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In the News (Wed 24 Apr 19)

  Alex Van Pelt - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In the NFL, Van Pelt spent all of his career as a member of the Bills, mostly as a backup.
Alex Van Pelt's first NFL win as a starter would come on November 2, 1997, against Dan Marino and the Miami Dolphins.
Alex Van Pelt was a career backup, who had 16 touchdowns, and 24 interceptions in 477 pass attempts.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Alex_Van_Pelt   (213 words)

 The Case for Auschwitz (review)
By ignoring the later documentation, van Pelt is able to ignore the fact that the gas-tight doors described from March 1944 are indistinguishable from the doors installed at the crematories the previous spring.
Van Pelt commits another blunder by ignoring the 1944 documentation on gas-tight bomb shelters, which shows that the crematory in the base camp, during its air raid shelter conversion, was to be equipped with gas-tight shutters, 60 cm x 80 cm.
Professor van Pelt wrote this book as a historian, but when he testified at the Irving trial, he spoke not merely as a historian but as a man, a Dutch Jew who lost several family members to Nazi persecution, and for whom testifying was a way to bear witness to their memory.
www.ihr.org /jhr/v21/v21n1p39_vanpelt.html   (3952 words)

Van Pelt says he decided to publish this version to meet requests from the media and the public for the arguments against those who deny the existence of homicidal gas chambers at Auschwitz-Birkenau or the part they played in the Nazis’ systematic effort to annihilate Europe’s Jews.
Van Pelt devotes so much space and detail to the “negationist” case that the reader is fatigued when he eventually gets to evidence of the gas chambers.
Van Pelt also reveals that, on a visit to Auschwitz, Richard Rampton QC, the leading defence barrister, told him “that if he were to stay much longer he would be too enraged to conduct the case.” During the victory dinner on April 11 2000, Rampton’s composure broke.
www.adelaideinstitute.org /Auschwitz/pelt.htm   (613 words)

 Letters to David Irving's Website
Pelt wants to combine the new position taken by Fred Leuchter's adversaries with the old position taken by Weinbacher's prosecutors [in the British Army war crimes trial of Tesch and Weinbacher].
What Pelt really needs to show, without reference to other camps, and with some exactitude, is that all non-homicidal uses of the 12,000 kg can be fully accounted for, leaving a small unexplained residue of some 500 kg, which he takes to be the maximum necessary for the 250,000 murders of 1943.
Van Pelt accuses Gray of basing his conclusions on Van Pelt's own "lengthy analysis." That is all too possible; there is no darker place than the mind of a High Court Judge.
www.fpp.co.uk /Letters/Auschwitz/Brennan190204.html   (2649 words)

 A Review of Van Pelt's "The Case for Auschwitz"
However, it may surprise Professor van Pelt to know that the issue of bomb shelters had no place in the original scheme of "Sherlock" and was raised separately for a very specific purpose, namely, to force the establishment to credit a revisionist contribution to Holocaust historiography.
Furthermore, by ignoring the later documentation, van Pelt and my revisionist critics are able to ignore the fact that the gastight doors described from March, 1944, are indistinguishable from the doors installed at the crematoria the previous spring.
rofessor van Pelt wrote this book as a historian, but when he testified at the Irving trial, he spoke not merely as a historian but as a man, a Dutch Jew who lost several family members to Nazi persecution, and for whom testifying was a way to bear witness to their memory.
www.vho.org /tr/2002/4/tr12vanpelt.html   (3598 words)

 Pelt / Van Pelt Genealogy   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Henry Pelt was born between 1771-1774 in Pitt County, North Carolina and died in 1838 in Clarke County, Alabama.
Rebecca (Letty) Pelt was born on 29 Aug 1805 in Jones County, Georgia and died on 4 Nov 1872 in Van Zandt County, Texas.
Liney Pelt was born on 4 Aug 1819.
www.bellucci.com /melonbel/genealogy/PeltGenealogy.html   (7721 words)

 Ronald Feldman Gallery
Live Pelt, by Kelly Heaton, is a multimedia installation based on the transformation of 64 previously owned Tickle Me Elmo dolls, the popular consumer toy, into a woman’s coat.
Desecration and fetishism are consistent throughout the narrative, which relies heavily on the historic precedent of the American fur trade.
Live Pelt, Heaton’s first exhibition at the Feldman Gallery, continues her series entitled Bibiota that includes Reflection Loop and Dead Pelt in which 400 Furbies have been re-engineered into a coat for Mrs.
www.feldmangallery.com /pages/exhsolo/exhhea03.html   (557 words)

