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In the News (Sat 25 May 19)

  Peljesac, perfect place for a perfect holliday   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-07)
a village in the interior of the Peljesac Peninsula, at the foot of the Gradina hill (244 m), 2 km from the Drace harbour on the north-eastern coast; population 333.
a town and harbour on the northern coast of the Peljesac Peninsula, 11 km northeast of Orebic; population 660.
The ships passing through the Peljesac Channel sound their sirens to greet the church of their patron saint and the resting place of deceased captains, and are replied by sounding of the monastery bells.
www.peljesac.org /index_eng.htm   (588 words)

TRPANJ, a town and harbour on the northern coast of the Peljesac Peninsula, 11 km northeast of Orebic; population 660.
VIGANJ, a village and small harbour to the west of the southern coast of the Peljesac Peninsula, 7 km west of Orebic; population 330.
The Peljesac Channel terminates on the top of Sveti Ivan, where an old small church lies near the road, with the remains of the artillery position of the Austrian navy.
www.croatia1.com /peljes-sites-en.htm   (2795 words)

 myCroatia | Korcula | Croatian turist travel information island Korcula
The island of Korcula and the peninsula of Peljesac were inhabited even in the Neolithic Age, i.e.
Korcula found itself in the provinces of Dalmatia, and this immediately led to the organized immigration of Roman citizens, a more progressive exploitation of the land, and the building of numerous villas, Thus the area was Romanized.
The Korcula shipyards and the "Peljesac Maritime Society" in Orebic, founded in 1865 on the modern principles of the shareholding society, were spreading the fame of the Korcula-Orebic shipbuilding and sailing tradition over all seas and oceans.
www.mycroatia.com /site/en/brac/korcula.html   (5535 words)

PELJESAC, peninsula in southern Dalmatia, between the Neretva Channel (Neretvanski kanal) and the Mali Ston Channel (Kanal Malog Stona) "little sea" in the northeast and the Peljesac Channel (Peljeski kanal) and Mljet Channel (Mljetski kanal) "big sea” in the southwest.
Pliny the Elder called Peljesac Rhatanae Chersonsus (from which the mediaeval names Art, Rat, Stonski rat were derived), the settlement which stood on the site on present-day Ston was called Pardua (Stamnes).
- Pe­ljesac is under French rule from 1808-14, and the Bri­tains hold the south coast (Zagorje) and Ston, from 1813-14.
www.crosurf.com /Location/PeljesacDescription.htm   (703 words)

 Peljesac - Croatia
That's why we say that Peljesac is the place where the nature - is still the nature.
Currently, we are describing the most attractive Peljesac holiday destinations - Orebic and Trpanj, but - keep visiting us regularly, these pages are always updated with new content, and we will also include other holiday destinations on Peljesac.
Family private accommodation in picturesque Trpanj on Peljesac.
www.peljesac.info   (394 words)

 Korcula and Peljesac wines
Climatic and geographic conditions have enabled the growing of high-quality vines on the vine-growing area of Korcula and Peljesac, and modern wine cellars guarantee the individual farmers not only a standard wine quality but also the purchase of their grapes.
The favorable climate and good soil in Korcula and Peljesac, give the wines a harmonious relation between their ingredients; alcohol, acid, minerals, tannin, colored matter, proteins, vitamins.
Mythology has passed into history and to the present and the Korcula and Peljesac wines are waiting for their future conquistadors who will come to enjoy, together with the people from their region, this eternal liquid - a compound of sun, soil and effort.
www.korcula.net /vina   (363 words)

 Peninsula Peljesac Real Estate - Peninsula Peljesac Property Listings database daily update
As Peninsula Peljesac is becoming more and more popular as a holiday destination, interest in purchasing property, or real estate, in the country has also risen quite suddenly in the last year or so.
According to the Law of Peninsula Peljesac property and other Peninsula Peljesac real estate, foreign citizens and enterprises can be owners of real estate in all the teritory of Peninsula Peljesac.
This is your travel guide to Peljesac peninsula, second largest in Croatia (358 km2), located in south Dalmatia in Dubrovnik region.
www.croestate.com /en/peljesacrealestate.htm   (350 words)

