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Topic: Passerine

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In the News (Tue 19 Feb 19)

  Passerine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-20)
Many passerines are songbirds and have complex muscles to control their ; all of them gape in the nest as infants to beg for food.
Many passerine families were grouped together on the basis of morphological similarities which, it is now believed, are the result of convergent evolution, not a close genetic relationship.
A major branch of the passerine tree, the (or sparrow-like forms), emerged either as the sister group to another (the Corvida, or crow-like birds), or more likely as a subgroup of the Corvida, and reached the northern hemisphere, where there was a further explosive radiation of new species.
www.secaucus.us /project/wikipedia/index.php/Passeriformes   (465 words)

 ninemsn Encarta - Search Results - Passerine
Passerine, common name for any of the perching birds belonging to the largest avian order, which includes more than 5,700 highly diverse species and...
Dipper, common name for five species of passerine (perching) birds.
Magpie, common name for any of several passerine (able to perch) birds of the crow family, and for unrelated birds of an Australian family.
au.encarta.msn.com /Passerine.html   (75 words)

 Bahamas news - Bahamian news portal: - Passerine Development on Guana Cay - Commentary   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-20)
However, Passerine has negotiated an agreement with the government to the effect that a larger acreage (89 acres) will actually be preserved and managed by an independent trust, funded buy a levy on the residents, so that it will remain an area preserved and protected for research and recreation by all Bahamians and visitors.
The fact is that the other developments have not addressed the solid waste and sewage issues and Passerine has undertaken to build and operate a solid waste transfer station for the whole island.
I have had the opportunity to visit many developments in the Bahamas over the last 25 years and can frankly find nothing better than this development, which has a low housing density and has employed the most conservative measures to enhance and protect what is left of the natural environment.
www.bahamasb2b.com /news/wmprint.php?ArtID=4685   (970 words)

 Search Results for passerine -¬†Encyclop√¶dia Britannica
Passerines, like other small land birds with fragile bones and arboreal habits, are rarely fossilized; hence the fossil record gives few clues to their evolution.
The colours, patterns, and textures of passerine feathers are considered important taxonomic characters, especially in determining genera, species, and subspecies.
Passerines lay clutches of one to 14 eggs, clutch size being unrelated to the size of the bird.
www.britannica.com /search?query=passerine&submit=Find&source=MWTAB   (364 words)

 Passerine Migration Monitoring Introduction   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-20)
This long term study to monitor the population status of neotropical migrants and to better understand the relationship between in-route habitat and their breeding ecology is conducted on the Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge complex and neighboring lands in northwest Ohio.
Adequate stopover habitat may play an important role in delivering migrating passerines to their breeding grounds with sufficient energy reserves to successfully nest.
Migrating and resident passerines are sampled on the Navarre, Darby, Ottawa units of the Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge.
www.bsbobird.org /passerine_intro.html   (819 words)

 Identifying Predators and Fates Of Grassland Passerine Nests   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-20)
Abstract: Nest fates, causes of nest failure, and identities of nest predators are difficult to determine for grassland passerines.
We developed a miniature video-camera system for use in grasslands and deployed it at 69 nests of 10 passerine species in North Dakota during 1996-97.
Table 2 -- Videotaped fates of eggs and nests during incubation for grassland passerine species.
www.npwrc.usgs.gov /resource/2000/vcamera/vcamera.htm   (606 words)

 The Guardian's Business News
Passerine at Abaco Limited was given the green light Tuesday to begin construction of an exclusive resort and residential community at Great Guana Cay in the Abacos.
A Heads of Agreement between the Bahamas government and the Passerine Group was signed at the Cabinet Office Tuesday morning.
With an initial investment of approximately $20 million, the Passerine Partners are proposing to build the resort/residential complex, which they say will include a 75-room luxury-villa style hotel and associated amenities, a first-class 240-slip marina, an 18-hole, 585-acre championship golf course, 350 residential lots and numerous other luxury facilities.
www.thenassauguardian.com /bixex/309120085596938.php   (864 words)

 Justin Philip Crable,Jodi Berlin, Courtney Piotrowski,Corey Brooks - Michigan State University - Dept. of Geography - ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-20)
Ecologists of Michigan have expressed concern for the passerine birds of the western Michigan study area.
The amount of continuous forested areas were tabulated, and upwards of 50% of the total forested area was deemed acceptable under the current standard for passerine bird habitat: 50% of total forested land must be in clumps of 4 kilometers or more.
In creating a large amount of groupings of passerine bird habitat we allow for a diversification in species, and protect the existing population.
www.ssc.msu.edu /~la/justincrable/p8birds.html   (288 words)

