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In the News (Tue 23 Jul 19)

 Paxi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Paxi (Greek: Παξοί, Paksi) formerly known as "Paxos" and sometimes pronounced "Paxoi" (wrongly - the diphtong disappeared from Greek a long time ago), is the smallest of the Ionian Islands (the Heptanese).
In fact in Greek it is a plural form and it refers to a complex of islands, the largest of which are Paxi and Antipaxi (a smaller nearby island famous for its wine, which is unfortunately almost impossible to purchase in shops or tavernas, and two of the finest sandy beaches in the Ionian Sea).
In 1864, together with the rest of the Heptanese, Paxi was ceded to the Greek state.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Paxi   (997 words)

 AthensNews onLine SEARCH
Paxi oil is renowned for its sweetness and purity, and this warehouse (no name, no sign) from the past is one place where you can buy it.
The walls and olive groves, so attractive and restful to the eye, are cloaked in shadow; the grizzled four-house hamlets, the baroque Venetian belfries, even the ruined olive presses with their great stone wheels standing upright amidst the rusted machinery don't seem to fit into the camera lens with enough contrast or depth.
Paxi may be small but it's neither possible nor wise to do it in one day.
www.athensnews.gr /athweb/nathens.print_unique?e=C&f=12752&m=A34&aa=1&eidos=S   (1845 words)

 Ionian islands of Greece, Paxi island
Paxi is the smallest of the six main Ionian islands.
If you should happen to be in Paxi on the l5th of August, you'll want to follow the faithful who gather at the Monastery of Panagia (Moni Panagias), The festivities last all day and all night, winding up in Gaios with dancing in the main square.
From Paxi it is also possible to visit Parga on the mainland, a small town with a Venetian fortress and a wonderful beach, and Andipaxi, a tiny island 3 nautical miles (30 minutes away) from Gaios.
www.vacation-ionian.com /paxi/paxi-island.htm   (405 words)

 PAXI Language Definition
PAXI is a simple programming language intended for a compiler writing project at George Mason University.
A PAXI program consists of a declaration section, in which global variables are declared, and a code section.
PAXI has very limited input and output, and no file I/O. Integer values are read with the read statement and written with the write statement.
cs.gmu.edu /~dnord/paxi   (1119 words)

 PAXI GREEK ISLAND IONIAN, charter sailing yachting cruising vacations with motor or sailing yachts from ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Paxi island, is one of the Ionian islands in Greece.
PAXI Island, is one of the smallest islands in Greece.
Paxi island and its neighbor Antipaxi island, are producers the finest olive oil in Europe.
www.yachting-greece.com /Greek_islands_sailing/paxi_travel_greece_yachting_holiday.htm   (657 words)

 Greece Ferries - Islands -> Ionian -> Paxi ->   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Of the main seven Ionian islands Paxi is the smallest.
Paxi is a peaceful and quiet island ideal for relaxing vacations.
The enchanting green-clad island of Paxi lies south of Corfu, opposite Epirus.
www.greece-ferries.com /en/islands/ionian/paxi/paxi.htm   (127 words)

 Paxi-Antipaxoi-Beaches   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
One of the most lovely beaches on the island, which is situated on the western part of the island of Paxi.
Quiet beach on the west coast of the island of Paxi.
Small, quiet beach beach which is situated near the settlement of Laka, 8.5 km north of Gaios, the capital of Paxi.
www.hri.org /infoxenios/english/ionian/paxi/beaches.html   (202 words)

 Star Wars: Databank | Sylo, Paxi
The youngest child, Paxi, was the daydreamer of the family.
He had heard fragments of stories of the Jedi Knights, and how they were engaged in an epic conflict called the Clone Wars, but Dantooine was so far off the beaten path that such stories might as well have been fiction.
Paxi watched with awe as Windu and his troops defeated the Separatists.
www.starwars.com /databank/character/paxisylo/index.html   (322 words)

 AM/CCSM - Paxi
A 1996 Chinese television documentary put the population of the Paxi at “more than 1,000.” The Paxi are located in two main villages, eight kilometers (five mi.) from Menghai Township, at the foot of Jingwang Mountain in Xishuangbanna Prefecture.
All Paxi except the elderly are bilingual in Chinese.
The Paxi were converted to Islam approximately 200 years ago when the religion was introduced to them by Hui Muslim traders from Dali in central Yunnan Province.
www.am-ccsm.org /operationchina/P/Paxi.asp   (547 words)

Paxi (Greek О О±ОѕОїОЇ, Albanian: Paksi) formerly known as "Paxos" and sometimes spelled "Paxoi", is the smallest of the Ionian Islands.
In fact in Greek it is a plural form and it refers to a complex of islands of both Paxi and Antipaxi (a smaller nearby island famous for its sandy beaches).
The war of Independence had broken out in 1821 and in 1864 Paxi was united with Greece by the British.
www.paleorama.com /Lakes-P/Paxi.php   (516 words)

