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Topic: Perihelion

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  Chiron Perihelion Campaign
Chiron is unusual because it has a detectable coma, indicating that it is a cometary body, but it is over 50,000 times the characteristic volume of a comet, a size more commensurate with a large asteroid, which it was initially assumed to be.
In addition, a gravitationally bound "dust atmosphere" appears to be suspended in the inner 1,200 km of the coma, and this dust displays evidence of structure, indicating the possibility of particle plumes emanating from the nucleus.
The campaign is a loose association of observatories around the world, with the PDS Small Bodies Node at the University of Maryland acting as the repository for the data.
nssdc.gsfc.nasa.gov /planetary/chiron.html   (1231 words)

  Perihelion Advance Of Mercury, Periastron of DI Herculis
The ellipse highlights the path Mercury takes whilst moving between perihelion and aphelion and which is equal to one Mercurial year.
The Perihelion Advance of Mercury is perhaps the most discussed of all in the solar system, in part due to its high eccentricity and visibility.
It is possibel hover to evolve Geber's eqaution from Carezani's Pico-Graviton Mechanism Pico-Graviton absorption-mass increase.
www.autodynamicsuk.org /PerihelionAdvance.htm   (757 words)

 perihelion - HighBeam Encyclopedia
perihelion, point nearest the sun in the orbit of a body about the sun.
Perihelion to Hold Joint Press conference, Banyan Expands Distribution, Cyberkey Launches Contest (PHGI, BANY, CKYS).
Perihelion Global Executes Asset Purchase Agreement to Formally Acquire Patented Gold Mine Holding Gold Reserves of $745 Million USD From Saturday Night, LLC.
www.encyclopedia.com /doc/1E1-periheli.html   (181 words)

 About | Perihelion Journal
Astronomically speaking, "perihelion" is that point in a planet's orbit when it's closest to its host star.
The "perihelion," for our writerly purposes, can also be thought of as that point in our daily lives when we're most intensely engaged in our process, face-to-face with its blazing epiphanies, reaching out at sometimes-elusive ideas that jump around in our minds like sparks.
Perihelion, however small or modest, is my attempt to ease the building pressure.
www.perihelionjournal.com /chapters/About.html   (306 words)

 Perihelion and Aphelion   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
At perihelion, our planet is about 147 million km (91 million miles) from the Sun; it moves outward to around 152 million km (95 million miles) from the Sun at aphelion.
Mercury is 52% further from the Sun at aphelion than it is at perihelion, while Pluto is 66% further away at aphelion than at perihelion.
As determined by Kepler and stated in his Second Law of Planetary Motion, the speed of an object in its orbit is fastest at perihelion and slowest at aphelion.
www.windows.ucar.edu /physical_science/physics/mechanics/orbit/perihelion_aphelion.html   (1301 words)

 Perihelion and Aphelion
Perihelion is when the planet is closest to the Sun.
Since the Sun is not at the center of an elliptical orbit, the planet moves closer towards and further away from the Sun as it orbits.
When Earth is at perihelion, it is about 147 million km (91 million miles) from the Sun.
www.windows.ucar.edu /tour/link=/physical_science/physics/mechanics/orbit/perihelion_aphelion.html   (492 words)

Perihelion's mechosystem is based on 'trees' and 'plants' that absorb sunlight and use it to power molecular mining of the soil in order to grow.
To date no sapient level mechforms have developed on Perihelion but local authorities are watching the planet closely and it is generally felt that it is only a matter of time.
Virtch tours and 'cybersafaris' to Perihelion's surface remain a popular form of entertainment for sapients all over the Nexus, each of them hoping to be the one to discover the first primitive Perihelionese.
www.orionsarm.com /worlds/Perihelion.html   (334 words)

 Apsis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This article is about several astronomical terms (apogee and perigee, aphelion and perihelion, generic equivalents based on apsis, and related but rarer terms).
Related terms are used to identify the body being orbited.
The most common are perigee and apogee, referring to orbits around the Earth, and perihelion and aphelion, referring to orbits around the Sun (Greek ‘ήλιος hēlios sun).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Perihelion   (686 words)

