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Topic: Path (topology)

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In the News (Wed 21 Aug 19)

  Topology Encyclopedia
Topology (Greek topos, "place," and logos, "study") is a branch of mathematics that is an extension of geometry.
The most basic division within topology is into point-set topology, which investigates such concepts as compactness, connectedness, countability, and algebraic topology, which investigates such concepts as homotopy, homology, and knot theory.
In pointless topology one considers instead the lattice of open sets as the basic notion of the theory, while Grothendieck topologies are certain structures defined on arbitrary categories which allow the definition of sheaves on those categories, and with that the definition of quite general cohomology theories.
www.hallencyclopedia.com /topic/Topology.html   (1819 words)

 Tracking Packet Flow Using Path Analysis
Path Analysis is an operations and diagnostic application that traces the connectivity between two specified points on your network, including the physical and logical paths taken by packets flowing between those points.
Path Analysis investigates and reports on Layer 3 and Layer 2 paths between a source and destination (Leg 3 in Figure 5-2).
Path Analysis collects this information about Cisco devices that are SNMP-reachable and on non-Cisco routers as long as they are SNMP-reachable and are within a subnet that is known to be within the organizational domain.
www.cisco.com /univercd/cc/td/doc/product/rtrmgmt/cw2000/camp_mgr/camp_3x/cmgr_3_3/u_guide/path.htm   (5481 words)

  Path (topology) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Note that a path is not just a subset of X which "looks like" a curve, it also includes a parametrization.
Paths and loops are extremely important in branch of algebraic topology called homotopy theory.
The equivalence class of a path f under this relation is called the homotopy class of f, often denoted [f].
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Path_(topology)   (661 words)

 VISVIP paper for WebVIS'99
We then adopted a spline representation: each subject path is depicted as a smooth curve overlaid on the directed graph.
However, we found that the inherent topologies of the paths are also informative for discovering similarities and differences among subjects' navigation styles.
Paths that looked complicated when laid out directly over a web site often revealed a much simpler structure when laid out according to their own topology (see Figure 5).
www.itl.nist.gov /iaui/vvrg/cugini/webmet/visvip/webvis-paper.html   (2361 words)

 Path   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
In graph theory a path is a sequence of vertices of a graph where there is an edge from any vertex in the sequence to the following vertex.
In computing, path is the general form of a file or directory name.
In topology, a path in a topological space X is a continuous function from the unit interval [0,1] into X.
www.guajara.com /wiki/en/wikipedia/p/pa/path.html   (165 words)

 Path - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Path in hiking, often synonymous with a trail, although trail generally implies longer distances, unsurfaced ground, and natural terrain, whereas a path, particularly in an urban setting, can be much shorter, have a paved surface, and meander through landscaped areas.
Path (graph theory), a sequence of vertices of a graph.
Path Program a formula grant program in the USA that funds support service delivery to individuals with serious mental illnesses who are homeless or at risk of becoming home-less.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Path   (307 words)

 Path Analysis Using Campus Manager
The Layer 3 path is the logical path on the network that packets follow through Cisco devices such as routers.
Path Analysis investigates and reports details on Layer 3 and Layer 2 paths between a source and destination (Leg 3 in Figure 13-1).
The Layer 3 path connects the end-stations and intervening routers that establish the hops taken at the IP layer.
www.cisco.com /univercd/cc/td/doc/product/rtrmgmt/cw2000/camp_mgr/camp_4x/cmgr_4_0/u_guide/path.htm   (4247 words)

Path attributes may also be used to distinguish between groups of routes to determine administrative preferences, allowing greater flexibility in determining route preference to achieve a variety of administrative ends.
When sending routes to an external peer the local AS number is prepended to the AS path, hence routes received from an external peer are guaranteed to have the AS number of that peer at the start of the path.
On external connections the AS path in unreachable announcements is set to the local AS, on internal connections the AS path is set to zero length.
www.unix.org.ua /gated/node33.html   (2977 words)

 SUPER-UX System Administrator's Guide Chapter 20
A device and channel connected in the single-path topology are called a single-path device and single-path channel, respectively.
A device and channel connected in the multiple-path topology are called a multiple-path device and multiple-path channel, respectively.
For multiple-path topology, the relationship between an FCP device and a channel using the FCP device must be described to iotab(4) beforehand.
www.cptec.inpe.br /sx4/sx4man2/g1ah01e/chap20.html   (1626 words)

