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Topic: Peptide bond

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In the News (Sat 17 Aug 19)

An amide bond is somewhat shorter than a typical carbon-nitrogen single bond, and has a partial double-bond character, because the participating carbon atom is doubly bonded to an oxygen atom and the nitrogen has a lone pair of electrons available for bonding.
Nonribosomal peptides are synthesized using a modular enzyme complex (which functions much like a conveyor belt on a factory), and are confined primarily to unicellular organisms, plants, and fungi.
Peptides differ from proteins, which are also long chains of amino acids, by virtue of their size.
www.chem-online.org /peptide.htm   (538 words)

  Peptide Synthesis - Peptide Protein Research Ltd (PPR Ltd)
Peptide purity from crude peptide (>50%) to >98%
Peptide aldehydes are a common feature of enzyme inhibitors, for example HIV protease inhibitors, or caspase inhibitors (see diagram).
Peptides sets consisting of overlapping sequences or related peptide sequences are available in 1-100mg quantities and a range of purities from crude peptide to >98% purity.
www.peptidesynthetics.co.uk /peptide-synthesis   (792 words)

 Peptide bond and peptides   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The bond has an unusual property that has a marked effect on the the rigidity of a polypeptide chain and consequently on the folding of the polypeptide chain.
It has partial double bond character, which is caused by the resonance of electrons rapidly moving between the oxygen and nitrogen to make the C-N bond a partial double bond C=N. The consequence of this arrangement is that the peptide bond is very rigid becuase C=N is much less flexible than a C-N bond.
Amino acids become residues in peptides because the condensation reacion involves loss of water and the residues are distinquished from the amino acids by tagging "yl" onto the parent name: thus serine become seryl, glycine becomes glycyl, alanine becomes alanyl etc.
www-biol.paisley.ac.uk /Courses/StFunMac/glossary/peptides.html   (533 words)

Bond angles in degrees are also shown for the peptide N and C atoms.
As a consequence of this resonance all peptide bonds in protein structures are found to be almost planar, ie atoms Calpha(i), C(i), O(i), N(i+1) H(i+1) and Calpha(i+1) are approximately co-planar.
This rigidity of the peptide bond reduces the degrees of freedom of the polypeptide during folding.
www.cryst.bbk.ac.uk /PPS2/course/section3/peptide2.html   (309 words)

 Peptide Sequencing and Synthesis
This cleaves the peptide bond between the N terminal amino acid and the next amino acid.
When peptides and proteins larger than 20 to 40 amino acid units are to be sequenced, they are first broken into smaller fragments either by chemical or enzymatic partial hydrolysis.
In peptides it is commonly the N-H bonds of an amine and the oxygens of the carbonyl groups which participate in hydrogen bonds.
chemistry2.csudh.edu /rpendarvis/AmAcSeqSyn.html   (1592 words)

 Amino Acids
If a third amino acid is connected to the dipeptide by forming a new peptide bond at either the ammonium group or the carboxylate group of the dipeptide, we obtain a tripeptide, and so on.
Since the amino acid whose carboxylic acid group participated in the formation of the peptide bond still has an ammonium group which contains a nitrogen atom, it is called the N terminus of the peptide.
When the order of amino acids in a peptide is written out, it is conventional to write it left to right from the N terminus to the C terminus.
chemistry2.csudh.edu /rpendarvis/aminoacids.html   (1917 words)

The larger peptides in the table also demonstrate the importance of amino acid abbreviations, since a full structural formula for a nonapeptide (or larger) would prove to be complex and unwieldy.
The various properties of peptides and proteins depend not only on their component amino acids and their bonding sequence in peptide chains, but also on the way in which the peptide chains are stretched, coiled and folded in space.
The linear zig-zag conformation of a peptide chain may be stabilized by hydrogen bonding to adjacent parallel chains of the same kind.
www.cem.msu.edu /~reusch/VirtualText/protein2.htm   (4532 words)

 Hair Chemistry - salonweb.com   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The peptide bond is located between the carbon atom of one amino acid extending to bond with the nitrogen atom of the next amino acid.
The salt bond is also an ionic (electrolytically controlled) bond formed by the electron transfer from the side chain of a basic amino group (an amino acid with an 00C- group) to the side chain of an acidic amino acid, i.e.
This bond is perpendicular to the axis of the hair and between the polypeptide chains.
www.salonweb.com /chem   (1738 words)

 African American Hair - Vitamins
African American hair has two amino acids are joined together by a "peptide bond", and the correct number of amino acids placed in their correct order will form a specific protein; i.e.
The "alpha helix" is the descriptive term given to the polypeptide chain that forms the keratin protein found in human hair.
The peptide bond is located between the carbon atom of one amino acid extending to bond with the
www.exoticallure.com /african_american_hair.htm   (307 words)

 ScienceDaily: Organic Chemistry Articles
A peptide bond is a chemical bond formed between two molecules when the carboxyl group of one molecule reacts with the amino group of the other molecule, releasing a molecule of water (H2O).
A chemical bond is the physical phenomenon of chemical substances being held together by attraction of atoms to each other through sharing, as well as exchanging, of electrons -or electrostatic...
Lewis structures, also called electron-dot structures or electron-dot diagrams, are diagrams that show the bonding between atoms of a molecule, and the lone pairs of electrons that may exist in the...
www.sciencedaily.com /articles/matter_energy/organic_chemistry   (562 words)

 Peptide Forum - Molecular Biology Forum
Ask and discuss questions on peptide protocols, custom peptide synthesis, peptide identification and peptide sequencing.
I need a peptide chain that can be used instead of...
why is peptide bond is called to be
www.molecularstation.com /forum/peptide-forum   (232 words)

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