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Topic: Pet Sounds

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In the News (Thu 22 Aug 19)

 [No title]
The triumphant staging of ‘Pet Sounds’ in January 2002 was followed by a return visit for encore performances in June of that year.
Besides the Beatles-related notoriety, Pet Sounds also benefits from its sheer existence, unlike the resuscitated "lost" album Smile, the recently released, official Brian Wilson version of which is not only revelatory but also hamstrung by not fulfilling the boundless universe of possibilities the actualization of a legendary unreleased record necessarily dispels.
Bruce sounded good even though Mike made fun as he sang "I Write The Songs." They played three songs from Pet Sounds and the difference between their versions and Brian's band is big.
petsounds40.blogspot.com   (11828 words)

  The Beach Boys - Pet Sounds - Reviews & Sound Clips   (Site not responding. Last check: )
As such, Pet Sounds is not merely one of the greatest records ever made, but also one of the towering masterpieces of 20th-century art.
You've never heard Pet Sounds until you hear it in stereo, as the separation between the instruments (including piccolo trumpets, Christmas bells, timpanis and harps) reveals the brilliance of Wilson's arrangements and the jaw-dropping beauty of the music, all of which nicely complements the melancholy poignancy of the lyrics.
The final episode of "Pet Sounds" is "Caroline, No," three minutes of heartbreaking pathos, a haunting ballad that is the guts of hapless melancholy, the hollow and incredulous feeling at the loss of a lover.
www.xs4all.nl /~fsgroen/Albums-B/Beach_Boys_Pet_Sounds.htm   (2526 words)

 Jim Fusilli - Books
Pet Sounds is, rightly, one of the most celebrated pop albums ever released.
The "one" in the case of Pet Sounds is Brian Wilson, and the statement is communicated not only by the lyrics he wrote with Tony Asher, but by the music and arrangements he created and the way he produced the album.
If you think of Pet Sounds as a song cycle and you start with the chiming, optimistic guitars of "Wouldn't it be Nice" and you end up with Brian's cry just before the fade of "Caroline No," you'll understand what this album is about.
www.jimfusilli.com /books/pet_sounds.asp   (1725 words)

 2) Pet Sounds : Rolling Stone
That gesture actually completed a circle of influence: Wilson initially conceived of Pet Sounds as an effort to top the Beatles' Rubber Soul.
Wilson essentially made Sounds without the rest of the band, using them only to flesh out the vocal arrangements.
Its luxurious sound convey a heartbreaking wistfulness, as songs such as "I Just Wasn't Made for These Times" and "I'm Waiting for the Day" bid farewell to the innocent world of the early Sixties and to the Beach Boys' fun-in-the-sun hits.
www.rollingstone.com /news/story/6553833/2_pet_sounds   (331 words)

 Gadfly Online.
Pet Sounds has always been about the songs, and in this collection we see how the individual parts equal the beauty of their sum.
Sounding distinctly Wilson, Carl's boyish baritone hesitantly puts forth the idea that "I may not always love you." The trace of insecurity moves into confidence.
Listening to Pet Sounds will not only tell you why they were kings, but it may allow you to forgive them for what became of the kingdom.
www.gadflyonline.com /archive/April98/archive-petsounds.html   (2471 words)

That 4th CD is an accurate digital replica of the original, mono-mix release of PET SOUNDS, in a miniature version of the LP jacket.
In addition to the pieces used on PET SOUNDS, there are the "highlights" and tracks for "Trombone Dixie" (never used, until released as a bonus track on the first CD release of PET SOUNDS), and "Good Vibrations," which was started at the same time as the album.
The instrumental backing tracks are integral to the sound of the album, but fascinating to hear on their own, more open and not buried beneath the vocals.
www.holeintheweb.com /drp/bbps.htm   (989 words)

 THE BEACH BOYS - PET SOUNDS - hip online   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Pet Sounds is perhaps one of the greatest albums ever released.
The Beatles weren't aware of this, however, and were eventually inspired by Pet Sounds to write one of the greatest albums ever, Sgt.
Pet Sounds is one of those albums that has brought me through tough times and allowed me to close my eyes and leave the world behind.
www.hiponline.com /artist/music/b/beach_boys/pet_sounds.php5   (515 words)

