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In the News (Tue 20 Aug 19)

  Encyclopedia Smithsonian:Passenger Pigeon
The iris of the adult mourning dove is dark brown; that of the adult male passenger pigeon was bright red, and the female’s was orange.
The range of the passenger pigeon in its migrations was from central Ontario, Quebec, and Nova Scotia south to the uplands of Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida.
During the late summer the flocks of passenger pigeons frequently moved about at random in the northern forests in search of food, but as fall approached and temperature changes became sharp the flocks of passenger pigeons began their migration to the southern wintering areas.
www.si.edu /resource/faq/nmnh/passpig.htm   (2120 words)

 Passenger Pigeon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In the 18th century, the Passenger Pigeon in Europe was known to the French as "tourtre" but in New France the North American bird was called "tourte".
In the winter, they lived in the southern U.S. The Passenger Pigeon was extensively hunted for food, hog feed, as live targets for trap shooting and even sometimes as agricultural fertilizer, and shipped by the boxcar-load to the Eastern cities.
An often-cited example of coextinction is that of the Passenger Pigeon and its parasitic lice Columbicola extinctus and Campanulotes defectus.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Passenger_Pigeon   (948 words)

 Amazon.ca: Passenger: Music: Passenger   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
Passenger can be looked at as me being completely committed to spending money the day I saw it because otherwise, I would have left the store with it sitting on the shelf.
Passenger; in a sense, bears some of the traits of In Flames more recent material but it's sleuced through a grater that is comprised of a heavy Depeche Mode influence with a strong nod towards the Deftones.
Passenger has some metallic tendencies peppered throughout but they are; more or less, afterthoughts to the music as a whole.
www.amazon.ca /Passenger/dp/B00009MGGK   (1022 words)

 Passenger - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A passenger is a term broadly used to describe any person who travels in a vehicle, but bears little or no responsibility for the tasks required for that vehicle to arrive at its destination.
With respect to passengers riding in cars and vans, guest statutes may limit their ability to sue the driver of the vehicle over an accident.
Historically, the concept of the passenger has existed for as long as man has been able to create means of transportation capable of carrying more people than were needed to operate the vessel.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Passenger   (358 words)

 Topical Words: Passenger
The word often has a passive connotation—a passenger “is carried in some vessel or vehicle”, as one of my dictionaries puts it—so it’s hardly surprising that it began to be applied to somebody who contributes nothing to an enterprise.
It derives from the sport of rowing at the ancient English universities: a passenger was a man who did little or nothing to help the boat along, who had to be carried by the efforts of the other rowers.
That the Telegraph used passenger in its headline confirms this was one railway usage that didn’t stick.
www.worldwidewords.org /topicalwords/tw-pas1.htm   (519 words)

 The Passenger
The Passenger is one of the most fascinating film odysseys of the 1970s.
The Passenger is a marvel of quiet insight in many ways, not least of which is the chance to view Jack Nicholson before he became JACK NICHOLSON.
The Passenger isn't finally the masterpiece some have made it out to be, but it retains a singular intrigue: It's the first, and probably the last, thriller ever made about depression.
www.rottentomatoes.com /m/passenger   (1030 words)

 EPIC Page on Passenger Profiling   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
The court said passengers who walk through airport metal detectors implicitly consent to a search, and they can't revoke that consent even if they are chosen to undergo a more extensive "secondary screening" process.
Passengers whose records match names on the lists will be subject to commercial background checks to verify their identities.
Passenger bag matching was instituted for all international flights, but was deemed too onerous and impractical for domestic flights.
www.epic.org /privacy/airtravel/profiling.html   (5111 words)

 A Brief History of the Passenger Pigeon in North American
While reports of Passenger Pigeons continued for years, no other sightings after that date in 1900 were ever authenticated.
What began as a breeding group of Passenger Pigeons, was reduced to 3 birds by 1909, 2 males and one female.
She is currently on display at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C. It has been said that while many species have gone extinct, we generally do not know when the last one died.
www.ulala.org /P_Pigeon/Pigeon_History.html   (910 words)

 EPIC Page on EU-US Airline Passenger Data Disclosure   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
A Homeland Security program that acquired European passenger name records for pre-screening was opposed for its privacy violations by the European Parliament, and struck down by the European Court of Justice earlier this year.
The Advocate General of the European Court of Justice considers the May 2004 Passenger Name Records agreement between EU and US authorities to be without adequate legal basis, and has called for its annulment.
The United States and the Europeans are in the process of formulating an arrangement for the United States to obtain the passenger information while installing appropriate safeguards to protect the privacy of European citizens and to ensure that airlines comply with the data protection laws.
www.epic.org /privacy/intl/passenger_data.html   (7468 words)

 Passenger Pigeon Picts
Passenger Pigeon pair from Life of the Pigeon by Alexander Skutch, sent in by Jim Forrest.
A spectacular painting of a Passenger Pigeon Hybrid with a Common Ringneck dove from Charles Otis Whitman on Evolution of Pigeons.
A superb closeup of a PP male at the Smithsonian in DC A beautiful Pair of Passenger Pigeons in Pember Museum in Canada.
www.ulala.org /P_Pigeon/Pigeon_Picts.html   (822 words)

