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Topic: Parental responsibility (access and custody)

  European Commission - European Judicial Network - Parental responsibility - Netherlands
Parental responsibility is the term used to refer to the responsibility for raising and caring for the child.
Custody is understood to be parental responsibility or guardianship.
The parent with responsibility for (custody of) the child shall be obliged to keep the parent not charged with the responsibility informed of all important issues regarding the person or the assets of the child.
ec.europa.eu /civiljustice/parental_resp/parental_resp_net_en.htm   (3531 words)

 Family Law - Canada Child Custody, Guardianship & Access
Access is intended to facilitate a meaningful, continuing, post-separation relationship between the child and access parent.
A child’s race, culture or aboriginal heritage and the custodial parent’s willingness to respect and foster the child’s cultural identity is a relevant consideration.
Access has been denied in circumstances where the Court perceives risk to the child, the person has had insufficient contact with the child prior to the application, where there is a problem between the child and the parent, or even where there is a problem between the parents.
www.bcfamilylaw.ca /custody_and_access   (2293 words)

 European Commission - European Judicial Network - Parental responsibility - Finland
The purpose of the care and custody of a child is to ensure balanced development and well-being for the child in accordance with his/her individual needs and wishes.
Custody decisions passed in Denmark and custody decisions in Sweden, other than those passed by virtue of the above-mentioned regulation, are executed on the basis of the 1977 Act on Judgments in Nordic Countries.
The application for the enforcement of an executable custody judgment is filed at the District Court of the child’s or applicant’s place of residence or temporary place of residence.
ec.europa.eu /civiljustice/parental_resp/parental_resp_fin_en.htm   (2063 words)

 Parental Responsibility Laws   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Supporters of CDM statutes believe that the conditions within the family are the most predictive component of a child's behavior and that it is the responsibility of the parent to provide sufficient positive guidance to children on the importance of adhering to the values of society at large.
When it was shown that Gloria Williams had participated in a parenting course 2 months earlier, however, a local prosecutor indicated that it would violate the spirit of the law to try her because she had indeed taken steps to control her children by participating in parent education.
The plaintiff's contention was that the parental responsibility law was impermissibly vague and infringed upon the established right to privacy in family matters.
ojjdp.ncjrs.org /pubs/reform/ch2_d.html   (2388 words)

 Parental responsibility (access and custody) - LawGuru Wiki
In the states of the European Union and elsewhere, parental responsibility refers to the rights and privilieges which underpin the relationship between a child and either its parents or those adults who have a significant role in its life.
In English law, parental responsibility is automatically bestowed upon a Resident Parent as well as married non-resident parents.
Parents with parental responsibility (or PR) are entitled to be consulted in educational and medical matters concerning their children.
wiki.lawguru.com /index.php/Parental_responsibility_(access_and_custody)   (607 words)

 Australia Child Abduction
The common thread in all these cases is the sense of powerlessness experienced by the left behind parent whose right to access to the child/children often becomes impossible.
Some returning parents, who had married Australians and later fled overseas, were living "hand to mouth" on food from the Salvation Army, unable to work or access Medicare while they waited for court hearings.
Another client whose wife has been forced to return to face a Family Court hearing has had to move out of his house in order to meet the undertakings of financial support for his wife and children that were stipulated by the overseas court that ruled she had to return to Australia.
www.international-divorce.com /australia_child_abduction.htm   (2006 words)

 Children's Rights Council - Access Services
When parents appear before a judge, there is often a disagreement between the parents as to who has seen the child and when.
Family violence, substance abuse, fear of parental kidnapping, or re-entry of a parent into a child’s life after a long absence are some of the reasons for supervised access.
With supervised access a parent is not allowed to leave the premises with the child, but the child and the parent spend valuable time with each other in a safe and supervised setting.
crckids.org /programs-services.htm   (654 words)

 Restricted Access for Child Visitation
However, their limited access may be more a consequence of their responses to problems, than the problems directly.
Parents must consider the consequences of their responses PRIOR to responding and with a view to acting in their own long-term interest rather than the immediacy of the situation.
If you do not have access to your children, still make a journal of your life showing what you were up to on their birthdays, holidays or special occasions.
www.expertlaw.com /library/child_custody/restricted_access.html   (755 words)