 Convergence or Divergence?: On Recent Evidence for Zyklon Induction Holes at Auschwitz-Birkenau Crematory II
Van Pelt, in searching for openings rather smaller than 70 centimeters square, has misrepresented the testimony of the two witnesses on whom he has staked his case (in the absence of any forensic or documentary evidence) for the existence of the holes.
While Provan agrees with van Pelt that hundreds of thousands of Jews were gassed in Leichenkeller 1 of Crema II by Zyklon dropped through holes in the roof, his interpretation of the evidence for the existence of these holes is often diametrically opposed to van Pelt's.
[See note 23] Van Pelt's radical modification of his interpretation of this basic document, which must have been known to him, neither inspires confidence in his expertise nor in his claim that holes were made in the roof of Leichenkeller 1 of Crematorium II at the time it was constructed.
www.ihr.org /jhr/v20/v20n5p33_Renk.html   (7897 words)

 fur pelt
Interesting facts on pelt and fur ranching and the use of synthetics.
pelt consumption in the US, but fails to place this in context, leaving casual readers with the false impression that fur...
Desecration and fetishism are consistent throughout the narrative, which relies heavily on the historic precedent of the American fur...
www.search-e.com /find/fur+pelt.shtml   (289 words)

 Welcome to Pelt Farm - Registered Choctaw Indian Ponies - Home   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Pelt Farm Began raising Spanish Colonial Horses in 1990 to help preserve this historic horse brought to America by the Spanish Conquistadors in the 15th and 16th century.
By the 18th century, this tough, intelligent, beautiful horse had been acquired by the Indians and was being used to improve their daily lives.
The breed strain we are concentrating on at Pelt Farm is the Choctaw Strain (which also included some Cherokee bloodlines).
www.peltfarm.net /ponyhome.html   (230 words)

 Van Pelt contacts Wannstedt about possible job - PittsburghLIVE.com
Former Pitt quarterback Alex Van Pelt has enjoyed working as a color analyst on Buffalo Bills radio broadcasts, but he has a coaching itch he said needs scratching.
Van Pelt said he has left a telephone message for Pitt coach Dave Wannstedt, and he hopes to speak to him about a position on the coaching staff.
Van Pelt was a quarterback in the NFL from 1993 when the Steelers drafted him until his 10-year playing career with the Bills ended after last season.
www.pittsburghlive.com /x/tribune-review/s_287755.html   (188 words)

 VH1.com : Pelt : Biography   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Pelt is a trio formed in Richmond, VA, whose drones are influenced by psychedelia, modern composition, and, on albums such as 2001's Ayahuasca, Appalachian folk music and Indian raga.
After a few early singles, Pelt solidified its lineup and released its first album, Brown Cyclopaedia, on its own Radioactive Rat label in 1995; it was later reissued by VHF.
Pelt's second album, Burning/Filament/Rockets, was also issued in 1995.
www.vh1.com /artists/az/pelt/bio.jhtml   (271 words)

 reviewjournal.com -- Sports: Van Pelt showing his grit
Van Pelt (6 feet 2 inches, 225 pounds) is a three-year starter who transferred from Michigan State because coaches there wanted him to play linebacker or safety.
Van Pelt, a senior, leads the Mountain West Conference with 302.4 yards of total offense a game, which ranks 10th nationally.
Though Van Pelt told coaches to remove him if they thought he was a liability, he played through the pain and said he is fine for this weekend.
www.reviewjournal.com /lvrj_home/2003/Nov-20-Thu-2003/sports/22627817.html   (790 words)

 Alison Van Pelt: The Women
Using one coat of paint, Van Pelt drags her brush across the canvas, using sweeping horizontal or vertical brushstrokes, blurring the image and often creating a holographic effect.
From a distance, Van Pelt's images appear photo-realistic, yet upon closer examination their forms become less tangible, and the surfaces reveal only the lush texture of oil paint and variations in color and tone.
Pelt's upbringing centered around the arts, education and the study of yoga and eastern philosophy.
www.tfaoi.com /aa/4aa/4aa223.htm   (878 words)

 van pelt
Van Pelt participated as lecturer in the first international course in medical hypnotism ever given in November 1959 aboard the M.S. Kungshohm on a Caribbean Cruise, and except for myself, is still today the only other living full-time medical specialist in hypnosis.
Van Pelt participated a number of times as a guest lecturer for the American Institute of Hypnosis including the first international course in medical hypnotism ever given in November 1959 aboard the M.S. Kungsholm on a Caribbean cruise, at a special international course given in Hawaii and at various courses given in Europe.
Permission was received by Dr. Van Pelt before his death to reprint some of his most famous articles in our Journal and also to reprint the entire Journal of British Hypnotism, all 17 volumes, for anyone who wishes it.
www.durbinhypnosis.com /van%20pelt.htm   (12961 words)

