1999/11/29/199911291330551203.rtf   (6354 words)

\par \par }\pard\plain \s2\keepn\nowidctlpar\widctlpar\outlinelevel1\adjustright \b\cgrid {Selecting mg/dl or mmol/L \par }\pard\plain \nowidctlpar\widctlpar\adjustright \fs20\cgrid {\b \par }{Press the C button until the correct unit of measurement appears.
\par \par }{\b Note: }{You must first set the date before setting the time \par \par }\pard\plain \s2\keepn\nowidctlpar\widctlpar\outlinelevel1\adjustright \b\cgrid {Set the Hour \par }\pard\plain \nowidctlpar\widctlpar\adjustright \fs20\cgrid { \par Press and release the C button to advance one hour.
\par {\pntext\pard\plain\fs20\cgrid \hich\af0\dbch\af0\loch\f0 3.\tab}}\pard \fi-360\li360\nowidctlpar\widctlpar\jclisttab\tx360{\*\pn \pnlvlbody\ilvl0\ls1\pnrnot0\pndec\pnstart1\pnindent360\pnhang{\pntxta.}}\ls1\adjustright { If the code numbers do not match, press the C button and the code number will advance by one. /~hcexres/power_tools/review_revise/instrux_review.rtf   (1350 words)

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