 The Pet Sounds Sessions
God only knows why it took so long, but The Pet Sounds Sessions, a four-CD set (Capitol C2-37662) devoted to that most astonishingly beautiful of all Beach Boys albums, finally was released in late 1997 after more than a year of delays, and at last it has reached my listening post.
Pet Sounds, mono mix and record-company indifference notwithstanding, has been hailed for years as one of the seminal Sixties recordings, an album you simply could not go through life without owning.
The rest of the first disc, and all of the second, is taken up with actual segments from the session tapes and the final versions (in stereo) of the instrumental tracks.
www.dustbury.com /music/petsound.html   (562 words)

 Not A Dollarshort: Pet Sounds
Besides the great singles from Pet Sounds, you have the first incarnation of the album as a whole, meant to be listened to as an entire suite of music instead of a series of 3 minute top 40 songs.
Though to be fair, NOT having Pet Sounds would have set the idea of the "concept album" off by several years and could have resulted in the non-release of Roger Water's epic self-pitying tribute to himself, The Wall.
There is something however oddly magical about Pet Sounds as an album, for much of it is hardly commercial sounding (with a few obvious exceptions), and there seems to be a bright, intense sense of creativity in the songwriting and production that influenced countless future artists.
mena.typepad.com /dollarshort/2003/02/pet_sounds_1.html   (1821 words)

 Salon | Sharps and Flats
"Pet Sounds" is, arguably, the first pop-rock record to be wholly conceived as a complete experience, a self-contained unit that was a step away from the hits-plus-filler affairs that characterized most of the albums of the time.
Take 1 starts off sounding like the familiar version, but when the horns begin to rise up a few bars in, something sounds bloated, forced and kitschy.
But that the reworked music of "Pet Sounds" is so wondrously varied, so thrilling, so listenable in and of itself -- that's the real dream come true.
www.salon.com /music/sharps/1997/11/12sharps.html   (506 words)

 Pet Sounds, Part I
I immediately went to work on the songs for PET SOUNDS" These words adorn the short explanation written by Brian Wilson on the 1990 re-release of Pet Sounds.
Pet Sounds was a direct response to Rubber Soul, but was certainly a cut above it.
Pet Sounds became the inspiration for a legion of acid-rockers, from the Grateful Dead to Jefferson Airplane, Big Brother and The Holding Company to Pink Floyd.
www.suite101.com /article.cfm/history_of_rock/26521   (526 words)

 DVD-Audio Review: The Beach Boys - ‘Pet Sounds’
While all surround music is characterized by sound from all “around” the listener, I hope it is a point of agreement that the quality of the mix is not determined by how aggressively or non-aggressively the surrounds are used.
This is not a slam at the sound engineer, since I have heard several high-resolution discs whose surround “mixes” suffer, at least in the comparison I made, to the two-channel original being processed through either Logic 7 or Dolby Pro Logic II.
Obviously, the musical significance of ‘Pet Sounds’, which is already legendary, forces a certain degree of scrutiny to the issuance of this DVD-Audio disc that a lesser work might not be subjected to.
www.highfidelityreview.com /reviews/review.asp?reviewnumber=19059725   (1896 words)

 BBC NEWS | Magazine | Pet sound
i've loved "pet sounds" since i first heard it in the 60's; when i was younger it was the hits "sloop john b" and "god only knows" or the more up-tempo "here today" that i replayed the most.
Pet sounds is a great album :)its amazing how good it sounds when compared to modern albums the sounds quality is pretty much on a par, even if it was deliberately recorded in mono (due to Brian Wilson's partial deafness).
Pet Sounds, and latterly SMiLE, show that Brian Wilson was the only person capable of going head to head with Lennon & McCartney and not to come off second best.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/magazine/4639296.stm   (3796 words)