 CROSurf > > > Croatian Windsurfing&Accomodation WebSite > > > Welcome!!!
Peljesac Channel - narrow channel between Peljesac Peninsula and Island of Korcula, is the best WINDSURFING spot in Croatia, and one of the best in Europe.
The shape of the western entrance of the Peljesac Channel is such that provides with a unique funnel effect which increases westerly winds forces.
Kuciste, a village and pier on the Peljesac Peninsula; 6km west of Orebic.
www.crosurf.com   (462 words)

 Orebic - Apartment M - your seafront holiday home
Peljesac is easy to reach with your own car - even without need to use ferry.
From Ploce, you may take ferry to Trpanj on Peljesac (check Jadrolinija time table) or just continue driving trough Neum (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Ston.
Nearest airports to Peljesac and Orebic are those in Dubrovnik (ca.
www.apartments-m-orebic.com /travel-to-orebic.htm   (237 words)

 Peljesac Peninsula Hostels, Croatia Hostels, Online Booking, Reservations, Backpackers, Hostels, Accommodation, ...
From here you will be able to check availability and make a secure hostel reservation for when you arrive in Croatia.
Apartments Majo are located 150 meters from the main beach and 200 meters from the centre of Trpanj, the most popular destination on the Peljesac peninsula.
Situated on the Peljesac Peninsula, Trpanj (Dubrovnik area) is a small, friendly seaside resort.
www.europeanexplorer.com /croatia/hostels/peljesac_peninsula.htm   (437 words)

 Orebic Photos   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-07)
This is the first picture of Orebic a visitor sees when approaching on the steep but exotic and beautiful roads of the Peljesac Peninsula.
Looking southwest from the same spot on a different day: the Peljesac channel and the archipelago with the eastern end of the Korcula island.
Peljesac Channel from the opposite end, now looking eastward.
www.zarkon.net /orebic/approach.html   (358 words)

 WWW.HR - Tourism and Traveling: Accommodation: South Dalmatia: Peljesac peninsula
Viganj is a small touristic place on the peninsula of Peljesac lying 6 km from Orebic and about 15 min by boat from Korcula.Our apartments are only 50 meters from sea.
Peljesac - Kuciste - Zamosce apartments are situated in most beatiful part of Peljesac Riviera.
Viganj is small willage on the penisula Peljesac, very closly city of Korcula and 120 km from Dubrovnik.
www.hr /wwwhr/tour/accomm/south/peljesac/index.en.html   (1713 words)

 Motorcycle Misadventures: Motorcycling the The Dubvronik Riviera and the Peljesac Peninsula
The light here is superb, greying to pink and yellow and finally to a deep blue before we turn completely away from the sun.
I follow the signs to the island of Korcula, 70 miles from the mainland on the Peljesac penninsula, which is only prevented from being an island itself becuase it is connected by a narrow isthmus that has become a well-known oyster area.
Ston and Mali Ston (old Ston) is a salt-producing town and the medieval center is protected by a 5.5 kilometer long wall.
carlaking.typepad.com /weblog/2005/06/motorcycling_th_1.html   (556 words)

 Trpanj Home Page - Peljesac Croatia Trpanj Accommodation Trpanj Holiday
Trpanj is situated on the Peljesac peninsula in the Dalmatian region of Croatia and is an excellent starting point for day trips to Dubrovnik, Korcula, Mljet or Medjugorje.
Strände Bilder Peljesac Trpanj Kroatien Dubrovnik FKK Kroatien Reisebericht Kroatien Ferienhauser Kroatien Vucine Berühmter Strand
Pelješac Sreser Trstenik Trpanj Croatia Trstenik Peljesac Trstenik Hrvatska Trpanj Zuljana Žuljana Privatni Smještaj Pelješac Privatni Smještaj Dalmacija Privatni Smještaj
www.croatia-apartments-trpanj.com   (1489 words)

