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Topic: Pectoral

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  Pectoral Sandpiper - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
On migration and in winter, the Pectoral Sandpiper is typically found in fresh water habitats.
While Pectoral Sandpiper has not been recorded as breeding species in Europe, it has been found in Scotland in suitable breeding habitat in summer (Alan Vittery, 1997, The Birds of Sutherland).
Lees, A.C. and Gilroy, J.G. Pectoral Sandpipers in Europe: vagrancy patterns and the influx of 2003.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Pectoral_Sandpiper   (351 words)

 Pectoral Augmentation
Conclusions: Pectoral implants cab be used to correct muscular or chest wall defects as well as to enhance chest contour with minimal complications.
Pectoral implants were first used to repair deformities in the chest wall caused by muscle tears.
Pectoral implants are used to correct chest wall deformities of different causes as well as for muscle deficiency.
www.drchugay.com /news9.html   (2011 words)

 The Metropolitan Museum of Art - Works of Art: Medieval Art
This pectoral necklace is composed of a plain, hollow neck ring attached to a frame set with a large central medallion flanked by coins and two small decorative disks.
Although it was found in Egypt, the pectoral is believed to have been made in Constantinople, since a personification of that city is depicted on the reverse of the central medallion.
The two ribbed rings at the pectoral's lower edge once held a large medallion of the emperor Theodosius I. This imperial imagery suggests that the pectoral is composed of a collection of military trophies that once belonged to a distinguished general or a member of the imperial court.
www.metmuseum.org /collections/view1.asp?dep=17&full=0&item=17.190.1664   (203 words)

 Male Pectoral Breast Implants - Information and Plastic Surgeons   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Pectoral implants can help build self-confidence in individuals who were once embarrassed by their appearance.
Pectoral implant surgery usually takes between one and two hours to complete and is typically done under a general anesthesia.
Pectoral implant surgery can be done in either a hospital or office surgical suite, depending on your preferences as well as your surgeon’s.
www.augmentbreast.com /plasticsurgeryprocedures/malebreastimplants.html   (1127 words)

 Pectoral spine size in Synodontis schall (Teleostei: Mochokidae) from Asa Lake, Ilorin, Nigeria   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
A fractured pectoral spine in one of the specimens was shorter than the other.
bony spines on the dorsal and pectoral fins (Willoughby 1976).
Fusion of the bone was twisted at this mid-point, thus the ventral and the dorsal teeth of this spine were dislocated (Fig.
rbt.ots.ac.cr /revistas/48-2-3/araoye.htm   (608 words)

 Pectoral Fin Motor Controllers
The pectoral fins on most fish control pitching (up-and-down motion of the body), yawing (the side-to-side motion) and rolling.
The pectoral fins can be held close to the body to increase speed by reducing drag, or they can be extended to increase drag and serve as a brake [Wilson and Wilson1985].
Many reef fishes use pectoral swimming to achieve very fine motion control, such as backwards motions, by keeping their bodies still and using their pectoral fins like oars.
www.dgp.toronto.edu /people/tu/thesis/node61.html   (535 words)

 Pectoral Implants Manhattan, Pectoral Implants Westchester, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
Even some bodybuilders have trouble developing pectoral muscles that are in proportion to the rest of their body.
The pectoral implants are placed under the existing pectoral muscle so that the pectoral implants do not feel or look artificial.
The pectoral implant surgery usually takes between one and two hours to complete and in some cases can be combined with liposuction in order to create optimal results.
www.plasticsurgeonny.com /pectoral_implants.htm   (296 words)

 Muscles of the Pectoral, Back and Shoulder Regions   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The pectoral region contains four muscles, all of which are attached to the pectoral girdle and are associated with movements of the pectoral girdle and upper limb.
The trapezius muscle attaches the pectoral girdle to the skull and the vertebral column and assists in suspending it.
This is large, wide, fan-shaped muscle passes between the trunk and the humerus and acts on the shoulder joint and indirectly on the pectoral girdle.
www.geocities.com /medinotes/mmp-b-s.htm   (1326 words)