 MDCH - Child Passenger Safety
A Child Passenger Safety Planning Team was convened to coordinate a statewide child passenger safety strategic planning process.
A draft three-year strategic plan with recommendations for improving child passenger safety in Michigan has been prepared and will be forwarded for consideration and approval by the department.
Another training goal is to strengthen the network of current child passenger safety technicians and technician instructors in the state.
www.michigan.gov /mdch/0,1607,7-132-2940_2955_2981-51179--,00.html   (473 words)

From the Sony Pictures selection of their music for Dawson's Creek to the chance to open and tour with major national touring acts such as The French Kicks and the Trashcan Sinatras, the ride from 2003 to present day is upwards for the foursome who are anticipating even more success.
Among the influences PASSENGER cite are bands that range from Ride to the Stone Roses and Travis.
Passenger will be one of the most promising breakthrough bands this year.
www.myspace.com /passengeronline   (1358 words)

 15-Passenger Vans: Office of Risk Management at the University of Virginia
The standard design of the 15-passenger van does not meet the normal reinforcement requirements of passenger cars or school buses in the area behind the drivers seat.
These vehicles typically have 15-passenger van front ends with the remainder of the passenger body "cut away" and replaced with a larger body.
Note: if the primary purpose is for the transportation of high school and younger students, it is required that the vehicle meet Federal school bus safety regulations as stated in the Policy on Phasing Out the Use of 15-passenger Vans.
www.virginia.edu /riskmanagement/vans.html   (1071 words)

 Amazon.com: Passenger: Music: Passenger   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
Passenger's roots extend back to 1995, when Niclas Engelin and Patrik Sten decided to form a side project a shade different from the thrash/death styles that the two were playing.
With their respective work in Gardenian and Transport League requiring attention, the project was shelved for a time, but revived a few laters, fleshed out by fellow Gardenian Hkan Skoger and In Flames vocalist Anders Fridn, and by 2000 the first demo was recorded, eventually followed by the self-titled debut album in 2003.
True to their early vision, Passenger retains some of the aggression, and at least some of the styles, of the members' main bands, but also injects melody and a fair degree of accessibility.
www.amazon.com /Passenger/dp/B00009MGGK   (1206 words)

 CD Baby: PASSENGER: Passenger
Passenger is a melody-driven rock trio featuring Sam Vittoria on lead guitar and harmony vocals; Sunshine Garcia on lead vocals and flute; and Gregor Stewart on rhythm guitar.
Collectively, Passenger has performed in the San Francisco Bay Area at Slim's, the Last Day Saloon, the Sweetwater, the Bistro, Cafe Amsterdam, the Beach Chalet, Simple Pleasures Café, Infusion, the High Sierra Music Festival, Brew City, and the Owl & Monkey Cafe.
Gregor holds down the rhythm for Passenger and contributes to the songwriting of the group.
www.cdbaby.com /cd/passenger   (235 words)

 Air Passenger Fares Fact Sheet
U.S. and foreign residents are identified by a flight’s point of origin, based on the assumption that most passengers purchase their tickets and begin travel in their country of residence.
The samples for the Import and Export Air Passenger Fares Indexes are subsets of the samples for the Outbound and Inbound Air Passenger Fares Indexes, respectively.
Each air passenger item in these indexes is selected by probability methods and is defined by the following characteristics: origin and destination airports, carrier name, fare class (business, first, or coach), and fare type (one-way or round-trip).
www.bls.gov /mxp/apfact.htm   (892 words)

 What Passenger Lists Are Online?
Transcription of the passenger list for the SS Rotterdam which sailed from Rotterdam to New York, arriving on 27 May 1887 with 485 passengers from Germany, Norway, Sweden, Holland, Hungary, Austria, England, Italy, Russia, Switzerland, France, Poland, Belgium and Brazil.
Transcription of the passenger list for the John Holland which sailed from Le Havre, France to New Orleans, arriving on 20 June 1847 with 150 passengers, all from Germany.
Passengers to Norfolk & Portsmouth, Virginia in 1823
home.att.net /~wee-monster/onlinelists.html   (2641 words)

This haunting film is a portrait of a drained journalist, played by Jack Nicholson, whose deliverance is an identity exchange with a dead man. The film was shot on location and takes Nicholson on an incredible journey through Africa, Spain, Germany and England.
The climax of the film, alone – a final sequence lasting seven minutes and taking eleven days to shoot is truly a synthesis of the movie and a tribute to the director’s art.
The Passengerbrought together two of the screen’s most exciting personalities, Jack Nicholson and Maria Schneider, who had become an overnight sensation opposite Marlon Brando in “Last Tango in Paris.” The Passenger is based on an original story by Mark Peploe and was filmed from a screenplay by Peploe, Peter Wollen and Antonioni.
www.sonyclassics.com /thepassenger/synopsis.html   (251 words)

