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Topic: Pavel Chekov

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In the News (Thu 18 Apr 19)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-04)
Chekov was assigned as the navigator to the U.S.S. Enterprise under the command of James T. Kirk.
Chekov was always a promising officer, with a career that showed his ability in every assignment he successfully accomplished.
Chekov was critically injured during a mission to the U.S.S. Enterprise nuclear aircraft carrier when he tried to escape after being caught.
home.insightbb.com /~r.resnick/Chekov.html   (622 words)

 Cast biographies Chekov
Pavel Andreievich Chekov was an only child, although he once imagined he had a brother named Piotr while under the influence of the Beta XII-A entity.
Chekov later served aboard the U.S.S. Reliant as first officer under Captain Clark Terrell, before returning to the Enterprise after the Reliant was destroyed at the Mutara Nebula by Khan.
Chekov was an honored guest during the maiden voyage of the U.S.S. Enterprise-B in 2294.
www.krillmeed.com /Chekov.html   (678 words)

 Pavel Chekov - Memory Alpha
Pavel Andreievich Chekov was a 23rd century Starfleet officer who served as navigator and security chief aboard the USS Enterprise, as the executive officer aboard the USS Reliant, and again as the navigator aboard the USS Enterprise-A.
Pavel Chekov, son of Andrei Chekov, was born in Russia on Earth in 2245.
Chekov served a standard junior officer rotation, eventually earning the post of navigator, although he was also proficient with the science officer station, often serving at the post in Spock's absence.
www.memory-alpha.org /en/wiki/Pavel_Chekov   (2383 words)

 Pavel Chekov - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Chekov is a young and naïve ensign who first appears in The Original Series' second season as the Enterprise's navigator.
Chekov is an accomplice in Kirk's illegal rescue of Spock (Star Trek III: The Search for Spock) but is not punished for his actions (Star Trek: The Voyage Home).
Pavel Chekov article at Memory Alpha, the Star Trek wiki.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Pavel_Chekov   (662 words)

 BBC Online - Cult - Star Trek - Pavel Chekov
As navigator, Chekov befriended helm officer Hikaru Sulu and was viewed by Kirk as something of a protégé.
Indeed, by the programme's third and last season Chekov was beginning to show some of Captain Kirk's traits: he was hot-headed, deeply principled and a hit with the soft-focus ladies.
Chekov had risen to the rank of commander by the time of the Star Trek films and was First Officer of the star ship Reliant in 'Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan'.
www.bbc.co.uk /cult/st/original/chekov.shtml   (418 words)

 Startrek - The Original Cew - Pavel Chekov - all Actors,Pictures,Seasons and Tons of Downloads - look now !!!
While at Starfleet Academy Chekov became involved with a your woman named Irina Galliulin but the relationship didn't last because Galliulin was uncomfortable with the structured life required by Starfleet.
Chekov served as the Navigator aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise.
Chekov was one of the honored guests during the maiden voyage of the Enterprise B in 2294 when Capt.
www.netmoon.com /startrek/actors/chekov.htm   (101 words)

 SCIFI.COM | Star Trek: Pavel Chekov
His first book, Chekov's Enterprise, was published in 1979.
Though only a "green" Academy graduate, Chekov early on showed the skills and talents that soon landed him regular bridge duty as navigator.
Chekov did betray his youthful passions at times -- including his own reputation as a ladies' man -- but always proved to be the perfect officer in training.
www.scifi.com /startrek/cast/chekov.html   (202 words)

 The Universe of Walter Koenig: Chekov
Although Pavel was in love, he was becoming confused by Irina's new interest in living a different life which concentrated much more on the needs of the human spirit than on the needs of human society.
Chekov proved he could keep his head in these intense situations, and also proved again and again that he was a good crewman to have on hand under fire.
Chekov would learn a lot under Kirk's command, and he would come to recoginize that even in Starfleet one could find a family as they faced seemingly hopeless odds together and came out the other side because of their combined skills.
www.glorianon.com /walterk/chekov.html   (1524 words)

Chekov was the navigator on the original U.S.S. Enterprise under the command of James T. Kirk.
For the next few years he remained one of Kirk's trusted officers and stood with the group in the theft of the Enterprise to refuse Spock's body and katra, and then faced the UFP Council when those charges were dropped.
Chekov suffered serious wounds when time-traveling to 1986 during an attempted escape from the U.S.S. Enterprise naval aircraft carrier when suspected of being a Soviet spy of the time.
www.trekweb.com /tos/crew/chekhov.html   (374 words)

