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In the News (Tue 19 Mar 19)

  Penny Rimbaud - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jeremy John Ratter (born 8 June 1943, Northwood, Middlesex, England), better known under his pseudonym of Penny Rimbaud, is a drummer, writer, poet, former member of performance art group EXIT and co-founder of the anarchist punk band Crass with Steve Ignorant in 1977.
Rimbaud (so named as a tribute to poet Arthur Rimbaud) set up the anarchist/pacifist Dial House community in 1967 with Gee Vaucher, and, together with his friend Phil Russell (aka Wally Hope), helped to instigate the free festival movement at Windsor and later Stonehenge during the early 1970s.
As documented in Rimbaud's essay Last of the Hippies [1] and his autobiography Shibboleth, Russell was arrested and incarcerated in a mental institution after having been found in possession of a small amount of LSD.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Penny_Rimbaud   (462 words)

 Arthur Rimbaud - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jean Nicolas Arthur Rimbaud (October 20, 1854 – November 10, 1891) was a French poet, born on October 20, 1854, in Charleville and died on November 10, 1891 in Marseille.
Rimbaud's and Verlaine's stormy homosexual relationship took them to London in 1872, when Verlaine left his wife and infant son (whom he used to mistreat badly during his alcoholic rages).
Rimbaud developed right knee synovitis which degenerated into a carcinoma, and his state forced him to return to France on May 9, 1891, where his leg was amputated on May 27.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Rimbaud   (907 words)

 N16, Stoke Newington's own magazine Issue 22 Summer 2004
Penny was the founder of anarchopunk band Crass in 1977, and the band remains today a massive underground influence on younger anarchists, antiauthoritarian protestors, antiglobalisation campaigners and all attracted by its ‘laissez-faire existentialism’ stance.
Penny’s reasoning for why they were never prosecuted is that the State had too much to lose by putting the band on open trial.
Penny (among other things, a jazz fan since he was a kid) has been a regular at the venue for the last ten years and has played a monthly gig there for the last two years as part of the ‘Crass Collective’.
www.n16mag.com /issue22/p9i22.htm   (870 words)

 Amazon.com: Books: Shibboleth: My Revolting Life   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
"Penny Rimbaud (/ J.J. Rimbaud) was at the core both of the hippie and of the punk movement in Britian.
Rimbaud is a creative writer--at times beautiful in his freedoms, while on other pages his disorder is inneffectual and tedious.
Shining through in a somewhat different light in Penny's autobiography than in their songwork, Crass' anarcho-pacifist beliefs stem from the idea that "people are basically good, and that it was social conditions and social conditioning that produced the aberration of anti-social behavior." I reccomend this book for anyone interested in the smart side of punk.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/1873176406?v=glance   (1073 words)

 Search Encyclopedia.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Rimbaud, Arthur Rimbaud, Arthurärtür´ răNbō´, 1854-91, French poet who had a great influence on the symbolists and subsequent modern poets.
A defiant and precocious youth, Rimbaud at 16 sent some poems to Verlaine, who liked his work and invited him to Paris.
Formerly Peter's pence was a yearly tax of a penny levied by the Holy See on every household in England and elsewhere.
www.encyclopedia.com /searchpool.asp?target=Penny+Rimbaud   (567 words)

 Threepenny: Campbell, Rimbaud and Verlaine in London
Rimbaud had written a fan letter from Charleville, and was invited to Paris to stay with Verlaine and his pretty bourgeois wife, Mathilde, who was about to give birth to their son.
Rimbaud was Verlaine’s “radiant sin.” Verlaine was merely Rimbaud’s “cher petit.” Rimbaud was only escaping from his mother and her demands that he find a job, or else.
Rimbaud, in the process of putting the finishing touches to his life as a poet, was seeking his first proper job.
www.threepennyreview.com /samples/campbell_su01.html   (2882 words)

 crass   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
The band came together when Dial House founder and former member of avant garde performance art group EXIT Penny Rimbaud (real name Jerry Ratter) began jamming with Clash fan Steve Ignorant, who was staying at the house at the time.
By the bands' own account this was a drunken debacle, ending in the group being ejected from the stage, and immortalised by their song "Banned from the Roxy" [1] and Rimbaud's essay Crass at the Roxy [1].
The band has stated that their musical antecedents and influences were seldom drawn from the rock music tradition, but rather from classical music (particularly Benjamin Britten, from who, Rimbaud states, some of Crass' riffs are direct plagiarisms!), dada and the avant-garde such as John Cage as well as performance art traditions.
www.yourencyclopedia.net /Crass.html   (1997 words)

