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  Per capita - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Per capita is a Latin phrase meaning for each head.
This is in contrast to a per stirpes division, in which each branch of the inheriting family inherits an equal share of the estate.
In clear text, "Per Capita" is a count of people legally residing at any legal mailing address.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Per_capita   (118 words)

 Per capita income - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The per capita income for a group of people may be defined as their total personal income, divided by the total population.
Per capita income is often used as a measure of the wealth of the population of a nation, particularly in comparison to other nations.
Per capita income gives no indication of the distribution of that income within the country, so a small wealthy class can increase the measured per-capita income far above that of the majority of the population.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Per_capita_income   (405 words)

 Per Capita Income
Per capita income is the average amount of money each person in a nation makes during the course of a year.
It is important to remember that per capita income figures represent a national average; in reality, income is not distributed evenly among all members of the population.
Per capita income varies greatly around the world, and the gap between relatively poor and relatively rich countries is becoming larger all the time.
www.referenceforbusiness.com /encyclopedia/Oli-Per/Per-Capita-Income.html   (719 words)

 CORK Bibliography: Per Capita Consumption (Alcohol)
The increase between 1999 and 2000 is mainly due to the increase in per capita consumption of spirits (from 0.63 to 0.65 gallons ethanol), while per capita consumption remained unchanged for wine (0.31 gallons ethanol) and declined for beer (from 1.23 to 1.22 gallons ethanol).
Analysis of overall per capita alcohol consumption by census region between 1999 and 2000 indicated an overall per capita increase in all of the four regions: 1.9 percent in the Northeast, 0.5 percent in the Midwest, 0.5 percent in the South, and 0.9 percent in the West.
Per capita consumption and percentage of daily drinkers were significantly related to problem indicators, but percentage of drinkers and percentage of heavy drinkers were not.
www.projectcork.org /bibliographies/data/Bibliography_Per_Capita_Consumption.html   (15390 words)

 Agriculture Factbook 2001-2002/chapter 2
Despite near record-high per capita consumption of total meat in 2000, the proportion of fat in the U.S. food supply from meat, poultry, and fish declined from 33 percent in the 1950s to 24 percent in 2000.
Per capita use of flour and cereal products reached 200 pounds in 2000 from an annual average of 155 pounds in the 1950s and 138 pounds in the 1970s, when grain consumption was at a record low (table 2-5).
Per capita consumption of caloric sweeteners (dry-weight basis)–mainly sucrose (table sugar made from cane and beets) and corn sweeteners (notably high-fructose corn syrup, or HFCS)–increased 43 pounds, or 39 percent, between 1950-59 and 2000 (table 2-6).
www.usda.gov /factbook/chapter2.htm   (2985 words)

 DEPweb: GNP per Capita Text 1   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Countries with a GNP per capita in 1998 of $9,361 or more are described as high income, between $761 and $9,360 as middle income, and $760 or less as low income.
Knowing a country’s GNP per capita is a good first step toward understanding the country’s economic strengths and needs, as well as the general standard of living enjoyed by the average citizen.
A country’s GNP per capita tends to be closely linked with other indicators that measure the social, economic, and environmental well-being of the country and its people.
www.worldbank.org /depweb/english/modules/economic/gnp   (301 words)

 Per Capita Deposits
Per capita dues deposit data entry is the most critical of all data entry processes in LaborStar.
After selecting an appropriate per capita dues deposit data entry method/protocol, the data entry is actually very simple, as long as dues receipts are entered promptly (preferably within a week of receipt).
And if per capita dues data entry is not completely current when it comes time to mail per capita dues statements, the per capita dues statements will not be correct, and phone calls regarding errant arrears notifications will flow in.
www.laborkey.com /CHM/Per_Capita_Deposits.htm   (1604 words)

 Article XVI: Per Capita Taxes and Assessments
A per capita tax shall be paid upon the full paid-up membership of each affiliated national or international union, organizing committee and ­directly affiliated local union.
Beginning with per capita payments for the month of January 2001, each national or international union and organizing committee shall pay on or before the fifteenth day of each month, for the preceding month, a per capita tax of 53 cents per member per month.
Beginning with per capita payments for the month of July 2005, each national or international union and organizing committee shall pay on or before the fifteenth day of each month, for the preceding month, a per capita tax of 65 cents per member per month.
www.aflcio.org /aboutus/thisistheaflcio/constitution/art16.cfm   (486 words)