 Pet Sounds | Our Story   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Pet Sounds opened its doors in Newcastle upon Tyne in 1982.
These days there are two Pet Sounds stores, both in Newcastle offering different items for sale appealing to young and old.
The original Pet Sounds, on the corner of (opposite the central station and around the corner from Pink Lane) has seen a few changes over the years.
www.petsounds.co.uk /history.php   (424 words)

 Bob Donlon’s Digital Video Blog: Pet Sounds
Having well recorded, noise-free, well mixed sound along with a music soundtrack and sound effects that reinforce what’s happening on screen is a key piece of the puzzle.
Sound Designer, Composer, Engineer) usually takes care of this end of things, but the rest of the time we’ve gotta do it ourselves.
Clicking "Cleanup Audio" or "Remove a Sound "brings up some simple controls for removing noise, clicks & pops, and rumble from your clip, or for removing an individual sound by selecting it in the Spectral Frequency Display with either the Marquee or Lasso tool (just like selecting & modifying and image in Photoshop).
blogs.adobe.com /bobddv/2006/11/pet_sounds.html   (872 words)

 Pet Sounds 40th Anniversary - CD Reviews - Music - Entertainment - smh.com.au
There are two explanations as to why Pet Sounds makes it to or very near the top of any list of the best albums of the '60s or the best albums ever.
One explanation is that many voters in these polls are uncritical upholders of the pop canon, afraid to be out of step with their peers and predecessors.
Pet Sounds was virtually a solo album, with Wilson taking the lead (and often the harmony) vocals on almost every track - the exception being the sublime voice of his younger brother, Carl, God Only Knows - and directing the finest session musicians in Los Angeles.
www.smh.com.au /news/cd-reviews/pet-sounds-40th-anniversary/2006/12/08/1165081138762.html   (454 words)

 GoodBoys Nation - Archives » Pet Sounds
Recently re-released as a CD/DVD combo on the 40th anniversary of the legendary album’s issue, Pet Sounds historically is placed by music critics amongst the top 10 (if not the top five) greatest rock albums of all time.
The “hits” from Pet Sounds - and there are several - are undoubtedly amongst the group’s strongest and most recognized works: “Wouldn’t It Be Nice”, “God Only Knows”, and “Sloop John B.”, but it is in the album’s lesser-known cuts that, in my view, Pet Sounds shines.
The first time I heard Pet Sounds, I immediately connected with the three songs mentioned above, for, not only were the songs exquisitely written and beautifully performed, but it was almost as if I could hear the lyrics being sung to my soul and about me personally.
goodboysnation.com /2006/09/02/pet-sounds   (1107 words)

 Pet Sounds, Part III
The unique sound in the introduction was achieved by one person plucking the strings of a piano while the other held the notes down so that they would ring.
It sounds like something else." Although it may be two or three instruments playing the same notes, it now sounds different." In the mid-sixties, records were recorded on 8-tracks, which meant that there wasn't very much room for various instruments as well as vocals.
This combination of instruments also helped him develop new sounds, which he used to bring his "feels", little rhythms or tunes in his head that represented sentiments or emotions, out into the open.
www.suite101.com /article.cfm/history_of_rock/27154   (592 words)

 The Beach Boys: Pet Sounds: 40th Anniversary: Pitchfork Record Review   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Pet Sounds was made during the period in 1965-66 when Brian stopped touring with his band, preferring to stay home and work on tracks.
This anniversary issue of Pet Sounds, including both the mono and stereo version of the record, and a bonus DVD with several documentary features, surround sound mixes and promo clips, will be of immediate interest to longtime fans for obvious reasons (of which "collecting" isn't necessarily the least important).
Also included in the set, of course, is the album; mono and stereo mixes of Pet Sounds, recapping the tracklist from the 1999 CD issue.
www.pitchforkmedia.com /article/record_review/38292/The_Beach_Boys_Pet_Sounds_40th_Anniversary   (783 words)

