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Topic: Pest (animal)

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In the News (Mon 22 Jul 19)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Pest animals cost Australia at least $420 million each year Despite many decades of intensive effort, no widespread pest animal species has ever been eradicated from mainland Australia Box 1 Native Animals as Pests Native animals may also be considered pests in certain situations.
While over-grazing is an obvious problem, the impacts of pests may also be quite subtle: grazing pests may affect the composition and level of vegetation cover, which in turn affects populations of ants, termites and micro-arthropods in the topsoil and can lead to significant negative changes in soil structure.
Even where pest animals do have a commercial value, however, it is rare that harvesting produces economic benefits that outweigh the costs of supporting the pest population.
www.affa.gov.au /Corporate_docs/publications/word/rural_science/decision_maker/sfdm_pests.doc   (2786 words)

 Dealing With Pest Animals
Pest animals have in many areas become much more of a nuisance in the home landscape than are pest insects.
Pest animals are becoming way too common in suburban areas where development is rapidly eliminating the normal habitat for these critters.
If you have a pest animal problem and the population of that particular pest is not excessive for your area, then a repellent may very well do the trick because the problem is not a function of overpopulation which makes the animal so hungry, it is immune to any repellent.
www.yardener.com /DealingWithPestAnimals.html   (439 words)

 A guide for the control over the possession, trade and movement of declared pest animals
The harmful effects of animals such as rabbits, foxes, wild dogs, feral goats and feral pigs cost many millions of dollars each year in lost production and degradation of natural resources, and further millions are spent by landholders and government authorities in attempts to minimise the impacts of these pests.
Pest animals that may only be kept at statutory zoos, circuses, wildlife parks or "B" class zoos licensed under the Wildlife Act or at approved research and education institutions.
The importation or exportation of pest animals into and out of Victoria will not be considered by the Pest Animal Advisory Committee until it has received authorisation from the relevant State or Territory under which the animal is held or is to be sent.
www.nre.vic.gov.au /DPI/nreninf.nsf/childdocs/-89E7A8DAFEA417624A2568B30004C26A-3DB1800178777EB4CA256BC700811D61-A01A5DA2ECA793D94A256DEA00293E6D-E6A29A4E8E6A2943CA256BCF000AD58D?open   (2150 words)

 Choosing The Right Animal Repellent
Choosing a repellent to keep a pest animal away from your property can be intidating in making a choice and frustrating when you get the results.
Animal repellents are, like insecticdes, only effective if they are applied exactly the way described on the label.
If you want to repel a pest animal from your property, we recommend using the strategy to aggravate the pest animal so much they decide to avoid your property just because it is too much of a hassle.
www.yardener.com /ChoosingTheRightAnimalRepellent.html   (478 words)

 Agricutural Pest Control - Animal   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Agricultural animals are attacked by mites and ticks, insects, and animal predators.
Bed bugs are serious pests in poultry houses and may become a pest of man. They hide from the light during the day and feed on poultry in the dark.
Pesticides can protect animals from pests, but they may be toxic to the animals being treated as well as to the pests.
pestworld.stjohn.hawaii.edu /studypackets/animal.html   (2242 words)

 Animal Trapping Techniques
Trapping is an effective way to remove a specific pest animal, but isn't useful against a large local population over the long run.
Rabies is transmitted by saliva, and you don't necessarily have to be bitten to contract the disease.
Pest and Disease Finder: How to identify common pests and diseases and fight off animal pests.
www.gardeners.com /Animal-Trapping-Techniques/default/5451.page?SC=   (742 words)

 Pest Management Programs - Certification Equivalents
PCO General: The control of insects, spiders, birds, rodents and animal pests, including but not limited to: residences, public buildings and grounds, commercial buildings and grounds, disposal sites, animal feed lots and farmsteads, including buildings and transportation equipment.
Pests include but are not limited to moss, algae, cattails, pondweeds and other emersed and submersed aquatic weeds.
Pest Animal Control: The control of pest animals in agricultural situations.
aec.army.mil /dev/pest/cert-wa.html   (1078 words)

 NRC - Pest Management Strategies   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The Northland Regional Pest Management Strategies are particularly innovative, aiming firstly at educating landholders and the public about the threat posed by potential pest species and the means by which the species may be prevented from being introduced into Northland.
Should the pest already be established within the region, the strategies provide a range of mechanisms, which individually or collectively will reduce the threat from that pest.
An "organism" is any animal, plant, micro-organism or piece of material which is capable of replicating itself, except human beings, while a "pest" is any organism declared a pest in a pest management strategy.
www.nrc.govt.nz /planning/pest_management_strategies.shtml   (660 words)

 Pest animal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Look for Pest animal in Wiktionary, our sister dictionary project.
Look for Pest animal in the Commons, our repository for free images, music, sound, and video.
Check for Pest animal in the deletion log, or visit its deletion vote page if it exists.
www.sciencedaily.com /encyclopedia/pest__animal_   (146 words)