 Perihelion Global - Free Market News Network   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
The new website of Perihelion Global is currently under development and will be fully published pending the release of subsequent corporate news.
Perihelion Global focuses on the acquisition, development and management of technologies, strategic commodity reserves and assets in the energy, natural resource and communications markets.
Perihelion’s management team specializes in providing solutions for the strategic challenges of 21st Century.
www.freemarketnews.com /Press-Release.asp?nid=9603   (893 words)

 Earth at Perihelion
Perihelion always occurs near January 4th, while aphelion lands near the 4th of July.
Earth is almost exactly the same distance from the Sun at aphelion and perihelion, but the orbits of Mars and Mercury depart significantly from a circle.
Planets move more slowly at aphelion than they do at perihelion (see Kepler's 2nd Law of planetary motion) and, so, seasons occurring near aphelion last longer.
science.nasa.gov /headlines/y2001/ast04jan_1.htm   (1031 words)

The second order term for the Schwarzschild Solution is (27/2)*m^2/r^2, meaning that the metric used herein causes a difference of 0.5*pi*m^2/rho^2 in the predicted perihelion shift, with PGR prediction the greater shift.
The PGR contribution to the perihelion advance of Mercury in radians/orbit.
The GR perihelion advance of Mercury in arc-seconds per century.
mysite.verizon.net /ems57fcva/Distortion/perihelion.html   (894 words)

 Venus Perihelion
It's almost a perfect circle, and a perfect circle would have no perihelion (or would it be correct to say that the entire orbit would be perihelion and apihelion at the same time?)
Perihelion is just a convinent point in the orbit to use as a reference.
So in your vertical ellipse, if you place the Sun in the bottom focus, your perihelion is at the 6 o'clock position, and in your horizontal ellipse, your perihelion is at the 3 o'clock or 9 o'clock position depending on which way it advanced.
www.physicsforums.com /showthread.php?p=517814   (668 words)

Title Perihelion Game Type RPG Publisher Psygnosis/Morbid Visions Players 1 Compatibility OCS and AGA HD Installable Yes Submission Karl Anders Rostrup Review Perihelion is a role-playing game with a 3D view in the tradition of Eye of the Beholder, but sports a lot of atmosphere in the bargain.
Perihelion also offers a system for psionics (magic), allowing you to piece together symbols to get the effect you want, if your character is of the right class to have psionics available to him/her.
To sum it up: Perihelion offers oodles of atmosphere, and is generally a well-written RPG too, if you can forgive the occasional faults of the combat system.
www.angusm.demon.co.uk /AGDB/DBM1/Perih.html   (585 words)

 3.5 The perihelion shift of Mercury
The explanation of the anomalous perihelion shift of Mercury's orbit was another of the triumphs of GR.
This actually agrees reasonably well with values inferred from rotating solar models that are in accord with observations of the normal modes of solar oscillations (helioseismology).
Now, the measured perihelion shift of Mercury is known accurately: After the perturbing effects of the other planets have been accounted for, the excess shift is known to about 0.1 percent from radar observations of Mercury between 1966 and 1990 [116].
relativity.livingreviews.org /Articles/lrr-2001-4/node11.html   (401 words)

 Conquering the Perihelion
Hilbert may not have been aware of it, but Einstein had an advantage in “conquering” the perihelion calculation so rapidly, because he had performed the same calculation previously (together with his friend Michele Besso) based on earlier versions of his theory.
From the theoretical standpoint the important part of this work was obviously deriving the equation of motion, but from a purely mathematical standpoint, in order to quantitatively compare the results with observation, the determination of the implied perihelion precession rate was also important.
First it should be remembered that Einstein did not arrive at the final form of the field equations (with the “trace” term) until November 25th, but the perihelion motion depends only on the vacuum solution, which is unaffected by the trace term, so its absence didn’t invalidate the November 18 results on Mercury’s precession.
www.mathpages.com /home/kmath598/kmath598.htm   (1435 words)

 Perihelion Global Energy   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Perihelion’s Energy division focuses on research, development and operation of renewable and alternative energy facilities and distribution systems.
Perihelion specializes in designing these new energy systems backward compatible with existing infrastructure.
Currently our focus is direct supply to industrial and governmental clients; and for on-site power generation utilizing technologies such as: biomass, hydrogen, ethanol, solar, renewable electric and wind power generation.
www.perihelion.com /energy.html   (176 words)

