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Topic: Pathos

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  Definition of pathos - Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
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www.m-w.com /dictionary/pathos   (56 words)

  Pathos - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Pathos (from πάσχειν paschein, the Greek word meaning "to suffer" or "emotion") is one of the three modes of persuasion in rhetoric (along with ethos and logos).
In rhetoric, pathos is the use of emotional appeals to alter the audience's judgement.
A common use of pathos in argument is creating a sense of rejection if the audience doesn't agree.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Pathos   (190 words)

 Pathos   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
When a writer or speaker uses pathos to persuade the audience, he or she attempts to move them by putting them in the right frame of mind, or, put differently, to create the right disposition.
An example of a failed appeal to pathos was the attempt by some one from a pro-life group to get candidate Clinton's attention during his first run for the presidency.
Recognizing the use of pathos in someone else's speech or text is a matter of reading the text in a non-critical attitude until you find your emotions being triggered.
www.engl.niu.edu /wac/pathos.html   (888 words)

 PATHOS   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Pathos, also called pathetic or emotional proofs, is the persuasion of audiences by using emotions.
Pathos is the form of persuasion based on emotion.
Pathos is one of three forms of persuasion in rhetoric.
www.rlc.dcccd.edu /annex/COMM/english/mah8420/pathos.html   (621 words)

 Akwara, Andreas - Pathos - Groove Unlimited
PATHOS means "overwhelming emotion" and it is the sort of emotion I had while composing/playing part III.
The state of pathos is often a road paved with morose introspection, but this music cuts through that emotional descent, providing a promise of accomplishment and fulfillment at the end of the depression.
On “Pathos”, it is all about rather dark, Schulze like, sequencer driven EM, with side steps to the pathos (joke) of a Vangelis or a Jarre.
www.groove.nl /cd/7/77963.html   (835 words)

 The UVic Writer's Guide: Pathos   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Pathos is a Greek term for deep emotion, passion, or suffering.
When applied to literature, its meaning is usually narrowed to refer to tragic emotions, describing the language and situations which deeply move the audience or reader by arousing sadness, sympathy, or pity.
Pathos which seems excessive or exaggerated becomes melodramatic or sentimental, and when its disproportion to its subject results from anticlimax, pathos becomes bathetic.
web.uvic.ca /wguide/Pages/LTPathos.html   (133 words)

 Pathos Classic One [English]
There's no doubt the Pathos electronics have everything they need to catch your attention: weird looks, state of the art finish and craftsmanship and circuits that put them into a league of their own.
The Pathos Classic One is a hybrid integrated amplifier with a tube-equipped preamp stage and a solid state power stage.
Pathos designers have a long established tradition in designing good sounding hybrid amps and this Classic One (their baby) confirms their fame.
www.tnt-audio.com /ampli/pathos-classic1_e.html   (2161 words)

 Analyzing Argument
The problem with Aristotle's logic (concerning his desire for logic) is that argument by the syllogism is often deadly dull.
Humans are passionate creatures whose hearts and minds are moved with appeals to emotion (pathos), character (ethos), as well as logic (logos).
Pathos does not concern the veracity of the argument, only its appeal.
rhetorica.net /argument.htm   (606 words)

 Ethos, Pathos, and Logos
Pathos thus refers to both the emotional and the imaginative impact of the message on an audience, the power with which the writer's message moves the audience to decision or action.
The persuasive appeal of pathos is an appeal to an audience's sense of identity, their self-interest, their emotions.
Many rhetoricians over the centuries have considered pathos the strongest of the appeals, though this view of persuasion is rarely mentioned without a lament about the power of emotion to sway the mind.
courses.durhamtech.edu /perkins/aris.html   (2601 words)

 (de)construct - pathos   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
"Pathos in greek meant the passions, or suffering, or deep feeling generally, as distinguished from ethos, a person's overall disposition or character.
In modern criticism, however, pathos, in a more limited sense, is attributed to a scene or passage that is designed to evoke the feelings of tenderness, pity, or sympathetic sorrow from the audience.
I have extended this definition to include the evocation of any emotion in the audience as a part of pathos, since the definitions of pathos that I have encountered so far seem to ignore anything beyond "tenderness, pity, or sympathetic sorrow".
extros.ca /engl408c/subpages/audience_definitions.phtml   (189 words)

 Pathos New Classic One [English]
The main board has been improved too, with better and cleaner "ground" patterns while the power output now is claimed to reach 70 watts per channel instead of 50.
Simply because it has been proved once again the designers at Pathos know what they want and how to achieve their goals.
Hence, while it is undoubtedly clear the two amps share the very same family feeling one can't help but notice the new unit represents a substantial and unquestionable improvement over the old one.
www.tnt-audio.com /ampli/newclassicone_e.html   (1308 words)

Likewise, when a judge comments on legal precedent audiences tend to listen because it is the job of a judge to know the nature of past legal cases.
Pathos: Pathos is related to the words pathetic, sympathy and empathy.
Appeals to pathos touch a nerve and compel people to not only listen, but to also take the next step and act in the world.
www.public.asu.edu /~macalla/logosethospathos.html   (807 words)