 Pelt Farm Museum
With the moon and stars as a canopy and the aroma of hundreds of antique roses filling the air, the Pelt Farm Museum began its 1999 season with another show of confidence in the tourism industry.
The spotted donkey seen at Pelt Farm is 48 inches tall and is the type used on small rural farms to plow the family vegetable garden.
In 1926, Charlie and Mirtie Pelt purchased 10 acres next to her father, Ben Jacobsen, to build a home on and to farm.
www.bigthicketdirectory.com /bee/bee7.html   (758 words)

 NPR : Bushwhacking with a Big-Tree Hunter
Van Pelt had caught a glimpse of the fir a couple of years earlier, when he was out with a group of fellow tree hunters looking for champion trees.
Van Pelt has tracked, measured and bestowed champion status to a number of trees, including cedar, fir and spruce.
Van Pelt took out his lasers, measuring tape and camera and took enough cursory measurements to determine that the great tree was indeed one of the world's largest -- with a circumference of 42 feet-nine inches.
www.npr.org /templates/story/story.php?storyId=1539095   (439 words)

When Pelt — big favs on the "Drone-On" e-mail list — dropped their first album, Brown Cyclopaedia (Radioactive Rat) in 1995, the trio yielded a masterstroke of basement acid rock, combining Indian-inspired improv with some twisted folk within a very loose structure.
Six years later, their fascination with early minimalists out of the ’60s and ’70s may be part of the reason why Pelt has turned to simple intonation.
Within the somber yet moody wall of atmospheric buzz and feedback, Pelt maintains a system based on natural harmonics — not on the Western 12-tone scale.
www.citypaper.net /articles/020101/cw.sixpick3.shtml   (176 words)

 Van Pelt Adding Heat to Rams, Buffs Rivalry :: Colorado State quarterback called Buffaloes the worst No. 7 team he's ...
Van Pelt hasn't backed off this year and there's even a rumor that someone put a bounty out on him, further stoking the rivalry's fire for Saturday night's game.
With just over six minutes left, Van Pelt broke off a 23-yard touchdown run that proved to be the winning score.
Van Pelt said at the time he thought Sneed was trying to pull his face mask, but the Buffaloes weren't buying it.
www.cstv.com /sports/m-footbl/stories/082903abf.html   (634 words)

 NFLHS.com - News - Players Spotlight - 2004 Draft: Bradlee Van Pelt
Van Pelt knows he may possibly be asked to play a new position at some point in his professional career, and he says he'll give it the old college try pun intended if that happens.
Van Pelt's reputation is well earned: he's a go-getter on the field.
Van Pelt is more than happy to give advice to high school quarterbacks.
www.nflhs.com /News/Playersspotlight/2004DraftVanPelt_04212004_sim.asp   (729 words)

 Klang Industries: Klang News   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
It's a split between Pelt and Dave Jackson and originally came with a long-vanished issue of the station magazine.
Pelt will be carrying these on next month's trek to the Northeast; hopefully they won't last long.
While klang.org is out of stock on many Pelt and related titles, some remain available at places like www.vhfrecords.com, www.eclipse-records.com, www.midheaven.com, and better bricks and mortar establishments.
www.klang.org   (1972 words)

 AR.net >> USDA Reports Increase in Mink Pelt Production
In 2004, total mink production increased by 1 percent over 2003, while the cash value of all mink pelts produced in 2004 increased by 21 percent to $124 million, up from $102 million in 2003.
That was the highest average pelt price sinced 1995 when mink pelts averaged $53.10.
In all, 2,563,100 mink pelts were produced in the United States in 2004, and 642,100 females were bred to produce kits.
www.animalrights.net /archives/year/2005/000276.html   (155 words)

