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Topic: Personality test

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In the News (Sun 21 Apr 19)

  MBTI Personality Test: Understanding Your MBTI or Myers Briggs Personality Type
Many, many millions of people have taken the test (actually the Indicator is an inventory or psychological instrument rather than a test - as a test suggests right and wrong answers.
Discovering or rediscovering this innate core of yourself is part of the journey of using personality type to enrich your life.
While everyone uses both means of forming conclusions, each person has a natural bias towards one over the other so that when they give us conflicting directions - one side is the natural trump card or tiebreaker.
www.personalitypathways.com /type_inventory.html   (1689 words)

 Your Personality | Free Online Personality Tests and Quizzes
This site provides a number of on-line personality and close relationships tests, experiments, and demonstrations that you can take to learn more about your self and the way you relate to others.
In this brief test about your perceived rights and duties as a member of society, you will take a personality test, a measure of your behaviors at work, and answer some demographic questions.
This page hosts questionnaires and quizes on relationships, personality, personality types, dependency, attachment, intimacy, intimate relationships, personality types, attachment styles, attachment patterns, relationship types, relationship patterns, closeness, relationships, marriage, love, love tests, love styles, politics, george bush, and john kerry.
www.yourpersonality.net   (943 words)

 Swirve.com: Personality Test
Once your friends take the test, we'll show you how they scored and just how compatible you are with them.
Our test is a mix of Psychological Principle and Swirvology, which is all about good clean fun.
Also, if you didn't get to finish the test last time you were here, you'll be given the opportunity to finish the questions you have not yet answered.
personality.swirve.com   (219 words)

 Personality Disorder Test - Personality Test
This test, sponsored by 4degreez.com, is meant to help determine whether or not you have a personality disorder.
If you believe you may be suffering from a personality disorder or any other disorder, you should ask your family doctor to recommend a therapist in your area to meet with.
A personality disorder is basically a set of traits that combine to negatively affect your life.
www.4degreez.com /misc/personality_disorder_test.mv   (1004 words)

 Personality Test Center
The primary purpose of this on line inventory is to educate the public about the five factor model of personality and to explain the likely consequences of one's standing on five broad personality domains.
On the basis of your answers to this test you are placed in one of sixteen types.
Take the tests and find out where you lie on these two scales.
www.personalitytest.net   (243 words)

  Online Personality Test
A personality test is look into may someone is made and this helps determine how they will interact on the job, what areas they will be naturally strong and weak in, and even how they will interact with other people around them.
The DISC personality tes is one of the most widely accepted personality profile.
The DISC personality test can be used as an excellent online personality testing system that will give immediate results online with no waiting.
www.dougwilliams.com /online-personality-test.php   (369 words)

  Zamora Personality Test - Web-based version
The Zamora Personality Test uses a scoring mechanism to determine the degree of intensity of personality traits by analyzing the answers to a set of statements that explore various aspects of internal feelings and past or hypothetical behavior.
The Zamora Personality Test is not a psychological test; it is a linguistic test that includes factors that influence relationships such as health, beauty and wealth but which are not psychological personality attributes.
The premise of the Zamora Personality Test is that the attributes desired by a large percentage of population in their mates is a social validation of those attributes and that these attributes are at least as important as traits postulated by medical models of psychology.
www.scientificpsychic.com /workbook/zamtest1.html   (875 words)

 Free Personality Test, Personality Quiz, Personality Type, Fun Personality Test, Fun Personality Quiz
Written by Scott E. Provost, M.M., M.S.W. The use of personality tests is ubiquitous in contemporary society; the personality testing industry is a $400 million industry (1).
Personality tests have been used by both large and small institutions, including schools, corporations, and hospitals, to sort, classify, categorize, and assign diagnoses to people.
Professionals who work in the mental health and addiction fields are likely to be familiar with some of the types of personality tests applied in child custody hearings, forensic and other clinical diagnostic evaluations, and screening assessments in schools.
www.colorwize.com /Personality_Test.htm   (174 words)

 builders.com career
Download this free personality test to advance your career, to get an understanding who you really are, for study, or just for fun.
Personality turned out to be much more variable both in time and in space/circumstance.
Take this free personality test that uses five color codes to indicate your personality style.
www.aboriginemundi.com /personalitytest   (702 words)

