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Topic: Patriotism

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In the News (Sat 17 Aug 19)

  Patriotism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Defense of the homeland is a commonplace of military patriotism: The statue in the courtyard of École polytechnique, Paris, commemorating the students' involvement in defending France against the 1814 invasion of the Coalition.
In this context patriotism is seen as an explanation for the apparent suspension of the instinct for self-preservation, which implies that all humans would avoid a battlefield.
It is often noted that extreme varieties of patriotism (usually described as chauvinist or jingoist) rob one of the intellectual faculties necessary to judge the morality of policies related to his or her various loyalties.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Patriotism   (3899 words)

 Patriotism Quotes | Patriotism Quotations | Patriotism Sayings | Wisdom Quotes
The heights of popularity and patriotism are still the beaten road to power and tyranny; flattery to treachery; standing armies to arbitrary government; and the glory of God to the temporal interest of the clergy.
Patriotism is your conviction that this country is superior to all others because you were born in it.
Patriotism is proud of a country's virtues and eager to correct its deficiencies; it also acknowledges the legitimate patriotism of other countries, with their own specific virtues.
www.wisdomquotes.com /cat_patriotism.html   (1498 words)

 Patriotism - Wikiquote
By ‘patriotism’ I mean devotion to a particular place and a particular way of life, which one believes to be the best in the world but has no wish to force on other people.
Patriotism is an ephemeral motive that scarcely ever outlasts the particular threat to society that aroused it.
Patriotism requires allegience to the flag, which means obedience and readiness to kill father, mother, brother, sister.” —Emma Goldman
en.wikiquote.org /wiki/Patriotism   (1282 words)

Patriotism is a touchy subject today in the aftermath of the 9/11 catastrophe and the war with Iraq.
Patriotism is, therefore, best displayed in the face of enemies, actual as well as potential, and any country can be a potential enemy by being so perceived.
Patriotism is perhaps politically useful, as is military intervention, in waging war with an identifiable enemy.
www.swarthmore.edu /Humanities/tkitao1/patriotism.html   (1005 words)

 Mark Twain quotations - Patriotism   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Patriotism is usually the refuge of the scoundrel.
The spirit of patriotism being in its nature jealous and selfish, is just in man's line, it comes natural to him- he can live up to all its requirements to the letter; but the spirit of Christianity is not in its entirety possible to him.
We teach them to take their patriotism at second-hand; to shout with the largest crowd without examining into the right or wrong of the matter--exactly as boys under monarchies are taught and have always been taught.
www.twainquotes.com /Patriotism.html   (641 words)

 Patriotism -NRA
This argument receives its whole plausibility from the criminal exaggeration of the virtue of patriotism so common among mankind, which hated other races, simply because they were not their own, and because they were separated from them by a language, a river, or an artificial boundary line.
Every element of patriotism is intensified by the compactness of the commonwealth, the feeling of nearness to one's fellow-citizens, the knitting of the associations with the natural scenery, the sympathy of common beliefs and inter­-ests.
In such a happy federation the particular patriotism of the citizen for his own commonwealth must be first and warmest, even as the love of the most philanthropic parent for his own children and kinsmen must be nearer and warmer than the kindness which he feels for the children of others.
www.natreformassn.org /statesman/00/dabnpat.html   (1052 words)

 DLC: Valuing Patriotism by Will Marshall
Questioning Democrats' patriotism has been an ugly, but undeniably effective, GOP tactic from last year's "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth" campaign against John Kerry to Karl Rove's recent canard that liberals counseled "therapy and understanding" rather than retaliation in response to al Qaeda's attacks on America.
The left's unease with patriotism is rooted in a 1960s narrative of American arrogance and abuse of power.
True patriotism is at odds with the selfish individualism that shapes the Republicans' anti-government ideology.
www.dlc.org /ndol_ci.cfm?contentid=253472&kaid=124&subid=307   (2742 words)

The flag, the songs, the Pledge and all the rest of the patriotic trappings are mere surrogates for the Constitution and the citizens who lived, died, and worked to preserve the Constitution.
Using patriotism to oppose your political opponents is empty rhetoric and empty patriotism.
Patriotism seems to be falling to whoever claims it loudest, and we're left struggling to find a definition in a clamor of reaction.
www.bushnews.com /patriotism.htm   (7066 words)