 Roxen Community: RFC 2643 Cabletron's SecureFast VLAN Operational Model Version 1.8 (Informational)
The switch flood path is formed using a spanning tree algorithm that provides a single path through the switch fabric that guarantees loop-free delivery to every other SFVLAN switch in the fabric.
When both the call path and tap path pass through the switch, and the inport and outports of both connections are identical, the switch uses the existing call connection to route the tap.
When both the call path and tap path pass through the switch, but the call path outport is different from the tap path outport, the switch enables an extra outport in either one or both directions of the call connection, depending on the direction of the tap.
community.roxen.com /developers/idocs/rfc/rfc2643.html   (11543 words)

 Network Layer Support for Overlay Networks
Path Painting allows multiple end hosts to determine where their disparate paths to a rendezvous point meet, in order to facilitate overlay topology building.
Path Painting: a new primitive for allowing end hosts to coordinate and learn where their individual paths to a rendezvous point converge, allowing efficient overlay topologies to be built.
When another end host paints the same path, a notification is sent and the nodes may coordinate to graft the new end host to the overlay topology.
pdos.csail.mit.edu /~jj/jannotti.com/papers/phd-proposal   (8176 words)

 UNINETT internweb: E2E topology and measurement thoughts
We introduce the term path points to distinguish these measurements points from meters, that typically reside on the side of the path, but still monitor the path, or part of it.
In essence, the topology is a graph of interconnected nodes.
The detail and quality of the topology information may vary, ideally it should be a model of the running network.
domen.uninett.no /~faltin/doc/jra1.html   (2191 words)

 iPlane: An Information Plane for Distributed Services
The path predictions are combined with measured characteristics of path segments to predict end-to-end path properties for a number of metrics such as latency, available bandwidth, and loss rate.
To determine intersections between paths, we cluster interfaces that are owned by the same AS and reside in the same PoP, and deem two paths to have intersected if they pass through the same cluster.
Once a path is predicted, iPlane simply composes the measured properties of the constituent path segments to predict the performance of the composite path.
www.cs.washington.edu /homes/harsha/iPlane/osdi06/index.html   (9392 words)

 RFC 2643
The Path Link State server is called by the Connect Link State server (Section 4.5.2) to return up to three best paths of equal cost between a source and destination pair of endstations.
The probe switch is located on this leg of the switch flood path, and the switch has had to either modify the call connection or establish a new connection to implement the tap (see Section 5.2.1).
The probe switch is located on this leg of the switch flood path, and the switch was able to route the tap over the existing call path (see Section 5.2.1).
www.apps.ietf.org /rfc/rfc2643.html   (11453 words)

 Margie Hale's Education   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Topology, Homeomorphisms of Some Direct Limit Spaces, directed by Richard E. Heisey.
The dissertation deals with the topology of some direct limit spaces and their related homeomorphism groups.
In the compact-open topology, H(M) is regular, Lindelof, paracompact, F-stable, and non-first countable.
www.stetson.edu /~mhale/vita/educat.htm   (254 words)

 Amazon.com: Topology (2nd Edition): Books: James Munkres   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
I must say I was quite confused when I began the actual topology portion of the book (chapter 2), but this was due to the difficulty of topology, in general, and not the book itself.
Unfortunately, this lack of a completely cohesive approach is unavoidable, since a course in point-set topology ought to provide a stepping stone one can use for further study in topology and not a mountain one can climb and conquer and thus know the subject completely.
If you are searching for an introduction to point-set topology that will give you a solid grounding in the basics of point-set topology, but at the same time will give it to you in an easily approached manner, than this book is for you.
www.amazon.com /Topology-2nd-James-Munkres/dp/0131816292   (1678 words)

 [No title]
Upstream Neighbor That switch attached to the inport of the switch flood path -- that is, the switch from which undirected messages are received.
Downstream Neighbors Those switches attached to all outports of the switch flood path except the port on which the undirected message was received.
Therefore, on each switch along the tap path, the tap connection is established in one of three ways: - The existing call connection is used with no modification.
www.isi.edu /in-notes/rfc2643.txt   (12114 words)

 SeqQuest NEB Tutorial
The forces on the ions are further modified such that the original forces parallel to the path and the inter-image spring forces perpendicular to the path are removed (this is the path "nudging").
The saddle point geometry may be refined by using the climbing image method, which works by inverting the parallel force on images that are higher in energy than either of their neighbors.
This method robustly finds a saddle point on a given path, given that there are sufficient images to describe the path topology.
www.cs.sandia.gov /~paschul/Quest/SeqQ_NEB_Tutorial.html   (1492 words)

