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Topic: Party (law)

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In the News (Sun 21 Jul 19)

  Yemen Gateway: party law - a comparative perspective
For example, Venezuela passed its party law in 1965, Germany in 1967, Finland in 1969, Austria in 1975, Spain in 1978, Turkey in 1980, Argentina in 1982, Poland in 1990, and Israel in 1992.
In Yemen a party is granted legal status by the approval of the Committee for the Affairs of Parties and Political Organisations (CAPPO), which consists of the Minister of Legal and Parliamentary Affairs as chairman, the Ministers of the Interior and Justice as members, and four non-partisans who must be either retired judges or lawyers.
Parties are associations oriented to the formation of political opinion at Federal or Land level and to participation in the representation of the people in the Federal Parliament (Bundstag) or Regional Parliaments (Landtag).
www.al-bab.com /yemen/pol/saifparty.htm   (3782 words)

 UK manifesto Introduction by Dr Geoffrey Clements, Party Leader   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
It is remarkable that the old political parties, who have demonstrated their failure government after government, return to the population with the same agenda to ask for their vote yet again, and ask them to bear their incompetence for yet another term in office.
The Natural Law Party, having a presence in 50 countries, is making a strong stand to end the era of negativity and destruction produced by the sale of arms and other life-damaging merchandise, and to promote throughout the world a system of government that will restore the true dignity of life.
Furthermore, since the Natural Law Party is the only party that has an integrated and unified platform throughout the nations of the European Union, it is the only party in a position to act on the political level to integrate the need for sovereignty with the need for unity.
www.natural-law-party.org.uk /UKmanifesto   (5348 words)

 Party (law) - Search Results - MSN Encarta
Party (law), a person or group involved in a legal proceeding as a litigant.
Belligerent, in international law, a state or organized community at war and subject to and protected by the laws of war.
University of Alberta Faculty of Law, University of Calgary, Faculty of Law
encarta.msn.com /Party_(law).html   (177 words)

 a mad tea-party: law school Archives
Liable asked if there is "a relationship between an individual's motivations for attending law school and his or her success in it?" Well, like any good lawyer, I would have to say it depends.
A new law blogger is writing on the subject of leaving grad school and switching to law school.
Many law students operate under the conceit that they will be the one the professor bestows the slight nudge for class participation come grade time....
www.whostolethetarts.com /archives/cat_law_school.html   (3600 words)

 The Party¬†Law in Palestine :: Ammar Dweik
Since the law stipulated that the voting process should be subject to local and international monitoring, before the registration of voters began on 4 September 2004, the new Commission began working on a series of regulations and procedures based on the existing Elections Law.
Due to the absence of a party authorized to monitor the funding of parties and the fact that there are no provisions forcing the parties to reveal their accounts or keep special accounts that are subject to auditing, it is extremely difficult for the Central Elections Commission to validate the financial statements it receives.
Until a revised Elections Law is issued, its absence should not prevent the parties and factions from organizing internal elections and organizing their membership, funding, and administration in as transparent a manner as conditions allow.
www.passia.org /meetings/2005/Ammar-Dwaik-2005p.htm   (4447 words)

 International IDEA | New Political Party Law in Peru
As a condition for entry into the system, each party will have to be backed by one percent of the signatures of the list of electors and demonstrate its presence in at least one-third of the country's provinces.
Party authorities and candidates for public election shall be elected in open or closed primaries.
Any party may be declared illegal and forego its registration and all possibility of re-registering in the Registry of Political Organizations if it is showed to have engaged in anti-democratic conduct.
www.idea.int /news/new_pp_law_peru_nov03.cfm   (448 words)

 Contracts Law
If one party meets its contractual obligations and the other party doesn't ("breaches the contract"), the nonbreaching party is entitled to receive relief through the courts.
Generally, the nonbreaching party's remedy for breach of contract is money damages that will put the nonbreaching party in the position it would have enjoyed if the contract had been performed.
State law requirements vary from state to state, but in most states, a contract for the sale of goods for $500 or more must be in writing.
library.findlaw.com /1999/Jan/1/241463.html   (3063 words)