 The Pectoral Fin
The pectoral fins are always the first fin from the head and correspond to the arms of a land animal.
The pectoral fins can be moved in most directions: forwards, backwards and in circles.
Typically, pectoral fins are transparent to avoid detection by predators due to their almost constant movement, continually coordinating minute directional changes and maintaining balance.
www.thatfishshop.com /ichthyology/pectoral_fin.htm   (125 words)

 Function of pectoral fins in rainbow trout: behavioral repertoire and hydrodynamic forces -- Drucker and Lauder 206 ...
at the onset of the pectoral fin stroke.
The pectoral fins' trailing edges are elevated and protracted resulting in a characteristic `cupping' of the fins along their longitudinal axes.
to that of the pectoral fins anteriorly (Fig.
jeb.biologists.org /cgi/content/full/206/5/813   (7060 words)

 Pec Implants and Pectoral Augmentation Information Site
Pectoral, bicep and tricep implants, are commonly used to shape, enlarge, and firm the upper chest and arm areas — and when correctly surgically inserted — permit a natural appearance when the chest and arm muscles are either flexed or relaxed.
It's vital to understand that pectoral implants are usually only performed by a few plastic and cosmetic surgeons who have performed thousands of these procedures over a decade of experience.
Those are the surgeons that have the extensive experience required in forming and placing the solid silicone implants that are used in the medical procedure — assuring that they don't shift from their original positions or develop infection, two areas where serious medical problems could occur after surgery.
www.pecimplants.com   (491 words)

In the minute directions given for the distinctive official dress of the high priest in Exodus, xxviii, a section belonging to the priestly code (cf.
From Exodus we learn that the material employed was the same substantially as for the ephod, viz., gold, blue, purple, and scarlet on a ground of fine twined linen, which are the finest and most artistic textile fabrics (cf.
The form of the pectoral was a square made by the folding in two of the material measuring a cubit in length and half a cubit in breadth.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/11600b.htm   (304 words)

 Questions before pectoral implant surgery from Bashioum Cosmetic Surgery Center
The fee for pectoral implant surgery can be located in the suggested fees.
Pectoral implant surgery leaves inconspicuous one and one half-inch scars in the armpit.
Pectoral implant surgery is suggested to men with small chest size.
www.nipntuck.com /faqs/pecs/before.htm   (1069 words)

 Integrative and Comparative Biology: Wake dynamics and locomotor function in fishes: Interpreting evolutionary patterns ...
As yet, the functional significance of these historical trends in pectoral fin design remains largely untested by experiment In this paper we test the proposal that variation in pectoral fin structure has an important influence on the magnitude and orientation of fluid forces generated during maneuvering locomotion.
Despite a century of active investigation into the mechanism of pectoral fin function, there remains a critical area of study in which experimental zoologists are only now making initial progress: analysis of the physical interaction between the locomotor anatomy of freely swimming fishes and the aquatic medium.
Previous workers have shown that during actinopterygian evolution major transformations have occurred in (i) the anatomical position of the pectoral fin and (ii) the orientation of the pectoral fin base (Schmalhausen, 1916; Breder, 1926; Harris, 1937, 1938; Greenwood et al., 1966; Gosline, 1971; Alexander, 1974; Rosen, 1982; Webb, 1982).
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_qa4054/is_200211/ai_n9154517   (1293 words)

 Pectoral Augmentation   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
This procedure is performed on men to enhance the shape and size of the pectoral muscles, simulating the results of heavy pectoral exercises.
Asymmetry or absence of the pectoral muscles can also be corrected by using a custom made implant.
A soft silicone implant is inserted through an incision in the skin crease of the armpit and placed behind the pectoral muscle.
www.cosmeticart.net /html/pectoral_implant.html   (92 words)

