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Topic: Patrilinear

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  Michael Mitterauer
Patrilinear, lineage-centred naming, forms of settlement, family rituals, forms of burials etc. point in the same direction.
Consequently, patrilinear kinship structures were less affected in the area of the orthodox church than in the West.
Patrilinear patterns totally in contradiction to church marriage law, such as levirate marriages or second marriage in case of a childless first marriage, were maintained in areas of weak church influence in eastern and southeastern Europe.
www-census.ined.fr /epc2001_history/advert/Vienna2000/mitterauer.html   (1733 words)

 MOST Ethno-Net publication: Anthropology of Africa
In a patrilinear system, boundaries of social group cohesion and social differences between the group and 'other' groups are often constructed through the women.
In patrilinear groups, the boundaries of social cohesion within the groups and social differences between the group and the 'other' are often constructed via women.
In this paper, I looked at the way ethnic identity is constructed in patrilinear and virilocal societies like those of the Mafa and Fulbe, and I showed that in an ethnic endogamic and clan exogamic society like that of the Mafa, differences between one ethnic group and the ‘other’ are constructed through the women.
www.ethnonet-africa.org /pubs/p95vansanten.htm   (10413 words)

 fergail: Evolution of the Family
Whether the social structure was matrilinear or patrilinear, it was the universal rule of every known society that a woman, before she bears a child, must be committed to an individual male partner.
For example, in the matrilinear societies and families of ancient times, where the moral discipline demanded less repression of instincts than the patrilinear society, cultural achievement was less impressive and the society was less flexible in adapting to altered circumstances.
The patriarchal society and family required chastity and self-sacrifice on behalf of the wife, obedience and discipline on the part of the children and acceptance of a heavy burden of responsibility by the father who was expected to submit his personal feelings and urges to the interests of the family.
fergail.blogspot.com /2005/06/evolution-of-family.html   (773 words)

Basically farmers, they are organized into great urban agglomerates kabinda, divided into lineages tshoto with at their head an elder mukulu the guardian of the collective fetish.
This population belongs to the Bantu linguistic group and, on the contrary to the surrounding groups, it has a patrilinear social structure and is patrilocal.
The religion of the Luba is based on belief in Efile, the Lord of the Universe, acknowledged as the first ancestor.
mv.vatican.va /3_EN/pages/MET/MET_Sala03_03.html   (213 words)

 What special insight might anthropology provide into the modern western family?
In the 19th century, it was believed that kinship systems had developed through similar stages in different parts of the world, from matrilineal to patrilinear and agnatic systems, and from “primitive promiscuity” with no identifiable marriage arrangements, to polygamy and then monogamy.
The natural and economical evolution for the pairing marriage is the “Monogamous family” which features a strong marriage tie, “the supremacy of the man” (1968: 62) and the patrilinear descent system.
According to Engels, the birth of the monogamous family is a direct consequence of economic motivations: it was necessary to guarantee that children could inherit the wealth accumulated in the previous generations.
www.bubu.co.uk /Insight.html   (1912 words)

The approaches included mandatory annual meetings between Qing representatives and chieftains, the mandated inheritance of chieftainships along patrilinear lines, and the requirement that successive chieftains be chosen from among members of the chieftain family that had been educated in Chinese schools.
In addition, the new rules of patrilinear succession increased the local chieftains' autonomy with respect to other local elites, because local elites and customs could no longer exert any power over who the new governing chieftain would be.
The author discusses the effectiveness of these reforms in strengthening relationships between the Qing and local chieftains, and in creating greater political autonomy for chieftains in their local areas.
poverty2.forumone.com /library/view/5887   (391 words)

 Valsecchi, Pierluigi & Viti, Fabio (dir.). ?  Mondes Akan/Akan Worlds. Identité et pouvoir en Afrique ...
Chouin argues that cross-ethnic region-wide associations are neglected by research on ruling groups, and that change from matrilinear to patrilinear succession in Eguafo, NW of Elmina, occurred through such groups.
The 17th century wars led kings to give their sons the leadership and appoint them, rather than their sister?s sons, as successors, under the influence of rival brothers and French missionaries as princely educators.
This century saw the takeover of the Nsona from the Anona clan and transmission of the stool to their sons.
etudesafricaines.revues.org /document1494.html   (1699 words)

