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Topic: Paul McCartney discography

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  Paul McCartney - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Paul McCartney first met John Lennon at a church fête on July 6, 1957, and was invited to join Lennon's band The Quarrymen as a guitarist.
McCartney performed during the pre-game ceremonies at the NFL's Super Bowl XXXVI on 3 February 2002, and was the halftime performer at Super Bowl XXXIX on 6 February 2005.
McCartney later noted that it was the first time he had performed at the Grammys and that 'I finally passed the audition', a clear reference to a statement made by John Lennon at the end of The Beatles' famous rooftop concert.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Paul_McCartney   (7129 words)

 Paul McCartney. Discography. Music. Albums. Tracks.
McCartney was outvoted and Klein was hired, creating further tensions in the already troubled group and straining the relationship between Paul and his longtime friend Lennon (who was increasingly under the influence of his new wife, Yoko Ono).
McCartney, accompanied by a backup band, embarked on a world tour, his first since 1979 and easily one of the most popular in concert history, breaking attendance records in several countries.
Paul McCartney remained inactive for almost a year, returning in 1999 with Run Devil Run, a lighthearted collection of classic rock 'n roll tunes by the likes of Carl Perkins, Larry Williams and Little Richard.
www.moodbook.com /music/paul-mccartney.html   (2090 words)

 Paul McCartney Discography
However, that band's mantle proved too heavy for Paul, who favored light compositions that brought his facility with melody to focus on matters of the heart mostly.
By 1980, Paul McCartney was back to being a solo artist, reuniting with former Beatles producer George Martin for the critically acclaimed Tug of War.
While I'd admit that Paul McCartney's solo output is no closer to the original magic than his bandmates', I'd hate to think of a world without songs like "Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey," "Band on the Run," "Coming Up," "Silly Love Songs" -- well, you get the point.
www.connollyco.com /discography/paul_mccartney/index.html   (218 words)

 Paul McCartney Biography :: Simon Birtall Portrait Art
Born James Paul McCartney at Walton Hospital, Liverpool to James McCartney and Mary Patricia McCartney (nee Mohan).
Paul and Linda's daughter Mary is born at Avenue Clinic, London.
Paul announces that he has left the Beatles in a press release to coincide with the release of his first solo album.
birtall.co.uk /beatles-art/paul-mccartney/paul-mccartney-biography.htm   (1316 words)

 Paul McCartney Biography   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-02)
Paul McCartney had the most commercially successful solo career of all the Beatles.
McCartney featured one of his best and most popular songs, "Maybe I'm Amazed." It was followed by a non-LP single, "Another Day", which reached the US and UK Top 5.
McCartney's next album and subsequent material throughout the 1970s would be released under the band name Wings.
www.duniamusik.com /paul_mccartney_biography.htm   (1606 words)

 Geometry.Net - Celebrities: Mccartney Paul
Many of the citizens, however, had a different view of the Beatles, and this is the story told in Paul McCartney in Red Square, a new DVD that mixes interviews and historical footage with clips of McCartney's first concert in Russia, which didn't occur until 2003.
Paul McCartney, as photographed by John Kelley for the 1968 LP The Beatles (aka Core members of Wings, Linda McCartney, Paul McCartney and Denny Laine.
Sir James Paul McCartney MBE (born 18 June) is a British singer musician and songwriter, who first came to prominence as a member of The Beatles John Kelley photo of Paul McCartney from the The Beatles white album.
www5.geometry.net /celebrities/mccartney_paul.html   (1341 words)

 Paul McCartney of The Beatles, Back in the US, Paul McCartney biography
James Paul McCartney was born in Liverpool on June 18th, 1942.
Taking in his many love affairs, from Linda to Heather Mills, his passion for animals and his fights for their welfare, his many charitable contributions and care for those less fortunate in society, this is an encyclopedia of all things McCartney.
It seems that while conquering the pop charts, first as a member of the Beatles, then with Wings, Paul McCartney has led a bizarre double life.
www.tv-celebrity.co.uk /music/singer/paul-mccartney-the-beatles.htm   (365 words)

 Paul McCartney discography - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The following list describes the discography of Paul McCartney as a solo artist and as a member of Wings.
Paul Is Live (15 November 1993) UK #34; US #78
Paul McCartney's Standing Stone (22 September 1997) US #194
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Paul_McCartney_discography   (1211 words)

 Paul McCartney at ArtistHotel.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-02)
Paul McCartney is the most commercially successful rock composer of all time, both as a solo performer (with his '70s band Wings) and, most notably, as a member of the Beatles.
Paul McCartney's Off the web is the biggest mccartney site.News updates every day, pictures,chords,special,collector sections,...
The Rumor Of Paul Mccartney's Death -- Are 2 Beatles Dead?
www.artisthotel.com /paulmccartney/paulmccartney.html   (372 words)

