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Topic: Penis Envy (record)

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In the News (Sun 21 Apr 19)

  Penis envy
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 ENVY Articles Envy is an emotion that "occurs whe
However, what is envied could also be something that is only of personal importance to the envier, even if what the other person has is of little significance in his or her society, or even seen as a sign of inferior status.
Envy is one of the seven deadly sins in the Catholic tradition.
Envy is often confused with the Deadly Sin of covetousness, or greed, a desire for material wealth (which may or may not belong to others).
amazines.com /Envy_related.html   (3206 words)

 Penis Envy (album) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Penis Envy, released in 1981, was the third LP by anarchist punk band Crass.
A minor tabloid furore erupted once the hoax was revealed, with the News of the World going so far as to state that the album's title was "too obscene to print" (a leaflet giving the background to this situationist-style prank was subsequently issued by the band[2]).
During the mid 1980s copies of this album were seized, along with other records by Flux Of Pink Indians and The Dead Kennedys, by Greater Manchester Police from Eastern Bloc record shop, which was charged with displaying "Obscene Articles For Publication For Gain".
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Penis_Envy_(record)   (323 words)

 Survival of the biggest - Science - www.theage.com.au
Penis length in humans generally varies from 10-20 centimetres erect, but there is a tribe in Africa in which the male member is much longer, and its owners tie it into a loose knot while walking.
The record for size must go to another hermaphroditic beast, the Corsican slug, whose fully extended member is 60 centimetres long, four times longer than its body.
This is because more than 80 per cent of males died celibate, devoured by ants or other predators, or perishing from starvation or thirst while hunting for a mate.
www.theage.com.au /articles/2004/09/14/1094927575876.html   (923 words)

 Amazon.com: Penis Envy: Music: Crass   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
recorded in 1981, "penis envy" is still good to break things to and the raw percusiveness of the music remains (although they do mix it up a bit more), but much more inventive.
this is all a long way of saying that i, for one, think of "penis envy" as one of the first riot grrrl records, possibly one of the finest.
It bears mentioning that Penis Envy is the band's only 100% female vocal album, and each of the songs has a special sound unlike you've heard from this band before.
www.amazon.com /Penis-Envy-Crass/dp/B000001U0B   (1432 words)

 Penis Envy - Crass - Song Listings
A powerful and challenging record, Penis Envy uses the brutal, cruel description of sexism and rape on the...
A powerful and challenging record, Penis Envy uses the brutal, cruel description of sexism and rape on the opening track, "Bata Motel," as a launching point for a comprehensive rip through societal control and repression throughout.
If immediate musical variety isn't as evident on Penis Envy as on Stations of the Crass' studio cuts, more than a few twists and turns are evident.
www.mp3.com /albums/27704/summary.html?from=13024   (496 words)

 MELANCHOLIA PART TWO - Earl Jackson, Jr   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Jack's penis evokes a similar mysterium tremendum in Bob, and harks back to an equally fabulous past of the desiring subject's prelapsarian wholeness, a primordial union with the lost object that would reveal the meaning of this surrogate's urgency.
We recall that in Lacan's schema, the man "has" the phallus and the woman "is" the phallus, but the man "has" the phallus only through the woman's recognition of his penis as the phallus she "lacks." But as a sexually differenced subject, Bob has the phallus while he seeks it.
Because Bob's possession of his own penis does not obviate a desire for Jack's specific penis as locally transcendent Phallus, the desire is inherently melancholic, even before the end of their relationship.
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 Penis record   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
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 Does penis envy really exist?
But the phrase "penis envy" usually refers to a feeling women supposedly have, where they wish they had a penis.
I don't envy others their penises as opposed to mine, but that's not what I understand the term to mean.
I have wondered what it would be like to have a great big penis that would flop around a lot and have to be tucked in and such but generally speaking I've never really been envious of another man's penis.
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 Sexual Health Network - sexually transmitted diseases - herpes - gentital herpes - herpes picture
If I did know a way to increase a man's penis size, I would not be a college professor I would be a billionaire, since it appears so many men have anxieties about the size of their penis.
Some people have suggested that since the growth of the penis is one of the marks of puberty, somehow the association between penis size and manhood is made.
For example, despite what might be portrayed in certain movies, in its unerect or unaroused state the penis is usually between 2-4 inches; in its erect state the penis is usually 5 to 7 inches in length.
www.sexualhealth.com /article.php?Action=read&article_id=424   (2112 words)