 Greater Wellington - Plant and animal pests
Pest plants and animals, such as old man's beard and possums, seriously threaten our natural environment and agricultural industry.
Controlling these pests is an important part of protecting the region's natural environment and the productive capacity of land, contributing to a high quality environment and a prosperous and viable region.
These include a number of pest plants and possums in Key Native Ecosystems, rabbits in some areas, rooks and nuisance magpies.
www.gw.govt.nz /section34.cfm   (320 words)

 Weed and pest animal management
Weeds and pest animals have significant economic, environmental and social effects on Queenslanders.
Pest animals include introduced mammals, reptiles and amphibians, and dingoes, locusts and crazy ants.
Pest management legislation aims to prevent the introduction and establishment of new pests; limit the spread of established pests; and reduce the impact of infestations.
www.nrm.qld.gov.au /pests   (299 words)

 Pest animal educational resources
Pest animals are an exciting classroom topic. Because pest animals can damage our economy, environment, health and natural resources, they provide an opportunity to explore many other related issues.
We all have a part to play in managing the impacts of pest animals, as our pets and farm animals have the potential to escape and become pests.
The pest patrol activity kit teaches students about the dangers pest animals pose to our native wildlife, domestic pets and farming communities.
www.nrm.qld.gov.au /pests/education/pest_patrol_resources.html   (253 words)

 Animal Garden Pest at OrchidCharm.com
Pest Control : Animal, Garden Pest Control : Animal, Pest Control : Animal for the Garden Garden Pest Control : Animal, Pest Control : Animal for the Garden, Pest Control : Animal LA Garden Supply - Pest Control : Animal Garden Supply.
Animal garden links US Animal garden links US or references to the subject of animal Animal garden links US or references to the subject of animal Animal garden links TrueValue:: 36 x 11 x 11-In.
Pest Control Garden Supply, Pest_Control/Animal for the Garden : Pest Control - LA Garden Supply Pest Control - Safeguard's animal traps are used by professionals in the Pest Control industry as well as consumers to trap and relocate nuisance animals.
www.orchidcharm.com /growing-orchid/animal-garden-pest.html   (667 words)

 Pest - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Pest (animal), an animal (usually an insect), or sometimes a plant (weed) with characteristics that are injurious or harmful to humans
PEST analysis (Political, Economic, Social and Technological analysis), a framework for analysis of macroenvironmental factors
Pest (music), a band on the Ninja Tune independent record label
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Pest   (136 words)

 Myths and misconceptions about pest animal impact and management   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The traditional and commonly held attitude towards pest animals is that if they are present, they are causing significant damage and must be controlled.
Often it is assumed that pest animal impact is directly related to pest animal numbers - that is, the more pest animals, the more impact.
Pest animal research which quantifies impact often finds that it is overestimated and that there are sometimes more significant agricultural or environmental impacts which can be more readily resolved.
www.affa.gov.au /content/output.cfm?ObjectID=D2C48F86-BA1A-11A1-A2200060B0A06276   (404 words)

 Search Results for pest -¬†Encyclop√¶dia Britannica
The heart of Pest is the Belváros (Inner Town), an irregular pentagon with its longest side running parallel to the Danube; only traces of the original town walls remain.
Sugarcane is attacked and damaged by various insect pests that bore into and feed on the different parts of the plant.
Both Buda and Pest were recognized by Leopold I as royal free towns in 1703, while Óbuda, a village, belonged to Pest megye, the autonomous county that was in the hands of the local Hungarian...
www.britannica.com /search?query=pest&submit=Find&source=MWTEXT   (491 words)

 Animal Pest Control Sources
Animal and Pest Control Animal Bite Report Form - Health Department Peninsula Humane Society - San Mateo County Animal Bites and Rabies - Health Department - In San Mateo County, the animals most...
It is possible for an animal to be a pest in one setting but beneficial or...
CRC: Pest Animal Control CRC Links The Partners of the Agriculture Portal are Australian Government organisations who have supplied links to information and services Pest Animal Control CRC...
www.deletepests.com /animalpestcontrol   (1764 words)

 A Nuisance Animal Trapping / Pest Trapping Primer
If you've tried repellents, excluding, and frightening away a pest animal and it's still causing problems, you can trap and release it, or use a lethal trap.
Relocated animals sometimes become disoriented and aren't able to fit into their new surroundings, often starving to death.
Some animals are protected from trapping by state laws in various states.
www.backyardstyle.com /trapping-primer.php   (438 words)

 Pest animal control - The Vegan Forum - a vegan message board
Through involvement with an animal welfare organisation the topic of culling comes up occasionally and I was curious about the general concensus with regards to introduced and native animal boom and bust cycles where human intervention on the landscape has made excellent conditions for extreme population increase.
The animals became sick after eating raw chicken carcasses believed to have been infected with the virus.
He suggests that since there is no ban on the culling of other native animals that the koala should be considered in the same manner when it comes to populations control.
www.veganforum.com /forums/showthread.php?t=1367   (1234 words)