 The six coolest GREEK ISLANDS you've never heard of / Paxi
Paxi was probably the 20th Greek island I had visited in 12 months, so you might say I was becoming a little blasé toward these islands and their charms.
Venetian occupation in the late 14th century transformed Paxi into one giant olive grove, and today the oil produced here is regarded as among Greece's best -- you can taste it in any of Paxi's restaurants and judge for yourself.
From Corfu, catch a ferry, hydrofoil or taxi boat to Paxi; there are five weekly ferries (some via Igoumenitsa on the mainland) and even more of the faster hydrofoils (as many as three daily from May to mid-October).
www.sfgate.com /cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2004/03/14/TRGPS5HO531.DTL   (524 words)

 Paxi, Greece, Greek islands
Even though it might have been inhabited well before then,the Phoenecians are traditionally held to have been the first settlers on Paxi.
The Romans ruled the island from the 2nd century BC, and during the Byzantine time and Middle ages it was constantly attacked by pirates.
Paxi is a sight in itself since it is very pretty, but there is also a Venetian kastro and the cave of Ipapanti.
www.in2greece.com /english/places/summer/islands/paxi.htm   (449 words)

 Paxos Greece | tourist travel guides to the Greek island Paxos   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
In high season it is crammed with day trippers and most of the year it is a siren call to the yachting set whose floating egos pack the island's three tiny harbours.
Paxos or Paxi is a Greek island in miniature.
There was a small pebble strand at nearby MOGONISI on the southern tip of the island until a new beach was dynamited out of the cliff and filled with sand to serve the clients of a nearby hotel.
www.greekisland.co.uk /paxi/paxos.htm   (2077 words)

 paxi yacht charters greece, yacht charter rentals, yachting greece paxi , greek islands sailing greece
paxi yacht charters greece, yacht charter rentals, yachting greece paxi, greek islands sailing greece
God made Paxi in a man's measure -you can easily sail around the island's perimeter as it is only 10 kilometres long and four kilometres wide.
Silver-green olive groves reach down to the foot of the cliffs on the south western coast and sandy beaches surround the capital.
www.alphayachting.com /Greekisles/IonionIsles/Paxi.htm   (302 words)

 PAXI - location in (GTP) Greek Travel Pages
Paxos, the baby of the Ionian Islands, is a cluster of small islands and rocky islets, the largest of which are Paxi and Antipaxos.They are located 7 miles south of Corfu, at a distance of 8 miles from the coast of Epirus in nort-western Greece and 12 miles from the town of Parga.
Both Paxos and Antipaxos have a lizard-like, long and narrow shape.
As part of the celebrations in honour of being the Cultural Village of Europe, Paxos will be the hosting of many cultural events and pan-European meetings during 2004.
www.gtp.gr /LocPage.asp?id=6189   (341 words)

 Paxi - JustGreece.com
Paxi is the smallest ot the six main Ionian islands.
You should not miss taking a trip around the island in a motor launeh, tor a look at lts speetaeular white elitfs, punetuated by delightful eoves and intriguing gro!toes.
From Paxi it is.also possible to visit Parga on the mainland, a small town with a Venetian lortress and a wonderlul beach, and Andipaxi, a tiny island 3 nautical miles (30 minutes away) Irom Gaios.
www.justgreece.com /paxi/index.php   (386 words)

 Paxi Travel information, Paxi Hotels, Paxi tours, accommodation, holidays in Paxi, vacation packages, honeymoon, car ...
It is on the west coast that you will find most of the sea caves, accessed only by caique, which are a delight to explore.
During the summer months, it is possible to travel by caique to the small island south of Paxi called Antipaxi (or Antipaxos).
The Paxos Club is a tasteful resort which harmonically combines the independence of self contained apartments with he first-class service of an up to date hotel.
www.windmillstravel.com /destination.php?id=47&type=island   (311 words)

 Paxi: Your travel guide to explore paxi
Paxi, entering the harbor of Ghaios, you áre for a surprise.
The azure-colored sea blending with the green of the small forest, presents an unimaginable picture.
Finding the best hotels in Paxi that makes your stay most enjoyable and that too without creating a hole in your pocket was never so easy.
www.greekhotelnet.com /paxi/index.htm   (184 words)

 mrwalker's Home Page - Paxi   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Paxi's western coast consists of really amazing cliffs, where the island is suddenly cut off.
But for nice and maybe not so long walks in a lush (but also very dramatic at some points) landscape, I do not think it can be beaten.
Selected walks: For walks on Paxi take a look in Noel Rochford's Landscapes of Paxos, hereafter referred to as /Rochford/.
home.bredband.no /harhau/islandwalking/paxi.html   (2518 words)