 Sigmund Freud
Penis envy is the supposed desire all little girls have to grow a penis of their own.
The boy, recognizing his father's superiority, and fearing for his penis, engages some of his ego defenses: He displaces his sexual impulses from his mother to girls and, later, women; And he identifies with the aggressor, dad, and attempts to become more and more like him, that is to say, a man.
Freud accomplishes this with the idea of penis envy: The young girl has noticed the difference between boys and girls and feels that she, somehow, doesn't measure up.
webspace.ship.edu /cgboer/genpsyfreud.html   (4875 words)

 Denver - Archive Search - Page: 6 | Keywords: Envy - westword.com
The ostensibly comedic Malena is slaphappy and sour.
All they can see is her extraordinary physical attractiveness, which they envy, resent and desire, all at once.
New York haters (and those afflicted with New York envy) can take solace in the fact that half of the big bad city's baseball fans are...
www.westword.com /search/results.php?page=6§ion_base[]=music&keywords=Envy&   (728 words)

 Penis Traction Finally Pays Some Dividends
Before you know it, your penis slips out and the whole device comes crashing to the floor with such a clatter that everybody turns to look.
But I just caught a glimpse of myself naked and I had a flashback of the envy I'd feel when I saw men strutting around with their medium-to-large dicks.
Six inches, if you must know, which while on the leeward side of the bell-curve, was close enough to the node that nobody would think to chortle.
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 The Definitive Penis Size Survey
Sly jokes, furtive glances in the locker room and wildly exaggerated claims of endowment convincingly suggest that "penis envy" is a decidedly male trait.
The tape measure is to be placed at the base of your penis and the "outer surface" is to be measured from the base to the tip of the head.
When you are at a maximum state of arousal, position your penis perpendicular to the rest of your body and measure the surface facing you if you are lying down or, if you are standing, the upper surface.
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 Survival of the biggest
Many men dream of having a larger member, and penis envy is at the root of much popular psychology - witness all those unwanted e-mails.
Penis length in humans generally varies from 10-20cm (erect), but there is a tribe in Africa in which the male member is much longer, and its owners tie it into a loose knot while walking.
The record for size must go to another hermaphroditic beast, the Corsican slug, whose fully extended member is 60cm long, four times longer than its body.
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 Metro Features | Phallic Problems
His penis was now shorter than before he had the procedure.
He was sold a bag of needles to shoot hormones into his penis to achieve an erection.
There is no doubt that Rosenstein, who once bragged of performing up to 10 surgeries per day (he now claims to do five or six), has done more penile-enlargement surgeries than anyone else in the known universe.
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 Penis Envy - Punk   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Freud's theory claims that women have Penis Envy because they desire the power that it represents, and yet Crass have been widely known for their feminist views.
It seems, however that the album was purposefully given an ironic title, to draw attention to the feminist views expressed on the album.
Another interperatation of Freud's 'penis envy' theory is evident in The Yippie movement.
www.punk.org.au /penis-envy   (313 words)

As many of you probably already know, Envy is always hanging out at their merch booth after the set, so if you can't be at one of those cities listed above, then you can still go to the merch booth to hang out and get stuff signed there.
We will not be joining the AUDITION for their headlining tour in order to write the best record we possibly can.
Don't click on any of these weird ass posts about parties, weight loss pills, penis enhancements...your myspace will be hacked and you will look like a big dumb idiot.
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 Penis Blog: erectile dysfunction (viagra, levitra, cialis) archives
By compressing a pump located within the scrotum, the patient is able to make the penis rigid during sexual activity and flaccid during sexual inactivity.
Mr Orten says his invention is comprised of a narrow, thin ring with "advanced energy transferral" that is placed at the root of the penis.
The ruling stemmed from a 1994 incident where a man the courts identified as "John Doe" fractured his penis during intercourse with a woman the courts called "Mary Moe," the Boston Herald reported Tuesday.
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 penis-enhancement at bestpenispatch.net, natural-penis-enlargement, penis enhancement, increase-penis-size
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 This is the Title/Header
In the end, in order to release there record, the band agreed to delete the offending article and instead replaced that track with a two-minute silence which they aptly dubbed Free Speech.
Crass Records were characterized by do-it-yourself artwork, photocopied sleeves which doubled as anarchist propaganda, and a unique cataloguing system which involved a coundown to 1984, a year of clear symbolic significance because of its Orwellian origins.
This was followed in 1981 by Penis Envy, in which Eve and Joy took over full vocal responsibility and embraced the feminism cause: the entire album tears, apart society's ill treatment of women.
www.angelfire.com /wa/Drunkwithpower/crass.html   (457 words)