 NOAA, Our Restless Tides, Explanation of Astronomical Factors, Tides and Tidal Currents
Similarly, in the earth-sun system, when the earth is closest to the sun (perihelion), about January 2 of each year, the tidal ranges will be enhanced, and when the earth is farthest from the sun (aphelion), around July 2, the tidal ranges will be reduced.
Increased gravitational influences and tide-raising forces are produced when the Moon is at position of perigee, its closest approach to the Earth (once each month) or the Earth is at perihelion, its closest approach to the Sun (once each year).
When perigee, perihelion, and either the new or full moon occur at approximately the same time, considerably increased tidal ranges result.
tidesandcurrents.noaa.gov /restles4.html   (1171 words)

 Astrophotography by Anthony Ayiomamitis   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
As noted by Donald E. Simanek and Carl J. Wenning, the real reason behind this trick by our brain is the perception of the sun (or moon) being against a "close" or "distant" foreground and which is lucidly described by the above two references.
However, if we were approach the apparent size of the sun methodically by studying it during perihelion and aphelion, we can detect a small change using photographic equipment thanks to the elliptical orbit of our planet around the sun which leads to variations in distance (and apparent size) of the order of about 3.4%.
More specifically, at perihelion each January, earth is approximately 147 million km away from sun whose apparent diameter is about 32.53' whereas, at aphelion each July, earth is approximately 152 million km away and the sun is characterized with an apparent diameter of about 31.46'.
www.perseus.gr /Astro-Solar-Scenes-Aph-Perihelion.htm   (231 words)

 The Seasons and the Earth's Orbit - Milankovitch Cycles   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
There are small year-to-year variations in the dates and times of solstice and perihelion due to our leap-year cycle and the effect of the Moon on the motion of the Earth.
So, it would be reasonable to suppose that if the 21,000-year perihelion shift cycle were to have any effect on climate at all, it would only be during the more widely-spaced epochs when the orbital eccentricity was relatively large.
The 21,000-year perihelion cycle and the 41,000-year obliquity cycle do in fact appear to be present in the climatological record.
aa.usno.navy.mil /faq/docs/seasons_orbit.html   (1561 words)

 ::Perihelion Arts - Show Report::
There was a constant flow of interesting folks coming into Perihelion from 6pm until 1:30am, and every gallery/bar on the street was packed.
You may still be able to get these direct from Perihelion Arts, so contact them if you are interested.
Perihelion Arts will be showing Mark's Beautiful Mutants until December 30th, so please stop by if you are in the area.
mutatovisual.com /beautifulmutants/reports/perihelion/perihelion.html   (188 words)

 The advance of Mercury's perihelion
The theory of R. Dicke – H. Goldenberg (1966) stating that the Sun is not totally spherical (which is true), but is an ellipsoid of revolution, and that its equatorial diameter is greater than the diameter linking its two poles.
Specifically, it is Mercury`s perihelion that is “carried away” the most, since Mercury lies closer to the Sun and has: 1) a small period of revolution T around the Sun and 2) great eccentricity e (Fig.
The phenomenon of the advance of Mercury`s perihelion is not attributed to the curvature of space-time around the Sun, as the Theory of Relativity erroneously maintains.
www.tsolkas.gr /english/document1/perihelion/perihelion.html   (977 words)

 Perihelion for comet Ikeya   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Around the time of the Suns passage across the perihelion degree Aries Israel renewed its fight with the Palestinians and on the day of perihelion finance minister Bianci was assassinated by the Red Brigades in Italy.
Since the comet will be a factor for the next 40 years consider that it's dispositor, Mars, was in Taurus near the perihelion of another bright comet from the mid 90's and Jupiter is exalted in square to the comet and that Saturn is on the Aldebarran/Antares axis.
Charts set for specific capitals should be referred to this one and the comets' perihelion should continue to be used as a sensitive point in subsequent mundane figures until expiration.
www.leroseblanche.org /perihelion_for_comet_ikeya.htm   (189 words)

 A Detailed Classical Description of the Advance of the Perihelion of Mercury
[1] that the advance of the perihelion is due to gravitational potential and kinetic energy, which modify the standard meter and the clock rate on Mercury.
For the Mercury observer, the perihelion of the orbit is not local.
Equation 81 shows that the advance of the perihelion of Mercury, calculated above with a small eccentricity is mathematically identical to equation 5.45 in section 5.10 of [1].
www.newtonphysics.on.ca /MERCURY/Mercury.html   (9400 words)

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