The Spanning-Tree Protocol allows multiple paths across switches and bridges while avoiding the pitfalls of switching loops.
  Topology information is sent through the network in bridge protocol data units (BPDUs) at steady intervals in order to keep the topology updated for every switch and bridge.
  The protocol is also advanced enough to survive changes in network topology and path or device failures.
www.usd.edu /~mring/cisco/tcschap3/vlan.htm   (430 words)

 Method for Topology Independent Path Determination in Infiniband Subnets
Disclosed is a method that uses algorithms and data structures for computing the optimal path between any two end-points, regardless of the topology of the Subnet.
Since each switch in a path exacts a performance penalty, paths with fewer hops are generally preferable to those with more hops.
The Subnet Object models the physical composition and topology of the Subnet.  By following internal linkages in the Subnet Object, the disclosed method may determine the composition and physical interconnectedness of the subnet The construction and precise format of the Subnet Object are outside the scope of this disclosure.
www.priorartdatabase.com /IPCOM/000012791   (566 words)

 CAIDA : analysis : topology : as_core_network
The graph reflects 926,201 IP addresses and 2,000,796 IP links (immediately adjacent addresses in a traceroute-like path) of topology data gathered from 22 monitors probing approximately 865,000 destinations spread across 77,678 (50% of the total) globally routable network prefixes.
The graph only represents forward IP topology information, with IP addresses mapped to origin ASes using a BGP routing table.
One of CAIDA's topology mapping project goals is to develop techniques to illustrate relationships and depict critical components of the Internet infrastructure.
www.caida.org /analysis/topology/as_core_network   (886 words)

 NetSight Topology Manager CD Booklet   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
The NetSight Topology Manager documentation is in modular HTML form only, and is referred to hereinafter as NetSight Topology Manager Help.
After you have installed NetSight Topology Manager on your system, the full NetSight Topology Manager Help system is available from the Help menu option on NetSight Topology Manager windows, and from any window that has a Help button on it.
Caution: When you launch NetSight Topology Manager after installation, be sure you are logged onto the workstation as the NetSight Topology Manager Server Administrator you specified during installation; otherwise, NetSight Topology Manager will not launch correctly.
www.enterasys.com /support/manuals/topman1.1/snjhelp/booklet.html   (2876 words)

 Welcome to Netcordia.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
On a periodic basis, NetMRI autodiscovers the network, collecting the key data it needs to build a network database consisting of the inventory, parameters, current statistics and topology.
Figure 2 and Figure 3 show topology maps drawn for purposes of troubleshooting paths between end points experiencing performance issues.
The Issues discovered by NetMRI are annotated on the topology path map, making this a working and learning troubleshooting tool rather than simply a conceptual overview.
www.netcordia.com /tour/tour-inventory.shtml   (191 words)

Informational [Page 5] RFC 2643 Cabletron's SecureFast VLAN Operational Model August 1999 Switch flood path The path used to send undirected messages throughout the switch fabric.
Informational [Page 26] RFC 2643 Cabletron's SecureFast VLAN Operational Model August 1999 4.7.2 Spanning Tree Server The Path Spanning Tree server is called by any server needing to forward an undirected message out over the switch flood path.
Informational [Page 38] RFC 2643 Cabletron's SecureFast VLAN Operational Model August 1999 With the exception of the resolve list (which has a different size and format in a Resolve response message), all fields of an Interswitch Resolve message are allocated by the originating switch, and unless otherwise noted below, are written by the originating switch.
www.nalanda.nitc.ac.in /misc/rfc/html/rfc2643.html   (12141 words)

 Welcome to Rohit Newakar's cyber home
My research "Non uniform rational B spline (NURBS) bsed optimal tool path generation for high speed machining (HSM) " at University of New Brunswick was focused on CAD CAM CNC integration.
Therefore, time required for manufacturing can be significantly reduced if tool path is properly planned.
High Speed Machining: Cutter path topology, tool path generation.
www.ucalgary.ca /~rsnewask/CADCAM.html   (343 words)

 Mathematics Topology Homework Help
Mapping a point to the path component which contains x establishes a map.
Prove that the product space X is also path connected.
(See attached file for full problem description) --- • Prove that a set X with discrete topology is a compact topological space if and only if X is a finite set.
www.brainmass.com /homeworkhelp/math/topology/pg7   (445 words)

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