 CD Baby: DANIELLE LOPRESTI: Dear Mr. Penis head
Penis Head" in March of 2001, in San Diego, as a full show with her sister's renowned Eveoke Dance Theatre.
The songwriting and production on this record are unparalled and Danielle's vocal performance throughout the entire album makes every female rock vocalist tremble with the most delicious envy.
We of the Penis Antidefamation League must further protest this, for if we allow such antiphallic messages to affect the minds of our children who knows what could happen.
www.cdbaby.com /cd/lopresti   (1219 words)

 ART FOR A CHANGE - Punk Rock Album Cover Art - CRASS
CRASS were one of the most influential punk bands to have come out of England in the late 1970s, though to the casual observer they remain an obscure name.
Their brilliant pro-feminist album, Penis Envy (released in 1980) sold more than enough records to place it in the gold record category...
From the very beginning, record albums and singles from CRASS were on their own independent lable and accompanied by the most beautiful artworks created by Gee Vaucher.
www.art-for-a-change.com /Punk/punk8a.htm   (359 words)

Their second independent-label EP, 'The Waiting Room', contained 'Man Overboard', an anti-love song from a woman's point of view that dared to have the words "penis envy" and "pubic hair" in the lyrics.
It was three years before the group recorded its first album, when Virgin Records, recently arrived in Australia, decided to get into local record production.
Do Re Mi was in the middle of recording a third album when Virgin advised them that they wanted a solo album from Deborah Conway first.
www.whiteroom.com.au /howlspace/en2/doremi/doremi.htm   (648 words)

 A Kinder, More Genital Nation
Their record at vehemently and successfully opposing unnecessary operations upon women is well documented.
While "penis envy" is now a cliché, "penis hatred" is rarely mentioned, yet is at least as significant.
Frankly, I never spent that much time looking at my father's penis and, the one or two times I happened to see it, I was far more disturbed by its difference in size than comforted by the similarity of its mutilation.
www.noharmm.org /kinder.htm   (2542 words)

 Sigmund Freud
Freud accomplishes this with the idea of penis envy: The young girl, too, has noticed the difference between boys and girls and feels that she, somehow, doesn't measure up.
If we view the Oedipal crisis, castration anxiety, and penis envy in a more metaphoric and less literal fashion, they are useful concepts: We do love our mothers and fathers as well as compete with them.
In a male-dominated society, having a penis -- being male -- is better than not, and losing one's status as a male is scary.
webspace.ship.edu /cgboer/freud.html   (9058 words)

 [No title]
On their Columbia Records debut, the painfully titled "Raised On Whipped Cream", these California natives bring an enthusiastic blend of punk and funk rock that is as much Amen or The Kinison as it is MC5 or The Clash.
Cuts like "Do You Know (Knife In Your Back)" and "Penis Envy" show the bands ability to push their message through caustic hooks resplendent with repetition, making "Raised On Whipped Cream" an album that has much more substance than the confectionery treat its title would suggest.
In another time this would have been the type of record to incite riots, what with its staunch disdain for the prototypical way of life, but it is unfortunately being serviced to a generation apathetic to such grievances.
www.theprp.com /reviews/killradio.shtml   (535 words)

 Cleveland - Arts & Entertainment - Penis Envy - clevescene.com
The rubber penis is tucked under her arm, like a lap dog, with her hand wrapped around its head.
But it's no wonder she had balls: The Museum of Modern Art was then hosting a retrospective exhibition of her work -- the first one it had ever given to a female artist.
Though the arachnid trio is on loan for the season, "Blind Man's Buff," a three-foot marble sculpture, is a recent addition to the Cleveland Museum of Art's permanent collection (cost: $1.3 million, a record high for her work).
clevescene.com /2002-07-10/culture/penis-envy   (1143 words)

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