 DVD Reviewer - Interviews
As the Starship Enterprise's navigator, Pavel Chekov, Star Trek actor Walter Koenig gave life to one of Russia's most famous exports and demonstrated that the Cold War was always destined to become a thing of a past.
Chekov beamed aboard the Enterprise at the start of Star Trek's second season, and remained a part of its central cast right through to his final appearance in the franchise's seventh big-screen adventure, Star Trek Generations.
Chekov was brash, cocky and had a sense of humour.
www.dvd.reviewer.co.uk /news/interview.asp?Index=7636   (1599 words)

 Pavel A. Chekov
Chekov would meet her later when she was rescued from the space cruiser Aurora as part of a group led by the alternative lifestyle guru Doctor Sevrin.
Khan used a native parasite in order to gain control of Chekov's mind and used him to hijack the Reliant and attempt to steal the Genesis device, but Chekov's body rejected the parasite and he was able to participate in the final battle against Khan.
Chekov remained on the Enterprise for the rest of his career before he finally retired in 22937 aged forty eight.
www.ditl.org /datpersonnel.php?7   (473 words)

 Trek Fan Fiction @ EAS - Transition - Crisis Point
Amid the earthquake, the effect on Chekov's ears was that of a barely audible whisper, yet he had heard the scream in the middle of his mind.
But Chekov hadn't been nearly as angry at Eveillard's ankle as he was at the fact that the cadet's newly-filled canteen had fallen from his belt and hit the safety catch, causing the electromagnetic seal to break.
Chekov also knew that Jenna - "Interesting," he had once said to himself, "that I do not think of her as Cadet Thon." had developed a crush on him based largely on the needs of the moment.
fiction.ex-astris-scientia.org /transition-crisis_point.htm   (5758 words)

 Chekov   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-04)
Chekov is an admirer of James Kirk and working at the Enterprise was a personal dream since he joined the Academy.
Chekov was first the Navigation officer at the ship to join later the scientific group.
Chekov would like to command his own ship sometime, like his friend Sulu.
pc59te.dte.uma.es /cdb/series/dc/chekov.htm   (90 words)

 Star Trek: The Original Series   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-04)
Chekov seems to be one of the favorite characters of the Star Trek writers to try and kill.
Pavel Chekov's character was established as idolizing Captain Kirk before ending up serving with him during his Academy Training.
Anyway, Pavel also has a rather expansive fondness for the country of his birth and childhood which defines his accent...Everything was a Russian invention to Pavel Chekov.
members.aol.com /Bethdrgyn/Trek.html   (2831 words)

 Security Officer Pavel Chekov
Novak series, and even produced and wrote his own feature film in 1967, I Wish I May. In 1967 he landed the role of Ensign Pavel Chekov in the original Star Trek series.
Koenig has also appeared as Chekov in the first seven of the big screen Star Trek films and currently has a recurring role as Alfred Bester in the TV series Babylon 5.
His first book, Chekov's Enterprise, which recounts the making of the first Star Trek movie, was published in 1979.
hjem.get2net.dk /Nostradamus/html/chekov.htm   (576 words)

 Hikaru Sulu and Pavel Chekov   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-04)
Pavel is his first name, which means Paul in Russia.
Spock feels that Chekov is good material to work with ahd has potential, but they are not pals or buddies.
Chekov, when hearing someone other than a Russian invented something, counters "I think a Russian invented that first."
home.att.net /~CJMCG-JDD/sulu_chekov.html   (269 words)

 [No title]
She had met him on his way to report to the Enterprise and convinced him that they had time for one last drink (one of a recent series of several.) He had reluctantly agreed and was reluctantly drinking.
Chekov suddenly downed the last of his drink with a gulp that alarmed her.
Chekov, you must be aware that there are some great changes taking place in the Enterprise's command ranks.
www.bcpl.net /~wilsonr/regained.html   (6351 words)

 Chekov fanfiction by Farfalla   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-04)
Chekov thinks he's really smooth with the ladies when he's drunk, but we know better.
Chekov has had a long crazy day, and Uhura suggests a fun bedroom game.
Laughter is the appetizer to the unknown as Sulu and Chekov prepare for their big adventure helping Kirk go to Genesis to rescue Spock.
cosmicduckling.com /pavel-chekov.html   (231 words)

 Chekov in the Twilight Zone
Fantasy was one of Koenig's childhood escapes, and in 1967 he became part of one of the most far-reaching fantasies of all.
Pavel Chekov joined the Enterprise crew during the second of the original "Star Trek"'s three seasons.
Chekov finally caught a break and got to be a real person.
www.4letterentertainment.com /articles/Article.htm   (1589 words)

