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Topic: Pemagatshel

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In the News (Thu 18 Jul 19)

  Pemagatshel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Pemagatshel, previously Pemagatsel, is one of the 20 dzongkhag (districts) comprising Bhutan.
Pemagatshel Punakha • Samdrup Jongkhar • Samtse • Sarpang Thimphu Trashigang • Trashiyangste • Trongsa • Tsirang • Wangdue Phodrang • Zhemgang
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en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Pemagatshel   (85 words)

 Welcome to FreshPlaza
With the fruit flowing in from all six eastern dzongkhags, the Samdrup Jongkhar auction yard is at its busiest.
While most of the mandarin flowing to Phuentsholing town is exported to Bangladesh, mandarin from the auction yard in Samdrup Jongkhar goes to the local market of the Indian state of Assam, which borders Samdrup Jongkhar.
The majority of the fruit, 43,676 pons, came from within villages under Samdrup Jongkhar followed by 16,160 pons from Pemagatshel, 8,420 pons from Trashigang, 1,569 pons from Mongar and 451 pons from Tashiyangtse.
www.freshplaza.com /2006/07feb/2_bt_mandarinseason.htm   (944 words)

 RNR Website   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
As part of the preparation for the forthcoming Land Management Campaign (LMC) in the three Dzongkhags of Trongsa, Mongar & Pemagatshel, a training on bio-engineering for erosion control was conducted for the extension agents (EAs) of these Dzongkhags from 15th to 21st May 2006 at RNR-RC Jakar.
A total of 39 participants from all the three RNR sectors (19 from Mongar, 16 from Trongsa & 4 from Pemagatshel) participated in the training.
Hedgerow establishment The main aim of the training was to equip the Extension Agents with simple land management technologies so that they can effectively take the lead role in implementing various soil conservation measures during the forthcoming LMC which is scheduled some time in July 2006.
www.moa.gov.bt /newsdetail.php?newsId=218&from=archive   (251 words)

 Kuenselonline - The Crown Prince explains the Constitution to the people of Pemagatshel
It was on this stable foundation that His Majesty sought to introduce the Constitution and establish a democratic government that would continue to fulfill the aspirations of the people.
As His Royal Highness presided over the meeting, attended by more than 3,000 representatives of the seven gewogs of Pemagatshel on December 31, the draft Constitution was read out and discussed in Tshangla and Dzongkha.
His Royal Highness provided a detailed explanation of every Article, with examples of such practices in other parts of the world, and answered questions submitted by the people, urging them to be open and frank in raising questions and making suggestions to make the Constitution more suited to the needs of the people.
www.kuenselonline.com /modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=6367   (1713 words)

 National Assembly Resolutions - 1999
The Chimis from Pemagatshel, Mongar and Dagana reiterated the fact that even under normal circumstances, even the most minor offence brought a just punishment upon perpetrator, irrespective of whether the case was decided at the lowest court of law, the High Court or on appeal even by His Majesty the King.
The People's Representative of Pemagatshel invoked the Citizenship Act of 1985 which granted citizenship to all those who had immigrated to Bhutan before 1958, when the nationality Act was passed and citizenship was granted to the Southern Bhutanese for the first time, while those entering thereafter would not be given this right.
The People's Representatives of 20 gewogs from the Dzongkhags of Pemagatshel, Lhuntshi, Thimphu, Wangdiphodrang and Tashigang submitted six points emphasizing that greater priority should be given to the security of the country than to the implementation of developmental works.
www.bhootan.org /assembly/NAR91.htm   (17650 words)

 Welcome to FreshPlaza
With potatoes price reaching as high as Nu.8.00 a kilogramme, farmers from the five eastern dzongkhags of Pemagatshel, Mongar, Trashigang, Trashiyangtse and Samdrup Jongkhar are optimistic of a good season ahead this year.
The rest of the dzongkhags, Samdrup Jongkhar, Pemagatshel, Trashiyangtse and Mongar, together have been able to sell only about 2,500 quintals of potatoes worth about Nu.
Apart from the potatoes, other vegetables like radish, cabbage and chilly are also sold at the auction yard.
www.freshplaza.com /2006/29aug/2_bt_potato_prices.htm   (241 words)