 CNWCOA - Archives
Animal Damage Control work is performed both on structures and on the surrounding property for the purposes of removing and/or excluding nuisance or dangerous wild animals.
Regarding transporting the animal to the NWCO's place of business, the animal should be euthanized within a reasonable proximity to where the animal was trapped and as soon as practical.
The Structural Pest Control Board has confirmed that a structural pest control (SPC) business license is required to perform pest control for hire on or in a structure, such as a municipal building.
www.cnwcoa.org /archives.htm   (3091 words)

 Managing plant and animal pests (Overview)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Every year, invasive weeds and animal pests exact a heavy toll on our primary production and unique environment and CSIRO has a long history in the fight to manage them.
Many foreign plants and animals have established themselves in Australia. These exotic species are threatening Australia’s unique wildlife and ecosystems, causing damage to agricultural production and carrying diseases.
Our rodent management team examines rodent pests in Australia and Asia. The aim is to reduce rodent impacts, such as mouse plagues and rats eating crops, by using ecological methods.
www.csiro.au /csiro/content/standard/pps8e,,.html   (483 words)

 Pest Control -- Animal Control
If you have contacted a Pest Control company who were unable to assist you with a nuisance wildlife problem, you may contact us at (847) 602-7226 for nuisance wildlife pest control.
Animals R Us is committed to providing the entire Lake County Illinois region with exceptional service at reasonable costs.
Animals R Us requires its technicians to be neat and orderly, to treat each and every customer with dignity and respect, to complete the job in a timely fashion, and to the customers satisfaction.
www.voy.com /150796/42.html   (443 words)

 Events - Pest Animal Control CRC   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The Conference aims to bring together land managers from across NSW who have responsibilities for pest animal management to discuss current and potential pest animal problems and possible solutions.
The Conference is an important technical refresher and offers participants current information on pest animal management with an emphasis on practical application.
"‘Animals and Society’ showcases the work of new and established scholars committed to increasing our understanding of the complex and diverse relationships between human and non-human animals.
www.pestanimal.crc.org.au /info/events.htm   (411 words)

 Animal pest questions
He has been in the pest control industry now for nearly 23 years and working in the housing area for the last 14 years.
A good pest management firm will do a thorough inspection of your house inside and outside to see where there may be a need for more sealing and blocking of points of entry.
Rats are burrowing animals, but the burrow won't be that large, and rats are not that loud in general.
www.pestcontrolcanada.com /Questions/animal_pest_questions.htm   (8131 words)

 Pest animal poison bait information kit   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Unnecessary quantities of pest animal poison bait are not placed in the environment.
When you sign off on the application for pest animal poison bait you are acknowledging that you have read and understood the directions for the use of the pest animal poison bait.
Poisoning is only one method among other pest animal management techniques such as harbour destruction, ripping, fumigation and fencing as appropriate to obtain long term gains in pest animal management.
www.nre.vic.gov.au /dpi/nreninf.nsf/childdocs/-89E7A8DAFEA417624A2568B30004C26A-3DB1800178777EB4CA256BC700811D61-A01A5DA2ECA793D94A256DEA00293E6D-02024E7E5F3156C6CA256C2C001C4B84?open   (1010 words)

 Animal Away: Ultrasonic Pest Control for Animals   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Animal Away utilizes the sophisticated PIR (Passive Infra Red) detecting system to monitor a fan shaped area of a 70° arc with a distance of up to 30 feet.
If using Animal Away indoors, ensure that the cat or dog is able to withdraw from area with the repeller.
The built-in motion sensor detects the animal entering the area and emits a piercing, high decibel alarm.
www.safehomeproducts.com /shp2/es/animal_away.asp   (1205 words)

 Animal Health Issues: Natural Pest Control
It is also indicated for animals that have been on a high meat or fish diet, and those that tend to be overweight or suffer hip pain from arthritis or dysplasia.
However, if you have a chronic, long standing, and/or severe infestation, it may be best to use a conventional wormer to eradicate the parasites (for many, the damage they cause is worse than the practice of using a chemical to kill them).
She said you can also use 1 cup of water and 20 drops of lavender oil for mosquitoes but found that the almond oil mixture is best.
katberard.com /hea_pestcontrol.htm   (2495 words)

 Bird control and animal repellents - Products for every bird or animal control task
Pest birds also present a safety hazard around airports.
When birds and animals adversely effect our way our life they have to be considered pests and repelled from critical areas.
We hope you enjoy your trip around our bird and pest animals repellents web site and find what you need to get rid of the pests which are causing you a problem.
www.pest-bird-animal-control.com   (292 words)

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