 DNA and Passerine Classification   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-20)
This means that the genetic distance between evolving bird species with the same generation time (e.g., passerines, which all mature at one year) always increases at roughly the same rate.
Both the mocker and thrasher must have been separated for the same amount of time from the last common ancestor the two shared with the finch.
Since the Sibley-Ahlquist proposal is somewhat controversial and unfamiliar to most bird enthusiasts, however, the higher classification (arrangement of groups above the generic level-subfamilies, families, etc.) used elsewhere in this book follows the AOU treatment.
www.stanfordalumni.org /birdsite/text/essays/DNA.html   (478 words)

 BirdForum - What is the meaning of the word "passerine"?
There are also Passerine tribes, who are defined as a race of people of the fruit trees.
Over half the world's birds are passerines and the order Passeriformes is divided into four sub-orders, of which the only one represented in the British Isles is the sub-order Oscines.
Those birds which are not placed in the order Passeriformes are called 'non-passerines', while those non-passerines which are most closely related to the passerines are called 'near-passerines', examples of the latter being the swifts (family Apodidae) and the woodpeckers (family Picidae).
www.birdforum.net /showthread.php?t=22021   (1077 words)

 Auk, The: Timing of breeding range occupancy among high-latitude passerine migrants
Our analyses examined the timing of spring and autumn migration among 18 passerine species to obtain indirect estimates of the time they occupy their breeding ranges in northwestern North America.
Birds that migrate to Alaska are therefore under greater temporal pressure to complete breeding-season activities (such as territory and mate acquisition, nest building, egg laying, incubation, care of young, and molt) than birds at lower latitudes.
Yet, the total amount of time passerines spend completing the breeding effort is not well known.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_qa3793/is_200104/ai_n8935915   (1426 words)

 Relative sensitivity of nestlings of wild passerine birds to gamma radiation.
Relative sensitivity of nestlings of wild passerine birds to gamma radiation.
It was clear that while sub-lethal doses markedly affected the growing tissues of the body and feather follicles, such doses did not affect the brain centers responsible for the development of ontogenetic behavior patterns.
Willard, W.K. Relative sensitivity of nestlings of wild passerine birds to gamma radiation.
www.uga.edu /srel/Reprint/0039.htm   (547 words)

 Wilson Bulletin: Swallow-tailed Kites carry passerine nests containing nestlings to their own nests. (Short ...
Wilson Bulletin: Swallow-tailed Kites carry passerine nests containing nestlings to their own nests.
Swallow-tailed Kites carry passerine nests containing nestlings to their own nests.
Wilson Bulletin; 9/1/2001; Coulson, Jennifer O. During 1995-2001, I documented 20 instances of Swallow-tailed Kites (Elanoides forficatus) carrying nests containing nestlings of six passerine species to their nests or roosts adjacent to kite nests in the Pearl River Basin (Mississippi and Louisiana) and Atchafalaya River Basin (Louisiana).
www.highbeam.com /library/doc0.asp?DOCID=1G1:86049580&refid=ip_encyclopedia_hf   (195 words)

 Phylogeny and diversification of the largest avian radiation -- Barker et al. 101 (30): 11040 -- Proceedings of the ...
The earliest fossil passerine is from the early
Schematic of spatial and temporal patterns in passerine diversification.
The height of the bars to the right of the tree is proportional to the number of species in the corresponding clades, and the proportion of colors in each bar represent the current geographic distribution of species (red, Australasia; green, Africa and Eurasia; blue, North and South America).
www.pnas.org /cgi/content/full/101/30/11040   (3649 words)

Any zoological institution housing passerines in the typical manner (natural substrates, planted enclosures, mixed species) probably should be considered to have Atoxoplasma in their collection.
Birds in large multi-species aviaries are generally difficult to treat on a regular basis in a stress free manner and it is usually best to use this situation for displaying birds rather than for intensive reproduction programs.
Passerine birds that are positive for Atoxoplasma and are in a breeding program will be easier to manage in smaller enclosures that can be periodically broken down and sanitized.
www.riverbanks.org /subsite/aig/Atoxo-recommendations.htm   (4471 words)

 F. Keith Barker's Homepage -- Phylogeny and Evolution of Passerine Birds   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-20)
One of the primary tools necessary for understanding the variation of this group, and placing ecological, behavioral, and morphological research into a historical framework, is a robust phylogeny.
My research program has focused on improving our understanding of passerine (especially oscine) phylogeny at all hierarchical levels, from basal relationships within the group, to species-level phylogenies of individual families and genera.
First, I have used phylogenetic approaches to address the spatial and temporal history of passerine diversification, using a variety of methods from molecular clocks to quantitative biogeographic analyses.
www.tc.umn.edu /~barke042   (351 words)

 Passerine book search page
Nearctic Passerine Migrants in South America- No. 25
The non-passerine Pleistocene avifauna of the Talara Tar Seeps, northwestern Peru
excuse it, as Passerine might by the theory that the sensational element
booksyoudo.20m.com /passerine.html   (149 words)