 CGB: Pathos of Distance   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The term "pathos of distance" appears early in Nietzsche's *Genealogy of Morals*, in response to the interpretation of morality which is grounded in utility, that is, one which is based upon the notion that what was "good" was "good for someone," and that someone must have been responsible for designating such actions as good.
Rather it was the "good" themselves, that is to say the noble, mighty, highly placed, and high-minded who decreed themselves and their actions to be good, i.e., belonging to the highest rank, in contradistinction to all that was base, low-minded and plebeian.
By linking that distance up with pathos, Nietzsche appears to be suggesting that while we (now) can only understand noble morality in terms of its opposites, there was an initial act of affirmation which established such pathos.
www.uta.edu /HyperNews/get/Nietzsche/2.html?embed=3&outline=9   (1306 words)

 Logos, Pathos, and Ethos   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Pathos requires using language effectively to sway your reader.
  Maya Angelou narrative essay about her graduation (see the chapter on Memoir writing) is an excellent example of using pathos to convince readers of her point of view.
One way to make a reader who holds an opposite point of view agree with you is to maintain integrity of character in your argument, to be respectful of differing points of view.
ww2.sjc.edu /faculty_pages/jarzt/Logos.htm   (227 words)

Pathos was an extreme underground metal outfit based in the Northwestern US.
Pathos is not the first band to attempt to combine the fl metal and death metal approach, but this is one of the few that superbly mixes the bloodlust of the former with the complex brutality of the latter.
"Pathos proves again, you don't have to be a meathead to be a metalhead."
www.myspace.com /pathos   (923 words)

 The Literary Encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Chaplin’s pathos derives from the gulf between his good-hearted intentions and the outcome.
The same pathos is evident in the above where intelligence and real learning fail in their goal, and in this writing there is no deus ex machina to bring about a happy ending.
In simple terms, colons are used to signal that what follows is an explanation or an example of what has gone before.
www.literaryencyclopedia.com /stylebook/stylebook.php   (12185 words)

 Ethos, Pathos & Logos   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Aristotle then identifies the three canonical modes of artistic proof: ethos, pathos and logos on grounds that, in order to persuade, one must exude good character, move the audience by appealing to emotions, and, of course, advance good reasons.
One must also stir the emotions in order to move the audience to action, and the end of persuasion is action.
The relationship of pathos and style is important in rhetoric.
www2.dsu.nodak.edu /users/jtallmon/epl.htm   (196 words)

 ObilonKenobi: Pathos
Fear is a good motivator in Pathos as well as Sympathy.
That is not to say that Pathos is a negative argument.
It may be used to manipulate people but in other cases it can stir people to action that they may not take when presented with cold, hard facts.
obilon.blogspot.com /2005/11/pathos.html   (273 words)

 Gnosticism [Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy]
The Gnostic Idea or Notion was not informed by a philosophical world-view or procedure; rather, the Gnostic vision of the world was based upon the intuition of a radical and seemingly irreparable rupture between the realm of experience (pathos) and the realm of true Being, i.e., existence in its positive, creative, or authentic aspect.
The myth is always an explanation of something already known, and therefore carries its truth-claim along with it, just as the immediacy of an event forbids any doubt or questioning on the part of the one undergoing it.
The direct result of this gnôsis is the emergence from the sense of existence as pathos, to the actuality of being as aisthêsis -- that is, reception and judgment of experience by way of purely rational or divine criteria.
www.iep.utm.edu /g/gnostic.htm   (8278 words)

 [audioConnection]  pathos logos integrated amplifier     (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Pathos' designers regard every new project as a big challenge regardless of the targeted retail price.
This is only natural since they have to face reference machines such as the multiple award-winning Pathos creations Twin Towers, InPower and InControl.
The preamplification stage is entirely tube-based, balanced, operates in pure class A and is powered by a dedicated stabilised power supply.
www.audioconnection.com.au /product.asp?id=312   (259 words)

Moreover, as one of the points upon which she had been condemned was the wearing of male apparel, a resumption of that attire would alone constitute a relapse into heresy, and this within a few days happened, owing, it was afterwards alleged, to a trap deliberately laid by her jailers with the connivance of Cauchon.
On 29 May a court of thirty-seven judges decided unanimously that the Maid must be treated as a relapsed heretic, and this sentence was actually carried out the next day (30 May, 1431) amid circumstances of intense pathos.
She is said, when the judges visited her early in the morning, first to have charged Cauchon with the responsibility of her death, solemnly appealing from him to God, and afterwards to have declared that "her voices had deceived her." About this last speech a doubt must always be felt.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/08409c.htm   (3565 words)

 The Art of Rhetoric: Ethos, Logos, and Pathos   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
According to Aristotle, rhetoric is "the ability, in each particular case, to see the available means of persuasion." He described three main forms of rhetoric: Ethos, Logos, and Pathos.
In order to be a more effective writer, you must understand these three terms.
This is achieved through such things as icons, buttons, and photos.
www.rpi.edu /dept/llc/webclass/web/project1/group4   (287 words)

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