 Passenger comfort
The A300 and A310 – which were the first Airbus aircraft in airline service – ushered in a new era of airline travel by providing true widebody comfort in the 220-250-seat airliner category.
Passengers also appreciate the A300 and A310 for their quiet cabins.
The A380 will deliver an unparalleled level of comfort, with wider seats and aisles in all classes of service, open spaces for passengers to stretch their legs and access to lower-deck amenities such as bars and a duty-free sales area.
www.airbus.com /en/aircraftfamilies/passenger_comfort.html   (560 words)

and if this is your first time playing with passenger.....
simple rules, simple idea, passenger is a project to get artists who may have never worked together to do just that.
but I hope you know that there already is a band called Passenger, a heavy metal supergroup if you will headed by the frontman of the band In Flames.
www.myspace.com /passenger   (405 words)

 Passenger 3.6.2 – Mac OS X – VersionTracker
Notify me when Passenger is updated on VersionTracker.
Passenger is a server account creation and password generation tool that will import tab and comma-delimited text, ASIP 6.3 and Mac OS X XML and create account information and passwords for Mac OS X Server 10.2 and newer, Macintosh Manager, Master Key and Master Spell.
The only thing that I wich it did, and I have communicated this to the author is to do Win2k account generation.
www.versiontracker.com /dyn/moreinfo/macosx/11121   (315 words)

 Amazon.com: Passenger: Music: Tara MacLean   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
While Jewel turned her street-musician urchin experience into lyrical source material, MacLean turns to her survival of a rather unusual and not entirely pleasant upbringing by her Wiccan-turned-born-again-Christian parents for inspiration.
Passenger brings forth more uplifting lyrics and the spiritual element works positively in that regard.
"Reach" and "Passenger" bring back the electronics, but not too heavily -- the first is delicately melodic until the clomping chorus, and in the latter electronics hover only around the edges to create atmosphere while real instruments do most of the work (with some exotic percussion for flavor).
www.amazon.com /Passenger-Tara-MacLean/dp/B00004LMKS   (1911 words)

As today's business is driven by consumer expectations, our challenge is to meet those expectations in a financially sustainable business environment.
Looking forward, we are aiming at simplifying the travel experience to minimize hassle and give more control to each passenger.
For example, we plan to eliminate tickets and provide a maximum amount of services on the Internet and through self-service kiosks at airports or other locations.
www.iata.org /whatwedo/passenger   (115 words)

 Rocket sends female passenger into orbit - Human Spaceflight - MSNBC.com
That led some to dub Ansari "the first female space tourist," even though she herself rejects that label.
The first three paying passengers to visit the station — Dennis Tito, Mark Shuttleworth and Greg Olsen — were all men.
The only precedent for sending a woman into space with private financial backing is the 1991 flight of British chemist Helen Sharman to Russia's Mir space station.
www.msnbc.msn.com /id/14880090   (990 words)

 Guide to Immigration Records and Ship's Passenger Lists-Section 5.0
For example, some annotations indicate that the passenger was naturalized (possibly leading you to finding the naturalization record), others indicate that he was detained (Note: The detained passengers with the reason for detention and including other information are generally listed on the last sheet of the ship's manifest.).
The microfilms of the Immigration Passenger List were transferred from the INS to the National Archives and are identified as NARA Record Group 85.
As a result, there may be indexes for which no passenger lists exist, some date spans overlap in the records, and there are some passenger lists for which no indexes exist.
home.att.net /~arnielang/ship05.html   (2455 words)

 A380 passenger comfort
The A380 redefines the meaning of comfort for all passengers – whether they are premium customers in First and Business class, or leisure travelers in the Economy cabin.
Its double-deck passenger cabins are wider than the largest airliner in service today, offering the possibility for wider seats and aisles on the A380, along with more open spaces and access to optional passenger amenities such as business centers and rest areas below the main deck.
Vast cabin mock-ups were taken to eight major cities on three continents and the views of 1,200 frequent travellers – male and female and from a range of cultures and nationalities – were listened to.
www.airbus.com /en/aircraftfamilies/a380/passenger_comfort.html   (263 words)

 Passenger Cars - MSN Autos
The passenger car category is, by far, the largest and most competitive in the auto business—in 2005, passenger cars accounted for more than 45 percent of total vehicle sales.
With prices starting around $9,500, consumers have a staggering number of nameplates and body styles to choose from—the number of individual trims tops 300.
These passenger cars are most popular with MSN Autos shoppers.
autos.msn.com /research/category/passenger.aspx   (96 words)

 Past-Passenger Discounts, Past-Passenger Cruise Discounts
As a "thank you", some lines offer special discounts to their past passengers on select sailings.
Always tell your Vacations To Go cruise counselor if you are a past passenger of the cruise line you are inquiring about, so that he or she can compare any past-passenger discounts that are available to other discounts and find the lowest possible rate.
Holland America past passengers can book up to four staterooms on Holland America sailings at the past passenger rate.
www.vacationstogo.com /past_passenger.cfm   (166 words)

 CD Baby: PASSENGER: Late Tonight EP - from evor
If you want us to email you the minute this CD arrives, enter your name and email address here.
We will NOT give or sell your info to ANYone ever, and will not use it for ANY other reason than to tell you when this CD arrives.
Passenger is a four piece rock band out of Boston.
www.cdbaby.com /cd/passengerband/from/evor   (260 words)

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