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Topic: Paterson, New Jersey

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In the News (Fri 22 Mar 19)

  Paterson, New Jersey - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Mayor of Paterson is José "Joey" Torres.
New Jersey's Eighth Congressional District, covering the southern portion of Passaic County and northern sections of Essex County, is represented by Bill Pascrell Jr.
Paterson is served by a number of highways: Interstate 80, New Jersey Route 4, New Jersey Route 19, and New Jersey Route 20.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Paterson,_New_Jersey   (2975 words)

 William Paterson: New Jersey's Nation-maker
William Paterson’s most important contributions to the development of American political institutions were made at the Constitutional Convention of 1787 and during his service as a member of the nation’s High Tribunal.
Though the New Jersey Plan, which he introduced at the Convention to counter the more nationalistic Virginia Plan, championed the cause of state sovereignty, it recognized the need for enlarged and independent powers for the central government.
Thus the new national government was given the means of self-preservation and, in the long run, the power of political dominance.
ww2.wpunj.edu /aboutus/nationmkr.htm   (978 words)

 William Paterson
William Paterson was a rising young lawyer who applied his legal and executive skills to the service of the country during the Revolution, the Constitutional Convention, and the formative years of the new republic.
He was co-author of the New Jersey (or Paterson) Plan that asserted the rights of the small states by proposing a national legislature that, ignoring differences in size and population, gave equal voice to all the states.
Paterson also defended the concept of states' rights at the Convention, believing that it was the will of the people to protect the powers of the states from federal encroachments.
www.army.mil /cmh-pg/books/RevWar/ss/paterson.htm   (960 words)

 Working in Paterson: Occupational Heritage in an Urban Setting
The four-month study of occupational culture in Paterson, New Jersey, was conducted in 1994.
Paterson is considered to be the cradle of the Industrial Revolution in America.
Paterson went on to become the largest silk manufacturing center in the nation as well as a leader in the manufacture of many other products, from railroad locomotives to firearms.
memory.loc.gov /ammem/wiphtml/pthome.html   (343 words)

 Silk City: Paterson, New Jersey - North Jersey's Internet Magazine
Paterson was founded in 1791 by the Society for Establishing Useful Manufactures (S.U.M.), a group championed by statesman Alexander Hamilton.
The settlement was named for governor of New Jersey and signer of the United States Constitution, William Paterson (1746-1806).
Paterson industries provided the sail cloth for Yankee Clipper ships, the revolvers and firearms which tamed the "wild west", locomotives that pulled the freight that built a nation, and silk products which created a golden age for the "Silk City".
www.rt23.com /history/Paterson_NJ-silk_city.shtml   (1085 words)

 Number 5 Elementary School - Paterson, New Jersey / NJ - school information
In 2004-2005 New Jersey used the New Jersey Assessment of Skills and Knowledge (NJ ASK) to test students in grades 3 and 4 in language arts literacy and math.
The different student groups are identified by the New Jersey Department of Education.
In 2004-2005 New Jersey used the New Jersey Grade Eight Proficiency Assessment (GEPA) to test students in grade 8 in language arts literacy, math and science.
www.greatschools.net /modperl/achievement/nj/1543   (633 words)

 West Paterson New Jersey Real Estate
Though West Paterson is a highly developed municipality, with a mixture of residential, retail, office, and industrial properties, a significant portion of the Borough remains open space due to municipal parkland, two County parks, and a two reservoirs.
West Paterson, is now a town of 11,300 people, and has become a center of industry and tremendous growth in the past couple of decades.
West Paterson is ideally located, far enough away that you can escape the hustle and bustle of a large city and be surrounded by the peace and quiet of the country.
www.relocate-america.com /states/NJ/cities/wpaterson.htm   (584 words)

 Paterson - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Division of Paterson, an electoral district in the Australian House of Representatives, in New South Wales.
Paterson, the poem by American poet William Carlos Williams
This is a disambiguation page: a list of articles associated with the same title.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Paterson   (98 words)

 Paterson Online NET - Paterson, New Jersey Community Website
Paterson Online NET is Community Website designed by Julio Tavarez to provide information about the City of Paterson New Jersey, The Paterson Public Schools System, Passaic County Community College, Grown Folks Entertainment and many other things.
Paterson New Jersey, also known as the Silk City, is the third largest city in the State of New Jersey and Julio Tavarez thought that Paterson New Jersey should have its own site on the NET....
Paterson New Jersey, best know as Silk City by many individuals, is working on developing the Center City Project.
www.patersononline.net   (717 words)

