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  Peshawar - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Peshawar occupies a region that was dominated by various tribal groups of Indo-Iranian origin and a variety of other groups, possibly of Dravidian origin, maybe prior to invasion of Aryan tribes and their settlement.
Peshawar is situated near the eastern end of the Khyber Pass and sits mainly on the Iranian plateau along with the rest of the NWFP.
Peshawar is a rapidly growing city with a population of 982,816 according to 1998 census that was 566,248 in 1981.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Peshawar   (3432 words)

The Peshawar 'Saddar' (Cantonment) is a sapciously laid out neat and clean township with avenues of tall trees, wide tarred roads, large single-storeyed houses with large lawns and a pervading scent of rare shrubs and flowers that is Peshawar's own.
The Peshawar of the hoary past is the old city, the Peshawar of the British period (1849-1947) is the Cantonment but the Peshawar of independent Pakistan is the vast extension of the city west and east.
You may travel by road from Peshawar via Jamrud Fort, low stony hills capped with pickets manned by Khyber Rifles, Ali Masjid and the fort, insignia of the regiments that have served in the Khyber, remains of Sphola stupa of Buddhist period (2nd-5th centuries A.D.), Landikotal Bazaar and to the border post at Torkham.
members.tripod.com /~PAKISTAN786/Peshawar.html   (1777 words)

 Peshawar Travel Info Peshawar
You can also drive to or from Swat to peshawar about 190 kilometers which is a green valley in the foothills of hindukush mountains.
The Peshawar "Sadder" (Cantonment) is a spaciously laid out neat and clean township with avenues of tall trees, wide tarred roads, large single storied houses with lawns and a pervading scent of rare shrubs and flowers that is Peshawar's own.
Rice, sugar-cane and tobacco are the rich cash-crops of the well-watered Peshawar valley through which flows the Kabul River and at the end of which the mighty Indus forms the district boundary for 48 1/2 Kms (30miles),the two joining near the historic Attock fort.
www.travel-culture.com /pakistan/peshawar.shtml   (1773 words)

 Peshawar, Pakistan, Pictures
Peshawar, city, northwestern Pakistan, capital of North-West Frontier Province, near the entrance to Khyber Pass.
Also in the city is Peshawar Museum, which houses important collections of sculpture of the ancient Gandhara civilization.
In the early 19th century Peshawar came under the control of the Sikhs, and in 1849 it was captured by the British.
www.greatestcities.com /Asia/Pakistan/Peshawar_city.html   (230 words)

 Peshawar travel guide - Wikitravel
Peshawar is an interesting mix of Afghani and Pakistani cultures.
You can reach Peshawar by train with Pakistan Railway from Karachi (36 hours) and Quetta (25 hours), both are via Lahore and Rawalpindi.
Peshawar is the city with a number of nations and races, but there has happened not any such voilance which may disturb the city peace.
wikitravel.org /en/Peshawar   (535 words)

 Desicritics.org: The Peshawar Rhapsody
Peshawar lost its glory with the demise of the Kushan dynasty in the 6th century AD and remained a forgotten town for a thousand years till the Mughals discovered its strategic value, when Babur built a fort there in 1530.
Today, Peshawar is the capital of NWFP and is the most exciting city of Pakistan for its ancient ambience and romantic history of the proud pathan tribesmen who repulsed all attackers with their brave spirit, noble courage and undeniable faith.
Torkham is 55 kilometers from Peshawar and it is served by a metalled road, however, a trip to Torkham takes nearly three hours due to hair-pin bends and steep gradients on the route.
desicritics.org /2006/05/12/000910.php   (2813 words)

Peshawar is located approximately forty miles from the Afghan border and more than two hundred refugee villages are found in the city’s environs (UNHCR, 2000).
The absence of aid for refugees residing in cities further reinforces the GoP notion that refugees living in Peshawar and elsewhere are self-sufficient, undeserving of assistance and existing as economic migrants.
Once Afghans choose to enter Peshawar, they are left with the decision either to settle in refugee villages, where they would benefit from international aid, or to remain independent and live elsewhere.
web.mit.edu /cis/www/migration/pubs/rrwp/14_ethno-religious.html   (6989 words)

Ultimately, Peshawar was not among the four bases selected for Americanuse.
PAF Peshawar is one of ten Major Operational Bases (MOB) of the Pakistani Air Force.
The Peshawar Golf Course, PAF's prized possession and boasting some of the country's best fairways, is proudly managed by the Peshawer base.
www.globalsecurity.org /military/facility/peshawar.htm   (376 words)