 WSDOT - WTP - Economy - Growth in Per Capita Income in the State   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
This level of per capita income is about seven percent higher than the national average per capita income of $32,937.
All U.S. average annula per capita income is forecast for this period to rise at almost exactly the same rate.
The projected total state per capita income in 2020 will be, inflation adjusted, 83 percent higher than the 2002 level, and 2.4 percent of the nation’s total personal income.
www.wsdot.wa.gov /planning/wtp/datalibrary/Economy/GrowthinPerCapita.htm   (736 words)

 The myth of per capita steel consumption   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
This is why, the per capita steel consumption shows a negative relationship with the income growths since the richer countries have a lower rate of growth due to theirs having reached a full-employment steady state growth.
The connection between urbanisation and per capita steel consumption is strong and positive, though not as definite as its relationship with the level of economic prosperity and the use of commercial energy.
However, the relationship between per capita steel consumption and urbanisation is weaker than the relationship between per capita steel use and per capita use of commercial energy.
www.indiainfoline.com /nevi/myth.html   (1439 words)

 Kentucky's Per Capita Income   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Per capita income data by state from the Bureau of Economic Analysis for 1998 are the latest available and are used as the raw income measures in this study.
We use a method to reestimate per capita income by state and to reevaluate Kentucky’s per capita income relative to the national average per capita income that takes into account both cost of living and quality of life differences across states.
This simply involves setting the lefthand side of each equation equal to the national average per capita income and solving for the raw per capita income in Kentucky that is consistent with an adjusted per capita income equal to the national average.
gatton.gws.uky.edu /CBER/Downloads/berger00.htm   (3697 words)

 MacroScan - Per Capita Income Growth in the States of India   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Thus, the two states with the highest Gini coefficients for per capita consumption (indicating the greatest inequality) are Tamil Nadu (with a Gini ratio of 0.398 in 1999–2000) and Maharashtra (with a Gini ratio of 0.345).
Charts 2 to 5 show the per capita SDP of each state as per cent of the highest (which in all of the years happens to be Punjab) and the rank of the various states in the four years 1970–71, 1980–81, 1990–91 and 2000–01.
This phenomenon of increasing gaps between richest and poorest states is shown very clearly in Chart 6 that describes the per capita SDP of the richest state (Punjab) as a multiple of the poorest (Bihar).
www.macroscan.com /fet/aug03/fet100803SDP_1.htm   (1314 words)

 per annum, per capita, per diem. The Columbia Guide to Standard American English. 1993   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Per capita occurs more frequently: The deficit works out at about $5,000 per capita, but per person would work as well, and apiece might hit even harder.
Per diem is more nearly unexceptional today because it has become a noun in very wide, fully Standard use, meaning “the money available for daily expenses of room, board, travel, and the like”: His per diem was too low to permit him any splendid dinners.
Rather than She had an expense allowance of $150 per diem, however, many would prefer a native English modifier: She had an expense allowance of $150 a day.
www.bartleby.com /68/8/4508.html   (192 words)

 Per Capita Income   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Per capita income refers to the average amount of income per person in each census tract.
Clearly, the area with the highest per capita income is the Hollywood Hills area, directly to the northwest of Hollywood.
Another set of beach communities showing high per capita incomes are the Seal Beach area, directly to the west of Long Beach, and Newport Beach, further to the south in Orange County.
www.csun.edu /~dsv25578/maps/per-cap.htm   (584 words)

 Understanding Per Capita Land Consumption   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Per capita urban land consumption is not limited to the size of a person's house lot or to a person's proportion of the land covered by an apartment complex.
So the level of per capita land consumption is based both on direct individual decisions and behavior, and on collective decisions made through the government and the marketplace.
Among the factors that influence per capita land consumption are urban planning, zoning, transportation and other infrastructure investments, consumer and builder preferences, the vitality of central cities and affluence.
www.sprawlcity.org /clu/upclc.html   (290 words)

 Per Capita Income Around the World
Most of the per capita income figures in these tables are from the World Bank and are for 2003.
Most listings of per capita income figures tend to be the same because they are usually based on the same information provided by the government of that country.
Most of the per capita income figures thrown around are PPP figures whether or not that is stated.
www.success-and-culture.net /articles/percapitaincome.shtml   (1727 words)

 What is India's per capita income?
This is per capita income through the Atlas method, using official exchange rates for conversion.
It is not per capita income using purchasing power parity, which adjusts exchange rates for purchasing power of currencies.
From the World Development Indicators database, we know India's PPP per capita income was $3,100 in 2004, leading to a rank of 145th out of 208 countries ranked.
rediff.com /money/2005/oct/13income.htm   (901 words)