 Lab Manual - Pectoral Region & Breast
Identify the muscles of the pectoral region, their related fascia, nerve and regional blood supply, and general functions.
Use blunt dissection to locate and identify the lateral pectoral nerve, medial pectoral nerve, pectoral branches of the thoracoacromial artery and vein as you clean.
Trace the lateral pectoral nerve, medial pectoral nerve, and branches of the thoracoacromial artery.
anatomy.med.umich.edu /musculoskeletal_system/pectoral.html   (675 words)

 Pectoral Sandpiper
Pectoral Sandpiper: Medium-sized sandpiper with scaled, dark brown upperparts, heavily streaked brown breast, and plain white belly.
Pectoral Sandpiper: Four white or buff eggs spotted with brown are laid in a cup of grass and leaves hidden on the ground.
Pectoral Sandpiper: Call is a rich, low "churrrt", "krrrek", or "tik-tik-tik".
identify.whatbird.com /obj/493/_/Pectoral_Sandpiper.aspx   (451 words)

 Abdominal and Pectoral Etching - 14-Oct-04: Liposuction Male Liposuction article: contact Henry Mentz, MD, FACS
Trunk and pectoral flexion may be necessary to outline landmarks.
The fat overlying the pectoral muscle may be two to three times thicker than the axilla and etched perimeter.
Dressings consist of ABD's or 4x4's, adhesive foam (RestonTM) cut into linear strips are used with caution at the lateral and inferior edge of the pectoral muscle, and an elastic vest with sleeves.
www.mybeautifulbody.com /en/articles/printview.asp?31   (1160 words)

 The Metropolitan Museum of Art - Works of Art: Egyptian Art
This pectoral is composed around the throne name of King Senwosret II.
It was found among the jewelry of Princess Sit-hathor-yunet in a special niche of her underground tomb beside the pyramid of Senwosret II at Lahun.
This cloisonné pectoral is inlaid with 372 carefully cut pieces of semiprecious stones.
www.metmuseum.org /collections/view1.asp?dep=10&full=0&item=16.1.3   (433 words)

 pectoral - Wiktionary
Of or pertaining to the breast, or chest; as, the pectoral muscles.
Relating to, or good for, diseases of the chest or lungs; as, a pectoral remedy.
1786: The Poitrinal, Pectoral, or Breast Plate was formed of plates of metal rivetted together, which covered the breast and shoulders of the horse, it was commonly adorned with foliage, or other ornaments engraved or embossed.
en.wiktionary.org /wiki/pectoral   (155 words)

 Pectoral Implants in Scottsdale, Arizona (AZ USA) at the Body Sculpting Center.
Many men find that they are unable to develop their pectoral muscles even with a regular exercise regimen.
The pectoral implant procedure helps to correct the look of the chest by placing a solid yet soft implant below the existing pectoral muscle.
The pectoral implants are pliable yet firm to give the feel of a well exercised pectoral muscle.
www.bodynew.com /procs/body/pectoralImplants   (353 words)

 Three-dimensional kinematics and wake structure of the pectoral fins during locomotion in leopard sharks Triakis ...
Three-dimensional kinematics and wake structure of the pectoral fins during locomotion in leopard sharks Triakis semifasciata -- Wilga and Lauder 203 (15): 2261 -- Journal of Experimental Biology
Three-dimensional kinematics and wake structure of the pectoral fins during locomotion in leopard sharks Triakis semifasciata
plane of the pectoral fin is actively flipped upwards or downwards to
jeb.biologists.org /cgi/content/abstract/203/15/2261   (853 words)