Even to people from other parts of Pakistan, the city of Peshawar is a massive assault on the senses, from the smell of burning rubbish to the sight of severed lambs' heads to the sound of constantly blaring car horns.
Many of Peshawar's problems stem from the huge influx of Afghan refugees -- at least 1.5-million in the past 20 years -- but some of them are simply due to being the oldest city (ag e 2,500) in a young country (age 54) that has little money for urban renewal.
Before the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on the United States, Peshawar was developing a tourism industry based on its proximity to the Khyber Pass.
www.cincypost.com /2001/oct/05/pshwar100501.html   (785 words)

 itsPakistan - Pakistan - Peshawar
But the pride of Peshawar today is its University of Peshawar, a vast sprawling garden town of red brick buildings and velvet lawns, which comprises a dozen departments and Colleges of Law, Medicine, Engineering and Forestry.
Peshawar specialty is the Chappli Kabab (a spicy beef burger mixed with tomato, corn flour, green chilies and eggs) served on naan (unleaved bread) which acts as edible plate.
The Peshawar "Saddar" (Cantonment) is a spaciously laid out neat and clean township with avenues of tall trees, wide tarred roads, large single-storied houses with lawns and a pervading scent of rare shrubs and flowers that is Peshawar's own.
www.itspakistan.net /pakistan/peshawar.aspx   (546 words)

 ShaikhSiddiqui Peshawar
The Vale of Peshawar was home to the Kingdom of Gandhara starting around the 6th century BCE and later ancient Peshawar became a capital of the Kushan Empire.
The area that Peshawar occupies was then occupied by the Greco-Bactrian King Eucratides (170 -159 BCE), and was controlled by a series of Greco-Bactrian rulers.
The Sarhad became part of larger Islamic empires including the Ghaznavid Empire and the empire of Muhammad of Ghaur and was nominally controlled by the Delhi Sultanate and Ilkhantate Empire of the Mongols.
www.shaikhsiddiqui.com /peshawar.html   (1458 words)

 Peshawar | Afghan Women's Network (Afghanistan)
Celebrating the International Women’s Day on Wednesday March 8,2006 for the women in Peshawar Pakistan was an unexpected event which took place by the financial support of Womankind Worldwide.
Another workshop of the same series was conducted in AWN meeting hall at Peshawar and was actively participated by 21 participants.
The workshop was held On June 15,2004 in Peshawar.
www.afghanwomensnetwork.org /index.php?q=taxonomy/term/58   (990 words)

The Mosque Mahabat Khan, Peshawar’s outstanding architecture legacy, in Jeweller’s Bazar was constructed by the Governor of Peshawar Mahabat Khan Mirza Lerharsib, in 1630 during the era of the Mughal Emperor Shah Jehan.
Afghan refugees who came to Peshawar as a result of Soviet occupation have added yet another dimension in the character of the city in general this bazaar in particular where they can be seen doing business from exchanging money to selling Kehwa.
In a grand Victorian hall, the Peshawar Museum houses one of the world’s best collection of Gandhara art, including stupas depicting the Buddha’s stupas collection presents a clear picture of life of Peshawar Valley during first four centuries A.D when Peshawar was the capital of a vast empire.
www.angelfire.com /pa5/pakistanpoint/peshawar.htm   (1074 words)

 The art of fictional narration
However, it is when the author of the fictional narrative tries to overstep the bounds of fiction and confer upon his work the appearance of historical authenticity, that his work loses the respectable designation “literary fiction”, and earns for itself the ignominious epithet “literary hoax”.
In the book “Peshawar Nights”, whose author is styled as “Sultan al-Wa‘izin Shirazi”, we have an example of a work which purports to be the record of a Sunni-Shi‘i debate.
It is highly unlikely that there was a Persian language newspaper in Peshawar, or in the rest of India for that matter, at the time of the alleged debate.
www.ansar.org /english/beshawer.htm   (3940 words)

 ::: Pa Khair Raghley :::   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-20)
Peshawar enjoys tremendous historical, Military and political importance.
Peshawar's specialty is the Chappli Kabab (a spicy beef burger mixed with tomato, corn flour, green chilies and eggs) served on Nan (un leaved bread) which acts as edible plate.
Climate: The climate of Peshawar as compared to the rest of Pakistan is healthiest climate.
www.peshawarcity.com   (389 words)

