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Topic: Penal system

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In the News (Wed 24 Apr 19)

  Penal colony - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A Penal Colony is a colony used to house prisoners.
Penal Colonies were often located in frontier lands where their unpaid labour could benefit the metropoles before immigration labor became available.
The British used North America as a Penal Colony through the system of indentured servants, though it is unknown if criminals were considered indentured servants or some other type of labor.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Penal_colony   (369 words)

 [No title]
The penal system is the responsibility of the central government except for Catalonia.
Spain has a European Continental legal system, requiring that behavior be defined as criminal and that the penal law assign a penalty to that behavior for it to be prosecuted (nullum crimen sine lege, nulla pena sine lege).
The Penal Chamber of the Supreme Court is composed of 15 judges.
www.ojp.usdoj.gov /bjs/pub/ascii/wfbcjspn.txt   (4127 words)

 Information about the Penal System
The medical institutions of the penal system are overcrowded and lack normal conditions for maintaining the patients, requirements for feeding, medicines and medical equipment are met by only 20-25 percent.
When tackling a reform of the penal system, the state should first of all proceed from the need to bring Russian penal legislation in line with the RF Constitution, and the minimum standard rules for the treatment of convicts.
In connection with Russia’s commitments undertaken when joining the Council of Europe, and charging the penal system with a number of new functions that were never discharged before at all, or only in part, a Draft Concept of reforming the penal system of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation has been elaborated.
www.prison.org /English/ps_brief.htm   (927 words)

 History of the American Penal System   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
A similar urge to change the prison system was demonstrated clearly in America during the reforms in Pennsylvania’s laws during the mid-1780s.
Developments during the early twentieth century brought an end to the idea of “systems” of penal treatment was fact becoming a thing of the past.
The Pennsylvania System was based on the idea that the prisoners must be isolated to reflect upon their crimes, while the super-max prisons are predicated on the need to keep order and to protect guards and other prisoners.
courreges.freeservers.com /prisons.htm   (1777 words)

 Information about the Penal System
The scope of the steadily mounting tuberculous epidemic in the Russian penal system is such that procrastination with the adoption of urgent and effective measures may lead to consequences comparable with those of the Chernobyl catastrophy.
Following the transfer of the penal system from the Interior Ministry to the Ministry of Justice of the RF (1998), the leadership of this ministry came out with the initiative of cardinally changing the criminal policy of the Russian state.
Slowing the flow at the entrance to the penal system and speeding up the outflow (especially during the first years) is bound to raise the number of people whose plight will drive them to law-breaking again, hence to a growth of crime.
www.prison.org /english/ps_conference.htm   (1159 words)

 Institute for War and Peace Reporting   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
The penal system works as follows: most suspects are transferred from a local police cell to interior ministry offices pending investigations.
The division of penal facilities into “red” and “fl” is a legacy of the Soviet system, and although it is an informal, unofficial classification it is respected by prison authorities and inmates alike.
This system of paying “rent” to one’s immediate superior, who keeps a slice and passes the rest onto his boss, and so on up the chain, is by no means unique to the penal system, and is in fact standard practice in the hierarchy of local and national government in Uzbekistan.
www.iwpr.net /index.pl?archive/rca2/rca2_332_1_eng.txt   (6211 words)

 FREE In-depth report - Penal System - Somalia
The penal laws stipulated that if the offense constituted a violation of the code, the perpetrator had committed an unlawful act against the state and was subject to its sanctions.
Under the Somali penal code, to be criminally liable a person must have committed an act or have been guilty of an omission that caused harm or danger to the person or property of another or to the state.
Penal laws took into consideration the role of punishment in restoring the offender to a useful place in society.
www.exploitz.com /Somalia-Penal-System-cg.php   (761 words)