 Apartments Vesna - Trpanj - accommodation description
Peljesac is situated in Dubrovnik county - on southern Croatian coast of Adriatic.
Bus station to ferry is a short stroll, and within an hour - you're in Trpanj.
If you want to arrive by plane - Nearest airports to Peljesac and Trpanj are those in Dubrovnik (ca.
www.apartments-peljesac.com.hr /apartments-peljesac-location.htm   (262 words)

 Apartments Peljesac - Trpanj
Once an important harbor on Peljesac and mainly fishing village, despite it's tourist development - Trpanj retains it's Mediterranean architecture and peaceful, relaxed atmosphere.
Considering that temperature here is 7 °C in January and 26 °C in July, you can count on reliable warm Mediterranean climate while enjoying crystal clean sea of Peljesac bay trough the summer and long into autumn, or long seaside walking path in shade of pines during seasons.
There are numerous cafes, two or three small discotheques, and organized open air parties, so there is a bit of fun for all generations.
www.apartments-peljesac.com.hr /trpanj.htm   (333 words)

 Vala Kamp Apartments in Orebic, Central Dalmatia, Croatia
Mokalo, a small place located on the peninsula of Peljesac, 3 kilometers east of Orebic, is home to our seaside camp and apartments "Vala".
The south side provides a beautiful view of the island Korcula and numerous small islands and reefs, with the slopes of famous Peljesac vineyards behind.
"Vala" is located in the south of Croatia, on the southern side of the Peljesac peninsula, in Mokalo - 3 km east of the town of Orebic.
www.dalmatiancoast.com /holidays/apartments/apsd-1038/profile.html   (373 words)

 HTP Orebic - Peljesac - Hrvatska - Hoteli - Apartmani
There are concerts of classical music with top musicians, ensembles both local and foreign, open-air theatre, and performances of well-known Croatian entertainers and pop singers.
The ideal location for surfing is in the Peljesac Channel in front of Punta Liberian, and the tourist complex at Perna.
If all this is not enough, you are invited to stroll the many walking paths found around the seaports, beaches and coves in every town, enjoying first hand this fantastic landscape with its endless beauty and unique features.
www.orebic-htp.hr /ENG_asp/dogadanja1.asp   (349 words)

Apartments Lucija are located in the small township of Trstenik on Pelješac peninsula and offer the perfect opportunity for those who wish to escape the usual tourist crowds, enabling you to spend a peaceful and unforgettable vacation.
Apartment house Di Ceglie is located in a beautiful Blaževo bay, surrounded with completely unspoiled, crystal clear sea full of great seafood, fish, oysters and mussels which are grown less than hundred meters from the house.
Villa Maslina is located in the magnificent surroundings of the Dingač Regionin in the village of Borak, a small oasis on the Pelješac peninsula, the second largest peninsula on the Croatian coast.
www.hr /wwwhr-bin/search?results=50&lang=en&tos=all&srch=peljesac   (2079 words)

 About Orebic, Peljesac peninsula
Orebic, old town of maritime tradition is situated on south-western part of Peljesac peninsula, just accross the historycal town Korcula.
And, you can enjoy Orebic nature during whole year - average temperatures of 9.1°C in january to 26.5°C during july provide you mild climate conditions for walks and trips during colder part of the year and warm days for enjoying at Orebic beaches in the summer.
You can taste some of these delicateses immediately as you arrive at our home, as we decided to greet each group of guests with a little incentive - bottle of finest Peljesac wine, made by our familly, bottle of olive oil, and choice of fresh picked season fruit.
apartments-m-orebic.com /orebic.htm   (292 words)

 adriatica.net > Discover Croatia
In order to help you discover Croatia's southern parts, we present to you 5 places: two on the Peljesac peninsula, two on the island of Korcula and one on the island of Lastovo.
The waters of Viganj hold the remains of a Roman galley that suffered shipwreck.
Drace is a place on the northern side of the southern Dalmatian Peljesac peninsula, known worldwide for its excellent wines.
www.adriatica.net /croatia/feature/HRjug_en.htm   (595 words)