 French 'pirate party' formed to oppose copyright law | OUT-LAW.COM
The party statement asks supporters to ignore in their everyday lives any laws which run counter to the party's beliefs.
The law (which translates as 'the law on authors' rights and related rights in the informaiton society') was approved by both houses of parliament in France on June 30 but has not been signed into law yet by the president of France.
The party was covered in the international press after that event, and in the aftermath, when legitimate companies claimed to have been damaged in the raid on a server farm.
www.out-law.com /page-7074   (411 words)

 Egypt's opposition unites in criticism of political party law -- Middle East Times
Opponents of amendments made by the People's Assembly last week to Political Party Law No. 40 of 1977 said that the law gave the state-controlled Committee for Political Party Affairs overarching powers, such as the authority to approve the formation of political parties and monitor their activities once they form.
Rifaat Al Saeed, former head of and MP representing the Leftist Tagammua Party in the Shura council, said in the press that the committee should not be given the right to interfere in the internal affairs of political parties.
He told the Middle East Times that "this [law] that gives the committee the right to interfere in the affairs of political parties is a blow to the independence of political parties and their right to take their own decisions".
www.metimes.com /print.php?StoryID=20050711-063118-8304r   (676 words)

 Party Financing Law - 1973
I. "A Faction" - A Party which presented a list of candidates in the previous elections to the Knesset and is represented by at least one Knesset member.
OR A Party whose representative(s) in the Knesset have been duly recognized by the Knesset Committee as a faction.
Funds received by a Faction according to a decision by the General Federation of Labor in order to fund election campaigns within the Federation or one of its constituent unions shall not be deemed a violation of this law.
www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org /jsource/Politics/financelaw.html   (807 words)

 Natural Law Party - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The party bases its platform on the Transcendental Meditation view that natural law is the supreme organizing principle that governs the universe.
Contrary to urban myth, the UK Natural Law Party was not founded by Beatle George Harrison (he merely did a fundraising concert for them), but by Dr Geoffrey Clements, the party's first leader within the UK.
The U.S. Natural Law Party, led by Dr. John Hagelin, ran as a third party that was largely center-left in ideology.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Natural_Law_Party   (748 words)

In Roman Law the Law of Nature tended to be identified with the jus gentium, the law that was the same everywhere throughout Rome's vast Empire.
In the present historical moment the natural law tradition has been strengthened by growing public awareness of the fragility of the community of living systems of which human life is a part.
The Natural Law Social Democratic Party does not seek to duplicate the work already being done by social ethicists, theologians, members of church study groups, and other people of faith who are working patiently to use ancient wisdom and new spiritual insight to solve social problems.
www.howardri.org /NLSDParty.html   (2687 words)

 Michigan First Party No Fault Law for Car Accident Injuries   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Under Michigan "no fault" law, drivers of most motor vehicles are required to obtain "first party" insurance, to cover the cost of medical treatment and rehabilitation for persons injured as drivers or passengers of their own vehicles.
If the motorcycle driver is injured in a single vehicle accident, first party benefits will probably not be available unless the driver specifically opted to obtain such coverage along with the mandatory liability coverage.
Please also note that you may be entitled to first party coverage even if you were neither a driver nor a passenger in a moving car at the time of your injury.
www.a2lawyer.com /articles/injury/first_party.html   (2035 words)

 The Avalon Project : Democratic Party Platform; June 18, 1860   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Inasmuch as difference of opinion exists in the Democratic party as to the nature and extent of the powers of a Territorial Legislature, and as to the powers and duties of Congress, under the Constitution of the United States, over the institution of slavery within the Territories,
Resolved, that the Democratic party are in favor of the acquisition of the Island of Cuba on such terms as shall be honorable to ourselves and just to Spain.
Resolved, That the enactments of the State Legislatures to defeat the faithful execution of the Fugitive Slave Law, are hostile in character, subversive of the Constitution, and revolutionary in their effect.
www.yale.edu /lawweb/avalon/dem1860.htm   (225 words)