 Pectoral Augmentation - Chest Implants for Men
ome men work out extensively and are still unable to develop the pectoral muscles that they hope to have, making the body out of proportion.
Fortunately for them, it is possible to enlarge the appearance of their chest muscles (pectoralis muscles, pecs) by placing solid silicone implants.
Pectoral implants surgery is an out patient procedure.
www.cosmeticsurgeryforme.com /pages/pectoral.htm   (343 words)

 pectoral. The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language: Fourth Edition. 2000.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Relating to or situated in the breast or chest: a pectoral muscle; the pectoral cavity.
Useful in relieving disorders of the chest or respiratory tract.
A medicine for relieving disorders of the chest or respiratory tract.
www.bartleby.com /61/18/P0141800.html   (128 words)

 All About Birds
A medium-sized, chunky shorebird, the Pectoral Sandpiper is found most commonly on mudflats with short grass or weedy vegetation and seems more at home in the grass than in the water.
The breeding male Pectoral Sandpiper has an inflatable throat sac, which expands and contracts rhythmically during display flights.
The accompanying vocalization consists of a series of hollow hoots, and is one of the most unusual sounds heard in summer on the arctic tundra.
www.birds.cornell.edu /programs/AllAboutBirds/BirdGuide/Pectoral_Sandpiper.html   (164 words)

 Find our more about Pec Implants (Pectoral Augmentation)
Pectoral implants shape, enlarge, and firm the chest muscles, helping one attain the look they want while still allowing a natural appearance when the pectoral muscles are either flexed or relaxed.
While pectoral implants are not a cure for these ailments, they can provide anatomical balance in less serious cases.
Because pectoral augmentation is a unique operation that requires surgical and aesthetic skill.
www.pecimplants.com /pecimplants.html   (1221 words)

 eBody.com: Pectoral Implants
In some cases, chest underdevelopment may be the result of congenital defect or injury.
Male chest enhancement through pectoral implants is a procedure that is growing in popularity.
A solid but soft implant is placed behind the pectoralis muscle through a small incision in the armpit.
www.ebody-specialist.com /plastic_surgery/pectoral_implants.html   (198 words)

 Pectoral Augmentation with Pectoral Implants
by men is it to enhance the shape and projection of the chest muscle with the positioning of special highly consistent chest implants, called pectoral implants.
The type of implant is chosen prior to surgery, based on the measurements of the chest.
Solid silicone implants are used for pectoral augmentation.
www.pragueaestheticsurgery.com /Pectoral_Augmentation.htm   (174 words)

 Male Pec Implants - Chest Implants for Men
Some men work out extensively and are still unable to develop the pectoral muscles that they hope to achieve.
Fortunately for them, it is possible to enlarge the appearance of their chest muscles (pectoralis muscles, pec muscles, pecs, or simply pecs) by placing solid silicone implants (explained below).
Do not expect pectoral implants to improve the definition of your pectoral muscles.
www.infoplasticsurgery.com /breast/pec-implants.html   (1082 words)

 Tut Exhibit - King Tutankhamun Exhibit, Collection: Jewelry - Pectoral with Solar and Lunar Emblems representing King ...
The central motif in this gold cloisonne pectoral is a scarab of translucent greenish yellow chalcedony that serves as the body of a falcon with wings outstretched.
The designer of this pectoral, having produced a twofold symbol of the sun, repeated the technique, but less effectively, in the case of the moon.
As a kind of fringe at the base of the pectoral are the blue lotus flowers, complex buds, and papyrus flowers projecting from poppy buds, all separated at the point where the stem joins the flower or the bud by roundels of concentric circles.
www.touregypt.net /museum/tutl41.htm   (463 words)

 San Jose Buttock, Calf and Pectoral Implants
With surgery, implants of soft, pliable plastic are placed into pockets underneath the patient's own muscle or muscle covering, called fascia, to give the patient the appearance of a well toned body.
A surgical procedure called pectoral augmentation may be the one for you.
Specially designed pectoral implants (pec implants) are placed underneath the pectorals muscle via a small incision hidden in one of the natural skin creases present in the arm pit.
www.cosmetixsurgeon.com /muscle_implants.html   (703 words)

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