 Toronto Child Custody Lawyers can help with your child custody legal cases in Province of Ontario.
The only way a parent can not have child custody is either if they agree to it in a separation agreement, or if a court orders that one parent not be granted child custody.
The court begins by assuming that the parents should have joint custody, and if one person feels that it is not in the child’s best interests for the parents to have joint custody, then they must show why this is so.
The responsibility is on the parent asking for sole custody to show why the other parent ought not to have any legal custody of the child.
www.mytorontolawyer.com /child-custody.html   (753 words)

 International Parental Child Abduction Australia
GENERAL INFORMATION: Custody in Australia is referred to as "parental responsibility." Unless there is a court order to the contrary, the parents of a child are assumed to have "joint parental responsibility." A court-issued "residence" order specifies who will be the primary physical custodian of the child.
The purpose of the new requirement that both parents'' consent be demonstrated is to lessen the possibility that a U.S. passport might be used in the course of an international parental child abduction.
Its purpose is to discourage international parental child abduction and to ensure that children who are abducted or wrongfully retained, are returned to their country of habitual residence.
travel.state.gov /family/abduction/country/country_507.html   (2940 words)

 IowaFathers.com - A Help Network for Non-Custodial Parents
Legislative changes must be made to protect the family unit and ensure that children have an opportunity to be raised by parents, not a parent.
Parenting schedules are established to determine when each parent has the child(ren) living with them.
Parenting is a fundamental right protected by the 5th and 14th amendments.
www.iowafathers.com   (1580 words)

  Adoption Education Center: Adoption and School Issues   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Parents can start to get comfortable with the idea of sharing information about the child's adoption if they feel it is appropriate or that it can help the child's adjustment to school.
Others say that parents cannot expect teachers to become more sensitive to adoption issues, use positive adoption language, and help adopted children feel more secure if parents are not willing to share openly and affirm their own positive feelings about adoption.
A parent of a child adopted from the foster care system almost has to discuss the child's adoption with school personnel, so that they will understand these background factors and be able to plan useful interventions together with the adoptive family.
www.adoptiononline.com /aecschooliss.cfm   (6374 words)

Parents and/or guardians are encouraged to be actively involved and must give written permission for individual student participation.
The goals are to increase the literacy level and job skills of parents, empower parents to actively support their children's education, and provide early educational experiences for the children.
Parents and children attend structured courses independently, receive home visits designed to increase parenting and other supportive skills, and also spend time together under the supervision of trained educational staff.
www.usoe.k12.ut.us /board/docs/rpt.htm   (16302 words)

 Will Your Kids Be of “Good Character”? -   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
As parents nurture their children and act in their presence, they provide powerful lessons that will set the tone for what kind of adults their children will turn out to be.
Finally, the parent engaging Jacob in the cleaning process without scolding suggests there is a natural consequence to behaviour and he must assume some responsibility for restoring or repairing the situation.
Parental behaviour that encourages children to take responsibility for their actions, correct situations and practice good deeds can go a long way to assuring kids grow up to be of good character.
e-magazine.adoption.com /articles/726/will-your-kids-be-of-good-charac...   (627 words)

 Family Conflict Resolution Services
Review and analysis of assessment and parenting capacity reports from private and government sources.
Recommendations of the Joint Senate and House of Commons Report on Custody and Access.
Involvement of non-custodial parents at their children's school and its effect on their children's performance.
familyconflict.freeyellow.com   (732 words)

 Ratzka, Adolf. 2003. "Independent Living in Sweden."
Due to this far-sighted inclusive measure, designed to enable the rapidly aging Swedish population to stay longer in ordinary housing as opposed to having to move to senior citizen homes, the wheelchair-accessible portion of the total housing stock in most cities was probably close to 10% in 2002.
The parents’ interest in solutions that would fit more closely to their needs was interpreted by the ruling left coalition as a Thatcher-inspired attack on the Scandinavian welfare state whereas the Swedish conservative and liberal parties pointed to the central planning economies of Eastern and Central Europe whose end seemed near.
In my view, leadership entails a responsibility to honestly account for one’s achievements and failures, one’s experience with different solutions in order for persons in similar circumstances to learn from the example and to, hopefully, receive encouragement in their efforts to improve their situation.
www.independentliving.org /docs6/ratzka200302b.html   (11191 words)

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