 Barrier crossing in trans–Saharan passerine migrants: migration strategies and implications for conservation
Moreover, fat levels should be adjusted according to mortality risk barrier crossing, and thus varying according to the migration route followed, since the extension of Mediterranean sea and Sahara desert change with longitude.
One way to better understand how passerine migrants adjust their fat levels when facing an ecological barrier, is to analyse the variation of fat reserves before and after crossing these two barriers at the intraspecific level, comparing population with different migration routes.
We are currently studying pre–migratory fattening strategy in the European populations of Barn Swallows before living their breeding quarters, and the residual fat reserves of several passerine trans–Saharan migrants at their arrival in southern Europe in spring.
www.bio.unipd.it /behavecol/Migration.html   (471 words)

 Black Swamp Bird Observatory -- Passerine Migration Research   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-20)
Passerine migration studies have been ongoing since 1978, prior to the existence of the Observatory.
The Observatory handles around 12,000 birds at their research stations each spring and close to 8,000 birds in the fall.
Migrating passerines are monitored for their energetic condition (fat reserves), how long they stay in the area, migration timing, and habitat usage.
homepages.utoledo.edu /bsbo/spring.html   (102 words)

 Passerine Among the Natives (Ftrain.com)
But I can't blame Passerine; she wants to be a voice for those poor people below the equator.
Passerine didn't see me when she spoke to me; I was an audience along her journey, an ear with a body attached.
This is Passerine Among the Natives by Paul Ford, published Tuesday, January 18, 2000.
www.ftrain.com /archive_ftraintwo_9.html   (849 words)

 ABO - Publications
No species arrived with high fat loads in spring, and generally low fat levels in autumn suggest that high-latitude passerine migrants in North America are paying most of the energetic costs of long-distance migration from resources obtained en route to their wintering grounds.
Among passerine migrants near these high-latitude breeding grounds, seasonal fat deposition strategies appear to be in response to energetic needs at the level of daily maintenance rather than to hypothesized insurance needs in spring or to the forthcoming needs of a long-distance migration in autumn.
The brief subarctic summer limits the time available for birds to complete their reproductive activities, yet the temporal requirements of high-latitude passerine migrants are not well understood.
www.alaskabird.org /ABOPublications.html   (738 words)

 Varied Pathogenicity of a Hong Kong-origin H5N1 Avian Influenza Virus in Four Passerine Species and Budgerigars -- ...
As in the case of the passerine species, the isolation of AI viruses from psittacine birds is an uncommon event.
Nestorowicz A, Kawaoka Y, Bean WJ, Webster RG: Molecular analysis of the hemagglutinin genes of Australian H7N7 influenza viruses: role of passerine birds in maintenance or transmission.
Roy G, Burton J, Lecomte J, Boudreault A: Role of passerine birds in the ecology of influenza viruses.
www.vetpathology.org /cgi/content/full/40/1/14   (4709 words)

 USGS Forest and Rangeland Ecosystem Science Center: Research Descriptions
Fragmentation of shrubsteppe habitats by wildfire and human-caused disturbance have contributed to significant declines in the distribution and abundance of breeding passerine birds.
Many species of passerine birds are too small to instrument with standard radio-telemetry methods.
As such, critical issues of natal dispersal, migration, and habitat selection remain unanswered for migratory passerine birds because of the inability to track individual birds.
fresc.usgs.gov /research/detail.asp?Project_ID=179   (300 words)

 Identifying Predators and Fates Of Grassland Passerine Nests   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-20)
Types of sign left by predators at 26 grassland passerine nests monitored by cameras in Stutsman and Barnes Counties, North Dakota, 1996-97.
Previous Section -- Table 5 – Diurnal and nocturnal initial-predation rates for camera-monitored grassland passerine nests.
Next Section -- Figure 1 – Estimated daily predation rates for nests of grassland passerines.
www.npwrc.usgs.gov /resource/2000/vcamera/tab6.htm   (148 words)

 Mauritius Fody - Foudi - Foudia rubra
The Mauritius Fody and the Rodrigues Warbler are both classified as critically endangered and these two passerine species are in grave danger of becoming extinct.
Conservation efforts to help passerines will be more difficult than for the larger, more resilient birds MWF is working with.
Hawaii’s passerine program is still in the preliminary stages and much remains to be learned to develop strategies that will best help conserve these tiny birds.
www.birds.mu /Endemic/MauritiusFody.htm   (1039 words)

 JungleWalk.com - Passerine Gifts for Animal Lovers
Use Coupon code TRMWR72 at checkout to receive 10% off.
Sometimes known as perching birds or, less accurately, as songbirds, the passerines are one of the most spectacularly successful vertebrate orders: with around 5,400 species, they are roughly twice as diverse as the most successful of the mammal orders, the Rodentia.
Many passerine families were grouped together on the basis of morphological similarities which, it is now known, are the result of convergent evolution, not a close genetic relationship.
www.junglewalk.com /shop/Passerine-gifts.htm   (394 words)

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