 Personality Test Center - IPIP NEO five factor model of personality
The primary purpose of this on line inventory is to educate the public about the five factor model of personality.
These broad domains cover normal differences in personality that should be obvious to people who know you well.
Yes, I understand that the primary purpose of this site is to educate the public about the five factor model of personality, and only secondarily, to estimate the respondent's standing within the five factor model.
www.personalitytest.net /ipip/ipipneo120.htm   (382 words)

 The Magical Personality Quiz
Since personality is central to the success of magic and other goal-related activities, knowing your type—and its corresponding shadow—can give you insight into which methods and techniques work best for you, and why your magical work sometimes fails despite your best efforts.
The Magical Personality is a unique system of personality types utilizing the five elements of the ancients (Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Quintessence) in describing the basic constituents of personality.
While an “Earthy” person may have a greater facility for producing Earthy effects, the same person may be relatively weak with respect to Fire.
www.llewellyn.com /free/mpq.php?tab=intro   (750 words)

 Barbarian's Online Tests Page -- Personality Tests
This personal growth site is dedicated to giving psychology help today to those of average mental health for accomplishing as much therapy/personal-improvement as possible.
Tests are also rated as to length, mood (funny vs. serious), and those that have been Ph.D. sanctioned.
This test measures how your personality relates to technology and strengths and weaknesses you may have in relating to technology both at home and in the workplace.
www.wizardrealm.com /tests/personality.html   (1704 words)

 Color Personality Test | Hartman Personality Tests
Many people have asked if the Hartman Personality Tests found at www.thecolorcode.com are the same as the “color personality test” that they have heard people talking about.
The color personality test is used by parents, teachers, students, business people and other professionals, and many others from all walks of life and from all over the world.
What does a color personality test such as ‘The Color Code’ have to do with me?” First of all, the Hartman Personality Tests do use colors, but these colors do not actually mean anything in and of themselves.
www.thecolorcode.com /colorpersonalitytest/colorpersonalitytest.html   (381 words)

 The PROFILER personality test   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Most personality tests on the internet are not serious tests designed to help you: they provide little, if any, useful feedback, are not developed by psychologists, and are offered as "teasers" to sell someone's book or other products.
The PROFILER personality test is the key to your future success and will help you stand out from your peers.
Consider this: 75% of working individuals have a personality that is less than optimal, a personality that hinders their performance.
www.od-online.com /app/profiler-intro.asp   (386 words)

 The PROFILER personality test   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Most personality tests on the internet are not serious tests designed to help you: they provide little, if any, useful feedback, are not developed by psychologists, and are offered as "teasers" to sell someone's book or other products.
The PROFILER personality test is the key to your future success and will help you stand out from your peers.
Consider this: 75% of working individuals have a personality that is less than optimal, a personality that hinders their performance.
od-online.com /app/profiler-intro.asp   (386 words)

 OkCupid! The Personality Defect Test   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Personality Defect Test will provide an accurate analysis of your true personality, but it will do so in a manner that is very insulting, cynical, and unintentionally ridiculous.
And, unlike traditional personality tests, it will focus on the negative aspects of these results as opposed to the positive.
Most personality tests only seem to emphasize the positive aspects of your personality, mentioning your negative traits with an inaudible whisper if they even get mentioned at all.
www.okcupid.com /tests/take?testid=4741219933576750506   (645 words)

 1 Organizational Diagnostics - Online: Frequently Asked Questions   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Personality Test services provide a variety of instruments that can be used to obtain a greater understanding about oneself.
The personality test is administered and analyzed online, and your results are provided to you immediately.
Below is an example of a personality test measure titled "balance".
www.od-online.com /self.asp   (453 words)

 Personality Online - Online personality, relationship and apptitude tests, find out who you are today!
The Personality Profile measures people on 14 different profiles or 'types' such as idiosyncrasy and conscientiousness.
This test has 104 statements and is quite straight forward and understandable.
Each question is a statement which you have to answer either (Y)es you agree totally, (S)omewhat if you partly agree with the statement or (N)o if you disagree with the statement.
www.personalityonline.com /tests/engine.html?testid=3   (140 words)