 SyriaComment.com: The New Party Law - Nothing New
Sami Moubayed explains in his recent article: "Friends of the Baath," the "freedom" that will be granted by the New Party Law, the draft of which has appeared and caused an uproar among the Syrian opposition.
The main qualifications of the founder [of any new party] should be: "that he has not acted in behaviour that is opposed to the Revolution of March 8".
All parties are clearly prohibited from operating outside Syria or even marketing their views with Syrians in the diaspora or among non-Syrians.
faculty-staff.ou.edu /L/Joshua.M.Landis-1/syriablog/2006/03/new-party-law-nothing-new.htm   (964 words)

 disinterested party: Law Archives
The law in question would have required health care providers to notify a parent at least 48 hours before providing an abortion to a woman under the age of 18, or for young women to obtain a court waiver of this requirement.
Instead the law would have forced physicians to wait to provide emergency medical care until the young woman was facing imminent death.
Justice Stephen G. Breyer, writing for the majority, said interpreting the law broadly to apply to foreign convictions would be unfair to defendants because procedural protections are often less in international courts.
www.disinterestedparty.com /archives/law   (4274 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The Natural Law Party is no longer registered as a political party in the UK.
However, the leaders, candidates, and supporters of the Natural Law Party are now active implementing directly the programmes and policies of the Natural Law Party.
The contents of the Natural Law Party’s original website is a record of the activities, manifestos, and statements of the Party from its foundation in April 1992 until January 2001.
www.natural-law-party.org.uk   (121 words)

 Newsvine - Texas Law Students Chastised for Party
AUSTIN, TEXAS — A group of first-year law students at the University of Texas at Austin has been chided by the dean for participating in a "Ghetto Fabulous"-themed costume party and posting pictures from it online.
The party is the latest racially insensitive incident to emerge from the university, which has struggled for years to boost minority enrollment and make students of color feel welcome.
Sager met with about 18 students who were at the party and said he is convinced they didn't think their actions would offend classmates.
www.newsvine.com /_news/2006/10/12/398053-texas-law-students-chastised-for-party   (594 words)

 The Natural Law Party of the United States of America   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The national headquarters of the Natural Law Party have closed effective on April 30, 2004.
The US Peace Government is now carrying forward the programs, policies, and ideals of the Natural Law Party.
We encourage all supporters of the Natural Law Party to consider giving their support now to the US Peace Government.
www.natural-law.org   (309 words)

 JURIST - Paper Chase: Spanish conservative party challenges gay marriage law
The party filed the case in Spain's Constitutional Court [official website in Spanish], saying that the new law "denaturalizes the fundamental institution of marriage." Since it was passed, dozens of gay couples have married and several others, including high-ranking public officials, have applied for marriage licenses.
Popular Party head Mariano Rajoy [BBC profile] said the party had presented a civil union alternative to marriage when the measure was passed.
Paper Chase is JURIST's real-time legal news weblog, powered by a team of 20 law student reporters and editors led by law professor Bernard Hibbitts at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law.
jurist.law.pitt.edu /paperchase/2005/09/spanish-conservative-party-challenges.php   (291 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The Natural Law Party has announced that it will not field candidates in the forthcoming general election or any other elections in the UK, although party leaders and candidates will continue their activities to create Natural Law based administration.
Party leader Dr Geoffrey Clements said: "In the past eight years, since we formed the Natural Law Party, our policies have been very much appreciated by politicians, the public, the media and professionals in all fields, but the system is really stacked against new parties and we don't get the media coverage or the votes.
Commenting on the result of the election for Mayor of London, Dr Geoffrey Clements, the Natural Law Party’s mayoral candidate, has applauded Ken Livingstone for the genuine way in which he said in his victory speech that he wants to establish a broad coalition for the benefit of all Londoners.
www.natural-law-party.org.uk /index1.htm   (2062 words)