 IDEASFACTORY UK: Crass-penny Rimbauld   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Penny Rimbaud aka J J Ratter is an artist who has been using his artwork for over 30 years to make political statements and identify inequality.
Penny recalls, "Whatever she did was created with a sense of beauty and creative wisdom.
Penny spends a great deal of time trying to find ways of saying things which effectively are hooks - just as a pop group would - 'which, just for a second make someone question part of the consensual reality'.
www.ideasfactory.com /careers/features/car_feature11.htm   (1361 words)

 where's wally?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Rimbaud's story was that while working towards a second Stonehenge festival, Russell was arrested for possession of a small quantity of LSD for which he was placed on remand, where he refused to wear a prison uniform.
Rimbaud investigated the case further, uncovered a number of cover-ups, and received death threats as a result.
Rimbaud's is an odd and very muddled story, in which many details do not concur with other known facts about the case.
freespace.virgin.net /nigel.ayers/wally.html   (2839 words)

 Howl - KnowledgeIsFun.com
In January 2003 Penny Rimbaud, founder of the anarchist band Crass, performed Ginsberg's "Howl" as part of the first Crass Agenda event at the Vortex Jazz Club in London's Stoke Newington.
However, Rimbaud was unable to obtain permission from Ginsberg's estate to use the work, and instead rewrote it, updating it as a critique of post September 11, 2001 American culture.
A recording of Rimbaud's "How?", performed live and unrehearsed with a jazz ensemble at the Vortex Club, was released in 2004.
www.knowledgeisfun.com /H/Ho/Howl.php   (749 words)

 SOUTHERN > penny rimbaud
Following several recent successful and enjoyable readings/performances, Penny has decided to make himself available for further shows either solo or with one or other of his many jazz playing comrades.
Varying from the overtly political to the outright pornographic, Penny's writing already has a large following, his performance skills are less known, but no less powerful.
Penny's autobiography, 'Shibboleth - my revolting life', covers life before, during and after the CRASS era and gives a broader insight into a writer whose passion for life was so powerfully exposed in the well respected writings and lyrics he produced during that era.
www.southern.com /southern/band/PENNY   (537 words)

 Arthur Rimbaud (1854 - 1891)
These prose and verse poems show Rimbaud as a precursor of symbolism, with his use of childhood, dream and mystical images to express dissatisfaction with the material world and a longing for the spiritual.
The Parisian poets who took him under their wing soon discovered that Rimbaud was ungrateful, crude, and as scornful of their precious verse as he was of the Catholic Church, bourgeois proprieties, and everything else his disapproving mother held dear.
Rimbaud's stormy affair with Paul Verlaine estranged the older poet from his wife and, eventually, from most of his artistic friends as well.
www.jahsonic.com /ArthurRimbaud.html   (1239 words)

 Compulsion: An online version of the alternative culture magazine featuring a review of Karl Blake, Dieter Müh, ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Rimbaud, as most will know, was a core member of the hippie and punk movements in the UK.
But oh, how the mighty… Dressed in white with his straggly blonde hair Rimbaud gesticulated and enunciated perfectly well, bounding all round the stage and to the middle of the hall but his rantings went on way, way, way too long.
There's no doubt Penny Rimbaud's roots are basically hippie but wasn't punk meant to have overthrown this.
www.compulsiononline.com /cottonlive.htm   (1067 words)

 291 Gallery - Current Programme   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Penny Rimbaud: Founder, lyricist, and percussionist of legendary anarchist punk band CRASS and author of Shibboleth: My Revolting Life (AK Press).
Rimbaud has recently worked with Crass Collective at the South Bank, London, and read at the Stockholm Literary Festival.
The Reverend Steven Johnson Layba is a Native American visual artist and performer whose work uses magical ritual and Church of Satan philosophy to attack corporate America and to defend the rights of indigenous cultures.
www.291gallery.com /291/dbpages/eventdetail.asp?id=137   (365 words)

 Barbelith: Music: Crass: Still Relevant in 2002?
Instead of lyrics, though, this was four sheets of prose by Penny Rimbaud, Oh, America, a response to the attacks.
Penny Rimbaud, arguably the heart of the band despite Crass’ insistence on near facelessness, can be very direct (see his excellent autobiography, Shibboleth) but still knows how to cut a short story long, as Oh, America proved.
The rambling house they rented in North Weald, Essex, Rimbaud’s home for thirty years, has recently been purchased to save it — and them — from the profiteering of property developers, and continues to provide a space for communication, the exchange of ideas.
www.barbelith.com /cgi-bin/articles/00000060.shtml   (855 words)

 Penny Rimbaud - CRASS   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Penny Rimbaud is an anarchist, co-founder of the punk band Crass.
His autobiography is also the story of his friend Phil Russell who Rimbaud believes was destroyed by the psychiatric services.
by Penny Rimbaud (£6.95) is published by AK Press, PO Box 12766, Edinburgh, EH8 9YE, Scotland.
www.rimbaud.freeserve.co.uk /page16.htm   (320 words)

