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Topic: Pearlite

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In the News (Tue 21 May 19)

  Paulo Monteiro, Professor
Pearlite is composed of alternate lamellae of ferrite and carbide.
The percent volume of pearlite in many steels is directly proportional to the carbon content.
But, because the pearlite generates micro-galvanic cells, this microstructure is not ideal for aggressive environments.
www.ce.berkeley.edu /~paulmont/steel.htm   (634 words)

 Principle of Heat Treating
Steel having a carbon content greater than.85 percent (hypereutectoid steel) has an excess of cementite over that required to mix with the ferrite to from pearlite, hence both cementite and pearlite are present in the fully annealed state.
The structural constitution of carbon steel in terms of ferrite, cementite, pearlite and austenite for different carbon contents and at different temperatures is shown by the accompanying diagram.
Unless a temperature sufficient to reach the decalescence point is obtained, so that the pearlite is changed into austenite, no harding action can take place; and unless the steel is cooled suddenly before it reached there calescence point, thus preventing the changing back again from austenite to pearlite, no hardening can take place.
www.sonic.net /~blade/Info___Links/About_Steel/Principle_of_Heat_Treating/principle_of_heat_treating.html   (2172 words)

Pearlite had been selling mostly to retailers based in B.C. and Alberta, because competition from Ontario manufacturers to land the big national clients based in Toronto was too stiff.
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www.geocities.com /propertytycoonguy/davidly.html   (1120 words)

It is called Pearlite because of the fact that when viewed under low magnification, it looks a bit like mother of pearl.
The physical difference between the two is in the thickness of the layers the Pearlite is made of.
To form Coarse Pearlite you have to stick it in another furnace, one that is kept between 600-700C.
www.everything2.com /index.pl?node=Pearlite   (1001 words)

 Ductile Iron Data - Section 2
Pearlite, produced by a eutectoid reaction, is an intimate mixture of lamellar cementite in a matrix of ferrite.
A common constituent of cast irons, pearlite provides a combination of higher strength and with a corresponding reduction in ductility which meets the requirements of many engineering applications.
In austempered irons, austenite is produced by a combination of rapid cooling which suppresses the formation of pearlite and the supersaturation of carbon during austempering, which depresses the start of the austenite-to-martensite transformation far below room temperature.
www.ductile.org /didata/Section2/2intro.htm   (2967 words)

 Key to Steel Article
Prolonged annealing induces greater ductility at the expense of strength, owing to the tendency of the cementite in the strained pearlite to "ball-up" or spheroidise, as illustrated in Fig.
At the lower critical point (Ac1) each "grain" of pearlite changes to several minute austenite crystals and as the temperature is raised the excess ferrite is dissolved, finally disappearing at the upper critical point (Ac3), still with the production of fine austenite crystals.
The properties obtained subsequently depend on the coarseness of the pearlite and ferrite and their relative distribution.
www.wireworld.com /seminar/intermediate/heattreatment/annealing.htm   (617 words)

The structure of pearlite includes a white matrix (ferritic background) which includes thin plates of cementite.
Pearlite microstructure (Light background is the ferrite matrix, dark lines are the cementite network)
If there is not enough carbon, that is less than 0.83 %, the carbon and the iron will combine to form Fe C until all the carbon is consumed.
info.lu.farmingdale.edu /depts/met/met205/fe3cdiagram.html   (420 words)

 The Ductile Iron News
Pearlite and the intercellular structure will transform to austenite first (compositions near eutectoid), with ferrite transforming later (with carbon diffusion from graphite).
As with the pearlitic grade, the weld fusion zone exhibits a rather uniform dispersion of graphite spheroids and a high nodule count.
The transition zone exhibits a similar spherodized pearlite structure in the base metal, in which the nodule count is somewhat lower than that of the pearlitic grade shown in Figure 2.
www.ductile.org /magazine/2007_2/ductilewelding.htm   (3425 words)

 pearlite - Search Results - MSN Encarta
Pearlite is a two-phased, lamellar (or layered) structure composed of alternating layers of alpha-ferrite (88 wt%) and cementite (12%) that occurs in some steels and cast irons
Pearlite Fixture Group Inc. is a designer and manufacturer of high-end custom and standard store fixture products.
Pearlite Fixture Group Inc. 7313 Meadow Avenue Burnaby, British Columbia V5J 4Z2 Canada Telephone: (604) 434-9555 Fax: (604) 434-9585 Web: www.pearlite.com
encarta.msn.com /pearlite.html   (145 words)

 Effects on the martensite, pearlite and bainite formation
As a general principle it may be stated that by increasing the concentration of one alloying element by some few percent and the basic carbon content being kept about 0,50%, only a relatively small retardation of the transformation rates is noticed.
As has been mentioned previously, both pearlite and bainite form simultaneously in this steel at about 550°C. Since the curves overlap it is customary to draw only one curve.
The structures shown in Figure 3 are obtained by austenitizing samples of steel W 1 at 780°C for 10 min and quenching in a salt bath at various temperatures.
www.key-to-steel.com /Articles/Art51.htm   (1085 words)

 Iron Phase Diagram
C a phase structure between pearlite and martensite is formed.
Bainite forms together with pearlite in steel which are cooled somewhat too fast to form a complete pearlite structure.
Bainite is like pearlite a mixture of ferrite and iron carbide but in a different form.
www.roymech.co.uk /Useful_Tables/Matter/Phase_diagram.html   (962 words)