 Queendom.com: Tests, Tests, Tests and more Tests, The biggest testing center in the world with personality, ...
Queendom.com: Tests, Tests, Tests and more Tests, The biggest testing center in the world with personality, intelligence, relationship, career and mental health related tests.
Take full tests that provide you with complete analysis and feedback or, take a basic short test to see what it's all about.
Our wide range of personality assessments will facilitate the exploration of your psychological landscape and perhaps even unearth a few hidden traits you never thought of.
www.queendom.com /tests.html   (361 words)

In this bleak world, however, there is still hope for some lucky individuals—for they have charm, sparkle, a real personality.
It is to all you that we dedicate this test.
We've spent the last two months analyzing thousands of people at bars, and we've discovered that every human fits into one of 16 types.
community.sparknotes.com /person   (76 words)

 The Big Five Personality Test
This test measures what many psychologists consider to be the five fundamental dimensions of personality.
Also, you will be given a personality profile for the person you rate, which will allow you to compare yourself to this person on each of five basic personality dimensions.
The TWINS version also allows you to compare your personality to the personalities of your family and friends.
www.outofservice.com /bigfive   (552 words)

 Profnet - Personality Test
This profile is used to help business professionals develop stronger business relationships and better networking skills.
Persons taking this profile will be added to a mailing list to receive information on how to improve networking skills to increase revenue.
There are four basic personality types that business professionals encounter.
www.profnet.org /person2.html   (196 words)

 Personality Tests
Personality tests on this page may give some new thoughts about your personality.
Just choose the pattern which appeals most to you and this test will tell all about your personality.
Tests which of the 16 Jungian personality types you belong to?
www.2h.com /personality-tests.html   (200 words)

 [No title]
This highly acclaimed personality test assesses your personality based upon the universally accepted methodology of measuring five personality traits - Openness to new Experiences, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness and Neuroticism.
If you are unable to pass the Personality test or you wish to improve your score, you may re-appear by paying $5.00 only.
Detailed instructions relating to the testing procedure for the Personality test are provided inside the login account before the start of the test.
www.expertrating.com /details.asp?affid=98&examid=113   (394 words)

 Doolwind's Game Coding Site
It is based of the Myers-Briggs Personality Test and has been changed to relate to your programming personality type.
This is not a joke test and is really only relevant to programmers, however anyone is welcome to take the test.
This is done because, like an inkblot test, your answer will be shaped based just as much on how you perceive the question as how you answer it.
www.doolwind.com /index.php?page=11   (560 words)

 Personality Type Quiz - Discover your type! - book headquarters for Do What You Are - Nurture By Nature - Just Your ...
Below are four questions, and descriptions of two different lists of personality "preferences." Both lists have their own strengths and blindspots.
This system for understanding people called Personality Type is based on the work of Swiss psychologist Carl Jung and two American women, Katharine Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers, creators of The Myers Briggs Type Indicator instrument® (MBTI)®.
Note: This quiz is not a scientifically validated test and is only offered as an introduction to Type.
www.personalitytype.com /quiz.asp   (582 words)

 ColorQuiz.com - The free five minute personality test!
ColorQuiz is a free five minute personality test based on decades of research by color psychologists around the world.
Your test results are completely confidential and we do not keep the results.
This test is based on the work of Dr. Max Lscher and is used worldwide, most notably in Europe, by psychologists, doctors, government agencies, and universities to screen their candidates.
www.colorquiz.com   (109 words)

 Operation Clambake presents: Oxford Capacity Analysis
This is the criticised "personality test" which for many is the first introduction to the "Church" of Scientology.
The result of the OCA test will be that they (whatever your result is) will advice you to take some Scientology courses to better your communication or whatever.
The accuracy of this test is probably as good as the weekly horoscope in the same.
www.xenu.net /archive/oca   (2946 words)

 BBC - Science & Nature - Human Body and Mind - Mind - What Am I Like?
If you already know your personality type, or a friend's, you can read descriptions of the 16 personality types.
This personality test can't tell you exactly what you are like.
It is a simplified personality test based on personality type theory, devised by psychologists
www.bbc.co.uk /science/humanbody/mind/surveys/whatamilike/index.shtml   (403 words)

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