 Non-wood forest products of Bhutan - Natural vegetable dyes; food, fruit species and mushrooms; Gums and waxes; and ...
Mongar, Samdrup Jongkha, Pemagatshel, and throughout southern Bhutan
Haa, Wangdue, Punakha, Trashigang, Mongar, Zhemgang, Trongsa, Chhukha and Pemagatshel
Wangdue, Punakha, Paro, Haa, Chhukha, Mongar, Lhuntshi, Zhemgang, Trashigang, Trashiyangtse and Pemagatshel
www.fao.org /docrep/X5335e/x5335e09.htm   (1542 words)

 Bhutan Portal
Pemagatshel is located in the south east of Bhutan with an area of 517.8 sq.km and has a total of 2,547 households.
The dzongkhag is characterized by highly dissected mountain ranges, steep slopes and narrow valleys with little flat land.
The production of cultural and religious items such as jalings, dhungs, Thonphu poe, ngazhing jurmo tea leaves, and Yurung bura (textile) also generate cash income.
www.bhutan.gov.bt /government/dzongkhags.php?dz_id=27   (372 words)

 Kuenselonline - His Holiness on eastern tour
His Holiness will conduct the ceremonies of admonition, empowerment, and mass prayers, and consecrate new lhakhangs and thongdroels in Trashiyangtse, Pemagatshel, and Lhuentse during the tour.
On his way to Pemagatshel, on March 30, His Holiness will preside over the recitation of Badza Guru Dungdrup (one billion recitations dedicated to Guru Rinpoche) at Gomphu Kora, a sacred site blessed by Guru Rinpoche in the eighth century.
His Holiness will also preside over the first Moenlam Chhenmo in Pemagatshel from April 2 to 8 and His Holiness will consecrate a new lhakhang on April 9 in Nangkor.
www.kuenselonline.com /modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=6658   (435 words)

 New UN-backed project will benefit thousands of poor rural families in Bhutan   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
The loan agreement was signed at IFAD headquarters in Rome yesterday by the agency’s President, Lennart Båge, and Bhutan’s Ambassador to the UN, Sonam T. Rabgye.
The project will improve the livelihoods of 22,000 rural families in Lhuentshe, Mongar, Pemagatshel, Samdrup-Jongkhar, Trashigang and Trashi Yangste, six of the poorest and most food insecure districts in the Kingdom of Bhutan.
The eastern districts are areas of rugged terrain with high mountain ranges separated by deep valleys.
www.un.org /apps/news/story.asp?NewsID=16209&Cr=Bhutan&Cr1=IFAD   (317 words)

 Bhutan Portal
Dzongrab Jamba Tsheten of Pemagatshel dzongkhag told Kuensel that people were scared to move from one village to the other for fear of coming across the militants.
The security issue hampered Pemagatshel in all spheres of life,he said.
Some of the Pemagatshel businessmen told Kuensel that unavailability of essential food items in the villages was a major setback to the rural populace, some living as far as two-days walk from the Pemagatshel town.
www.bhutan.gov.bt /government/newsDetail.php?id=199   (760 words)

 UNESCAP Electric Power in Asia and the Pacific
A 132 kV transmission line has been extended (131 km) from Nanglam via Tintibi, Zhemngang, to Gelephu, Sarpang, for export of surplus power generated by the Kurichu project, and to increase the reliability of power supply to the proposed Dungsam project in Nanglam.
To cope with increased workload due to extensive rural electrification, the Department of Power established independent Electricity Supply Offices at Lhuentse, Mongar, Pemagatshel and Trashiyangtse in 2001.
For institutional lighting of lhakhangs, goenpas, chamkhangs, monastic schools/shedras, boarding schools, community schools and rural households, 180 sets of photovoltaic panels were installed in Chukha, Paro, Haa, Thimphu, Punakha, Pemagatshel, Yangtse, Bumthang, Samdrupjongkhar, Wangdue, Lhuntse, Trongsa and Mongar from the 7th Five Year Plan spill-over stock.
www.unescap.org /esd/energy/information/ElectricPower/1999-2000/html/bhutan1.htm   (1837 words)