 Visit to Lukianivska Prison reveals reforms in penal system (06/13/99)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
Of the 1,901 prison deaths registered in the system in 1998, 45 to 50 percent were from the disease.
The "Europeanization" of Ukraine's penal system has quietly moved forward, even as its refusal to abolish the death penalty, which a majority of Ukrainians support, has made it somewhat of a pariah in the Council of Europe.
Although some penal experts believed the release would be followed by a crime wave, only 201 of those granted amnesty have been re-arrested in the last year, which has led Mr.
www.ukrweekly.com /Archive/1999/249903.shtml   (1576 words)

 Chile - The Penal System   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
The penal system also had been standardized since 1930, coming under the jurisdiction of the minister of justice.
Prisoners are remunerated for their work on a rising scale as they progress through the penal system and are eligible for the benefits of social insurance on the same basis as those in voluntary employment.
However, a percentage of prisoners' earnings is deducted to cover their keep and the maintenance of the penal service and as a contribution toward the discharge of civil responsibility arising from their offenses.
www.country-data.com /cgi-bin/query/r-2561.html   (406 words)

 [No title]
The European penal legal tradition was grounded on the principles of the classical school of thought, and continued to be observed notwithstanding Bulgaria's political development during the 20th century.
The Penal Code of 1956 was replaced by a new Penal Code in 1968, which is still in force although it has undergone numerous amendments.
The Penal Code establishes the age of criminal responsibility to be 18 years if the crime is committed in a state of culpability.
www.ojp.usdoj.gov /bjs/pub/ascii/wfbcjbul.txt   (4590 words)

 The U.S. Penal System: Restorative and/or Retributive Justice?
This is the system that focuses on punishment.
The system doesn't work because the offenders in the end are made to worship power.
The system has its problems and many of them have been discussed already this evening, but a huge problem is that many of our institutions have abandoned their responsibilities in our community.
www.georgetown.edu /centers/woodstock/report/r-fea61a.htm   (5314 words)

Ideally, penal law will be integrated in its entirety, reaching from the definition of penal norms (the province of substantive criminal law) to their imposition (the law of criminal procedure) and, finally and most importantly, the actual infliction of punishment for their violation (prison or correction law).
The Penal Law Web is designed as a resource for teachers, students, scholars, legislators, lawyers and judges, as well as for the interested public, in the United States and elsewhere.
Similarly, she might drive home the historical foundation of the Federal Criminal Code’s definition of insanity by using the code/case comparison function to display, side by side, the relevant provision in Title 18 and the highlighted passage in the 1843 English case of M’Naghten upon which it is based.
wings.buffalo.edu /law/bclc/web/Introduction.htm   (1294 words)

In Ireland, the "Penal Laws" is the name given to the code of laws passed by the Protestant Parliament of Ireland which regulated the status of Roman Catholics through most of the eighteenth century.
The declared purpose of the Irish Penal Laws, like that of the apartheid laws of recent South African history, was to disenfranchise the native majority from all power, both political and economic.
Similarly, the gradual dismantling of the Penal System in Ireland, which began timidly in the reign of George III and continued into the nineteenth century with the Catholic Emancipation Act, is not covered in this site.
www.law.umn.edu /irishlaw/intro.html   (1665 words)

 Amazon.ca: Books: The Penal System: An Introduction   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
The Penal System, Second Edition provides a clear and comprehensive introduction to the penal process as well as the many theories that seek to justify and explain the practice of punishment.
They argue that the penal system not only suffers from severe practical problems but is morally indefensible and they outline the radical reforms that are urgently needed.
The Penal System, Second Editionùlike its predecessorùwill continue to be compulsory reading for all undergraduates and graduate students in criminology, criminal law, social policy, and social work.
www.amazon.ca /exec/obidos/ASIN/0761953272   (282 words)

 Honduras Penal System - Flags, Maps, Economy, History, Climate, Natural Resources, Current Issues, International ...
The National Directorate of Penal Establishments (Dirección Nacional de Establecimientos Penales), which is under the authority of the Ministry of Government and Justice (Ministerio de Governación y Justicia), is responsible for the national penitentiary and department and local jails that house male inmates.
Both systems are regulated in accordance with the Law of Criminal Rehabilitation (Decree Law Number 173-84), in effect since March 1985; the constitution of 1982; and the penal code adopted in 1983, which replaced the outdated 1906 code.
In 1986 the penal system housed a total of 3,635 inmates; of these, only 57 were female.
www.photius.com /countries/honduras/national_security/honduras_national_security_penal_system.html   (410 words)