 The Thermodynamic Law Party
The Thermodynamic Law Party is the second fastest growing political third party in North America and is active in over 70 countries world-wide.
Our policies are based on the scientifically proven Laws of Thermodynamics and seek to bring society in harmony with those Laws.
We were founded in 1997 by concerned citizens as an alternative to the directionless (and often harmful) traditional political parties that have had our nation in a stranglehold of self-serving in-fighting for decades.
zapatopi.net /tlp.html   (365 words)

 a mad tea-party
Despite what everyone in law school tells you, you are not doomed to that particular life.
I've been a retired law student for nearly a year now, and my time at a mad tea-party has long since come to an end.
If you are still in law school, there is absolutely no reason to add a legal disclaimer (as commonly found at the bottom of actual lawyers' e-mails) to the bottom of yours.
www.whostolethetarts.com   (894 words)

 Political party funding law next March? - JAMAICAOBSERVER.COM   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
But while senior PNP officials were known to be in broad support of the concept at their annual conference yesterday, it is still to be debated throughout the party before it formally becomes policy.
In its report, the PNP's policy commission said that there is a need for specific law requiring the parties to be registered and to meet certain standards for continued recognition, similar to what happens in the case of trade unions.
It suggested that the Electoral Advisory Commission (EAC), appropriately resourced, would, by law, be designated the regulatory body to monitor and ensure the parties remain in compliance with the act.
www.jamaicaobserver.com /news/html/20050911T010000-0500_88074_OBS_POLITICAL_PARTY_FUNDING_LAW_NEXT_MARCH_.asp   (452 words)

 The Pensioners Party - Law and Order
We find it quite dispiriting the way successive governments have shied away from an ever increasing problem, preferring to brush the problem under the carpet and massage crime figures so as to avoid living up to their responsibility.
It would be easy to be glib in how to handle a complex problem but you have to start somewhere and resolve individual problems head on and in no particular order.
However, the problems with law and order must be tackled and we would envisage that some lack of police manpower could be made up from specific personnel from the armed forces.
www.thepensionersparty.org /lawandorder.html   (638 words)

 LII Supreme Court Collection: Historic decisions   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Clicking on these search links will tell you if that is true of a case in which you are interested and allow you to see exactly how the case is being used.
Inspect the results with some care; the search is a simple one and may yield "chaff" along with "wheat" -- that is, instances where the volume and page numbers of the citation and name of one of the parties are being used in other contexts.
A report that there are "0 Returned Object(s)" provides important negative information, namely, that the case has not been cited recently.
supct.law.cornell.edu /supct/cases/name.htm   (2134 words)

 Kansas Bogus Legislature - Law & Order Party   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The Law and Order Party was organized at a meeting in Leavenworth on October 3, 1855.
A Free-State Party had been formed at a meeting at Big Spring in August and a convention in Topeka in September.
The pro-slavery members of the Law and Order Party felt it necessary to counter a growing free-state opposition to the measures passed by the Bogus Legislature and to appeal to southerners across the nation to come to their aid.
www.kansasboguslegislature.org /laworder   (156 words)

 Telephone Tape Recording Law   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
A one party state means one party to the telephone conversation has to have knowledge and give consent.
AZ is a one party state, ARS 13-3005.A(1)(2), AND also permits a telephone "subscriber" (the person who orders the phone service and whose name is on the bill) to tape (intercept) calls without being a party to the conversation and without requiring any notification to any parties to the call, ARS 13-3012(5)(c).
If I were calling from a one party state to a two party state I would think that the law would apply where the phone call originated from, that being the one party state.
www.pimall.com /nais/n.tel.tape.law.html   (3641 words)

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