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In the News (Wed 24 Apr 19)

  Beyond Partisan | The Issues. Your Voice. Our Democracy.
The Beyond Partisan offers you a platform from which to voice your ideas.
We must, as citizens, reflect upon the discussions and find the shared values which will allow American to progress in the future.
Beyond Partisan is a return to the egalitarian foundation of America’s birth through the means of modern technology.
beyondpartisan.org   (964 words)

  Partisan (military) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A partisan is a member of an irregular military force formed to oppose control of an area by a foreign power or by an army of occupation.
It was this concept of partisan warfare that would later form the basis of the "partisan rangers" of the American Civil War.
Soviet partisans, especially those active in Belarus, were able to effectively harass German troops and significantly hamper their operations in the region.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Partisan_(military)   (420 words)

Partisan membership grew from some 20,000 in May of 1944 to 200,000 by April of 1945.
By April 21, 1945, the partisans attacked in an organized sweep, and took control of all towns and cities not yet reached by the Allies.
Over 35,000 Partisans died by the time Italy was liberated in the spring of 1945.
www.comandosupremo.com /Partisan.html   (1163 words)

 Chapter 6 - Partisan Gerrymandering
Partisan (or political) gerrymandering is the drawing of electoral district lines in a manner that discriminates against a political party.
Partisan gerrymandering is a justiciable issue and may be held unconstitutional if it has a sufficiently discriminatory effect.
Bandemer, 478 U.S. The Supreme Court held that partisan gerrymandering was a justiciable issue, but ruled that a violation of the Equal Protection Clause by the Indiana legislature had not been proven.
www.senate.leg.state.mn.us /departments/scr/redist/red2000/ch5parti.htm   (2302 words)

 Winning Ways: Partisan Communications: Some Serious Considerations   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Such communications are considered partisan if they contain express advocacy of the election or defeat of a specific candidate or party.
In the past, corporations and associations have avoided partisan communications expressly advocating the election or defeat of a candidate because of perceived legal, public relations or political risks.
But the reality is that most groups are well positioned to conduct intelligent partisan communications, and should be viewing these communications as a logical extension of their PAC activities.
www.imakenews.com /dunn_enews/e_article000304795.cfm   (627 words)

 Partisan Resistance in Belarus during World War II
Partisan Resistance in Belarus during World War II Partisan Resistance in Belarus during World War II The tragedy that Belarusian people have undergone during World War II is so deep that even today this topic is embedded in everyday surrounding and culture of Belarusians.
While majority of the partisan and underground movement was driven by a heroic effort of Belarusian people to liberate their homeland from Nazi, there were also negative things associated with some partisan detachments.
Clearly majority of partisans were not able to fight and feed themselves simultaneously, and so many times they forced Belarusian villagers to give up their food supplies and cattle.
www.belarusguide.com /history1/WWII_partisan_resistance_in_Belarus.htm   (3097 words)

 Sample Chapter for Lublin, D.: The Republican South: Democratization and Partisan Change.
While it is tempting to simply utilize "realignment" as shorthand for "major partisan change" here, I avoid using the term to prevent confusion with the theories of other scholars or their particular use of the term.
Partisan change has conventionally been conceived as the result of major events that cause shifts in elite and mass partisanship and alter voting behavior at all levels of government.
In partisan change that is uniform, the shift in voting behavior and partisan officeholding occurs at all levels of government.
pup.princeton.edu /chapters/s7759.html   (11606 words)

 Living and Surviving as a Partisan
Even in their own partisan units, Jewish partisans were often forced to conceal their Jewish identity lest they be subject to the antisemitism of their partisan comrades.
Most partisan groups, however, were quite cut off from the world, and the difficulty of feeding their troops was a constant problem for the commanders.
Partisan camps had to be remote, yet close enough to a village or town to secure the necessities of life.
www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org /jsource/Holocaust/partisan1.html   (2684 words)

 SSRN-The Revival of Impeachment as a Partisan Political Weapon by Richard Neumann   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
And the Republican view of impeachment as a partisan political weapon is well supported by precedent in American history.
Partisan impeachment - in which one branch of government attacks another - played a central role in three of the four great confrontations between or among branches of the federal government.
Jefferson's letters to his subordinates during the most partisan disputes of his presidency reveal obsessions on his part similar to those expressed by President Nixon on the White House Watergate tapes, though without Nixon's dishonesty, vulgarity, and lack of imagination (Part III(B)).
papers.ssrn.com /sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=923834   (1147 words)

 Partisan Witch Hunt --political commentary, actions, articles, and links--
What's outstanding about the partisan rift in American politics is the tendency among conservatives to characterize attacks against the left as having a pure basis in moral justice while any scrutiny of their own actions is characterized as groundless and entirely political.
When the left opposes the right, conservatives find that their strength is not in putting forth their own merits, but in selling the misrepresentation that the opposition is without merit.
By shying away from the partisan rift Democrats allow Republicans to use its negative characterization to provide a smokescreen for their own self-serving and corrupt deeds and to disarm the left.
members.tripod.com /partisanwitchhunt-ivil/pwh2/index2.html   (339 words)