 Paterson, New Jersey: America's Silk City
Paterson, New Jersey was established in the 1790s to utilize the power of these falls.
In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, they produced silk fabrics in such quantities that Paterson was known as "Silk City." In 1913, however, the mills stood silent for five months as workers joined in a bitter strike that brought the city national attention.
The suburban house where leaders of the radical Industrial Workers of the World rallied thousands of workers on Sunday afternoons still stands.
www.cr.nps.gov /nr/twhp/wwwlps/lessons/102paterson/102paterson.htm   (233 words)

 CNN.com - Hijack suspects seen in N.J. in summer - October 29, 2001
PATERSON, New Jersey (CNN) -- At least one of the suspected hijackers who intentionally crashed a passenger jet September 11 purchased his plane ticket from a travel agent in a northern New Jersey town near where the alleged ringleader of the attacks was spotted this summer.
Totowa is the neighboring town to Paterson where, CNN has previously reported, Hanjour was one of at least four suspected hijackers who shared a one-bedroom apartment for $650 a month, rent paid in cash each month by Hanjour, according to the building's landlord.
The latter criteria would include a Mailboxes, Etc., and as CNN previously reported, Alhazmi had boxes at franchises in Wayne, New Jersey, and Fort Lee, New Jersey.
archives.cnn.com /2001/US/10/29/inv.hijackers   (720 words)

 Paterson, New Jersey Directories, 1890-93 -- Genealogy Database for Family History Research
Located just west of New York City in Passaic County, New Jersey, the city of Paterson was home to over 20,000 residents in 1890.
Jersey City, New Jersey Directories, 1891-93 Directories listing for over 167,000 names for Jersey City, New Jersey from 1891 to 1893.
New Jersey - State Fact Sheet Save yourself hours of time and aggravation by ordering this information-packed, two-page coated reference sheet specially developed to simplify genealogical research in the state of New Jersey.
www.familybirthrecords.com /db.asp?dbid=4440   (414 words)

 Paterson School District - Paterson, New Jersey -curriculum, k-12, elementary school, middle school, high school, ...
Located approximately fifteen miles west of New York City, where the Passaic River cascades over the Great Falls, Paterson is the third largest city in New Jersey.
Michael E. Glascoe, the Paterson Public Schools delivers educational services to over thirty thousand students including the pre-school students mandated by the Abbott Court Decision.
Supplemental Educational Services (SES) Provider Fairs will be held at The New Roberto Clemente- School 24,, Parents will be able to speak with service providers as well as register their children for free after-school tutoring in reading, language arts and/or mathematics.
www.paterson.k12.nj.us   (249 words)

 West Paterson Florist | Flower Delivery West Paterson, New Jersey (NJ) | Florists in West Paterson   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The population of West Paterson is approximately 10982.
West Paterson is positioned 40.88 degrees north of the equator and 74.19 degrees west of the prime meridian.
Our West Paterson, New Jersey florist directory is provided through a strategic partnership with Regional Direct.com, which has established partnerships with the most reliable, customer service-driven area West Paterson florist and florists in New Jersey, including West Paterson, New Jersey.
www.albanywebsites.com /ex/asp/city.West-Paterson-Florida-Florist-NJ/CityId.1153/xe/florists-flower-delivery.htm   (194 words)

 Paterson, New Jersey--Supplementary Resources
After reading Paterson, New Jersey: America's Silk City, students will know more about the causes and effects of a famous strike and how it affected those who were involved in it.
Electronic New Jersey, a digital archive of New Jersey history, features lesson plans on the early history of the S.U.M. The lesson plans include digital maps and photos, and instructional activities designed for high school students.
The State University of New York at Albany website includes a useful overview of labor history that helps put the Paterson strike in a national context.
www.cr.nps.gov /NR/twhp/wwwlps/lessons/102paterson/102lrnmore.htm   (312 words)

 USCCB - (OCYP) - 2004 Audit Executive Summary: Diocese of Paterson
The Diocese has a mechanism in place to respond promptly to any allegation where there is reason to believe that sexual abuse of a minor occurred.
The Diocese has a victim assistance coordinator Peggy Zanello, who is a State of New Jersey certified Domestic Violence Therapist with multiple degrees and 34 years of counseling experience.
The educational program for children (from kindergarten through grade 6) is the Child Assault Prevention Program (CAP) partially funded by the State of New Jersey.
www.usccb.org /ocyp/dioceses04/patersonnj.shtml   (1245 words)

 Child Labor   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Paterson Intelligencer that reported on the issues of child labor and the strike of 1835.
New Jersey Online website that pinpoints education tips for parents, including adherence to child labor laws.
New Jersey Department of Labor website on Labor Standards and Safety Enforcement with a complete listing of NJ Child Labor statutes.
www.bergen.org /ourstory/Resources/child.html   (852 words)