 Paul McCartney Pictures, Biography, Discography, Filmography, News, Ringtones, Videos, Wallpapers,
Out of all the former Beatles, Paul McCartney by far had the most successful solo career, maintaining a constant presence in the British and American charts during the '70s and '80s.
Paul McCartney crossed the Fine Line between mediocrity and greatness a long time ago.
Discuss Paul McCartney with Starpulse members in the forums...
www.starpulse.com /Music/McCartney,_Paul   (274 words)

 paul mccartney interview information sources   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-02)
mccartney download paul mccartney dvd paul mccartney fan club paul mccartney hey jude paul mccartney interview paul mccartney jet lyric paul mccartney jorie paul mccartney live paul mccartney lyric...
LONDON - Paul McCartney (news) says he got no thrill from heroin, but found cocaine more to his liking for a time.
Paul McCartney in Interview about 'Big mountain face') ÑPaul McCartney brings to painting the same humour, enthusiasm and enjoyment that is present in his music.ì (Barry Miles) PAUL McCARTNEY...
www.coursejobcentral.com /interview/paulmccartneyinterview   (958 words)

 Silly Love Songs Paul Mccartney   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-02)
Silly Love Songs by Paul McCartney And Wings song meaning, lyrics and chart position...
...Paul McCartney A Hong Kong based fansite with lyrics, discography and many Paul McCartney.....Very early copies of the Beatles first official single Love Me Do are credited...
The song lyrics of SILLY LOVE SONGS by PAUL MCCARTNEY is one of many famous song lyrics for PAUL MCCARTNEY...
www.markronsonmusic.com /silly-love-songs-paul-mccartney.html   (284 words)

Features a great 'Paul & guitar' fl silhouette log on the back with fl text 'The Paul McCartney' above and 'World Tour' below, on the front is a full colour logo for the 'Rock-It Cargo' company featuring a picture of a boat & aeroplane.
PAUL MCCARTNEY Access All Areas World Tour (US commemorative award presented by Paul, Linda & the band to thank the producer, Ron Weisner for his work.
PAUL MCCARTNEY All My Trials (1990 UK 7-track 2-CD set featuring live tracks from Paul's 89/90 tour including C Moon and Strawberry Fields Forever/Help/Give Peace A Chance medley, both parts are housed in their original picture sleeves CDR/CDRX62 78) -
eil.com /shop/ExtSearch.asp?DiscArtist=Paul-McCartney   (1581 words)

 Channel4.com - SlashMusic - Paul McCartney
Of all the Beatles, Paul McCartney was by far the most successful as a solo act.
In the 1990s, McCartney (now a knight of the British Empire) tried his hand at classical composition and movies, while collaborating with admirers like Elvis Costello.
Meanwhile, he continued to produce the kind of rock & roll he helped create, though without the kind of chart-topping success that he enjoyed in previous decades.
www.channel4.com /music/music-core/artist.jsp?artistId=53823   (99 words)

 Paul McCartney: Reviews, Discography, Audio Clips, and more ||| Music.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-02)
By Natalie Finn Tue Feb 28, 11:26 PM ET Paul McCartney and his wife, Heather Mills, want Canadian seal hunters to get back.
The couple, longtime animal-rights activists, are heading to the icy Canadian Maritimes to spend time watching harp seals frolic in their natural habitat.
Sir Paul Is 6th Most Profitable Act of 2005Reviewed by News Dude [+]
www.music.com /person/paul_mccartney/1   (719 words)

 Paul McCartney Tribute; Paul McCartney CDs, DVDs, Videos; Macca Discography & Chart Positions
Not many people could have predicted the astonishing success of Paul McCartney after the break-up of The Beatles (a group to whom McCartney's musical contribution is often greatly underestimated) in 1970.
McCartney earned his money mountain and he can spend it exactly as he likes.
The McCartneys regularly receive stick for their crusades from shallow journalists who can't really understand why some celebrities would actually want to believe in anything.
www.booksmusicfilmstv.com /PaulMcCartney.htm   (1838 words)

 Paul McCartney Discography
Here is a chronological discography of Paul McCartney's Beatles, Wings, and solo career.
Luckily for his fans, Paul is one of the most prolific and diverse songwriters of our time.
McCartney is always breaking the rules in music and being questioned or criticized, but loyal fan support and album sales always have and always will prove that Paul will never lose his talent for writing the best.
members.fortunecity.com /beatleduc/discog.html   (151 words)