 The Beach Boys - Pet Sounds DVD-A CD review on AudioRevolution.com
When Wilson started writing the melodies for Pet Sounds, he employed the help of lyricist Tony Asher to help him underscore in words what he hoped would match his vision of his music.
The multi-layered and complex instrumental tracks for Pet Sounds were all done on three and four-track recorders.
Also included is a Pets Sounds LP original 1966 promo film, Sloop John B promo video 1966/1997, Sloop John B original 1966 promo film, a photo gallery, extensive liner notes by noted Beach Boys author David Leaf, track by track notes, a discography, and more.
www.avrev.com /music/revs/beachboysdvda.shtml   (1017 words)

 Amazon.co.uk: Pet Sounds: Mono Version: Music: Beach Boys   (Site not responding. Last check: )
In fact I bought pet sounds a few years ago and returned it, I felt alienated when listening to it I suppose.
It is time someone said Stop about the self important, bloated, monstrous bag of garbage that Pet Sounds actually is. Pet Sounds is an album revered by music producers and some musicians, for reasons that nobody really cares about.
Pet Sounds has very little to commend itself to those who actually want to listen to a to quality collection of songs.
www.amazon.co.uk /exec/obidos/ASIN/B0000259CP   (1725 words)

Carl, on the other hand, thought it was Brian: "The idea he had was that everybody has these sounds that they love, and this was a collection of [his] 'pet sounds.' It was hard to think of a name for the album, because you sure couldn't call it Shut Down Vol.
After Pet Sounds was finished, he would focus his full attention on it, eventually spending six months preparing it for release as a single.
With most of the necessary instrumental tracks recorded for Pet Sounds, the month of March and the first half of April 1966 were devoted primarily to vocals.
www.beachboysfanclub.com /ps-liner.html   (4013 words)

 Beach Boys re-issue 'Pet Sounds' | News | NME.COM   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Beach Boys are celebrating the 40th anniversary of the release of their classic 'Pet Sounds' album with a special re-issue which includes previously unheard material and DVD footage.
There is also a previously unreleased 1966 promotional firehouse film clip for 'Good Vibrations' and original 1966 promotional fl and white clips for Sloop John B and Pet Sounds.
'Pet Sounds' will also be available to download digitally alonside a series of video downloads.
www.nme.com /news/beach-boys/23795   (247 words)

 MPR: St. Cloud musician puts 'Pet Sounds' on stage
Jeff Engholm is fascinated by The Beach Boys' 1966 "Pet Sounds," so much so that he scored the entire album for a live show.
For the last year, he's been listening almost incessantly to the Beach Boys' 1966 concept album, "Pet Sounds." Now the St. Cloud area musician has turned his fascination into a live performance.
Cloud, Minn. — The Beach Boys' "Pet Sounds" was a departure for the band.
news.minnesota.publicradio.org /features/2005/09/29_postt_pertsounds   (636 words)

 Tower Records - Pet Sounds - The Beach Boys   (Site not responding. Last check: )
This issue of PET SOUNDS contains three previously unreleased tracks: "Unreleased Backgrounds" is a snippet of a vocal overdub sung by Brian Wilson, "Hang On To Your Ego" is the original version of "I Know There's An Answer" and "Trombone Dixie" is an instrumental not included on the original album.
He was inspired by the Beatles' RUBBER SOUL, and PET SOUNDS was, in turn, an inspiration for SGT. PEPPER.
Although this album may not sound groundbreaking today, it made a big impact when it came out in 1966 because it redefined what American pop could sound like.
www.towerrecords.com /product.aspx?pfid=2699781   (756 words)

 The Beach Boys - Pet Sounds -Capitol Records - DVD-Audio
Pet Sounds is forever battling The Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band for positions #1 and #2 as best album of all time.
shows a purity of vision and execution in Pet Sounds, using multi-track layering and "playing" the boards, the studio, as if it were another instrument.
There is not alot of air or transparency here, but the sound is certainly "opened up" to an appreciable extent, separating the instrumental and vocal layering and bringing the separate "layers" more to the front.
www.musictap.net /Reviews/BeachBoysPetSoundsDVDA.html   (836 words)

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