 The Gray Monk: Patriotism
At the time, he had a point, patriotism was then being trotted out and stoked up for the looming conflict with the Colonial "rebels" who had the audacity to want democratic representation in the Parliament that sought to impose taxes and laws on them.
One is forced to wonder whether Mr Brown's sudden interest in patriotism is fueled by the realisation that, as a Scottish MP, his role as Prime Minister of a United Kingdom in which he would be effectively a "foreign" dictator ruling over the English now that Westminster no longer governs Scotland, might be untenable.
What worries me about this call to become patriotic and to return to being proud to be British, is that it is being made for all the wrong reasons.
graymonk.mu.nu /archives/2006/01/patriotism.html   (791 words)

 Prometheus Books
On the one hand, there are those who defend patriotic loyalty as either a duty or a virtue and extol it as an indispensable condition of a viable polity.
Today patriotism is a topic of debate not only in moral philosophy but also in political theory, where it is often brought up as a test case in the confrontation between liberals and communitarians.
As the first anthology to treat patriotism in its own right, this work emphasizes that patriotism is a distinct moral and political outlook, and is not merely a variety of nationalism or the emotional underpinning of nationalist theories.
www.prometheusbooks.com /site/catalog/book_1182.html   (328 words)

 Amazon.com: Patriotism: Books: Yukio Mishima,Geoffrey W. Sargent   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
"Patriotism" is Mishima stripped to the core: a simple tale of the sacrifice of a young couple, willingly and eagerly giving their lives for the emperor.
Patriotism is an intense study in nationalism, wartime-Japan style, as well as a window onto the soul of the enigmatic Mishima.
The value of patriotism over the love story is instilled in the way Reiko thinks of Shinji continuously, and he thinks of her during the brief rest periods between training.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0811213129?v=glance   (2957 words)

 War   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
A patriotic person, I am told, should remain quiet and support the troops until the war is over, at which point we can all have a discussion about the finer points of policy.
It is a patriotism that is incompatible with democracy or basic human decency.
That is the paradox: September 11 has sparked a wave of patriotism, a patriotism that has in many cases been overtly hateful, racist and xenophobic.
www.zmag.org /jensenpatriotism.htm   (3752 words)

 Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel: Samuel Johnson   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel: Samuel Johnson
Patriotism -> Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.
Boswell tells us that Samuel Johnson made this famous pronouncement that patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel on the evening of April 7, 1775.
www.samueljohnson.com /refuge.html   (125 words)

 Museum of Patriotism : Home
Perhaps patriotism was best embodied by the words of Patrick Henry, spoken to the Virginia legislature on March 23rd, 1775.
It requires building on each visitor’s understanding of patriotism and helping that visitor recognize that true patriotism is based upon devotion to the American ideals of equality before the law, economic freedom, and civic virtue.
The Museum is a research center for exploring the development of patriotism through educational displays and exhibits.
www.museumofpatriotism.org   (355 words)

Although the FBI, prior to the enactment of the USA PATRIOT Act, compared telephone calls to Internet communications to justify invocation of the existing pen register statute to authorize the use of its controversial Carnivore system, whether the law as then written in fact granted such authority remained an open and debatable question.
Although the USA PATRIOT Act deleted the requirement that any records requested pertain to an agent of a foreign power (or a foreign power), the Act prohibits investigation of a United States person solely on the basis of activities protected by the First Amendment.
The PATRIOT Act significantly expanded the government's authority to make use of secret surveillance, including in circumstances where part of the investigation is unrelated to an intelligence investigation.
www.epic.org /privacy/terrorism/usapatriot   (6260 words)

 The New (Pseudo) Patriotism
More to the point is that the new patriots seem to applaud the federal powergrab of the past two months.
It suggests we can no longer afford the convenience of a distinction between society and government, or between patriotism understood as loyalty to the ideals under which the country was founded and blind submission to the yahoos currently running it.
So let’s revisit real patriotism – that kind that was here all along, but wasn’t in vogue because it didn’t kowtow to whatever came out of Washington, D.C. Real patriotism, alluded to already, is loyalty to your country understood as loyalty to the set of ideals under which it was founded.
www.lewrockwell.com /yates/yates43.html   (1461 words)

 Bisbee Deportation: Patriotism and the Worker, Exhibit 24   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The patriotism of the American worker, then, has more the characteristics of a shallow "jingoism" combined with race and nationality prejudices born of proximity rather than of distance.
Although carefully nurtured by the capitalist in his own interest, this form of "patriotism" is likely to prove less deep-rooted and endurable than that in France, on account of fewer traditions here and of the enforced association of native with foreign workers in American industry.
For it is a religion this patriotism of modern peoples, a religion inculcated in us from the cradle by the same methods employed in all times to inculcate all religions.
digital.library.arizona.edu /bisbee/docs/024.php   (8370 words)