 Fodor's Travel Guides | Forums Messages
June 28: Rent car to drive to Sucaraj for ferry, heading towards Peljesac.
I had originally wanted to go to either Vis or Lastovo but the ferry connections are tough and I would basically have to skip Hvar and Peljesac to visit either of the islands.
And I do hear that Peljesac is very nice, although I have not read many people commenting on the area on this message board.
www.fodors.com /forums/pgMessages.jsp?fid=2&tid=34554189&numresponses=4&start=0   (1512 words)

 >Vila Mediterane-->>HOW TO REACH US??
First to Split and than to Makarska, Ploce, Ston (peninsula Peljesac), Orebic and finaly Loviste.
One can reach Split by way of the Adriatic Coastal Road from the western and eastern directions, and from the north by the road which connects it with the Dalmatian hinterland and with the continental part of the country and Bosnia and Herzegovina.
From capital city Zagreb or also from Dubrovnik directly to Orebic (peninsula Peljesac) and then by local bus from Orebic to Loviste.
www.villa-mediterane.com /htru.htm   (591 words)

 About Dubrovnik & South Dalmatia on the Dalmatian Coast, Croatia
But there is more to the region; it also includes the Peljesac Peninsula, the islands of Korcula, with the beautiful town of the same name, and Mljet.
South Dalmatia, particularly the Peljesac Peninsula, is a good vine growing region with more and more of their wines becoming world renowned.
The region also produces a sizable quota of Croatia’s oranges, figs and olives, and in the north of the province it is very common to see these produce for sale by the side of the road.
www.dalmatiancoast.com /property/regions/south-dalmatia.html   (674 words)

 Home page - Apartmani Bubrig
The Bubrig Apartments are situated on southern side of the peninsula of Peljesac, in the village of Postup, famous for the production of one of the finest Croatian wines that carries its name.
Our terrace boasts an unforgettable view on the island of Korcula and the vineyards of Peljesac.
In the vicinity of the apartments there is a winery as well as the olive oil mill where it is possible to purchase the local wine and olive oil.
www.rubikon.hr /apartments/eng/home.htm   (211 words)

 Apartments in Peljesac Peninsula,Budget,Studio,Luxury,Serviced,Furnished,Short-term,Weekend
Apartments Irena in Orebic on the Peljesac Peninsula.
Apartments Mistral are located in the picturesque town of Orebiæ.
We would like to inform our users that a portion of the service charge from every booking through this system is donated to UNICEF, who provide assistance to and work for long term improvement in the lives of children living in the world's poorest countries.
www.best4hostels.com /peljesac_peninsula_1.htm   (292 words)

 Orebic, Peljesac - Croatia
Situated on northwestern part of Peljesac peninsula, immediately opposite to old town of Korcula, Orebic is townlet where modern tourist offer meets original unspoiled nature of Peljesac - one of rare localities on Adriatic coast where you will really experience real meaning of Croatian official tourist tag line: Mediterranean as it was.
Orebic is town of natural beauty of crystal clean sea opposing raw beauty of St. Elliah mountain (961 m), which dominates the landscape.
Vine growing areas of Peljesac are also very interesting, and you can visit them with us during your stay in our home.
www.orebic-cibilic.com /orebic.htm   (354 words)

 Apartments - Peljesac, Dalmatia, Croatia
Peljesac - Croatia - accommodation: apartments and rooms
If you desire authentic family atmosphere rather than staying in hotel, or if you want separate accomodation unit and own kithcen, along with some savings, here is our choice of private apartment and room rentals from Peljesac.
Please, if you don't find what you need, mail us, or check back later, as we are preparing much wider choice of accomoadtion units from whole Peljesac.
www.peljesacinfo.com /croatia_holiday_accommodation_peljesac.htm   (233 words)

 Peninsula Peljesac Vacation Rentals | PerfectPlaces.com
2 Peninsula Peljesac vacation rentals were found matching your criteria.
These vacation rentals are presented by their owners or managers and may include homes, condos, cottages, cabins and bed and breakfasts.
Description: Traditional 3 bedrooms house,built in 19 ct, on peninsula Peljesac 90 km from Dubrovnik,in a beautiful and quite surroundings perfect for those who wish to take rest with their families away from city...
www.perfectplaces.com /vacation-rentals/Europe/Croatia/Peninsula_Peljesac   (184 words)

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