 [PRISONACT] CA - State Penal System Is Hammered in Report
January 16, 2004 State Penal System Is Hammered in Report >From guards to brass, a 'code of silence' allows unchecked misconduct, a federal expert charges.
By Jenifer Warren, Times Staff Writer SACRAMENTO — California's $5.3-billion penal system is plagued by a pervasive "code of silence" that protects rogue guards, corrupts recruits and is condoned by leaders who "neither understand nor care about the need for fair investigations," a federal report charged Thursday.
He added that he recently launched an overhaul of the prison system's internal disciplinary process and expressed hope that improvements would restore "public and employee faith" in the department.
www.prisonactivist.org /pipermail/prisonact-list/2004-January/008496.html   (1123 words)

 Thailand Penal System - Flags, Maps, Economy, History, Climate, Natural Resources, Current Issues, International ...
The penal system was administered by the Department of Corrections within the Ministry of Interior.
The government's stated policy in operating the system was to use its facilities to reduce crime by correcting and rehabilitating offenders rather than only punishing them.
In the late 1980s, the system consisted of forty-six regular penal institutions, including seven central prisons, five regional prisons, twenty-three prison camps, seven correctional institutions, three reformatories, and one detention home.
www.photius.com /countries/thailand/national_security/thailand_national_security_penal_system.html   (591 words)

 Origins: The Penal System   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
It took 19 years for the prison system to find the paperwork indicating that he had been correct all along, and he was to have been released in 1980.
Trial systems - Many poor prisoners had to wait for months or even years for trials, while those with resources to secure a skilled lawyer could usually find a loophole in the rules of proceedings.
Condition of penal institutions - With few exceptions jailers were not paid regular wages for managing the prisons and prisoners.
www.gborocollege.edu /prescorner/system.html   (617 words)

 Racism and Discrimination in the South African Penal System - Dissel & Kollapen
Given the history of the penal system, a history of separateness, a history of abuse and the denial of the humanity of millions of our citizens, it was important that measures were taken to transform it into an institution worthy of taking its place in a democratic landscape.
The penal system in South Africa was, broadly speaking, developed along the lines of most other penal systems in the world – from a focus on physical punishment, to one which focuses on notions of the rehabilitation of inmates.
In the early 1800s, the penal system did not formally discriminate or classify criminals in terms of race, although in its implementation the majority of its subjects were indigenous inhabitants of South Africa.
www.csvr.org.za /papers/papadjk.htm   (14161 words)

The terms 'criminal justice' and 'penal system' together refer to the collection of legal procedures and institutions which are used to give effect to the system of criminal law.
Comparisons are drawn where appropriate with approaches taken in other legal systems and present responses are set in the context of the historical development of policies to deal with crime and delinquency.
Studying this type of subject necessarily entails reference to a wide range of materials within the whole spectrum of law and social science: legislation and case law; empirical research studies; statistical data; policy documents; and works of a theoretical kind based in both social science and moral philosophy.
www.aber.ac.uk /modules/2004/LA36320.html   (708 words)

 P.R. Sarkar on Justice and the Penal System; ProutWorld, Ideology Library   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
Moreover, a detailed analysis reveals that whenever a punitive action is taken to penalize somebody, a feeling of vindictiveness arises in the minds of those administering the punishment, which in turn creates a malevolent mentality.
If a system of corrective measures is introduced, criminals, whether they were deeply involved in the crime or not, will have no reason to complain against anyone.
The severe discipline that is needed in the administrative system to strengthen the framework of society or that of the state is not necessary in the judicial system; rather the judicial system is based on rational, tolerant, humanistic ideas and benevolent sentiments.
proutworld.prout.org /ideology/existence/justpensyst.htm   (2322 words)