 Paterson, New Jersey Free Relocation Package, Paterson, NJ Homes For Sale, Real Estate Listings, Multiple Listing ...
Our Paterson, New Jersey relocation counselors are local REALTORS® who can help you find homes for sale and real estate listings, including the MLS, your local Multiple Listing Service.
If you are relocating to Paterson, New Jersey within one year and planning to buy a home, let Buyers USA Relocation help you make a smooth move!
Our service covers Paterson, New Jersey and includes over 4,000 cities nationwide and provides information about houses for sale, condos, new homes and foreclosures.
www.homebuyersusa.com /newcities/NJ/NJ3115.cfm   (314 words)

 William Paterson vs New Jersey City Univ (Nov 10, 2001)
New Jersey City Univ-Wiley WILLIAMS 9-82; Sharif BATTLE 1-25; Todd SCOTT 1-12; Frankie SINCLAIR 1-3.
New Jersey City Univ-Sharif BATTLE 1-0; Duane DATES 1-7.
William Paterson vs New Jersey City Univ (Nov 10, 2001 at Jersey City, NJ) SACKS (UA-A): William Paterson-Kearns 1-0.
www.njcu.edu /athletics/football/11102001.htm   (4649 words)

 Paterson CPAs: New Jersey Online Guide to find a CPA near you.
Paterson CPAs: New Jersey Online Guide to find a CPA near you.
The City of Paterson, located on the Passaic River in New Jersey was once one of the mightiest industrial cities of the United States.
The Paterson CPAs Guide uses results from Qwest Dex Yellow Pages and Smart Pages to try to give complete coverage in the state of New Jersey.
www.xzett.com /CPAs/NewJersey/Paterson.htm   (219 words)

 BORDC: Resolution Details - Paterson, New Jersey
WHEREAS, the City of Paterson has a diverse population, including immigrants and students, whose contributions to the City are vital to its economy, culture, and civic character; and
WHEREAS, these new policies may undermine trust between immigrant communities and the government, and in particular, pose a threat to the civil rights and liberties of the residents of our City who are or who appear to be Arab, Muslim, or South Asian descent; and
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Municipal Council of the City of Paterson affirms its strong support for rights of immigrants who have legally entered this country and opposes measures that single out individuals for legal scrutiny or enforcement activity based primarily upon their country of origin; and
www.bordc.org /detail.php?id=81   (857 words)

 City Gardens
The Paterson Division of Recreation and the Master Gardeners of Passaic County are offering Patersonians an opportunity to plant and maintain their own community gardens.
Along with the new, many existing gardens were used as platforms this summer for gardening activities and discussions among community members.
The volunteer Master Gardeners of Passaic County, 4H, St Pauls, School 4 and The Paterson Rotary Club are lending their expertise and assistance to the establishment and maintenance of the various sites.
home.earthlink.net /~cctoo/citygrdn.html   (402 words)

 Daniel Weiss - a Paterson, New Jersey (NJ) Immigration Lawyer
Daniel Weiss is a partner in the Law Firm of Shulman and Weiss, L.L.P. with offices in Paterson and Freehold, New Jersey.
Admitted to practice in New Jersey and before the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey, Mr.
He currently is the Chair of the Gay and Lesbian Section for the New Jersey State Bar Association.
pview.findlaw.com /view/2763394_1   (218 words)

 Paterson, New Jersey Chamber of Commerce, apartments, motels, jobs in Paterson NJ
Paterson, New Jersey Chamber of Commerce, apartments, motels, jobs in Paterson NJ Chamber of Commerce
Chamber of Commerce in Paterson, NJ 100 Hamilton Plaza #1201
Who better to answer the questions; Where is Paterson, New Jersey and what is there to do?" Your best source for community information is the local chambers of commerce and convention and visitor bureaus across the United States!
www.2chambers.com /paterson.htm   (192 words)

 Paterson, NJ A History
The industries developed in Paterson were powered by the 77-foot high Great Falls of the Passaic, and a system of water raceways that harnessed the power of the falls.
In the latter half of the 1800's, silk production became the dominant industry and formed the basis of Paterson's most prosperous period, earning it the nickname "Silk City." Paterson was also the site of historic labor unrest that focused on anti-child labor legislation, safety in the workplace, a minimum wage, and reasonable working hours.
rich history of the City of Paterson and to those who seek to expand their knowledge of it.
www.patersonhistory.com   (249 words)

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