 Expert About pe:Pelt
All Van Pelt did was complete 28 of 42 passes for 316 yards and two touchdowns, and come within an inch here or there of turning the Seahawks' 23-20 victory into another inexcusable loss.
Van Pelt also was very effective whenever he found the Seahawks in zone coverage, in part because the Bills were keeping a tight end in to block, and also using fullback Larry Centers to help pick up blitzers.
Late in the second quarter, Van Pelt made a shovel pass to wide receiver Eric Moulds on second-and-goal from the 4, but Brown was there to drop him for a 3-yard loss.
www.expertsite.biz /dir/pe/pelt.htm   (1283 words)

 Van Pelt Family Burying Ground, Aberdeen, New Jersey
The Van Pelt Family Burying Ground in Aberdeen, New Jersey, is landlocked, behind the backyards of several houses in the "F" section of Strathmore development.
MATTHEWS, MARY VAN PELT - born 1819, in NJ, died February 26, 1904; of asthma; daughter of James J. and Mary (Van Pelt) Van Pelt; wife of Thomas Ellison Matthews.
VAN PELT, JAMES J. - born August 17, 1790, died August 23, 1851; son of Jacob and Mary (Brooks) Van Pelt, husband of Mary Van Pelt.
www.gjoynson.com /vanpelt.htm   (1045 words)

 Snoopy reminds me of Cory.
With any luck, Van Pelt will be a corpse before the stroke of midnight." Van Pelt stood in front of his time machine, finally satisfied with his work.
Van Pelt made a casual gesture, and an unseen force yanked it out of his hands before he could fire.
Van Pelt sucked in his breath as Brown locked his elbow and kicked his knee, causing him to collapse.
www.9types.com /movieboard/messages/7738.html   (13850 words)

 XtremeSystems Forums - Guide to changing the MCW50-T pelt to a 172w   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Temps are significantly better running a 172w pelt in the MCW50-T, but using it at 24v produces alot of heat in the coolant.
The surface of the pelt is directly exposed to the water in the block.
If i was using 13v on that 226 pelt it would seem to provide 193W cooling power, and require 266W to run the pelt.
www.xtremesystems.org /forums/showthread.php?t=20335   (2138 words)

 Van Pelt Law   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Van Pelt and Van Pelt, P.C. is a law firm dedicated to serving clients in the areas of Dissolution of Marriage, Adoption (independent, agency, interstate, and international), legal separations, modification of prior judgments, paternity actions, personal injury cases, and appeals of cases.
Richard Van Pelt is a Fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers and a Member of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys.
Kay Van Pelt is a member of the of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys.
www.vanpeltlaw.com   (229 words)

 TR 1/2003: Book Reviews: R. Countess: Van Pelt's Plea against Sound Reasoning
Van Pelt is to be congratulated for presenting large sections of Revisionists' writings even though he, more often than not, distorts them or simply errs in his own theory's favor.
Since Van Pelt scores some points in his book against Revisionists' data and arguments, he must be given credit, and contemporary Revisionists must "go back to the drawing board," as it were, and revise any errors they find convincing.
Van Pelt's obsession with "evil"--and having given no method by which readers or judges or architects might arrive at what Van Pelt's "evil" is--I assessed to be a crippling defect against his ability to research and analyze and write in the modern World characterized by physical proofs and mathematical calculations.
www.vho.org /tr/2003/1/Countess99-104.html   (3488 words)

 Pelt - Ayahuasca (VHF)
Fittingly for an outfit with this much authority and rabid obsession stemming from their live shows, the band's recorded releases fail to disappoint.
Starting when the band began to cultivate their current sound with Max Meadows and continuing to the present, the Pelt discography is remarkably consistent and solid.
Hell, a CDR burn would rock too.) Given their ability and drive to constantly hone their sound, it is almost fitting that the band's most ambitious release, the two disc 130+ minute epic Ayahuasca, is clearly their best.
www.fakejazz.com /reviews/2001/pelt2.shtml   (814 words)

 jeremy pelt: trumpeter/recording artist
Pelt's major focus is on writing music for each of his three bands: "Creation"- a sextet consisting of trumpet, alto sax/bass clarinet, vibraphone, guitar, bass and drums.
"Noise"- an semi-electric band consisting of trumpet w/ effects, guitar, rhodes, bass and drums, and "The Jeremy Pelt Quartet"- which is trumpet, rhodes, bass and drums.
After a reading of Pelt's biography and discography, it's easy to see why Pelt was voted Rising Star on the Trumpet two years in a row by Downbeat Magazine and the Jazz Journalist Association!!
www.peltjazz.com /bio.html   (247 words)

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