 [No title]
Pearlite is alternating layers of ferrite and cementite and has a carbon content of about 0.8% by weight.
Pearlite will be discussed in more detail lower, when we discuss fine and course pearlite.
In this solid to solid phase transition, the ferrite, pearlite, and cementite particles in the steel all convert to austentite.
webphysics.davidson.edu /alumni/BeKinneman/metal/steel.htm   (597 words)

The Ti-X lamellar and non-lamellar microconstituents have been shown to be synonymous with pearlite and bainite in steels based upon these definitions.
Pearlite and bainite have also been shown to form by distinct mechanisms and it is therefore incorrect for them to be considered as products which are in any sense opposites to each other.
A new hypothesis has been proposed suggesting that it is not pearlite and bainite that are competing processes in Ti-X alloys, but pearlite and the formation of a (Ti) plates.
www.surrey.ac.uk /eng/research/caspie/physmet/pm00.html   (884 words)

Pearlite is a lamellar structure consisting of alternating bands of ferrite and cementite.
Pearlite exists in equilibrium in carbon steels at normal temperatures.
Pearlite Photomicrograph Copyright © British Steel; Used with permission, Courtesy of Corus.
www.threeplanes.net /pearlite.html   (43 words)

It is used to determine when transformations begin and end for an isothermal (constant temperature) heat treatment of a previously austenitized alloy.
An example for this type of cooling is annealing process where all the Austenite is allowed to transform to Pearlite as a result of slow cooling.
Since the cooling curve E is not tangent to the nose of the transformation diagram, austenite is transformed to 50% Pearlite (curve E is tangent to 50% curve).
info.lu.farmingdale.edu /depts/met/met205/tttdiagram.html   (789 words)

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 Engineering Materials – NOTES – Chapter 9 – Phase Diagrams
Consider a eutectic steel composition (0.76%C) as it cools from unstable austenite to pearlite.
Heating a pearlite or bainite microstructure at a temperature BELOW the eutectic temperature (say 700C) for 18-24 hr produces spheroidite.
Recall, pearlite is a layered combination of cementite (Fe C) and ferrite (Fe with some C dissolved in it).
www.uwplatt.edu /~mirth/me3040ch10.htm   (1320 words)

 Heat Treatment
Metallurgical analysis of the naginata blade at this point shows that it is composed of a mixture of ferrite and pearlite or pearlite and cementite; depending on the carbon content.
(approximately 1,300 degrees F), the ferrite and pearlite are transformed to austenite.
Austenite is composed of iron and carbon, just as ferrite and pearlite are, but differs from them in the manner in which the iron crystals are shaped as well as the amount of carbon which is dissolved into them.
www.scnf.org /htreat.html   (1095 words)

 Chapter 10. Phase Transformations in Metals
Martensite is metastable and decomposes into ferrite and pearlite but this is extremely slow (and not noticeable) at room temperature.
The strength and hardness of the different microstructures is inversely related to the size of the microstructures.
Thus, spheroidite is softest, fine pearlite is stronger than coarse pearlite, bainite is stronger than pearlite and martensite is the strongest of all.
www.virginia.edu /bohr/mse209/chapter10.htm   (888 words)

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At ambient temperature, slow cooled carbon steel is made of ferrite, cementite and pearlite.
Pearlite is a strong and brittle steel constituent made of two phases: ferrite and cementite.
Usually, pearlite appears as an aggregate of parallel ferrite and cementite lamellas.
www.hatch.ca /hots/chapter3/Lesson3/8.htm   (72 words)

 Glossary - Pearlite   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Pearlite is the name of a phase mixture in steel alloys.
Pearlite is the name given to the eutectoid mixture of steel - a lamellar mixture of ferrite (alpha) and cementite.
Pearlite is so called because it looks like mother of pearl when viewed under a microscope.
www.soton.ac.uk /~pasr1/g62.htm   (56 words)

 Process for heat treating a carbon steel wire - Patent 4830684
A process according to claim 1 or 2, characterized by the fact that the cooling of the wire before pearlitization and/or the cooling of the wire after pearlitization are effected at least in part by a radial and/or axial ventilation.
The seeds are starting points for the further transformation of the metastable austenite into pearlite, and it is well known that the fineness of the pearlite, and therefore the value in use of the wire, will be greater the more numerous and smaller these seeds are.
As the time of pearlitization can vary from one steel to another, this phase 4 has the purpose of avoiding applying to the wire 1 a premature cooling corresponding to the phase 5 described further below, in the event that the pearlitization should not be terminated at the time T.sub.B2.
freepatentsonline.com /4830684.html   (6610 words)

 M&M Glossary - Pearlite
Pearlite is the low temperature thermodynamic equilibrium form
Pearlite has the laminar structure shown in the photomicrograph.
Pearlite is a hard material (less hard than Martensite) and its
www.princeton.edu /~humcomp/sophlab/m&mgl_33.htm   (90 words)

 SIMAGIS Solutions: Ferrite and Pearlite Content Analysis
The solution evaluates the relative share of pearlite and ferrite on the etched samples of cast iron.
Chain of operations is finalized with Apply mask of pearlite bounds, which demonstrates the results of selecting fractions.
The solution produces the series of parameters, including the analyzed area, content of graphite and ferrite, expressed in % whole, the error of determining ferrite content, and the content of pearlite to content of ferrite ratio grade.
www.smartimtech.com /analysis/modules/module18.htm   (168 words)

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