 Compare Prices and Read Reviews on Christ: The Album/Well Forked-But Not Dead - Crass at Epinions.com
Penny Rimbaud often cited the Beatles as his key influence, and while that might be hard to spot sometimes, pop listeners who have little experience with found sounds and musique concrete will have no trouble referencing "Revolution 9" in much of the album.
Penny Rimbaud's marching beat is in full effect, but his production makes them sound fuller.
Instrumentation is varied (including "normal" punk no-nos synthesizers), and for the first time (though they'd been highly musical before), they seem to be thinking about being musicians as much as evangelists.
www.epinions.com /content_137437744772   (460 words)

 The Diamond Signature - A Novel In Four Books & The Death Of The Imagination - A Drama For Four Readers :: AK Press
The Diamond Signature is what Penny Rimbaud considers his most important work.
It formed the basis for the band CRASS, who revolutionized both punk rock and politics in a blistering seven year career, which found them reviled by the mainstream, and revered by hundreds of thousands in the underground they helped to create.
Penny Rimbaud has been the cofounder of the Stonehenge Free Festivals, and the main protagonist in the legendary anarchist punk band CRASS.
www.akpress.org /1997/items/diamondsignature   (276 words)

 Penny Rimbaud
[[Image Link]] Jeremy John Ratter (born 8th June 1943, Northwood, Middlesex, England) is better known under his pseudonym of Penny Rimbaud.
He is a drummer, writer, poet, former member of performance art group EXIT and co-founder of the anarchist punk band Crass with Steve Ignorant in 1977.
[[Image Link]] Although Crass disbanded in 1984, Rimbaud continues to write and perform both as a solo artist and as a part of the Crass Collective alongside other ex members of the band as well as other artists and musicians.
www.sciencedaily.com /encyclopedia/penny_rimbaud   (288 words)

 Penny Rimbaud
An engaging autobiography of Jeremy John Ratter, aka Penny Rimbaud.
From his strict lower-middle class childhood, to art-school, the hippies and Free Festivals, including the now legendary Stonehenge Festival, of which Rimbaud was a co-founder.
KGB tapes', trumpeted amongst others, on the front page of the 'New York Times', and the duping of 'Total Loving' magazine to include a CRASS song (ranting against the patriarchy of marriage) as the "perfect song to play on your wedding day".
www.southern.com /southern/band/PENNY/shibboleth.html   (302 words)

 Shibboleth: My Revolting Life :: AK Press   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Penny Rimbaud, founder, lyricist, and drummer of Crass, a band unique in the history of rock 'n' roll.
While remaining on their own independent record label, and steadfastly refusing any interviews with the major press, they managed to sell literally millions of records.
Shibboleth also includes, for the first time, the full story of Wally Hope—"The Last of the Hippies," close friend of Rimbaud, cofounder of the Stonehenge Festival, and who was murdered by the State while incarcerated in a mental institution.
www.akpress.org /1998/items/shibboleth   (195 words)

 Literary News in Buzzwords - 3 A.M. Magazine
It includes a lengthy interview (conducted by George Berger) with Penny Rimbaud, who used to be the drummer with top anarcho punk band Crass whose influence on radical politics in 80s Britain is all too often forgotten today.
Learn about the time when Penny Rimbaud met John Lennon through a TV competition or his devotion to Wally Hope's memory (founder of the Stonehenge Festival).
Penny always was a fighter though: "Maybe like all empires, it's going to crumble into dust.
www.3ammagazine.com /buzzwords/2002_jan.html   (6015 words)

 Popular Music and Society: Crass commodities .
That same year, Penny Rimbaud, the band's founder and one of its vocalists, commented "[w]e were no longer convinced that by simply providing what had broadly become entertainment we were having any real effect" ("...
It is difficult to disagree with Rimbaud's assessment that Crass did not achieve its aim of freeing itself from the commodity market.
The band's history demonstrates that even when punk bands refuse to sign with major record labels, attempt to develop an anticommercial aesthetic, and operate as small enterprises rather than corporations, they still remain vulnerable to the very forces of commodification that they oppose.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m2822/is_3_27/ai_n6330582   (1170 words)

It was in this picturesque setting that we chatted with Peter Wright, Joy de Verve, Penny Rimbaud and G over a cup of funny tasting tea.
Although all that has been underneath Crass from the start it hasn't always been clear that Crass itself is trying to push things onto a different stage.
Penny Rimbaud: The new LP that we've done, I imagine most grannies would prefer it to most so called punks.
www.uncarved.org /music/apunk/crass.html   (3759 words)

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