 Chekov's Return: CRAVE SCI-FI
Walter Koenig will reprise his role as 'Pavel Chekov' in the upcoming third episode of the online series STAR TREK NEW VOYAGES, a fan-made continuation of Captain Kirk's initial five year mission.
In the story, the younger 'Chekov' is suddenly aged and has to deal with living out his twilight years.
Playing Chekov one more time is appealing to Koenig because he is giving the character to a satisfying storyline.
www.craveonline.com /scifi/articles/00002113/chekovs_return.html   (452 words)

 Fan Fiction#1
Cadet Pavel Andreievich Chekov stood in the doorway of the Psychology lab, hands on both sides of the frame, tapping his toe impatiently on the floor.
The main reason that Chekov was friendly with Dennis, and quite a few other student psychology specialists at the Academy, was his total failure to register any score at all on any generally accepted measure of extra-sensory ability.
Chekov is. He doesn't like chocolate, so I've decided to use something else, if you both agree, in the interests of science..."
www.comm.unt.edu /~ktaylor/stories/Kiss.htm   (1309 words)

 STARTREK.COM : Biography
Chekov tries to calm victims of the Nexus
Walter Koenig — actor, director, screenwriter, novelist, acting professor, and comic book creator — was born in Manhattan in 1936 to Lithuanian Russian Jewish parents.
Koenig has also appeared as Chekov in the first seven of the big screen Star Trek films and played the recurring character of Alfred Bester in the TV series Babylon 5.
www.startrek.com /startrek/view/series/TOS/cast/69075.html   (430 words)

 Walter Koenig Biography :: Hollywood.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-04)
Rather surprisingly, (and to their credit) Koenig, Roddenberry and the show's writers avoided an excess of heavy-handed Cold War-inspired parody of the Soviets and lent to the role a good-humored vitality, though he was frequently the screaming victim of whatever extraterrestrial menace was confronting the crew.
Koenig wrote episodes of the animated "Trek" series (1973)--although he did not appear as Chekov on the series-- and the Saturday morning live-action fantasy series "Land of the Lost" (NBC, 1974-1977), as well as the short-lived primetime series "Family" (ABC, 1976-1980) and "The Powers of Matthew Star" (CBS, 1982-1983).
The actor lectured regularly in psychology at a number of California colleges, toured extensively in stage productions--including several with "Trek" veteran Mark Lenard--appeared in several B films and telepics, and enjoyed a lengthy side career as a popular acting and directing teacher.
www.hollywood.com /celebs/fulldetail/id/189966   (575 words)

 Chekhov - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Pavel Chekov, a fictional character in Star Trek
Chekov (Stargate), a fictional character in Stargate SG-1
A Chekhov's gun is a literary technique in stories.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Chekov   (131 words)

 The Pavel Chekov Webring
Pavel Chekov of the Starship Enterprise, that is. Slash and Gen fanfiction welcome.
Site dedicated to Pavel Chekov and Walter Koenig.
Lots of Chekov slash and interviews with Chekov writers.
q.webring.com /hub?ring=chekov   (175 words)

 StarTrek.nl - Welcome to the future - Pavel Chekov
StarTrek.nl - Welcome to the future - Pavel Chekov
Path: Home > Database > Crew profiles > The Original Series > Pavel Chekov
He would have died if left to contemporary medicine, but was saved thanks to McCoy and went on to help secure the Khitomer Peace Accords - followed shortly by his shocked witness to Kirk's apparent death at the christening of the newest U.S.S. Enterprise, 1701-B. Buy @ bol.com Top Bookmark
www.startrek.nl /index.php?i=997   (313 words)

 TrekWeb.com - Walter Koenig to Reprise 'Chekov' Role in STAR TREK NEW VOYAGES Online Series
STAR TREK actor Walter Koenig will reprise his role as 'Pavel Chekov' in the upcoming fourth episode the online series, STAR TREK NEW VOYAGES, a fan-made continuation of Captain Kirk's initial five year mission.
At the end of the episode with Chekov, it will be revealed to be the holodeck from Relics, and Scotty will exit the holo-bridge revealing that New Voyages was never real!
I hope he has an active role, and is not just sage older Chekov reminiscing about his days on the NCC-1701.
www.trekweb.com /stories.php?aid=422f88bd04e3c   (2295 words)

 STARTREK.COM : Biography
Home :: Series & Movies :: Star Trek :: Character :: Pavel Chekov
Charged and cleared of theft of Enterprise a year earlier with fellow officers
STAR TREK and related marks are trademarks of CBS Studios Inc.
www.startrek.com /startrek/view/series/TOS/character/1112505.html   (326 words)

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