 Solport: German Justice, Part 2 — and Thoughts on the American Penal System
Instead of reforming our judicial system by legislating easier ways to remove judges (or even using the few methods we have), they reduced the amount of power judges had over criminal cases.
As any system, this does not always work, but all in all we are quite comfortable with it.
As it is now, society pays many times (first for the crime, then by the lost of the criminal’s taxes, then by paying for the criminal’s imprisonment, then by expensive rehabilitation efforts that usually fail on those embittered after being in prison for many years).
www.solport.com /blog/000076.html   (1547 words)

 Dáil Éireann - Volume 436 - 25 November, 1993 - Written Answers. - Review of Penal System.
Cullen asked the Minister for Justice if she has completed her review of the penal system; if so, the changes, if any, she intends to make to ensure a more effective use of our current prison space; and if she will make a statement on the matter.
Clohessy asked the Minister for Justice if she has completed her review of the penal system; if so, the changes, if any, she intends to make to ensure a more effective use of our current prison space; and if she will make a statement on the matter.
Hogan asked the Minister for Justice when her plans for reform of the penal system will be published.
www.oireachtas-debates.gov.ie /D/0436/D.0436.199311250021.html   (204 words)

 The Howard League for Penal Reform: home page
The Howard League for Penal Reform today releases shocking new figures which reveal that 804 men, women and children have committed suicide whilst in the care of the prison service in England and Wales in the last ten years.
The Howard League for Penal Reform published its submission to the United Nations Congress on Crime Prevention expressing serious concern at the increase in the use of prison for women.
The report forms part of the Howard League for Penal Reform’s Out for Good two-year research project which provides young men in prison with the unique opportunity to discuss their needs, aspirations and hopes as they pass through the prison system and on to release.
www.howardleague.org   (934 words)

 Boston.com / News / Local / Mass. / Attacking Fla. penal system, suspect in 1976 murder fights extradition
In court papers, Lynne Harrison, 51, says that Florida's penal system is "inconsistent with Maine notions of decency" and that being sent there would amount to cruel and unusual punishment.
Harrison is scheduled to appear in court Nov. 8, and her lawyer and a prosecutor agree that she has little hope of staying in Maine.
She'd been a fugitive until her application for federally subsidized housing in Brunswick this year led to her identification.
www.boston.com /news/local/massachusetts/articles/2004/10/24/attacking_fla_penal_system_suspect_in_1976_murder_fights_extradition   (335 words)

 Bad prison deal | The San Diego Union-Tribune
Those orders stem from a federal investigation that strongly condemned a corrosive culture of silence that tolerated prisoner abuse, protected the abusers and punished those who dared speak out.
Henderson, who appointed a special master to probe the prison system, has hinted that a federal takeover might be necessary.
The last major federal takeover of a state prison system happened 23 years ago in Texas.
www.signonsandiego.com /uniontrib/20040722/news_lz1ed22top.html   (466 words)

 Countries of the World: Egypt: Chapter 5D. Penal System@ HighBeam Research   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
The Higher Council for Prisons, formed after the 1952 Revolution, serves as the government's advisory body on procedures and practices.
According to government reports, numerous reforms instituted after 1952 improved the quality of penal administration.
Hospitals were installed in major prisons; separate facilities were provided for women; rehabilitation concepts were adopted; and juvenile prisoners...
www.highbeam.com /library/doc0.asp?DOCID=1P1:28384218&refid=ip_encyclopedia_hf   (165 words)

 Direction: Justice and the Modern Penal System
It has been said that the penal system acts as a bellwether in terms of the quality of justice in society.
In order to examine intelligently the major philosophical orientations that have guided the modern penal system, it is important to acknowledge that the use of prisons as a place of confinement, as the penalty for wrongdoing, is of relatively recent origin.
The officials in the criminal justice system all have their mandated responsibilities, which in essence is “doing justice.” This includes, among other things, meting out punishments, some of which of necessity are severe.
www.directionjournal.org /article?536   (2649 words)

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