 Chukha - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Official Dzhongkha profile with a map of gewogs
Chukha Dagana • Gasa • Haa Lhuntse Mongar Paro Pemagatshel Punakha • Samdrup Jongkhar • Samtse • Sarpang Thimphu Trashigang • Trashiyangste • Trongsa • Tsirang • Wangdue Phodrang • Zhemgang
This page was last modified 19:24, 3 August 2006.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Chukha   (112 words)

 Untitled Document
There is little for travelers to see in this area but some visitors choose to use Samdrup Jongkhar as a more convenient exit town.
The journey from Tashigang passes Pemagatshel, a newly created independent district with its own Dzong.
The road descends fairly abruptly through thick jungle before arriving at Samdrup Jongkhar.
www.bhutanonline.net /places-of-interest-to-visit-hotspots/mongar-tashigang-tashiyangtse-south-east-west-bhutan-tourist-spot-information.html   (611 words)

 South Asian Media Net   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
While in the east, His Holiness is schedule to conduct the ceremonies of admonition, empowerment and mass prayers.
His Holiness will consecrate new lhakhangs and thongdroels in Trashiyangtse, Pemagatshel, and Lhuentse.
THIMPHU: "Thirty-three points from our horoscopes have matched, so surely marriage will be successful," Lakhi confidently stated with a smile.
www.southasianmedia.net /index_news.cfm?category=religion&Country=bhutan   (657 words)

 UNESCAP Electric Power in Asia and the Pacific
A 132 kV grid power line has been extended (67 km) from Kurichu to Nanglam (initially built for the Dungsam Cement Project power supply) via Nangkor in Pemagatshel under the scope of the Kurichu project.
Similarly, a 132 kV line has been installed of (10 km) from Gyelposhing (Kurichu) to Killikhar (Mongar), and a 30 km long line was drawn from Killikhar to Kanglung (Trashigang).
For the first time, grid electricity was made available to Yangtse Dzongkhag during the 8FYP.
unescap.org /esd/energy/information/ElectricPower/1999-2000/bhutan1.htm   (1837 words)

 Bhutan: Floods - OCHA-01: 07-Aug-00   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
The village of Pasakha is the worst hit, where the disaster has reportedly claimed 63 lives.
Furthermore, the landslides blocked nearly the country's entire road network; the highways between Wamrong and Trashigang, Wangdue, Sarpang and Gelephu, Zhemgang and Gelephu and the roads between Sunkosh and Daga, Tshelingore and Pemagatshel, Mongar and Lhuentse, Deothang and Bhangtar and Samtse and Sibsoo are still unpraticable.
Most of the feeder roads are also reported to be damaged.
iys.cidi.org /disaster/00b/0023.html   (338 words)

 Essay and Painting Competition- Results
winner is Singay Wangchuk, Class VIII, Nangkor HS School, Pemagatshel
winner is Tshewang Dhendup, Class IX C, Nangkor HS School, Pemagatshel
Phuntsho Tashi, Class IX A, Nangkor HS School, Pemagatshel
www.eoithimphu.org /compete.html   (310 words)

 District 39: House of Delegates at Canadian Content
About Bhutan - Travel, Maps, Flag and Information
travel to Pemagatshel, Samdrupjongkhar, and Sarpang districts on the southeast border with India, and the southern areas of Zhemgang district, due to security problems.
Canadians should also be aware that travel to these regions requires a
www.canadiancontent.net /dir/Top/Regional/North_America/United_States/West_Virginia/Society_and_Culture/Politics/Candidates_and_Campaigns/House_of_Delegates/District_39   (610 words)

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