 Emma Goldman: What Is Patriotism?
If that were patriotism, few American men of today would be called upon to be patriotic, since the place of play has been turned into factory, mill, and mine, while deepening sounds of machinery have replaced the music of the birds.
Patriotism assumes that our globe is divided into little spots, each one surrounded by an iron gate.
When we have undermined the patriotic lie, we shall have cleared the path for the great structure where all shall be united into a universal brotherhood -- a truly free society.
www.edchange.org /multicultural/speeches/emma_goldman_patriotism.html   (893 words)

 trying to grok: PATRIOTISM
My working definition of a patriot is someone who acts in such a way that the consequences of their actions promote the interests of their country.
It is not terribly patriotic, in my judgement, for a person to complain and carp about everything that is not going right, especially so when the volume is only turned up for the negatives.
Well-informed criticism, on the other hand, is in line with patriotism, so long as it is intellectually honest and presented in a way that takes pains to avoid taking the side of our adversaries (namely, those who do not have our interests at heart).
tryingtogrok.mu.nu /archives/161831.html   (4950 words)

A patriot is someone who loves, supports, and is prepared to serve their country.
Patriotism was still a love of one's country that included connections to the land and people, but then also included its customs and traditions, pride in its history, and devotion to its welfare.
Others argue that a true patriot speaks out when convinced that their country is following an unwise or unjust action.
www.42explore2.com /patriot.htm   (1443 words)

If the masses of primitive people exited with fascist ideas are leaded by powerful diabolic persons then it may result in large-scale wars with the purpose of destroying or enslaving “lower” (or called by other similar epithets) nations and taking over their property and land.
In other cases ideas of patriotism can be used for the purpose of defending from aggression or liberating from occupation.
But the highest patriotism means people associating by the idea of feeling God-the-Father as the Highest Hierarch, and the homeland for us is His Creation or even the universe.
www.religiousbook.net /Books/Online_books/Jt/Jesus_Teaching_17.html   (732 words)

 Patriotism Quotes, Sayings about Nationalism, World Patriotism
Patriotic societies seem to think that the way to educate school children in a democracy is to stage bigger and better flag-saluting.  ~S.I. Hayakawa
We need a type of patriotism that recognizes the virtues of those who are opposed to us.....
Patriotism is a kind of religion; it is the egg from which wars are hatched.  ~Guy de Maupassant
www.quotegarden.com /patriotism.html   (1168 words)

 OpinionJournal - Presidential Leadership
To say that the Democrats have a problem with patriotism is not to say that they are unpatriotic.
Clark, Dean and Kerry question their opponents' patriotism, it has some mild shock value but carries no real sting, like a child trying out a naughty word he's just learned.
Democrats nominated John Kerry, respected on the left for his antiwar agitation, on the theory that his war-hero pose would establish his patriotism and be sufficient to compensate for his lack of a muscular foreign policy.
www.opinionjournal.com /pl/?id=110005545   (1057 words)

 'Patriotism' on the Left | MetaFilter
Patriotism is love of country and willingness to sacrifice for it; Nationalism is the doctrine that your national culture and interests are superior to any other.
If they cared about this country (i.e., really were patriotic), they'd be fighting the administration and GOP control of Congress instead of their fellow Democrats (who they need to win).
Patriotism is the love of your country enough to defend it from invasion.
www.metafilter.com /mefi/43741   (10162 words)

Let us leave behind the apathy that has plagued our nation in recent decades and get back to what our founding fathers died for, to allow all our citizens to have representation in the laws that govern our country.
If you don’t like the way our government is doing its job, it is your patriotic duty to tell them or vote them out of office.
It is the PATRIOTIC thing to do and your duty as a citizen.
www.sustainourfuture.org /Patriotism   (947 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
There is a lot of talk these days about patriotism and dissent.
Most Americans have confused Patriotism with Nationalism, though the two are often diametrically opposed.
"It is the duty of the patriot to protect his country from the government.
thomasmc.com /dissent.htm   (607 words)

 Pupils Being Given 'Patriotism' Tests in Washington State Schools
Children in Washington State are being given 'Patriotism tests' which are completely unrelated to their studies.
The paper gauges whether or not the student shows fealty to the power of the state and whether the student believes in the right to overthrow a corrupt government.
Unfortunately however, the new brand of so-called patriotism translates as worship of government, and that definition is something that the founding fathers never intended.
www.prisonplanet.com /articles/december2005/301205patriotismtests.htm   (336 words)

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