 CCC - Economic Stress and Extremism in the Arab World   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Although many of the generating forces behind the instability, violence, and anger within the Arab world[1] may not be economic in nature[2], general and particular economic stagnancy and instability over the last couple of decades has not helped to cool the ferment of the region.
When one takes away the income of the wealthy (1-2% of the population) and the middle class (maybe 3-4% of the population), one could conclude that the average income of Egyptians is under $1000 per year—even if the data shows the average GDP per capita to be about $1300.
Per capita foreign direct investment is the lowest for any region in the world outside of sub-Saharan Africa.
www.ccc.nps.navy.mil /si/may03/middleEast5.asp   (3128 words)

 Bahrain Country Analysis Brief   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
However, since Italy has one of the highest per capita levels of car ownership in the world air quality in cities such as Milan, Rome, Turin, Florence, and Bologna, has deteriorated in recent years.
Italy's per capita energy consumption was lower than other large European Union members such as France, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Spain (see table).
By comparison, the UK's per capita carbon emission level in 2001 was 2.6 metric tons, while Germany's was 2.7.
www.eia.doe.gov /cabs/itenv.html   (1969 words)

 Per Capita Income
Per Capita Income by County and MSA 2000 - 2003
Per Capita Income Rankings by County 2002 - 2003
Per Capita Income Rankings by MSA 2002 - 2003
www.sces.org /lmi/data/trends/perCapita/index.asp   (61 words)

 GLOBAL/WORLD INCOME PER CAPITA GNI, GNP, GDP, 2005, Wealth, Rich Country Ranking, Rank, Developing Countries : Finfacts ...
Luxembourg* had the highest per capita Gross National Income (GNI) in the world in 2004, followed closely by Norway, Switzerland, the United States and Denmark, according to World Bank Development Indicators from July 2005.
The World Bank uses GNI per capita in U.S. dollars to classify countries for analytical purposes and to determine borrowing eligibility.
GDP per capita is gross domestic product divided by midyear population.
www.finfacts.com /biz10/globalworldincomepercapita.htm   (1844 words)

 Per capita   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
A simple explanation of per capita rates and comparisons, for journalists and other writers who might not know math.
In Percent, we found that the number of murders in Springfield increased 72 percent over five years, while the number of murders in Capital City grew by just 19 percent.
But when we now compare per capita murders, Springfield's murder rate decreased by almost 3 percent, while Capital City's per capita murder rate increased by more than 9 percent.
www.robertniles.com /stats/percap.shtml   (365 words)

 Wine Spectator | Free Access Area | Per-Capita Wine Consumption Declines Worldwide   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
In addition to the United States, other major wine-consuming countries are expected to see volume and per-capita gains over the next five years, though not enough to offset the declines in France and Italy that are expected for the foreseeable future.
In Australia, consumption reached an all-time high of 21.7 liters per person in 2004; the United Kingdom is expected to reach 20 liters of per-capita wine consumption this year.
Nonetheless, globally, per-capita consumption is projected to fall even further--to 3.4 liters per person by 2010, compared with 3.9 liters in 1995.
www.winespectator.com /Wine/Free/0,3739,87,00.html   (438 words)

 Presbytery Per Capita
It has been said that per capita apportionment is like a utility bill.
Each congregation and presbytery is responsible for the timely payment of per capita for the current year.
The 2006 per capita for each church member in the Presbytery of Nevada is $29.00 ($5.57 to General Assembly, $5.17 to Synod of the Pacific and $18.26 to Presbytery of Nevada.)
www.nevadapres.org /Finance/finance2.html   (113 words)

 Per capita GDP Ranking
In 1950, the real per capita GNP of Japan was less than 1/5 that of the U.S. $1,060 compared to $6,330 for the US.
Real Per Capita GNP (1950/1980 = 1980 $) Country Growth (%) 1950 ($) 1980 ($) US 2 6,330 11,500 Canada 2.3 5,210 10,300 WG 4.9 3,170 13,370 Australia 2.9 3,960 9,400 France 4.4 3,360 12,160 Japan 7.4 1,060 8,900 U.K. I had predicted that Japan's income would be higher than that of US before 1990.
During the 20th Century, per capita income of the world more than quadrupled, or more than doubled every fifty years (or a growth rate of 1.4% per year).
www.econ.iastate.edu /classes/econ355/choi/rank.htm   (1278 words)

 Weston tops area per-capita spending - The Boston Globe
Weston, whose residents are among the wealthiest in the state, was the biggest per-capita spender among Globe West communities, plunking down $5,117 per person.
Neighboring Wayland spends $4,117 per citizen; Sherborn was a close third at $4,116.
On the frugal front, Milford came in behind Upton at $2,282 per person, followed by Shrewsbury at $2,363.
www.boston.com /news/local/articles/2005/12/11/weston_tops_area_per_capita_spending   (664 words)

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