 Paxi accommodation Paxi Hotels Paxi apartments book online accommodation and hotels in Paxi
Paxi Accommodation Paxi Hotels Apartments in Paxi, Studios in Paxi, Rooms in Paxi, Villas in Paxi best deals for accommodation in Paxi.
Villas in Paxi,bed and breakfast in Paxi,holidays in Paxi,hotels in Paxi, accommodations in Paxi apartments in Paxi, self catering...
Paxi Travel book Hotels Villas we offer accommodation in Paxi hotels, apartments, studios, villas, rooms for rent, cruises.
www.geocities.com /yorgos53/hotels/paxi/paxi-hotels.html   (217 words)

 Paxi - ferries schedules, connections, availability, prices to Greece and Greek islands. Paxi island Greek Ferries ...
Paxi - ferries schedules, connections, availability, prices to Greece and Greek islands.
Paxi is an incredible microcosm, a verdant sanctuary for peace and quiet.
A “large-small” garden in bloom, with impressive white boulders and beautiful beaches with clear water, small coves, and sea caves.
www.ferries.gr /greek-islands-ferry/ferry_paxi.htm   (364 words)

 ChooseGREECE.com — Tourism Portal for Greece, Hotels, Travel Agencies, Flights, Ferries, Car Rental, Cruises, Maps, ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Welcome to Paxi, full of impressive white boulders, beautiful beaches, small coves and sea caves.
Gaios, the island’s capital is the most picturesque village with traditional houses and narrow streets.
At the north lies the seaside village Laka, build on a bay whose coasts are covered with olives and pines.
www.choosegreece.com /PAXI/aregion.asp?Id=79   (111 words)

 Vacation in Paxi, Hotels in Paxi, Holidays in Paxi, Paxi
iny Paxi (Paxos) is separated from Corfu's southernmost tip by only 11km (7mi) of water - but the fact that the island has largely escaped the horrors of mass tourism makes it feel a world away.
The island has a captivating landscape of gnarled, centuries-old olive groves, dry-stone walled terraces, abandoned olive presses and derelict farmhouses.Pebbled beaches dot the east coast, while the more rugged western side is marked by soaring white cliffs with jagged grottoes and caves.
Olive groves cover around 80% of this extremely walkable island, and the oil is reputed to be amongst Greece's best.
www.vacation.gr /gr/ionian-islands-hotels/paxi.html   (336 words)

 Greek Itinerary, Ionian Islands, Paxi, Corfu, Zakinthos, Parga, Lefkas
Greek Itinerary, Ionian Islands, Paxi, Corfu, Zakinthos, Parga, Lefkas
The Ionion group of islands on the West Coast of Greece are
www.yachtmed-greece.com /ionionitinerary.html   (286 words)

 Accommodate in Greece : Ionian > Paxi   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Gaios is the capital of Paxi, a small and pretty harbour with shops, taverns and boats, where the visitors can be taken to the neighbouring isles of Antipaxi, Panagia and Agios Nikolaos.
The Venetian Castle and the cave of Ipapanti are two more interesting sites of the island.
Snorkeling and trekking are also recommended in Paxi.
www.accommodate.gr /I009_I54.aspx   (108 words)

 Residence Paxos Club Paxi - Venere.com
The property is open from May to October.
Paxos (or Paxi) is a charming little island easily traveled in a few days with a car or motorbike (both of which can be rented on the island).
Located south of Corfu, Paxos occupies an area of 20 square kilometres (just 8 km long by 3 km wide) and it is the smallest and one of the most beautiful islands of the Ionian sea.
en.venere.com /residences_paxi/residence_paxos_club.html?ref=3926&fe1   (472 words)

 Paxi Brindisi. Ferry timetables and secure online booking with AFerry.to.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Below are the ferry timetables for the SNAV Paxi to Brindisi route.
Book a Paxi to Brindisi ferry with AFerry.to simply and securely online.
The Paxi Brindisi ferry crossing is operated by SNAV.
www.aferry.co.uk /timetable/PaxiBrindisiSNAV.htm   (229 words)

 Paxi Hotels: A complete List of Hotels in Paxi by GTO.GR Travel Guide
Paxi Hotels: A complete List of Hotels in Paxi by GTO.GR Travel Guide
Paxi Hotels results - Gto.gr is your source for the web's most complete listings about hotels in Paxi.
We welcome you to our selection of hotels, villas, apartments and all type of accommodation in Paxi.
www.gto.gr /eng/accomm/loc/result.php?loc=PAXI   (145 words)

 PAXI Hotels - lodging in Greece   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
With PAXI and Greece top properties and hot deals.
Deep discounts and last minute deals on PAXI hotels, with savings on the top resorts, lodges and inns.
Check the PERAMA city and the PATRAS city for more deals on Greece hotel rooms and lodging accommodations.
www.americashistoricplaces.com /hotels_greece/PAXI.htm   (103 words)

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