 North Pakistan + Western China: a 1999 trip report
On the flight to Peshawar I had a window seat (over the wing) and could see glimpses of the Indus and its barrages, the desert, and then the mountains.
He was a geology student at Peshawar University, but also ran a small gemstone business and worked as a tour guide (as almost everyone who spoke good English in northern Pakistan seemed to).
And there was a bookshop with a good selection of books, but I had decided in Peshawar to leave my bookshopping till I reached Islamabad at the end of the trip.
danny.oz.au /travel/1999/pakistan   (19619 words)

The gardener's son drives a taxi and Michael had arranged a ride to the airport (150 Rupees).
Ross and Rose Carter were to meet me at Peshawar Airport, but the plane was about one hour late.
He said that he would arrange a lift for me with the Bishop on Sunday to Rawalpindi.
francishannaway.tripod.com /id26.htm   (881 words)

 Travel Info Peshawar
Thecity is well known for its historic and cultural value.
Peshawar hasseen many invaders and travellers passing it by from around the world.
There are a number of things to do and Visit in Peshawar.
tours.hypermart.net /pakistan/peshawar.htm   (148 words)

 Peshawar Pakistan - NWFP Province
Peshawar is its capital, and the Vale of Peshawar, fertile and well watered by the Kabul and Swat rivers, is its heart.
This was also the heart of the ancient kingdom of Gandhara and is rich in archaeological remains.
The NWFP south of Peshawar is below the monsoon belt and consists of low, rocky mountains
www.globosapiens.net /travel-information/Peshawar-728.html   (240 words)

 U.S. Consulate Peshawar Pakistan
Ambassador to Pakistan Ryan C. Crocker and Northwest Frontier Province Governor Khalil ur-Rehman inaugurate the first "Lincoln Corner" in Pakistan at Peshawar University’s Central Library on April 20, 2006.
Hosted by Peshawar University, the Corner represents a program partnership between the University and the United States of America.
Also in attendance were Vice Chancellor of Peshawar University Haroon Rashid, senior staff members of the University, and other dignitaries.
peshawar.usconsulate.gov   (739 words)

 University of Peshawar:Fine Arts   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-20)
The Department of Fine Arts, was established in the University of Peshawar as a two year certificate course.
The subject was introduced in 1964 with a view to imparting and promoting art education in the province and with the future planning to raise its standard to the degree level.
The work of students are put on display at the end of every academic year.
upesh.edu /depts/dfa/dfa.html   (161 words)

 .: Peshawar Hotels :.
Peshawar Hotels.com is the platform for all the hotels of Peshawar.
Hotels situated in Peshawar are listed for the information of Visitors.
The Food Street of Peshawar have to improve with more effective dishes and ideas...
www.peshawarhotels.com   (54 words)

 Peshawar Girls Dating Online Girls Seeking Men Peshawar Girls Dating Online   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-20)
Casual Peshawar dating or serious relationships, are you single and lonely in Peshawar?
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Find thousands of single Peshawar Girls and Guys, who are looking for online dating, Fun, Romance, Love, Penpals and Friendship.
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 Current local time in Peshawar - Pakistan
Make a Personal World Clock and include Peshawar
When can I call/have a meeting with someone in Peshawar?
Show time difference between Peshawar time and other time zones
www.timeanddate.com /worldclock/city.html?n=1236   (176 words)

 Peshawar Airport
Priceline offers numerous flights to and from Peshawar Airport.
Priceline searches thousands of airlines and flight schedules providing you convenient flight times to and from Peshawar Airport.
With priceline, flying to your favorite Peshawar Airport destination is a simple mouse-click away.
airlines.priceline.com /airlines/peshawar-airport.html   (103 words)

 The Frontier Post --- Commitment to Journalism
PESHAWAR (SANA): The United Kingdom has formally asked...
Family of slain khasadar warns of staging protest sit-in
PESHAWAR (PPI): Son of a deceased Khassadar on Monday...
frontierpost.com.pk   (392 words)

 Hotels in PESHAWAR online, PESHAWAR hotel reservation   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-20)
Put the link to all PESHAWAR hotels on your site
catalogue.horse21.net /pakistan+hotels/peshawar+hotels   (49 words)

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