 Paul McCartney - Music Artists - All Artists!
Paul McCartney, as photographed by John Kelley for the 1968 LP The Beatles (aka 'The White Album').
Paul McCartney kicks off his North American tour in Miami in September Sir Elton John Live...
Paul McCartney Tickets Ticket Solutions is your full service source for buying Paul McCartney tickets to any concert across the country.
www.musicartists.org /Paul-McCartney.html   (1002 words)

 Paul McCartney   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-02)
James Paul McCartney was born to working-class parents in Liverpool, England...
Paul McCartney Live in the New World (1993) (TV)....
Paul Is Live: In Concert on the New World Tour (1993) (V)....
www.imdb.com /name/nm0005200   (2515 words)

 Another li'l Paul McCartney page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-02)
There is also a section called "Paul McCartney's alternate albums", as chosen by Christian Henriksson (that's me, if you didn't know that before).
Other features are a (99%) complete Paul McCartney discography, lyrics to 99% of his songs and a sessionography.
Last, but not least, is a section dedicated to some of the more important people Paul has joined up with during his solo career, helping him create his spectacular music.
hem.passagen.se /orange/paul/index.htm   (167 words)

 Paul McCartney Page
However, I have always been partial to Paul McCartney and his music (just see my Macca music collection!), and have been a die-hard fan of his throughout his solo career.
Now, I know there are already numerous, well-written pages out there dedicated to the Beatles and their individual solo careers, and I'm not here to duplicate those efforts, but I did want to set aside an area where I could provide some links to sites with a McCartney "flavor".
Paul McCartney, From The 80's To The Present
home.hiwaay.net /~gjohnson/macca.html   (148 words)

 Paul McCartney - Discography (Alphabetically)
Standard re-issues NOT listed separately, they will be mentioned in the detail of the original release.
The CD releases of McCartney have been under a variety of guises with no constant catalogue numbering.
Originally EMI intended them to follow the album numbering, simply preceeded by the letters "CD" (indeed, some do), but on the initial release EMI had grand thoughts of globalization with a common numbering scheme and numbered the first "CDP 7 46018 2".
www.jpgr.co.uk /i_paul_alpha.html   (173 words)

 [No title]
============================================================================== = Paul McCartney CDiscography = ============================================================================== = Volume 4.1 January 20th, 2003 = = = = Author: Andrew Krieg krieg@execpc.com = ============================================================================== = The original purpose of this discography was to find all of the bonus = = tracks contained on Paul McCartney CDs.
Paul produced, co-wrote all the songs, sang back-ups and played bass on the album.
The complete text is "Hello, this is Paul McCartney, and I'd like to wish all of you out there a very happy Christmas.
my.execpc.com /~krieg/links/macca.discog   (2403 words)

 Paul McCartney - AOL Music
Watch the Paul McCartney, 'A Fine Line' (In-Studio)
Get access to a special live performance, exclusive interview, photos and more with Paul's visit to AOL Sessions.
Download, listen and watch Paul McCartney music, mp3's, song lyrics, music videos, Internet radio, live performances, concerts, and more on AOL Music.
music.aol.com /artist/paul-mccartney/4865/main   (245 words)

 ... Paul Discography at CD Universe
Ahlstedt / Paul / Rands / Rose / Shelton (1)
Andersen, Andre / David Readman / Paul Laine (1)
Beaser / Davies / Opalach / Paul (1)
cduniverse.com /search/xx/music/artist/...+Paul/a/Paul+McCartney.htm   (129 words)

 The Paul McCartney discography project
Right now we are starting with the vinyl-singles and this is already a very big challenge to put them all together.
It does give you the opportunity to share your questions and your knowledge with other Paul McCartney collectors and fans.
The complete forum is included on our server so that no kind of data, specially your e-mail adress, is given to any 3rd party.
www.jiggler.de /mccartney-discography/the_project.htm   (561 words)

 Paul McCartney Discography Guide At DiscographyGuide.com
Discographies are listed from most recent to oldest release.
Discography data is presented for educational and informational purposes only.
All copyrights and trademarks remain property of their respective owners.
www.discographyguide.com /paulmccartney-discography.html   (94 words)

 Paul McCartney Discography & Biography, Paul McCartney Albums & CDs   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-02)
Paul McCartney Discography and Paul McCartney Biography Music Discography Directory A-Z
Paul McCartney Discography - 2000s Paul McCartney Videos and Paul McCartney DVDs
Paul McCartney Discography - 1980s Paul McCartney Videos and Paul McCartney DVDs - The Beatles
www.prex.com /biography/Paul-McCartney-discography.htm   (1979 words)

 Paul Mccartney torrent   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-02)
Paul McCartney - Tragedy (Rare - Unreleased).mp3 4 Mb
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