 Electronic Journal of Australian and New Zealand History:
On that tree, his great-aunt Florence Ada Barton, formerly considered a 'dead-end' in the sense of being without issue, turned out unexpectedly to be a rhizomic offshoot on the patrilinear family trees of both Greetham and his new-found Barton cousins.
I think it is still accurate to say that one of the first tasks that an editor of a multiple-witness medieval work will undertake is to distinguish the Bartons from the Greethams and to reduce the Florence Adas to collateral but inherently contaminated witnesses to the patriarchal name.
Greetham acknowledges that this map can't be so easily confined within the neat arboreal model he has used to chart his patrilinear evolution.
www.jcu.edu.au /aff/history/conferences/virtual/mccauley.htm   (2427 words)

 H-France Reviews
Moreover, this dynasticism was, by the personal rule of Louis XIV, patrimonial and patrilinear, based upon primogeniture (and increasingly entail).
It had moved away from the far looser idea of a family corporation that Professor Collins and I would agree had been the hallmark of the sixteenth-century state and society.
Certainly Louis XIV believed this, and significantly his brother Philippe I, duc d’Orléans, was prepared to swallow this principle with minimal complaint.
h-france.net /vol5reviews/rowlands.html   (1380 words)

 Conservative Jewish Commitment
Prompting the sisters to public action is the allocation of the territory that the Children of Israel will receive once they enter the Promised Land.
Following immediately after a census of all the tribes, it is clearly based on the patrilinear principle of inheritance, via the male descendants of Jacobs's sons.
They do not challenge the patrilinear principle per se, but rather the way in which it affects a family like theirs, in which there are no sons.
www.bnaiemet.org /messages/commitment   (657 words)

 Historical and Contemporary Perspectives on Reproduction and Infant Development (Spring 2005) - Hampshire College - ...
Italian medieval statutory law relied on Aristotle when proclaiming that mothers were not related to their children, while Galen’s bilateral account of procreation contested such sternly patrilinear medical/legal fictions.
Non-maternal nursing was a profoundly ambiguous practice in the context of a culture in which kinship was thought to be an exclusively male affair.
It seemed to support the idea that individual mothers’ contributions to procreation and early infant care were negligent, even dispensable; on the other hand, it drew attention to the fictitious character of patrilinear kinship.
www.hampshire.edu /cms/index.php?id=3678   (641 words)

 Indian Mythology - Totemism And Totemic Spirits
The ceremonies of the tribes of the North-West fall into two classes, following their social and ceremonial organization.
The social division into clans, which are matrilinear and exogamic in the north, while patrilinear or mixed systems prevail in the south, finds outward expression in totemic insignia and in ceremonial representations of the myths narrating the beginnings of the septs.
The manner of revelation is precisely that in which the Indian everywhere in North America acquires his guardian or tutelary, his personal totem: in fast or trance the man is borne away by the animal-being, taken perhaps to the lodge of its kind, and there given an initiation which he carries back to his people.
www.oldandsold.com /articles26/indian-mythology-65.shtml   (1184 words)

 A Social History of the Dutch in Quebec
A difficult issue arises in the case of intermarriage, a frequent occurrence among the Dutch.
Self identification, for example, does not al ways follow the patrilinear descent line.
True to the chosen definition, the position taken in this paper is that anyone who considers him or herself to involuntarily belong to a group with any or all of the Dutch characteristics as listed under (1) to (4), is of Dutch ethnicity.
www.lowensteyn.com /dutchque/early.html   (2683 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
All three employ the patrilinear system (lecture) where only mae descendants are traced.
Families of all three countries kept one geneology of some kind, as as mentioned before, these are patrilinear and so only the males are traced.
Another similarity the three countries share is the large influence Confuscianism has on them.
www.sscnet.ucla.edu /soc/faculty/cheng/ans1.htm   (392 words)

 CAMEROUN - HOME PAGE   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
If there is anything you can add please let us know.
Prior to colonisation the south and east of the country were inhabited by Bantu people who were organised along patrilinear or matrilinear lines.
The official languages are French and English, but English is rarely heard - only in larger towns and in the far west of the country.
www.africanet.com /africanet/country/cameroun   (222 words)

 History   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
Several references directly address my patrilinear history and genealogy (and that of others).
Note: Since this excerpt was not meant to stand alone, some wording may seem unclear or incomplete.
The purpose of the book is to systematically record the genealogical information related to my patrilinear ancestry which has been gathered from many years of research.
ralls.us /history.htm   (3094 words)

 Moshassuck Press Homepage   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
Almost everything hitherto published on H. Lovecraft's English ancestry has relied upon the author's own accounts in his Selected Letters.
The authors have set out to determine how much or little of Lovecraft's own account of his patrilinear ancestry could be verified.
The frontispiece is of the Lovecraft family arms as blazoned by Henry L. Beckwith, reproduced in color.
homepage.interaccess.com /~moshasuk/moshassuck.html   (766 words)

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