 Partisan War Syndrome -- In These Times
The main symptoms of Partisan War Syndrome are hallucination, delirium and obsessive compulsive behavior, with those afflicted losing almost all perspective about what winning politics really is all about.
And third is Partisan War Syndrome - the misconception even in supposedly “progressive” circles that substance is irrelevant when it comes to both electoral success and, far more damaging, to actually building a serious, long-lasting political movement.
This is the syndrome resulting from the shellshock of the partisan wars that marked the Clinton presidency.
www.inthesetimes.com /site/main/article/2354   (3288 words)

 The "Partisan Politics" Game
All lack of progress has been the Bush administration’s fault because of its unwillingness to concede on issues for the “betterment of the American people.” Even the commentators were falling into this last night by saying how rough a year 2005 was for Bush and his staff.
Partisan politics have always been with us and always will be.
We always have been a partisan nation, but never has it been more apparent when the media decided to divide us up into blue and red states.
www.americanvision.org /articlearchive/02-01-06.asp   (628 words)

 Long Sunday: On Schmitt's "Theory of the Partisan"
The partisan is outside the law by virtue of his irregular status viz.
The partisan might be defined therefore as the paradigmatic political figure: fighting for the life of the community, unconstrained by military bureaucracy, the partisan stands for the exception that can never be normalized precisely because of the existential gravity of the struggle.
The partisan gives the lie to liberal attempts to “normalize” international relations within a regime of laws that are not themselves a subject to contestation.
www.long-sunday.net /long_sunday/2006/06/on_schmitts_the.html   (2642 words)

 Opinion: Cities as partisan prizes
Lois Frankel, former legislative leader and Democratic candidate for governor, didn't raise $513,937 for the job of West Palm Beach mayor (city population: 86,194) because she vowed to fight slumlords in the North End Redevelopment area.
The state parties have decided to make cities their partisan playgrounds, and this is not a healthy trend.
More to the point, this path toward overt partisan combat in city elections is not likely to make those governments more responsive to their voters.
www.sptimes.com /2003/03/20/Opinion/Cities_as_partisan_pr.shtml   (555 words)

 PARTISAN arrayLIMS - CLONDIAG Chip Technologies
Based on our and our partners' extended experience in the fabrication and application of microarrays, we developed PARTISAN arrayLIMS.It is designed to manage all pertinent issues in a microarray life cycle, such as array design, array production, biochemical reactions (hybridization), detection (image scanning/acquisition), data analysis and data mining.
PARTISAN is an essential platform for fully automated array-manufacturing and array-analysis processing.
Combined with our imaging software Iconoclust, PARTISAN can provide service for future advanced procedures, new integrated devices (like the AP microreactor cartridge or the AT array platform for lab diagnostics), new labeling assays, standardization tools and chip technologies.
www.clondiag.com /products/sw/partisan   (258 words)

 Profile of a Jewish Partisan
Frank's partisan unit, known as the Markuszow group and headed by Iser Eisenberg, became a disciplined fighting force.
The general was very sympathetic to Jews; he asked the men about their families and told them they had to stay in the area at all costs, even if the had to hide in pairs of two, because the German front would soon be coming through.
Cesia's two brothers were members of Yechiel Greepspan's partisan unit, and for a few months she had helped prepare meals for Frank and his comrade, Marian Dworecki.
www.aish.com /holocaust/people/Profile_of_a_Jewish_Partisan.asp   (2682 words)

 The Washington Monthly
The 9/11 Commission should generate exactly such a conflict among liberals because the more partisan the Commission becomes, the less likely they are to find the truth and the less likely the Commission's final report will have legitimacy in the eyes of the public.
Another partisan move by the WH is to declassify documents, or parts of them for purely political purposes.
The second, related, faulty premise is that the more partisan the view, the less legitimate the findings, suggesting that the more sycophantic the view, the more legitimate the findings.
www.washingtonmonthly.com /archives/individual/2004_04/003704.php   (14325 words)

For a year the Borgerlige Partisaner have wanted to attack the German-controlled Globus radio factory on the outskirts of Copenhagen, but the multi-building complex, guarded by Danish SS troops, has always seemed too well protected for the small group to attempt it.
Their ammunition has run low, forcing them to hold their fire until the last minute - so, until they can be assured of "a German for every bullet", they can only watch as the Nazis advance with flamethrowers and Goliaths...
Partisans of the People's Army of Liberation have cut the road into Palesnik, trapping its large but weak garrison of Croation troops.
www.multimanpublishing.com /ASL/prodpart.php   (850 words)

 The Missouri Partisan Ranger - Mission Statement
To illustrate why the Missouri Partisan Ranger took arms against Federal invaders, marauders and assassins.
To remember the brave and honorable Missouri Partisan Ranger and Missouri State Guard that stood up for their beloved State.
To convey that The Missouri Partisan Rangers were at times the only defense the people of Missouri had from savage Federal invaders.
www.rulen.com /partisan/mission.htm   (180 words)

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